Social Skills Group: Super Secret Spy Challenge

Social Skills Group: Super Secret Spy Challenge

Guess what? We get to play a super secret game today. Are you ready? You get to be the super secret spy. And since you are the super secret agent spy, you get to wear the secret agent badge. Would you like to put it on this side? Or this side? You would like to put it on that side. Ok, so we are going to make sure we don’t hit your hair. And since you are the secret agent Your friends are going to be looking to see what you do. So that they can earn treats. Are you ready to see what you get to do? Today we are going to work on offering materials and so what that means is if I see that you are coloring I pick up a marker and I say “do you want it?” If I take a marker and I ask my friend “do you want it?” I’ve offered a material and I get a treat Do you want to practice? yea? Alright, let’s see you offer me a material. Now pretend to be coloring I’m coloring [whispers] look at one of these [whispers] pick one up [whispers] perfect Say, “do you want it?” say that to me you can say, “do you want it?” Do you want it? Oh thanks Mina! Wow Mina! You offered me a material. So you would get a treat. Our treats today are jelly beans and oreos. Do you see them? [mmhhm] They’re ready to go. So, show me what you do to get a treat? Do you want it? Oh, thanks for offering Mina! You offered a material so you get a treat! Nice work Mina! Are you ready to be the secret agent? Alright, the more times we offer a material “do you want it?” the more treats we get. you ready to play? ok, since you’re the secret agent you get to start coloring first I’m going to go get your friends Nice work! Kate find my eyes, Mina find my eyes. Wow, you found them so fast. Nice sitting, bud. Today, we’re gonna play super secret agents! And somebody is the secret agent. And if you do what the secret agent does you will get treats Are you ready to play? [mmhmm] Alright, I’m going to set my timer be looking for that super agent. That agent is going to show you a skill or something to do. and if you do what they do you get a treat. And are we going to do the same game tomorrow? Maybe, let’s see how it goes today. Let’s see if you can find the super secret skill today. [timer beeps] Let’s start. [whispers] do you want to ask him? I wonder what you are going to draw? It looks like you started some pretty pictures. [whispers] Mina, you can say, “do you want it?” [whispers] try Do you want it? Wow Tyler! Mina asked, “do you want it?” yes! Thanks for asking Mina. Tyler is going to draw. Wow, looks like you are making some cool pictures. I wonder if I’ve seen that super secret skill yet? Nice drawing bud. There we go [whispers] try again [whispers] you can do it to kate Do you want it? no Wow, Mina! That was cool asking! There’s your treat. Do you want this one? Wow, somebody found that secret skill! They said, “do you want it?” Do you want it? Oh wow Tyler! You found the secret skill too! Jelly bean You asked, “do you want it?” Cool! Looks like we are all drawing some circles. Jelly bean Oh, right now we are trying to find the secret skill. Nice coloring, Tyler. Remember, I get treats if I do my secret skill. Do you want it, Mina? Oh, that was cool asking! Wow, you guys asked, “do you want it?” I wonder if you found that skill? The paint brush. Kate do you want it? Nope. She said no. Nice asking, Tyler. Do you want this? Do you want this, Mina? Wow, you guys are showing that secret skill! I wonder what it is? I saw two people do the secret skill If I see a friend without a marker, I can use the secret skill. Do you want this, Tyler? Wow! Tyler look Kate said, “do you want it” Nice job getting it. Do you want this? Wow! Tyler look! Mina said Look Mina said, “do you want it?” Sure. That was neat! Want this, Mina? Oh Kate you noticed a friend didn’t have a marker you said, “do you want it?” I wonder what that secret skill is? Do you think you know it yet? Mina knows it, she’s the spy. Mina’s the spy, do you know what her skill is? Tyler, do you want this? Tyler look, Mina said, “do you want it?” [giggles] Yea this is so fun! You can say, “no thanks, not right now” He said, “no thanks” he already has two markers That was cool asking here let’s draw Do you want this? nah Oh Mina, you said “no thanks” that was such a cool response you said, “not right now” you can say, “not right now” thanks for responding Kate, do you think you have figured out the secret skill yet? Nope I saw you and Tyler do it a couple times. Alright friends, we have just one more minute to play! I wonder how many times you are going to show that secret skill? Do you want this, Tyler? Yea, thanks! Do you want this, Tyler? No thanks, Mina That was cool asking Which side do you want, bud? Do you want this, Mina no Oh, did you find a rainbow marker? That looks pretty neat. You can have it if you want it? Oh that’s ok. It looks like Tyler found a stamp marker. And it looks like Kate might be using the top of the marker Do you want this? No thanks Do you want this? No thanks Do you want this? You can say, “no thanks” So I can use that secret skill when my friends don’t have a marker you can tell them, “no thanks” ready? No thanks [timer beeps] Wow Right at the timer you both did the secret skill and it looked like a trade What was the skill? Nice work, Ty! You did it too! yummy, yummy Hey Kate, what was the skill today? um Sharing Yea, sharing and asking your friend.. Kate: do you want it? Teacher: do you want it? and I noticed that you guys noticed there were two answers sometimes I can say, “yea” but sometimes I can say, “no thanks” Guys thanks for playing today! You can keep coloring if you want or you can be all done and eat your treats

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  2. I wonder about the effectiveness of the group intervention. It is obvious that Tyler needs the most help but does it help him. For the other two girls it seems that the intervetion is not needed. Perhaps eventually Tyler could build up to the point that he doesn't get treats until HE offers to share?

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