Society’s Parasite: A Look Inside The Treatment Industrial Complex or “TIC” • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Society’s Parasite: A Look Inside The Treatment Industrial Complex or “TIC” • BRAVE NEW FILMS

For-Profit Prisons have destroyed lives, targeted communities of color, cost taxpayers millions and haven’t made us any safer. And the same prison profiteers who have already made billions from locking people up are now capitalizing on the movement to reduce mass incarceration, rebranding themselves as treatment providers giving birth to the Treatment Industrial Complex The T.I.C. or Tic is a network of for-profit prison companies expanding into the world of state mental health hospitals civil commitment centers medical care in prisons and jails community correction programs like halfway houses day reporting centers and alternatives to incarceration like electronic monitoring Private prison companies carefirst about profits not treatment – so they cut corners leading to terrible conditions When someone has a mental health need, the TIC offers patients little more than warehousing and state mental hospitals some never leave TIC members like CCA and the GEO Group are incentivized to keep people in as long as possible to increase profits The longer people stay in the system, the more money the TIC makes. People on probation who previously checked in once a month are now placed on 24-hour surveillance so that these companies make more money. The fees are passed on to individuals and taxpayers. If you can’t pay you might get thrown in jail while profits from companies like the GEO Group continue to rise We can’t let profits come before people’s lives and real solutions while prison profiteers rake in billions This is a scheme by private prison companies to hijack reform efforts for their own corporate greed by expanding beyond their prison walls We need you to join the fight against the Treatment Industrial Complex now!

10 thoughts on “Society’s Parasite: A Look Inside The Treatment Industrial Complex or “TIC” • BRAVE NEW FILMS

  1. There is no "good" benevolent commercial industry…they will all do whatever they can to make money and if that means lying us into war to fill the goldchests of halliburton so be it.

  2. private prison inmates are literally starving and what about the deaths (murders ???) due to lack of air conditioning when temperatures reach 48 celsius…

  3. This is what the Arizona BAR is doing to attorneys they want in their MAP program , using mental health. (MENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM) and the AZ BOARD OF NURSING using mental health to take nurses down . Read SHAMEFUL JUSTICE, and google ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION WATCHDOGS very sad state of affairs, those who are doing this need to go to prison !!!

  4. The whole psychiatric hospital is non sense – you can't prove someone is psychotic scientifically so it makes it easier to label someone and thus proscribe them pills that have a high rate of inducing suicides & if you weren't crazy before you'll be after taking those for months/years and all for treating not curing – there is no cure, So you're a tree with money leaves to them.

    This is why many gun grabbing politicians bring up mental illness & so called universal background checks to make it easier to ban you from a constitutional right which by the way both are unconstitutional.

  5. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work! Objective and great graphics. Only thing is maybe more reputable citations and relevant specific locations and corporations responsible?

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