SOCIETY OF THE BLIND EYE [Gravity Falls]: The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

SOCIETY OF THE BLIND EYE [Gravity Falls]: The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

How am I still the ONLY person who sees Zim’s an alien!?! I mean, come on! Come on!! COMEON!!! Welcome brothers and sisters to this week’s
meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel. The Secret Society dedicated to discovering,
decoding, and protecting the secrets of Gravity Falls. I am this chapters founder and it’s
duly appointed High Exalted Big Fish, Douglas MacKrell. If you’re in a rush, click the
yellow link on your screen to jump directly to this week’s topic, and as always, if
you would like to see the minutes of our previous meeting, click the red link on your screen
or follow the link in the about section below. Now before we begin, our members (or potential
members) must first swear in by saying our Sacred Oath. That way I know you can be trusted
with the secrets of this week’s meeting. So, please rise and raise your right hand,
crossing it over so that your thumb touches your forehead creating an inverted salute. Next, place your left hand on your computer
screen within the mystic outline. If you’re watching on a tablet or a touch screen phone,
touch the closest wooden object within your vicinity. Now read and say the oath aloud
with me: We the members of the Royal Order of the Holy
Mackerel, do solemnly swear to discover, decode, and protect the secrets of Gravity Falls.
Should we fail our noble quest, then may our faces be eaten by the Great Owl and then barfed
back up as some sort of pellet that we will have to carry around as a sign of our failure.
You may be seated. But be prepared to only use the edge of it – because this week’s
meeting is really exciting! Brothers and Sisters, it’s good to be back.
I’ve finally fixed up my schedule, laid the foundation for my second show, and things
back on track. Thank you all for your patience during my hiatus. The only thing I have left
to do is to finally send off the prizes to the Creative Contest winners – which only
goes to show just how crazy my life has been lately. But this week our focus is on one of the most
important episodes of the second season so far – Episode 7: Society of the Blind Eye.
Now I normally open these topics with a recap of the episode, which tacks on a lot of time
to our meetings. So I’ll do my best to make this as brief as possible. Lazy Susan sees some gnomes stealing a pie,
and is kidnapped by some hooded figures when she tries to report what she sees. Meanwhile,
Dipper and Mabel discover a label on the broken laptop that reads McGucket Labs, so they collect
Wendy and Soos and rush over to the Junkyard to confront McGucket. McGucket can’t remember anything about the
journal, or much of his past – but he does remember the symbol of the Blind Eye society,
and that his earliest memory is waking up in front of the Museum of History. So the group heads to the museum and discovers
a secret room where the Blind Eye Society is currently meeting. They look on as the
group’s leader, Blind Ivan, uses a mysterious ray to steal Lazy Susan’s memory of the
pie theft. The society releases Lazy Susan and concludes their meeting, giving the group
a chance to check out their grand hall and the mysterious raygun. Realizing that most of the town has been robbed
of their memories, they search for McGucket’s memories to unlock the secrets of his past.
They find McGucket’s tube, but alert the Blind Eye society. The group is quickly caught. With the group at his mercy, Blind Ivan explains
that the Blind Eye society has been secretly working for years to protect the citizens
of Gravity Falls by simply making them forget about the scary paranormal elements that exist
within the town. And to ensure their continued secrecy, Ivan levels the raygun at the group. group who battle over the the tube with McGucket’s
memories and the ray gun. In the end Blind Ivan ends up with both, and blasts the group. But McGucket takes the hit – and amazingly
is unfazed. His mind is so broken that repeated memory wipe blasts do nothing to stop him!
He disarms Ivan and headbuts him unconcious. The Blind Eye Society is defeated and tied
up. And, to protect themselves and all of Gravity Falls from their continued memory
wipes, Dipper erases the Blind Eye Society’s memories of the Blind Eye Society. Together, the group watches McGucket’s memories
which showcase him as a befuddled scientist to resorts to drastic means to forcibly forget
what he’s seen while working on a machine to help all mankind with a visiting researcher
– the true author of the journals. Only his ray works too well, and he becomes
addicted to it’s memory wipes. Fiddleford founds the Blind Eye Society to spread the
bliss of ignorance through the town, but his repeated memory wipes leave him further detached
with reality and ultimately make him the crazy prospector we know him as today. So things leave off with McGucket trying to
remember his past and the true identity of the author of the journals while Grunkle Stan
refuels the portal machine. It’s gaining power and close to completing it’s ultimate
objective – but as it gains power it seems to uncontrollably suck things into it. That’s a lot to take in. So let’s first
break down what we learn in this episode, and what we can discover by examining the
episode in greater detail. First up, we learn two full names in this
episode. Lazy Susan’s full name is Susan Wentworth, and Fiddleford’s middle name
is Hadron – which is a clever reference to his deteriorating mental state, because Hadrons
are composite particles that slowly fall apart over time. And speaking of Fiddleford, we learn a LOT
about him in this episode. Most importantly… THAT I WAS RIGHT! WOOOO WOOOO WE DID IT! USA!
USA! But seriously, the fact that I was able to
deduce that the fabled “leaked picture of McGucket writing the Journals” was fake
only proves that Gravity Falls is so well orchestrated that anyone who works hard and
logically puts together the pieces can accurately predict the answers to most of the mysteries
set up by the show! What I want most to do is to make sure that
this hoax is recorded and known to future generations who discover Gravity Falls. Alex
Hirsch may have tricked a grand majority of his fans, but in doing so he included those
same internet savvy users in an event that shaped their beliefs and understanding of
the show he created. He gave his audience a harmless real life hoax and proved to them
that you shouldn’t believe everything you see. This episode also disproves a few other McGucket
theories. Namely that he wears a cast on his right hand because he cut off his 6th finger.
We now know that Fiddleford was in a car accident in town, and broke his arm – but forgot about
it. So he still wears a cast on his healed arm. This episode also proves that Bill Cipher
didn’t have anything to do with McGucket’s madness, since it was self inflicted. But
that said, in the last of McGucket’s memories he speaks in Atbash code. Translated he says:
“Bill Cipher Triangle”. This brings up two questions: Why does McGucket
know about Bill Cipher, and why was this memory deleted by the memory ray? This seems much
later in the timeline – closer to the present date, which could mean that Bill Cipher only
reached out to Fiddleford far after the event that happened nearly 30 years ago. What did
Bill do, and why did someone make Fiddleford forget? I’ve also seen a lot of online buzz that
either draws parallels to Fiddleford and the Ice King from Adventure time, or worse – accuses
Alex of stealing Pendelton’s idea. For those who don’t know, the Ice King is in reality
Simon Petrikov – a scientist who discovered a magic crown that magically bestows immortality
at the price of sanity. The thing is, Simon and the Ice King are a
very clear analogy to the horrible cost of alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease actually
withers the brain very slowly and during this process, the sufferer can experience memory
loss and dementia – a form of madness. Adventure Time takes pains to show that the Ice King
is a sympathetic character, and although he may have changed over time – it doesn’t
alter the great man he was before. McGucket is completely different. His plight
is a clear analogy to the terrible cost of addiction and what it can do to yourself and
your loved ones. McGucket is shown quickly deteriorating because of his constant use
of his memory eraser. He finds poor excuses to use the ray – like seeing the gnomes, who
we know full well are really harmless, and even forms a group to help him normalize abusing
the ray. His addiction cost him his friends, his family,
his laboratory, his career, decades of his life, and even his mind, but McGucket is a
sympathetic character because much like real life addicts, he is facing his demons and
slowly reclaiming his mind. He may never be the same, but after the events of this episode,
there’s hope for McGucket to take responsibility, beat his addiction to forgetting, and reclaim
his life. In this episode, we also learn that the vast
majority of Gravity Falls citizens have had their memories wiped in one way or another.
Their forced ignorance kept things peaceful for the townfolk, but the sudden and permanent
removal of the Blind Eye Society from the town will have lasting repercussions – as
the paranormal and the normal start rubbing elbows. What Dipper and the gang did in this
episode will change Gravity Falls – and everyone who lives there – forever. We also learn the identities of the Blind
Eye Society – who include a host of tertiary characters like Toby Determined and the bouncer
from Skull Fracture, but the real surprize was learning that Bud Gleeful was a member.
Thanks to a code at the end of the episode, we know that his repayment for being a member
was forgetting Gideon’s tantrums. This sheds a new dark light on a scene from
the first season episode, Little Dipper, where – after a tantrum – Bud leans back on the
couch and says “precious memories” as Mrs Gleeful looks on, aghast. This shows that
Bud is sparing himself the stress of these moments while clearly allowing his wife to
bear the brunt of Gideon’s explosive temper. Yes, I know that we see a memory tube labeled
“Mrs Gleeful” – but we know full well that Mrs Gleeful doesn’t act blissful or
mindless – she is shown as broken and hidden behind mental walls as she remains focused
on vacuuming. Presumably performing a mental penance by constantly cleaning up the mess
she made with Gideon. So the question remains – if only Bud spared
himself the weight of Gideon’s terrible actions, what did the society erase from Mrs
Gleeful’s mind? A brush with the paranormal – or something far more sinister? We also discover that both Pacifica and her
father Preston Northwest have had their memories erased – but suspiciously no tube was shown
for Mrs Northwest. Of the Northwests, we know the least about Pacifica’s mother. Sure,
their insane wealth keeps them sheltered, but is this a subtle clue that there’s more
to her than it seems? Is Mrs Northwest the true mastermind behind the Northwest family
and their fortune? Something else to ponder is that McGucket
is shown in his final erased memory signifying Bill Cipher by forming a triangle with his
hands and bringing it to one eye – the exact same way Mabel does in the episode Sock Opera. Some believe this to be evidence of Bill secretly
influencing Mabel in some way – but my theory is that there’s nothing to this hand gesture
other than the writers looking for a visual way to let the audience know that McGucket
was talking about Bill Cipher without forcing them to decode what he says. The final scene of the episode shows Stan
Pines tending to the portal which is increasing in power. What’s cool is that I was proven
correct again – that Stan’s bandaged hand in the San Diego Comic Con poster would make
an important appearance in the show. But the cool part about this scene is actually paid
off in a different cartoon show entirely. In the sequence, Stan’s question mark mug
and a pad of paper are accidentally sucked into the portal. And in an episode of Rick
and Morty – a show that deals heavily in portals that lead to alternate dimensions, we see
Stans exact mug and pad pop out the other side and into that show’s visited universe. This proves that the portal IS a portal and
that it’s scanning through a nearly infinite amount of alternate dimensions. Unprogrammed,
the device could lead anywhere – but we know it’s hunting for someplace specific. Where
is the machine trying to find, and why does Stan want that place to be found? So. That leaves the big question. If McGucket
isn’t the author of the Journals, who is? Well, here’s what we can figure out from
this episode: The author is a “visiting researcher” which means that all of the
Gravity Falls life-time residents are ruled out because theoretically the author came
to town around 30 or more years ago to set up shop. We also know that the author has six fingers
on one hand, which – thanks to the glove we see in Scaryoke – connects him to the Portal
machine beneath the Mystery Shack. Stan doesn’t have six fingers, so that rules him out as
the author, but thanks to this episode and what Grunkle Stan has said when we’ve seen
him tending to the portal – we now know that he has worked with someone – possibly the
author – in connection to the machine. So the author is someone who has had intimate
knowledge of the Mystery Shack and it’s surrounding area, and who worked with both
Fiddleford and Stanford Pines in some way during his time in Gravity Falls. We know,
thanks to the Shape Shifter, that something changed the author over 30 years ago – something
that made them disappear or go into hiding. So at the moment – the best theory to the
identity of the author is the as of yet unmentioned theoretical twin brother of Stanford Pines.
Dipper and Mabel’s unseen grandfather. As a member of the Pines family, he would have
that level of intimate access to the shack and explain why Stan seems to dislike Fiddleford
so much – but without concrete evidence the author could be a character we haven’t been
introduced to yet! Well brothers and sisters, with the story
fully analyzed, let’s turn our attention to decoding the hidden messages and secrets
in this episode! Firstly there’s the chant of the Society
of the Blind Eye. As Dipper and the rest slowly part the curtains and peer in on their ceremony,
the society chants “Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum”. This may sound spooky, but
it’s actually the motto found above and below the great seal of the United States.
You can find it on any American dollar! Translated from latin it means “we approve
of the undertakings of the new world order”. Basically it’s a fancy way of saying that
a higher power thinks that the USA is a-okay – but Alex’s use of this motto is a reference
to a long standing conspiracy theory. Many theorists believe that there is a New
World Order – a secret group that covertly controls every aspect of society and the biggest
clue to their existence is the Great Seal printed on every US dollar. Alex’s use of
the motto as their chant is a way of drawing parallels between the Blind Eye Society secretive
control and the New World Order But that’s not the only clever nod to the
great seal of the United States found in this episode. Briefly we see a carved image of
a pyramid topped with the Eye of Providence – a glowing triangle with an eye in the center.
This symbol – used in the great seal – represents a higher power sharing it’s vast knowledge
with mankind. On the wall carving we see the Eye of Providence reversed – keeping mankind
ignorant of the truth. Just like the Blind Eye society! We also get a brief shot of Agents Powers
and Trigger who can briefly be seen in the background slowly walking on the street as
the gang drives to the History Museum. This just raises the questions where and when will
they strike, and exactly how much do they know? Now, let’s decode the message found in the
end credits. As with all the second season episodes so far, this message has been encoded
with the Vigenere Cipher, which requires a key to unlock. This time, the word is actually
drawn into the background, and can be seen forming the vertebra of the triceratops spine
in the museum. That makes the keyword “erase”. If you’re still having problems decoding
messages encoded with the Vigenere Cypher, be sure to check out my episode of Code Cracking
101 where I break down the process and give you a free downloadable Vigenere Square! After running the code through the cipher,
it reveals the message: “IGNORANCE IS BLISS. BUT BLISS IS BORING.” The hidden moral of
this episode. Clearly, Alex and his team believe that life is more interesting when you know
about the hidden wierdness all around us. The end card of this episode is again encoded
with the composite cipher, which is decoded by translating the message with the A1Z26
cipher, to the Atbash cipher, to the Caesar Cipher set three letters back. After the decoding
TRY TO FORGET.” This calls back to the characters who are
within the society and what they chose to forget. Most interesting of the group is again,
Bud Gleeful. How will he react to having to deal with the worst of Gideon? Will he crack
under pressure like Mrs Gleeful, or finally stand up to his son? And finally, there’s a code that’s finally
visible on the journal page regarding the Blind Eye Society. This code is in a substitution
cipher I’ve seen called Bill Cipher’s Text – which is a fake alphabet designed for
Gravity Falls. After decoding it, it reads: “IF MY SUSPICIONS ARE CORRECT, THIS IS THE
of the journals proves two things – that the author of the Journals was perceptive or at
least suspicious enough to discover the Blind Eye Society was founded by Fiddleford, and
that the author of the journals did care about Fiddleford. Though the password protected laptop indicates
that the two men became secretive, the author of the journals still cared for Fiddleford’s
safety. There may have never been a painful or scornful split between them – much like
other addicts Fiddleford may have just slowly faded away as he erased more and more of his
memory. Much like the previous episodes, there were
a great deal of callbacks to previous episodes, and much like our previous meetings – I don’t
feel like listing them all. So I’m calling on all of our members to bring up as many
as they can spot in the comments below! If we work together, we can find every hidden
reference in this episode! But what do you think? Will Gravity Falls
citizens be forever changed by their inevitable brushes with the paranormal? Why does Mrs
Northwest still have her memories and what did they make Mrs Gleeful forget? And when
will McGucket’s memories return? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below! Well folks, before we close this week’s
meeting allow me to remind you about this week’s challenge! Follow the link below
to find three riddles that must be decoded and answered. Successfully decode each riddle
to unlock Journal Entry number 20 – my private notes on Society of the Blind Eye! Also, those who solve this challenge will
unlock a new challenge badge! What’s a challenge badge? Well, they’re tied into the new badging
and rank system found on the show’s website! If you’d like to be a registered member
and would like to start collecting badges and ranks, then head over to
OR click the word register at the top of the page. Registration is completely free, so
if you’re a member, be sure to log on and log in! With no other orders of business, I hereby
call a close to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel. Until next
time, share, subscribe, and keep cracking those codes! Dipper and Mabel’s guide to Mystery and
Non Stop Fun teases a potential mayoral run for Bug Gleeful. If this is true, how will
this affect Gideon? Will he continue to use his father like a puppet, or will Bud use
his newfound power to keep Gideon in line?

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  1. Maybe the agents' role is to get Gideon out of jail because they can pardon him or give him immunity for his assistance in the Pines family investigation.

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  3. 😀 oh my god the intro is from invader zim! also i have to say some about the blind eye society. why it makes no freaking sense: if the blind eye society erases everybody's memory, why didnt they erase gideon, dipper, wendy, soos, mabel and stan's memories? i mean comme on… there have been so much stuff that they have seen but they remember everything! ok maybe the reason why they didnt erase mabel and dippers  memories is cause they are new in town but there isnt any reason for them not to erase everybody elses.

  4. My favorite theory is that there ah okeyrddn awci kzsc cvp ellzdf, mlgy tgdy elw njaihmy fp s vxtnpvvfl eszdse ozxqp tw nzq ivm asilsa diri zk kezqe melg ivzpi gsjig iyh nzq swnqiiwfi xwfvesdh vigi uaxuszprk lzxbod esgmi hpp wrew ivqyk, jmuw oa mmcd. lws qoielaiwmd vrfyt hw l flfuw cn nlrjsrhmcw sml ivm hsicacu bsifjq xg bsek al xg aeeexggr nzv ffw, uwlopvxggr nzv kog, pbl dxrfdtm nzv kzjts.

    The code is spoilers, just to avoid them.

  5. I would say: the McGucket hoax is symbolism for the Blind Eye Society. Just as the Blind Eye Society keeps people from seeing the truth about Gravity Falls's paranormal elements, the McGucket hoax kept all of us fans from seeing the truth about the author's identity.

  6. This made me think of the end text at the very end of Sock Opera I believe. It's like "Abnormal soon will be the norm, enjoy the calm before the storm." The citizens will see weird things and they'll remember them now. Abnormal soon will be the norm. But what's the storm? Will the citizens freak out or is Bill behind this storm?

  7. Here's what i think might be some cool episodes later on

    1. – Gideon breaks out of prison (probably S2E10)
    2. – McGucket remembers stuff
    3. – Dippers 3 and 4 return
    4. – An teenage undercover agent is sent to Gravity Falls
    5. – Bill causes more mischief
    6. – Powers and Trigger return
    7. – Dipper finds a memory tube with his name on it from 2 years ago

    just some thoughts

  8. Holly Mackerel! There are so many things you picked up on that I, and several perceptive Gravity Falls fans, missed. Several times, I had to pause the video and gape. This is by far your best episode and sharpest work. Keep it up and welcome back.

  9. Mrs. Northwest and why she never had her memory erased. two things 1. It is hinted that she must know than we think when Pacifica finds out about the conspiracy she calls out to her mom in a confused state. Maybe she is also a government agent stationed to close tabs on the northwests. 2. She might be exclude from Memory erasing because she might be new to her family as she could just not be aware of things or the blinds eye. It could be that her dad he is aware and took her there as a sort of retreat.  

  10. Gideon's mom I think she did go to the blindseye as well but like Fiddleford relied or was exposed on the memory eraser for too long. As in addition to Gideon's tantrums, it might be her memory of her's and stans relationship was destroyed as she could indeed be Stan's old girlfriend Carla and Bud was the Hippy.

  11. I have a theory about the page about Bill. Why do you write how to summon Bill. I think is because Bill is not the main villian and will do a good thing later. The writer know Bill most to summon in right time so the writer write don´t summon and so the writer know the future. That is two I know who can see in to the future, Bill and Soos. It isn´t Bill and can´t be Soos because he is to young but it can be Soos dad because he may also can see in to the future and is maybe in Las Vegas and use his power in poker. 

  12. I have a theory that Stanley (stan's twin) is actually the author. In the journal, when it shows the bill cipher wheel, there are three exclamation points pointing to the glasses which are believed to stand for Stanley. He may have been surprised to see himself in the wheel so he marked it with !!! He may have then thought that individually he could take down Bill and failed. This may also be why it seems that stan is mad at him for being so foolish as to challenge a very powerful being. I know that this may not be enough evidence but like I said Its just a theory. Please do a video on this subject to let the world know about it. Thanks.
    Ps I am a huge fan!! Please never stop making videos!

  13. Ooh I also forgot to mention that never at anytime in the show does it show Stanley's right hand. If you don't believe me look at some pictures. Him at the door to the shack, him in the back of the boxing arena, and him in bills memory.

  14. I agree with your theory its the possible twin of Stan…. I mean he is REALLY working hard on that portal…. For someone that seems kinda lazy, and only works hard when money is involved (even then he'll pawn work off on the twins/soos/wendy)…. So for him to dedicate so much time to this project (I think) denotes emotional investment into an outcome… Possibly to be reunited with his twin.

  15. Man! After watching this over and over again I must say…you make SO many good points!!! I also love how you were right about the bandaged hand!!! Also…i don't think that the end code was just about Bud.  I think it is Bud/Stan.  Alternating.  Gideons Tantrums=Bud.  Misspelled Tattoos = Stan.  So on.  But…why does Bud have a fear of witches…? 

    -Sir Orin

  16. I think that the Author might actually be bad person. It's not specific about what 'terrible' things that Mcgucket said he did.

  17. This is my version of the writer of the journals Stan and Stanley were writing the journals but Stanley went behind Stan's back and did something to do with the portal or the journals so Stan activates the portal to throw Stanley into the portal so Stan is writing the journals alone so he goes to find another person that knew almost or as much as he did

  18. Caeser Cipher set three letters to the right.Eloo Flskhu lv wkh dxwkru! Kh nqrzv doo derxw hyhubwklqj lq Judylwb Idoov! Lw vdbv grq'w vxpprq dw doo frvwv lq mrxuqdo 3. Suredeob ehfdxvh kh lv wrr exvb rq wkh ulvh ri klv qljkwpduh dupb! Sohdvh jdwkhu pruh hylghqfh!

  19. Just realized. In Scaryoke Stan says "Why don't you go be a normal kid. Flirt with a girl, or… steal a pie off a windowsill."

    In Society of the Blind Eye, Lazy Susan sees some gnomes stealing a pie off her windowsill.

    Coincidence? I think… I don't know.

  20. My order is to crack the uncracked cases left behind by the holy mackerel the The Great Eye, the reason to the portal is to find a alternate universe that can find stans secret brother~ Real or not you find out.

  21. Sorry, don't konw if this is relevant or not, but i believe that this show is set in 2002. firstly, it would make sence due to the time period, as in the beggining of the show dipper is holding a gameboy like object. Next, actual reason i think its 2002, is the calender on carpet diem. If you belive the stanly theory, then we can assume that this is his room. Te calender has July 4th signed off on it, like a special day. It could just be for the holiday, but i believe this was the day that he opened up the portal that stan had remarked been 30 years since t had been opened. Whatever event happened after that is unkown, though it can assumed that stanly was lost, and then 30 years past till 2002. Today in Gravity falls! Don't know if this was relevent or not, or if this was already a theory, just something i came up with. Tell me what you think

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  27. I thought that Stan's bandaged hand symbolized that he was skating on thin ice, and if he continued to work on the portal, he might become as lost as McGucket. The connection being that both of them have bandaged hands, although that was probably obvious.

  28. gravity falls season 2 episode 7 trailer if you look closely where dipper try to say the author's name in the trailer he actually says uncle Stan is the author

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  36. Lil Bigg Dawg, the creator of "Straight Blanchin" Actually appeared in "Double Dipper" he wrote the foreword for "How to DJ R-R-Right!" No one seemed to notice that callback.

  37. 17:34 Technically speaking, it means "He approves of our undertakings. New Order of the Ages." And "He" means "God." Although it literally translates to "Approves Undertakings. New Order Ages." And "Coeptis" also means "beginning," just so you all know.:-)

  38. That little hoax drove the fans away. Wallow in your 'I told you so', show's now DEAD to a lot of viewers as proved by this season's abysmal ratings.

  39. The Society of the Blind Eye was probably around for over 30 years, since the author disappeared 30 years ago, but he wrote about the Blind Eye society before then.

  40. he was not addicted to the ray to the ray! He just couldn't handle the weirdness. It makes perfect sense especially him being a man of science, of reason. The diary's author was obviously a bit more open minded about the occult than his assistant…

  41. Ok crazy theory here:
    What if Stan is using the portal to find his brother, who was an apprentice of sorts to author along with Fiddleforth. What if while helping the author, Stan's brother is sucked into the portal along with the author. That's my theory. Support or disprove it, I don't care.

  42. does anyone realize that Mcgucket build the portal? in the memories you can see the outline of the portal or maybe a drawing of the portal on the white board in the back ground?

  43. I believe that it is very likely that the portal is searching for an energy vessel for Bill's theoretical sister ( I say sister because I beleive that she is trapped inside of Gompers, who is a female according to Mabel, who paired Gompers with Waddles and waddles is male because in little gift shop of horrors, you hear waddles talking as a male.) I believe that stan is trying to release Bill's sister from Gompers, but he doesn't know that that is where she is, so he ran the portal calculations to try and locate her. Just a theory, please if someone could help me add on to this, maybe Douglas can do a video about it in the future

  44. Just a quick correction: the dinosaur whose vertebrae make up the key is a protoceratops and not a triceratops, as indicated by the lack of horns

  45. I believe your statement is a little wrong sir, it's not that they will slowly remember now that the order is gone. it's just that there is now no one to make them forget in the first place so sighting's of the paranormal will begin to build and soon the whole town will be talking about them.

  46. Soon was holding the computer and it had a code in the botm corner 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😫

  47. I have a theory for Mrs. Gleeful! So, maybe Mrs.Gleeful had seen something horrible, and they tried to get rid of it like anyone else. But what if the memory-erase erased the wrong thing without knowing? could that be the reason why she's snapped? she couldn't take seeing something this horrible? but also, what if bill cipher got to her and made her go nuts?? idk it's just a theory

  48. I hate it when Rloedx bcvm hbdmm bjoul cgssg vrgvrnk eqmo Uaacxhzf lgpnv Etjno qy wwsm mxot. P jjkm pcdg pt! Qmm whp vvpxu, Ttgh Jprhz wqf kp hwtkhug tqi stlmqpq ww Cxhamtrwut. Qmm qv gcz vtjr ajyta… Cdmel kd dl pgwiitspn uh xhz uyoltwago dsineg? Gk ecc ka rtseta djl ecv? Ww ayw ahxfd bjotl wxde jg k Ulahgg bjbgl? Ltl fm mxqd btdhe!

    Key: Chapstick

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