Social Experiment: Military Escorts for VIP Subway Riders | Fake Focus Group

Social Experiment: Military Escorts for VIP Subway Riders | Fake Focus Group

I’m telling you right now that’s gotta
go yeah that’s bad that was really bad okay see this is why this is important
this whole thing just hold presentation just just throw it take it with the
garbage America is open for business and we’re
here to see how far we can sell out before the people push back this is fake
focus group public transit is a mess suffering from overcrowding and poor
service it’s clearly driving people crazy now cities are turning to
rideshare apps as an alternative however what’s the trade-off for this
convenience aside from their higher price these apps have been accused of
being discriminatory in classes what if these worlds fly and car ride share
logic was applied to the rapidly failing New York City subway phony Proctor Samir
invited two groups of New York commuters to get their insight on a subway system
supposedly rolling out next year just in case people were a little tepid on the
idea we had our man on the inside Z Spectre play devil’s advocate real
people phony services yes if we had a really exciting day
ahead of us will top two it will go around the room
tell us how do you feel about public transportation the efficiency of it
could be better smell like pee yeah I’ve also been flashed in the subway do
you expect a little something special yeah we’ve let the system deteriorate so
much that it’s hard to patch it up now sooner or later the bubble is gonna
burst from your office in the people are gonna basically start to revolt so our
focus groups made it clear the system was plain broken with that in mind we
were ready to show them the pitch reliable yes ethically questionable you
bet your sweet ass straphanger is a new community transportation service with a
legacy of connecting people coming in 2020 straphanger will solve the issues
of the current public system no more train delays no more passenger
congestion and accurate schedules our new fleet of transit vehicles will
include spacious VIP sections flush with USB port charging stations for personal
devices VIP commuters will be able to breeze through stations and get to their
destination without delay rider safety is important and suspicious
non-essential riders are a growing problem at transit stops and stations
that’s why straphanger is proud to partner with private security companies
to protect our commuters with the help of our community we look forward to
connecting the city and closing the circuit here and
eventually everywhere strap on first we wanted to see how the group responded to
straphangers VIP option when our commuters be willing to pay $200 for
less delays less crowding and extra security let’s see I just see Aleve hism
written all over this this whole system to me smacks of classism I don’t say I
don’t like it gentrification on the train pretty much
that’s that’s a good way to face and go in the back you know peasant it’s so
anti-american all right and who wants you rent the cops in the subway because
we do they might be psychos more than some of the other guys are I can assure
you guys they’re much more than ready cops new guys are tactically trained to
happen you know okay just seeing that stormtrooper kid the guy that was like a
total turnoff did you see what he did walked up and just kicked it with it and
he’s carrying a friggin m16 this is what ladder because that tested really well
the hell is that tested well yeah so the VIP section clearly wasn’t an
instant hit so Samir moved on to entice them with
some exclusive amenities we’re bouncing around the idea of in the VIP cars like
doing surprise and delight sort of suppose you got into a VIP car one day
and Yoko Ono is performing yeah well I mean we’re why not oh yeah we’ll be
lovely it’s quiet that would be a blessing what
about maybe like Zen yoga giving people like meditation lessons leave the
entertainment outside the Train okay strike two so it felt like the right
time for our panel to offer some suggestions that might keep them on
board I would need for me I’m paying to another small
Peter’s mom I want cushion seats maybe uh some snacks he smoked no I don’t know
there was this discussion of like overlooking like use of marijuana the
grip before this was vehemently angry when we suggested this done and like no
we found no smoking period I don’t want any help
marijuana smoke I don’t want any Oh cigarette smoke marijuana if you don’t
like it to make you puke yeah I’d like a smoke cart though I’m the same America’s
glowing yeah changin your life has changed but you know I can understand a
lot of people don’t like smoke don’t infringe on my personal space period
what if it was a vaporizer product yeah no smoking baby cool
Jeff’s grievances were all valid but there was still one serious problem that
remained unsolved I’ve also been flashed in the subway so our first initiative is
how are we going to eliminate sex pass I’m the guy that’s like ready to judge
who in front of me objective look in a last-ditch effort the group was
recruited to come up with PSAs in an attempt to resolve the problem to be
candid what it’s basically trying to say is our security will fuck you up if
you’re a sex fest don’t come here paired up with kind of like a visual like what
do you see and what is the slogan say and this is my slogan no sex in this
caboose is there any way you can punch that up to make it my poster would be
we’re watching you with the big red you know don’t do thing but inside there
will be the cucumber that everybody uses as the penis emoji
right with a hand with little wise like it’s moving on the cucumber the eggplant
right right yes it’s very millennial and stuff but like my grandmother would
think Oh do not bring an eggplant on this trend
it’s good idea but it just – extremely horny well wait because our security
fixes matter very so that is it honey flame really good can you put this stuff
on the train you got kids getting in these sections – they don’t learn a word so it all came down to this our final
vote are these commuters prepared to hop on the straphanger train so let’s see
like where do these changes know it marks that why you guys are complicating
your lives now do you wanna make problems keep it simple stupid just make
the trains run on time yeah make laws enforce em all right and make it clean
you do those three things you’re done in the end it seems like these people
shared the same train of thought and didn’t want to adopt a system that would
derail their functioning yet an efficient system I realized that we’re
getting to that time so if you could just fill out your comment cards clearly
from their comments we’ll have to go back to the drawing board with this one straphanger rules ride safe respect
others don’t misbehave absolutely no sex you

100 thoughts on “Social Experiment: Military Escorts for VIP Subway Riders | Fake Focus Group

  1. This is one of the reasons I'll never travel to America, you all think your owed something & when you have to pay for certain improvements to your daily life you get pissed off.

  2. Change the hardest thing to implement the easiest thing to toy with people, the simple solutions are to ban cars etc except for public transport / goods vehicles / emergency vehicles in high density areas therefore forcing the change for the better.

    Although this video wouldn't have been so good if a good solution was shown

  3. Are these people stupid?? Id be cracking up calling bs instantly. And THIS guy as the rep??? Shirt undone chest out come tf on yall.

  4. Bezos,buffet,Zuckerberg,gates,musk as the head of the MTA and in less then a year Bill's are paid 2 years no rodents 4 years they will initiate fare DECREASES

    NYC POLITICIANS would cry up a storm no matter what because the MTA wouldn't be their cash cow

  5. The old guy from the right is a waste of space & needs to die. He’s way too bitter & miserable to have a chance at life.

  6. I recognize "marc" from impractical jokers. Strange coincidence for real people not actors. Maybe he just does a lot of focus groups?

  7. “Suspicious non-essential riders are a problem,” LMFAO!! And “closing the circuit,” was another great euphemism for straphanger!

  8. oh so this bitch ass people wanna built vip sub forbthe rich people and put the rest in the back ah. this brings memnories from the old ways i hope they get a bag of shit in their door step

  9. I clicked on this video thinking an idiot dressed in military clothing was going to go around the metro and act tough . I was sadly disappointed.

  10. It's not really a fake focus group. Almost all focus groups have someone who's been planted. All focus groups involve questions and average citizens. This is as real as any other focus group.

  11. If this happened in Brazil, everyone in São Paulo or Rio would accept the VIP system because that's how Bolsonaro's Brazil works, only asswholes support that motherfucker (the majority in the south area of Brazil).

  12. 2 main problems with the MTA as I see it:
    1. The switchboards haven’t been updated in nearly 100 years (meaning when a train is between two stations, say 86th and 96th, we only know it’s somewhere between them, we don’t know the exact location, no exact GPS- which is a big difference, especially with express trains; for example, not knowing if the train is closing in on queensbridge on the 7 train or just left 59th street)- if we knew the exact location of each train we would have much more accurate timetables, and less delays. Not to mention most cities have upgraded this in and out of the US
    2. NYC has chosen to spend multi millions on cosmetic upgrades for stations (particularly stations in “rich” areas” like south ferry) while the actual problems in infrastructure go basically unnoticed, with way less of the budget focused on the actual issues. It seems like the MTA cares more about making stations look good from the outside (to attract more passengers which = more money, but which is also exactly what we don’t need on an already overcrowded system).

    In conclusion, the MTA and city government need to step up and spend their budget on upgrading the century old infrastructure and installing the latest technology already used by other cities instead of spending a huge percentage of it on cosmetic upgrades that do nothing to address the true problems at hand.

    end rant and yes I have discussed this a lot over the past few years lmao hence why I’m commenting this on a video like this cuz it gets me HEATED. Too many times I’ve huffed out of a station muttering under my breath that I want my money back after delay after delay, being pressed against people like sardines for hours, or swiping in to a station only to realize trains aren’t even running in the direction I need to go in, yet no signs were posted or announcements made.
    (Oh and if you want a refund you have to go through an entire process by mail. If you want to combine two metrocards into one (just cause it’s convenient and why have 2), you also have to do so by mail, and wait weeks for that card to arrive (aka you’re not gonna do it because you can’t go that long without your metrocard)… And you’re really tryna tell me the tellers don’t have the ability to make me a new card with my combined balance right then and there? I don’t believe it homie. It’s bureaucratic maze-like nonsensical policy at its finest.)

    okay true end rant
    Signed, an angry lifelong New Yorker.
    In classic New York fashion.
    No one will read this anyway but hey I feel lighter getting that off my chest lmao whooooooo

  13. I would’ve called bullshit literally the 1st second of the fake promo when they said “strap hanger is a NEW transportation service with a LEGACY of connecting people”
    Ummmm you can’t be new and already have a legacy, it’s a darn oxymoron!
    If I was in that focus group I would’ve probably thought it was some type of scam to get my money tbh haha

  14. I was wondering why Marc looked familiar then I remembered the meditation episode of Impractical Jokers! "Looks like a gold dipped ballsack"

  15. That black dude in the focus group was also on impractical jokers. He was meditating with Sal and they were wearing Those giant hats. Sal also made fun of the spots on his sweater.

  16. I downvoted because this entire idea is stupid and not being implemented anywhere in the planet. Thus, you're just making fake drama when there's plenty of real shit you could be doing documentaries on.

    Honestly vice, why do you guys suck so bad nowadays? What happened to sneaking into china or following the cartels? You guys used to actually be journalists. Now you're just a shitty knockoff of mainstream media.

  17. Tbh it would be good. I only would worry about the pricing. It can easely turn into an elitist nightmare. But If I was in the high paying grade, I'd support it. I fucking hate the working class. I fucking hate public transport. I fucking hate hobos.

  18. How about a simple sign that specifically states and specifys no lucrative acts at anytime while commuting on our public riding system?

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