‘Social Welfare’ Groups A Dark Money Scam & This Scary Chart Proves It

‘Social Welfare’ Groups A Dark Money Scam & This Scary Chart Proves It

done by now you ask your chart for you they
love the story first why I have to explain to you it’s coming from arm it turns out that though a lot of
people are spending money now in ways that can be traced in politics
no well the latest things they’re putting
their money into because I’ve citizens united in some other ruling to the
Supreme Court it so the coho and I love this social
welfare groups I and other actually a work on your welfare no are the social
no they actually run a mainly by a couple billionaires who
put money into their for tax reasons and for they believe
you’re behind that money so they can spend on politics but %uh
snowing who spent so for example consumer groups spent at
least 15 point eight million dollars an issue it’s to promote Republican candidates through
these social welfare groups so by the way the 2014 election is in November what I’ve
never seen this kind of spending this far out from an election never I mean this is unbelievable amount of
spending for March up an election year and it’s not even a
presidential election this penny in a Senate and congressional
races and democrats are spending money to but it’s a pittance is like the
democratic-leaning groups are spending about three million dollars they’re
getting washed out in this particular case by the Republican conservative groups
now mind you course Democratic President Obama were raise
that Tara money in 2008 and 2012 and by the way yes in 2012 also
encouraged these social welfare groups working on
his behalf in this case a concern groups are spending more money and where they coming from and for what
purpose who knows we can tell cuz over these loopholes a Citizens
United has created that allows them to not disclose where
the money is but you are sixty million this early in the election is something
quite Gill love what these dark many groups
who spent recently so back in 2000 they’d spend $25 million
dollars now is already terrible at that point
but I was pre citizen you United after Citizens United in 2012 336 million dollars now absolutely awful lot
of money from just dark money group that doesn’t
count candidates that doesn’t count well the group then spend a ton of money
and we can see where it’s coming from and they don’t give a damn they spend it
anyway now summer the Koch brothers money gets
spent that way so call robes group spend money that way this is just
the dark money that’s 336 million dollars so who bought
our politicians to the tune of over three hundred million dollars I know I start money can trace it cuz is technically a social welfare
group now here’s a scary chart take a look and at how that has taken off so trade associations and unions are the
bottom two lines they’re still spending money in politics I would stop that as well I want anybody
buying our politicians but look at the so-called social welfare
501 c4 group taking off like our rocket that’s your
dark money chart right there buying politicians at record-breaking
pace is a chart looks like we got a democracy
to you no open auction wall dash back dot com you don’t fix this there’s no point in arguing any other
issue because the arguments in the debates in
the policy points don’t matter at all the only be that
matters is who’s got more dark money behind

74 thoughts on “‘Social Welfare’ Groups A Dark Money Scam & This Scary Chart Proves It

  1. You're on a scenic route through a state recreational area known as the human mind. You ask a passer-by for directions, only to find he has no face or something. Suddenly up ahead, a chart on the road. You swerve, narrowly avoiding The Scary Chart.

  2. Called a social welfare group also to get people to believe social welfare programs are responsible for bribing politicians sigh… Propaganda 101

  3. Well they benefited billions from the housing bubble and counter-productive legislation. It`s to the point where millions of dollars is fucking toilet paper to these corporations and elusive entities. 

  4. "Why would anybody spend ten million dollars to get a sixty-thousand-dollar-a-year job, unless he planned to steal it back with interest?" ~ Montgomery Brewster

  5. Oh, so the Scary Chart is a legitimate segment now. Check out the scary chart on subjective happiness while parenting. Really scary.

  6. This is a clear sign that Sarah Palin will rise and become our next and greatest President! President Palin will put a END to this corruption with her GOD POWERS and completely clean up our govt!

  7. Why the hell is there even a "no disclosure" concept in any of our political donations or anything like that?  Every source of money put into politics, or most things for that matter, should be disclosed.

  8. Buy your politicians. Conservatives are shitting themselves and the votes will be there to toss them out of office. Don't be afraid of the Cock brothers. Get out and vote.

  9. OK – If TYTs wolf pac campaign ever came close to being a significant threat to the ways things work, they would buy Cenk so fast it would make your eyes spin. Like this guys immune to truckloads of cash. The vote is already worthless, if you think about it, getting money out of politics makes the vote worth even less. Cenk should be using the funds he generates through his PAC towards buying politians himself? Hes already, supposedly, fighting fire with fire right (money with money)? Add a little spit on it. We're too far gone.

  10. So, which cities in Canada are similar to NYC and what are the best neighborhoods?

  11. Now if these idiots take that same 300 plus million and give each person in america 1 million, america would have a very very strong economy and that money would go back into the economy and boost it but the republican idiots prefer to shove that money down the toilet waisting it on politicians…. 

  12. Citizens united is going to end up having been a massive overstep by the corporate interests. Because of it we are on the verge of an anti-corruption period. On that will set the money interests back decades.

  13. But of course it has to be noted that at least the republican potentials have already started the primary battle for '16. It's actually a very smart thing to do as the top pollers at the moment have around 15-18% so the next rep. primaries are gonna be one interesting battle. Circa 7 potential candidates and everyone with massive amounts of money to spend.

  14. Instead of spending that money against the system. if they would donate it, many people their health insurance would lower… insurance plan costs like 16000euro a year? so 16'000'000 dollars would help 1000 people…

  15. Hi Cenk! Could you do a segment on how wolf-pac.com is doing. For those of us who need a little inspiration, seeing the progress would be great! You guys are such a hope for a lot of us and man do we need it.

  16. So… let's stop these 501(c)(4) organizations by supporting.. a 501(c)(4) organization. We call pimps criminals because they exploit women (occasionally men) by promoting them for sexual activity.. we call escort agencies legal business establishments.. and why? Because in the end they are wanted and sometimes needed.. you can't fight fire with fire here.. only Cenk thinks that.

  17. It wouldn't surprise me if Fox News did a 'story' about these social welfare groups and made it seem like they're liberal groups who are buying politicians. I mean it's got 'social' and 'welfare' in the name, it pretty much writes itself. 

  18. so most the conservative politicians are "mooching" from "social welfare", no way they cant be hypocrites lol

  19. I would wonder what would happen if some how we got a glimmer and a glimpse into the seedy under belly if the dark money campaign books was anonymously leaked to the Wolf PAC and Boston Globe…

  20. Everything done behind closed doors and in the dark.
    WE the People should never have allowed those doors to close, or the politicians to sneak around in the dark.
    We sat back and let it happen.  Most saw it and shrugged " that's just the way it is"…"All politicians are corrupt."
    And went back to other distractions.
    Those who said something were either silenced by the media or just ignored as radicals.
    As SOON as we saw those doors closing, we should have charged right in and ripped them open. 
    We should have brought torches and shined light on the crimes and dirty deeds of our politicians.
    ALL politicians found to be engaged in "shady" things should have been immediately ousted…all political criminals–including Presidents and their VPs— should have been arrested and jailed.
    But there is little to no accountability for bad or evil politicians… we allowed them to make their own rules.
    Now, there are so many closed doors, and it's become SO dark in Washington, I'm not sure if ANYTHING will change things.

  21. Republican or democrat, you get the same thing. They are just 2 sides of the same coin. No matter whether it's heads or tails, it's still a nickel.

  22. Remember this chart. There's been a right-wing talking point floating around the last few weeks about how "unions are the top political spenders."

  23. whats wrong with unions spending money on campaign donations? there entire purpose is to represent working people. rather have them funding politicians than businessmen who couldn't give a shit about the working class and are motivated entirely by selfishness

  24. Hey look political whores sad or slaves because they have to do what people who bought them say not what's best

  25. It is time to Tax Wall Street! 1 % sales tax on derivative trading. Hit these rich scum bags hard so that don't have this slush money!

  26. Q:What's the difference between a Mortician and Politician?
    A:One examines the insides of a dead person and the other is dead on the inside. 

  27. Would you really vote for someone you hated just because their campaign spent more money than the candidate you liked?

  28. …or maybe you can stop giving them money to buy politicians…  Making it illegal to bride them isn't going to stop them from being bribed.  You've already lost the FBI and the IRS.  This is a shadow war.  Shining the light deepens shadow…

    You need to stop feeding the machine.

    Wolf-pac would be a start.  But after that..??

    There's a reason certain families have been able to maintain their legacy for hundreds of years…  You think linear/inside the box when the game has always been afoot.

  29. Can these dark money groups give give a poor working class mother about $120,000 to pay of these miserable student loans and pay for grad school? Please they can just call it social welfare for poor mothers

  30. Why do you think that big spending would be during prez election rather than congress? to me buying off the law makers makes more sense , the president holds the power of veto, but congress controls the purse 

  31. so these politicians are literally taking money from welfare. and they condemn poor americans for doing the same thing…

  32. These anonymous people are the ones who dictate lawmaking and government spending in the US and also the EU. Politicians are really serving them, not us.

  33. Rightwing nazi's can spend all they want because socialism will triumph in the end. All loyal americans will become  Socialists. .. because they know socialism is truth

  34. George Soros and others on the left have been doing this for YEARS,  yet somehow you have overlooked this for years,  hmmm to an outsider it might seem like you only care about this because its republicans doing it….. oh wait… that's right.  I dont  like the behavior and i would call out ANYONE doing this but then again I'm not an ideolog

  35. So what's going on keystone pipeline why don't we take all that oil money and give it back to the taxpayers isn't it government own land owed by the millions of taxpayers?

  36. If your arrested welfare S.S. SHOULD END!!! Dirt bags in prison making as much as I do working,,,, their kids stay at their parents house "THEY" then also get money from from the state, The more I see, the more I learn, the more pissed off I get, Section 8,,,, Free housing,,,, Welfare,,, WIC,,, THIS NEEDS SOME GOVERNING NOW! Stop throwing money at everyone that doesn't feel like working 90% of them are lier's and scam artist I see it every day
    Most of them laugh and are accually proud of it.

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