Social Media Basics For Your Business –  Laire Group Marketing

Social Media Basics For Your Business – Laire Group Marketing

Hey everybody, it’s Lisa with Laire Group
and I’m here to give you some social media basics for your business on the
web. So, the first question our clients ask us is what channels should I be on?
Do I need snapchat? Well, the right answer to that is wherever your prospects are.
It should also be whatever channels you’re most comfortable on. If you’ve
never tweeted a day in your life, Twitter’s not the place for you. The
other piece is whatever you can keep going with your social channels that’s
the one that you want, so for instance nothing sadder than a business that only
has three posts from 2016 and then crickets. So, let’s break down some major
social channels. First Facebook, you may have heard that Facebook’s going through
a lot of changes but it’s still the best place for small to medium-sized
businesses. You can post photos, videos clickable links, you can sell your
product, share events, and they have really great targeted advertising
options. The tip here with Facebook though is keep it running. So next is
Twitter. Twitter is great for short impactful messages and it’s great for
linking to content like blog articles, but here on Twitter, hashtags rule. It’s the
channel where hashtags will get you found so use the most popular ones for
your industry or business so that people searching for similar hashtags can find
you. Next LinkedIn, if you are b2b you need to be on LinkedIn. It’s a great
place to show your business knowledge and publish an article right on linkedin
or link to one in your blogs it also has great targeted advertising options to
reach people by profession and industry and region and we highly recommend it if
you want to reach those business options. for you or business referrals or
prospects. Next is Instagram, everybody wants to an Instagram channel because
it’s like a beautiful magazine for your business but you can’t read the articles
it’s all about images here but it’s not great for links but it’s an awesome way
to show your company’s personality so embrace it if you feel like you can stay
on top of it again with stuff that’s going on in the office or the business
that your prospects want to see to get to know your personality.
Next is snapchat, so snapchat is great for national brands but your
neighborhood dentists probably not but if you’re throwing big events, using
things like geofilters, that’s a cool option for personalizing
your brand and getting it known. And then your bonus tip is Google my business.
It’s not a social channel but it’s just as important. This is where your reviews
are seen first and the cover photo and your business content like ours and
phone number matter so much here. So go claim your
business profile, fill them up with personality that matches your business
and remember be social!

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