Social Media Etiquette + Get Ready With Me

Social Media Etiquette + Get Ready With Me

Social media etiquette is extremely
relevant today and I keep seeing so many etiquette mistakes happening
in the online world. I do want to raise a few pointers in
this video and in the end of this video, we are going to discuss a very important
topic that I really need your opinion on. So make sure you stay until
the end. My dear elegant ladies, welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m
doing a bit of a different concept. I want to talk to you about social media
etiquette while I’m doing my makeup. So it will be a little bit slash, kind
of get ready with me type of video. I hope you don’t mind. As always, you have to share with me your
opinions whenever I change format. Do you like it or do you not? Like this, I will really know what kind
of videos to create for you. And in order not to interrupt
the conversation that I
will be having with you about social media etiquette, I won’t be introducing each
product that I’m using. I will only share the picture on the
screen so that you know exactly what I use and for what. And quick disclaimer ladies, so you know this video is not
sponsored by any form of brands. The brands that I am presenting, I am
using them on a daily basis myself. The only thing is that I do use affiliate
links in my links in the description box. So if you’re clicking on them, I will receive a small commission
on the sale. But again, it won’t affect your costs whatsoever.
Just to be 100% transparent with you. Okay, so let’s start
with the topic of today. I want to actually jump straight into one
of my biggest pain points and actually number one, it’s not really a point
that I have perfected whatsoever. I would say, I’m pretty pretty bad at this one and
it’s another discussion actually I would love to have with you in
the comment section below. Because it’s one of those things that
it is so new and how are we going to respond to this? Ladies, I’m talking about WhatsApp and WhatsApp
conversations and read messages and blue ticks. When is it appropriate to respond and
how long is the maximum response time? This is a thing with social
media etiquette is because
social media is so new, there aren’t really any fully
developed etiquette practices. I think when we speak about kind
of a social media etiquette, we have to also speak from a kind
of common sense point of view. And this is why it’s so interesting to
have this discussion to also see how is it for you and tap into different
communities, how do people behave? My issue ladies is that I don’t
really check my WhatsApp very often. I really, really don’t and that’s because I’m
extremely busy and I’m not going to say it in the brag-full kind, “Oh, I’m too
busy to stay in touch with people”. But at the moment, I’m going through a phase where my world
has become a little bit upside down in terms of I have a totally new
lifestyle that I’m adapting myself to. It’s a bit similar to
when people get children, all of a sudden things are not
the way they used to be before. So for that reason, you know a lot of mothers or fathers
when they have a newborn child, they might go MIA and this
is pretty understandable. I have a bit of a kind of similar
issue because I run a business that is actually quite demanding.
It’s a big challenge. So I really have to prioritize every
single choice that I make in a day. And that really includes
WhatsApp conversations. I do not afford at the moment to have
like random conversations on WhatsApp, like just checking in
with people and you know, talk a little bit of casual chitchat. I used to have this time in the past and
it’s something that I really think is important to do as it nurtures the
relationship and friendship you have with people. But for me, like
it’s a sacrifice right now. I cannot afford spending
much time on WhatsApp. So I actually ended up not
checking it quite often. The only time I check it is if
it’s something really urgent. I ended up having WhatsApp conversations
that can be even up to one month old that are unread and they just all pile
up in the library that I’m not able to get through. And you know, of course, there are moments where I should
be able to get through them. But because all of them pile up, it really becomes a big
project to go through them. So I have this really
complicated relationship with
my WhatsApp and I haven’t really found a solution to it. What I truly would wish for ladies is if
WhatsApp could have a feature where you can actually disconnect your, WhatsApp
for when you need it. Because like this, if I know that for a few days I
won’t be able to check my WhatsApp. If let’s say I can only
check it once a week, at least I can disconnect it during this
time and only connected when I really know I can go through the missed
messages that I have and I can actually dedicate time to respond. And in between, I will simply just have to
stay offline. But at least, people would understand when
they will see the one tick. Why is not going through
like I’m probably very busy, I have switched off and so on. I mean, you do have the kind of blue
tick and gray tick feature, but the thing with that one is people
still understand that you are on your phone. So you know, they still kind of take it in a way like
you are rejecting them or something. And that’s not really
the case, right? I mean, am I the only one who has this issue?
I’m sure, I’m not the only one. So I personally have disabled my blue
tick feature because that one is just a nightmare. I mean, if you by accident read a message that
ends up giving a blue tick to the sender and you haven’t responded and that’s very
bad social media etiquette definitely. Because the person has seen and
then starting to wonder now, why you’re not responding. But anyway, going back to when should we respond. I definitely think that it’s the same
day type of response that is appropriate etiquette. But I’m actually noticing that more and
more people are starting to bend those rules. So maybe let’s
say 48 hours. But again, this is really personalized
opinion type of etiquette question. Because again, some of
you will probably say, well it’s really rude if you
don’t respond within an hour. I have personally like set my boundary
very clear with everybody that I know is that there is no way I will respond
fast because I’m simply not that type of person. And you know, take
it or leave it type of thing. I’ve had actually friendships in the
past where people really got mad at me because I was a slow responder and it
did actually affect our friendship. So things did not really
work out. But again, it’s so individual for each
and everybody. So I don’t know, I would really like to hear
from you in the comments below. What you think about this kind
of this WhatsApp dilemma. Also, take the one into account where the
person has seen that you have read the message and you are online, let’s say for hours and hours afterwards
and you’re not responding. That is definitely about
social media etiquette. I personally think that once you have
showed the person that you have read the message, you must respond immediately
because the person will start wondering. But then again, if you are like
me, who has the blue tick disabled, then truly I think is 24
hours, maybe 14 hours. But again, I break this etiquette
thing all the time and it’s really bad. But just being honest with you. So let’s
talk about oversharing on social media. Because I know that this is a
big pet peeve of many people. And when I say oversharing
on social media, I actually mean when you are
really like being a bit too much, like sharing too many intimate
details about your life, yourself, maybe you’re sharing a lot of private
things that makes people feel a bit awkward and wonder, okay, was
this really meant to be shared? Or if you’re like sharing things under
the influence of alcohol and you kind of embarrass yourself. Other annoyances I know people have is
when you are just simply sharing very strong content, very explicit content. A lot of people want to share propaganda, which is a bit of a dilemma because we
understand that sharing awareness about let’s say animal cruelty or child abuse, it is very important and
relevant topics today. But it’s also not easy to be fed
that at 24/7 by people all the time, like you really have to take into account. I think maybe sharing a once
in a blue moon maybe is okay. I think sharing limited of those things
are definitely okay because we do need to spread awareness and
it’s for important reasons. But I think when it starts going to a
degree where people cannot log in in their accounts because their
fear is just misery, then you really have to
take into account like, am I showing these people consideration? Am I actually taking their
feelings into account? And this is kind of where we
have to strike a good balance. But then we have those kind of oversharing
situations where people are just posting too often. When they post content, where it’s so obvious that it’s just
for self-validation. And I know, this can be quite annoying for a lot
of people because I keep hearing these complaints all the time
about certain people. But this is kind of where I really
try to defend the other person. Because let’s put it this way, the reason why somebody seeking
attention on social media, it’s really not because
they’re bad people. Something is maybe not 100%
right in their inner-self. They might have strong validation
issues, strong insecurities, and that’s psychological and do we really
want to be all the time mad at people who might not be a 100%
perfect? Think about it. Majority of us, we do have some
form of psychological damages, issues, problems, whatever. Why do we
have to be so hard on each other when, can we just like forgive each other? Okay, that person has some excess
validation issues. It’s okay. I understand. Hopefully
that will change one day. Nobody’s there trying to be
malicious. Although, of course, it can become an annoyance, but I’m just saying like sometimes just
try and be a little bit forgiving for people, especially when kind of
psychological things are involved. It’s a tough world we live in. Okay, we all are damaged in one way or another
so be kind and forgive each other. So let’s go to number three and this
is definitely one that I can talk a lot about. But I still think that a lot of you also
have this issue and that is when people are giving their opinion, when you
have not asked for it. And okay, I need to clarify one thing. One thing is if we have a
discussion about things, it’s obvious you have made a piece of
content about something that requires maybe attention or a form of
discussion. There are posts like that, but another thing is if for instance, I put myself out there
and all of a sudden, in my inbox or under the comment
section, there are people saying like, “actually, I don’t think
this hair color suits in you, you should do this instead or
that top wasn’t nice on you, you should wear something
else”‘ or whatever. Like these type of things that can be
hurtful when you’re criticizing somebody,I get this all the time. And
this also a bit strange. It’s like people think that just
because you are an influencer, you can just go all in on the
influencers and share your opinion left, right and center like their
feelings don’t matter. Or maybe they don’t have feelings, maybe
that’s what people think, I don’t know, but I just find it a little bit strange. I get so many comments and inbox messages
where people are really giving their opinion about let’s say, my appearance or my choices in
life or what it is that I do, without me even asking for
it. Now, that is really, really bad manners because if I
ask you, which I do sometimes, then it’s absolutely fine for you to
write to me and express your opinion because I have actually asked for it. And I do that from time to time
because sometimes I think it’s really interesting to hear from my
audience and what they think. But if I haven’t asked, elegant
ladies don’t express themselves. So make sure you think about that. Now since we’re kind of talking about
expressing yourself influences and all that. One of the things that
I’ve noticed that these people, they exist everywhere,
not only with influencers. So I’m sure you also kind of
recognize yourself in this one. I call them the typo police and I
don’t know what they get out of it. But I remember even before
my time as an influencer, I used to come across these people who
would literally spend a lot of their energy just complain about
people who misspelled, use the wrong form or the wrong grammar
or not pronounce things properly. And it’s just so strange to me how people
can really go into the nitty gritty and be so obsessed about something that
actually does it really matter that much? Why do you feel so hurt by
it is my question. As an example, I’m not a native English speaker, but guess how many typo of
police I get on my videos, on my content. It can be for anything
for whenever I say something wrong, if I use the wrong
grammar.If for instance, I don’t pronounce it in a correct way,
everybody’s always there to correct you. I don’t know. You know what I think it is? I think people have this validation
of themselves that they can express. Like, okay, she messed up.
I am here to correct her. I am here to dominate her. I feel
good by it. I don’t know. That’s like, I think that’s pretty strange and
also not very elegant in my opinion. And I also think it’s a
bit, I think it’s a bit low. I think really it’s a lack of style.
It’s really lack of style. I mean, I think it really says more about a person
who has to correct somebody for such things rather than the person who
actually did the error from the beginning. But of course, I definitely
think it’s very neglectful. If you are speaking with grammar issues
in your own native language and you’re using typos all the time in your own
native language. Then definitely, there is something that has to be
looked into to why the person does that. Is it because of lack of education?
Is it being lazy or being neglectful? What is it? So that is something that I
think definitely has to be looked over. But if you’re not a native speaker, you have to understand as well that
typos happen for everybody these days, regardless if you speak with perfect
grammar or your native speaker or not. But we live in a digital world where
we are a lot on our phones and on our phones, it’s very easy to type wrong. And I just think that the typo police
should chill a little bit and just have a little bit of understanding for people
who are probably on the go when they are writing things. It’s a bad
thing and it’s a good thing. We’re all living a very fast world
and the bad thing is I guess, people are so much in a rush,
but this happens to all of us. So if you are a typo police ladies,
have a little think about that. It’s not necessarily a positive
thing and if you feel better by it, then maybe you can find another way to
validate your own self value then being a little typo police. Okay,
let’s jump juicy one. Posting ugly pictures of your friends. This is a big one because a lot of people
have these issues in their friendships and it can be quite hurtful having a
really horrible picture of you put online. And the worst is, and it’s so
funny, every time I see this happen, sometimes I might not
even be in the picture, but I can like scroll in
my feet and I see. Okay, now the person who posted it looks
fabulous in that picture, really, really good shot of that person. And then you look at their friends or
if it’s just one friend and they look horrible, it’s a really bad picture.
And then I always say to myself, that person is probably pretty
mad at their friend right now. And I can understand. I think it’s a matter of respect and
it’s not only about you all the time. Take other people into account, other
people’s emotions and also think about it, some people are very insecure. You don’t want to put a horrible picture
of them online for loads of people to see while having these insecurities. So I just think it’s not nice. Another
common thing is that of course, a lot of people, or let’s put it
this way, majority of people today, they Photoshop their images
or face tune their images. And I think it’s a bit rude
of face tuning only yourself, but not do anything to the rest of
the people in the picture. And okay, I need to just like explain
here what I mean exactly. Because you can definitely Photoshop
your appearance to the point where people actually don’t notice
you have done anything. Let’s say it’s just something very tiny
like removing a pimple so you don’t have to do it on everybody
removing something, right? But if you are starting to
kind of go on many features, like improving your skin texture,
making yourself look thinner, taller, I don’t know, removing things from your appearance
that you don’t like or making things smaller or bigger and so on. But then you do nothing to your friends
and then you can clearly see that you look like a cartoon character almost.
But your friends look very plain. Now, I don’t support that you
Photoshop yourself to the
degree that you look like a cartoon character. That’s not
really what I’m trying to say. It was just a very kind of
exaggerated example. But I guess, what I’m trying to say is that if you
Photoshop yourself to the point where you can see that there has been
some form of Photoshop involved, then do something very light on your
friends so that you all blend in together. So it all looks kind of united.
I don’t recommend however, to change things in their
appearance. Like for instance, make their breast bigger or
nose smaller or I don’t know, do things that really dramatically
improves the appearance. I’m talking more in terms of, do
something light. Just something tiny, tiny bit just to kind of unify
everything and if somebody has a pimple, then be friendly and just remove it.
That’s kind of what I’m trying to say. Let’s move on to number six because we
need to talk about asking permission first before you post your friends
on social media or their homes. A lot of people forget this and
I think it’s really poor manners, not ask your friends for
permission. Because first of all, it doesn’t matter how many
followers you have on social media, their pictures will be online, their homes will be online on display. Even if it’s just a story that will be
removed in 24 hours, it doesn’t matter. You always need to ask permission before
you take any footage of somebody or their homes. Homes especially because that is extremely
personal and you do not know whether, let’s say they have some famous art in
their house that they’re very cautious about and don’t want to promote
because of robbery risk. For instance, their house can be identified in one way
or another and they can get burglaries, so you don’t want to put that on display,
so you need to be really cautious ladies. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably see that there are very
few friends that I actually post and the ones that I post, I have always, always
asked them for permission beforehand. Regardless if it’s their house
or just simply of themselves. One thing I must say though, I oftentimes don’t even bother asking
somebody about taking pictures in their homes. I simply don’t take any
social media footage when I’m
invited to people’s houses and if I for some reason want to
take some pictures or a video, then I will always ask. But
honestly, I never almost do that. I simply just try and keep their homes
private and there is no need to put all that on social media. So I usually just go MIA when
I’m invited to people’s house. So I really think you
should follow this practice. This is really a non-negotiable. This
is really important and especially, if you are dealing with affluent
people with high profile people, you really have to respect their privacy
and you will look like a true elegant lady. Now we have reached the last one and I
actually want to have your opinion on this one. Because this one I’m not
going to say this is the etiquette, this is the rule, this
is what you should do. Because the times are changing fast and
our environment has changed in recent years and social media is
a big influence in this. I’m talking about posting
social media content. Let’s say, doing an Instagram story in a public
place where there’s people involved. Is this appropriate or
is this not appropriate? Let’s have a discussion in the comments
section below and I am going to give you my 2 cents. Obviously, I am a little bit bias because I am an
influencer but I really try to look at it objectively. Back in the days
before social media time, everybody had to have a filming permission
if they were going to film something and usually if we’re talking about
putting on TV channels and so on. But these days, people have big social media accounts as
big as a TV channel had in the past in terms of viewership. But today, we don’t have any set rules in terms of, can you post publicly on your channel a
piece of content that is filmed or shot in a public place where you have by
accident or by nature of how you take footage included people in your footage, who have not given their
permission to do so. We live in the social media era where
people are not going to walk around with contracts, asking people to sign papers and give
their written permission to be part of your 15 second story on Instagram.
Let’s be honest and realistic here. It’s just not the way it would
work. But what is appropriate then? Can we upload this type of content or
should we always blur people’s faces out? What do you think? It would be quite interesting for me to
know what you think because I belong to the group of people who think that it’s
really depends of the event type and of the location. There are some form of events where
I would definitely not film people, there are other places and events where
I do film for my Instagram story or let’s say for my YouTube channel. It’s hard to say what is right and what
is wrong because of this kind of new lifestyle of ours. And I’m talking
about the new social media lifestyle. So let’s talk about that in the
comment section below. As usual, make sure you follow me on Instagram
if you want to see my stories where I include people occasionally. But we’ll see how it goes
in the next few years, maybe there will be laws set up upon this.
So for now this is kind of how it is. There are no laws. Internet
is not very regulated. So it’s going to be interesting to see
how things develop in next 10, 20 years. Probably a lot of you also know that I
do have an online finishing school where I teach women on elegance, and
if you want to be part of that, just visit www.SchoolOfAffluence. com. I do have more chitchat
videos like for instance, tthe Get To Know Me video where I
do answer a lot of your questions, so make sure to watch that
video and I will see you there.

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  25. Social Media should have an element of fun and not to be taken so seriously so that if you don't respond immediately it's a rejection. It isn't like being in a business situation in an office where you respond in a timely fashion to an email. I'm not one for propaganda, TMI, or other issues. I save that for my real life. SM to me is more like an Outfit of the day, face of the day, travel and fun times.

  26. Dear Anna, my elegant teacher, thank you for your videos. You have changed the way I think about a lot of things and what you say has really resonated with me. It is nice to be reminded about appropriate etiquette, especially today. My suggestions for content might be something like – how to shop for clothes and what to look for, how to put together an outfit, how to match accessories, jewellery, elegant hairstyles, age appropriate clothes, how to decorate your home, what you eat to stay in shape, exercise or what professional beauty treatments your recommend (eg facials). Thank you.

  27. There are alot of points that I do agree with you. But i cant help but not to ignore that you actually offers classes for women to be more elegant and to enter high society?? And this attracts people? This divides people even more. I know this is business and you are extremely creative and intelligent to have created such course. But its just funny because it simply show too many ladies being insecure about themselves? And talking about the typo police? I do mistakes too, and if someone corrects me. Im glad they did because I love learning. I think speaking in proper grammar with good sentence structure is classy. You seem like someone very knowledgeable person but i feel some points were a bit contradicting.

  28. A little late but, I know in the U.S. it is 100% legal to post public images with strangers in it. If it is in public, a person has to expressly talk to the person with the camera to not use their likeness. The only exceptions are healthcare facilities where HIPPA violations are often a concern.

  29. I didn't like the 2-in-1 type of video. I missed some of the things that you said while doing the make up because I was focused on the make up. And when I did focus on what you were saying your application of make-up was distracting.
    Also I honestly liked your dressing style and colour choices before you took up the course. Sometimes we just know best what suits us. Our instincts know best. Sometimes education ruins things. It puts someone else's ideas in our heads.
    Also what you say from experience and from your own personal researches are very valuable.

  30. Please make a video on diet and nutrition, you've mentioned in previous videos that you fast. How often and what are the benifits, precautions etc.?

  31. MS. Anna! Peoplw ill always hate on you when you are beautiful, and intelligent. You are advancing yourself and helping others!.Let the haters be haters. As for the grammar police they can help me write my thesis for my degree. Keep up the good work. I swear, you are a true Aries! You remind me of me when I was young. Trust me, as you continue growing and becoming more advanced in your career, you will simply say, I don't care and will keep doing your awesome work. You are fabulous as you are. Also there are people copying your classes so jealous people don't matter

  32. I think you do a great job with your English! You just used nitty gritty in a sentence. And it was perfect! I'm always impressed with how beautifully you express yourself. ❤

  33. its like with the art critics, they can't paint (or write, or dance or play) because they failed at it ,so they are now criticizing others who actually can do it.

  34. If you're on a public street or in a public setting, and someone is shooting a video, you're fair game. You can be seen in a video as easily as a supermarket. No one knows who you are or cares, so it shouldn't matter.

  35. I appreciate your comment about forgiving each other and I think, as women, we need to really make an effort to support each other.too. It breaks my heart to read comments that constantly criticize and deliberately hurt someone, especially those who are struggling to begin with. Thanks, Anna, for covering this and please, continue! By the way, men need this, also.

  36. This GRWM format is nice, though looking down, away from the screen is distracting. Many beauty channels keep their mirror at eye level with the viewer, which draws the viewer into your experience. Just a suggestion, as I am a big fan of your work.

  37. My ex partner used to take half an hour a day, to response to what’s App messages (he was working as a marketing manager) and I think that’s should be finde if you are a busy person. Also I think your Friends and Family will understand that you have a business to run and won’t be mad at you!
    I personally think that social media accounts are like your own PR company, I like to share things that are going on in my life (like travel memories or pictures I took with my loved ones, of course after asking for permission haha). I love to share things that make people think and maybe help them grow like self love or sustainability and so on. I think if you know how to have a good inspiring conversation you will also know how to behave on the internet 😊 I loved this format btw x

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