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  1. Okay now will people stop telling me I am at higher risk for colon cancer because they heard one 40 year old vegan died of colon cancer? Probably not…

  2. I uttered the word "colorectal cancer" to myself last night at 2am with my eyes closed and I knew it, that it would show in my reality the next day.

  3. Africans? Isn't that a bit generalised for a continent full of people? Some African countries have over 90% meat in their diet.

  4. Doctor you forgot to mention whether or not the meat in question was cooked or not.
    Well done meat has much higher level of carcinogenics than uncooked meat or meat cooked rare. You can`t blame meat in the entirety without out the factor of cooking and how it was cooked.

  5. You need to do a study on people who eat crap feed lot animals vs. people that eat organic grass fed and pasture raised animals.

  6. This is the final nail in your coffin meat eater trolls who love to argue that we need meat protein…. Yeah keep eating those delicious hamburgers and enjoy your butt cancer…ty Dr.Greger

  7. I can only agree with this! On a two-month stay in Kenya, all we ate was rice, beans, corn, some bananas, avocados, and 1-2 tiny portions of meat per week! Rural Kenyans sometimes don't even know what cancer or heart diseases is….

  8. Please.
    Smoking aint the prime cause of cancer. And surest NOT a 90% cause.
    Sure its unhealthy but it aint a direct cause of lung cancer.
    You Cant trust the stats. Do your Own research and never trust 1 individual.

  9. trying to show my family your videos and show them that they are based in real studies and made by a real doctor.

  10. Um, the cattle herding groups eat a diet high in raw milk and fresh blood. The don't kill the animals when the bleed them so not all that much meat is eaten…Not sure where that fits with the Doctor's theories.

  11. yes yes and yes. gone vegan a year ago after 17 years being a vegetarian and my health improved by so much it is almost ridicculous!

  12. Some African tribes are heavily dependent on crocodile meat..would they die as often in colon cancers are westerners?

    In my mind, we need a holistic approach to this and realizing that the quality of what we eat plays an even bigger role than what kind of foods we eat.

  13. So, let me get this straight: the only difference between the diets of blacks in the US and blacks in Africa is the presence or absence of meat. The African blacks smoke, drink lots of soda, beer and liquor. Eat lots of pizza, and hamburger meals with white buns, potatoes fried in vegetable oil and large cokes. Eat donuts, bagels, brownies and sugary fruit juices. This is correct? Potato chips, corn chips, taco chips and manufactured, processed dips? Yes? Microwave meals with additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors? Is this correct? 'Juice-drink-beverages' and' cheese-food-products'? Pasta, tortillas, mac and cheese? Yes? Cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, muffins, honey buns and bear claws? This is so? Artificially flavored pudding pops? Toaster waffles, pop tarts and toaster studel along with cold boxed manufactured sugary breakfast cereals for breakfast? Non-dairy creamer and artificial sweeteners in their coffee. Yes? And the meat they do consume is raised on factory farms, fed grains instead of grass, and loaded with antibiotics to ward off sickness caused by an unnatural diet and horrendous living conditions. Do I have all this fully understood? And, among the meats that African blacks eat are processed lunch-type meats that contain nitrates, nitrites, and whatever curing agents are used for those packaged meats? Hot dogs, baloney, sausages and the like. Do I have this all correct?

    The only difference between the foods the American blacks and African blacks consume is meat and meat products? I have some great ocean front property in Wichita Kansas up for sale, if you're interested.

    This video should be annotated: AKA "figures lie and liars figure."

  14. This is silly, of course there is less colon cancer in Sub Saharan Africa.  You are lucky if you live past 50! The average age for colon cancer diagnosis in the US is 72. hmmm, make sense to me!

  15. Sorry, but I'll take BACON, BUTTER, Heavy Cream, Steak, and all the rest and when things look or feel really bad, suicide is my option.  I'll take that over an all plant food diet ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

  16. Other useless stupid videos get millions of views over night This man solves some of the most important health mysteries for free, backed up by evidence, and only gets thousands per month. 

    Americans deserve to die fat  and premature.

  17. Some other factors to consider. The herding tribes of Africa drink milk sometimes to the point of pure gluttony with cow blood mixed in depending on the group. The next issue is that most Africans don't have electricity which is tied to a life expectancy of 48 yrs. Most people who get colon cancer or heart disease are older than that. I know of instance of Africans who eat western style getting heart disease as they age. I'm not saying a low meat diet isn't a plus but I'm not sure all the i's have been dotted and all the t's crossed in that report. Last and not least there are health issues suffered by many who eat vegetarian. Two of them are caused by too much omega 6 in the diet combined with low levels of omega 3 and not enough B12. There may be other nutrient issues. While diet can certainly play a major role in long term health and over all life expectancy I know from my great aunt Marguerite that died at 99 that was still mowing her own yard and cooking fried potatoes in hog lard at 93 that picking your ancestors correctly is what really counts most.

  18. Excellent video. A wonderful man in my hometown recently passed away due to complications of colon cancer. My uncle so passed away w/this awful illness 15 yrs ago. Both consumed diets very heavy in meats/animal products and lower in fruits/vegetables…sadly. I agree with this completely..Over consumption of these foods definitely leads to issues.

  19. Cats are the cause of intestinal cancer..

    You don't want cats..  Cats are disease factories..  When I was pro-painting houses, I noted that EVERY household I worked in that had three or more large resident cats, the whole family was diagnosed with incurable intestinal cancers in varying stages..  In several households that owned three cats, at least one of the family was being treated with chemotherapy, that's EVERY household with 3 or more cats..
    Cats are a death sentence..  I see often people kissing their vile filthy disease ridden cats..  In many homes I saw cats walking on the kitchen tables and counters..  In one household the cats walked on the dish-rack, and on the plates and utensils on the kitchen table..  Cats dig in their shit with their feet.. That whole family has intestinal cancers..  One had just had its funeral..  The others were close on their way to dying.. Drop all your devil cats into the incinerator..  Incinerate all the house cats in the world..  Cats are a horrid fatal global cancerous disease plague…

  20. Could exposure to sunlight have anything to do with it too? Exposure to UVB rays increases 25(OH)D levels. Research indicates that higher 25(OH)D levels reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  21. So instead of making such an outrageous extrapolation from incredibly crude data and meta-analysis, maybe just google "do vegans/vegetarians have less colon cancer" and the answer is that they actually have HIGHER rates of colon cancer… oh boy.

    "UK researchers found that vegetarians had a lower overall cancer rate than meat eaters, but contrary to suggestions from other studies, they found a higher rate of colorectal cancer among the vegetarians than among the meat eaters.

    The study was the work of researchers working on the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Oxford (EPIC-Oxford) and the findings were published in the online issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 11 March."

  22. Am 57 and I've never had 'gut' issues. Still, today I performed an 'at home' first generation Pinnacle Labs FIT test. Took all of 5 mins. Result: total negative.
    Still, because I'm in my 50's, I'm going to start getting a colonoscopy every year.
    PREVENTING cancer is Job #1.

    Lifestyle? Daily wheatgrass regimen, resveratrol, tumeric, bentonite, L-glutamine, no bovine milk! – switched to coconut/almond milk, little if any: alcohol, red meat, processed 'foods', junk food, soda, etc. Also: no extra sugar and no 'afternoon or TV snacking' on garbage. Moderate exercise, SPF 30 or higher during the summer.
    The semi-daily bentonite & daily wheatgrass are excellent sources of fiber and are detoxifiers.

  23. Nigerians eat a lot of meat. Africans in general love to create stews. The Zulu don't like to spend money on meat but they do love meat when they get it. Africans just don't like to eat b/s lmao. The poor areas don't do much meat but they don't mess with fake foods as we in America would…they would rather farm their veggie crops if their land is not stolen due to retarded Shell. We in America will go out to eat at a restaurant all the time and they don't have time for that lol. Suckers like to cook too.

  24. Did any one factor in the fact that the United States has GMOs with Roundup and African countries probably don't? Most studies never include our modern contaminants. We assume that these products have no effect but, as everyone knows, these two products together cause lesions in the bowels that are hard to heal.
    I would like to see some data where identical products were used, and not have scientist guessing at what the study really means.

  25. The logic behind the lung cancer comparison falls apart when you compare the rates of cancer to the rates of tobacco consumption. No correlation whatsoever. Maybe it's not the tobacco but the other additives in modern cigarettes. You wouldn't want to be compared to Ancel Keyes.

  26. The colon cancer mystery was not solved by this broadcast. Please, be honest. OK. I am a biologist in Europe and peoples are dying on various diets.Saturated fat is bad if it is lieced with heavy metals and pesticides since those dissolve and grossly accumulate in fat tissues of animals and plants alike. Arsenic is the bigger offender and greatly responssible for colon lung cancer. Arsenic is used in animal fed to combat veterinary disease will have the fat laced. Those generalisations are misleading and damaging for two reasons.Firstly they create psyhological bariers and self righthiousnes amongst communities, vegans good guys and non vegans barbarians.Secondly it diversts peoples attention of the source of the food supply and they way they are fed and raised. I shall not like to thing of myself as a barbarian. Killing plants is also barbarian, since have feelings. As a biologist I love adore plants. I am wrighting this drinking beet salary garlic fermented juice that I had made myself out of those plans i killed.Damn.

  27. Nothing wrong with meat veg n fruits. It's how You prepare it which decides how good for you it is. If you add bottles of sauces to your veggies you will die early. Same goes with meat. Also if you fry your meat always in oil or deep fryer expect early death and don't burn your food. Live long and cancer free or at least if you do get cancer it's more treatable than a dirty eater.

  28. Mayo thanks to you I've got 6 unpunished easy guide books I've spent 8 yrs on writing and and do believe that if I say to much some thing more happen to me and that's no joke

  29. While I believe this video gets it right, the reality is most people who suffer from colon cancer are 50+ years old; considering sub-saharan Africa has the lowest life expectancies in the world, I would say the whole "50x less risk" statistic is misleading since Africans don't live as long as Americans.

  30. That's interesting, but one of our favorite youtubers recently went to Africa and watch all of the meat they eat over there. Lots of beef, chicken, pork and even rats (a different video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2scxlRTQViE

  31. I suspect there is something else that is different. US Africans eating far more protein thus stimulating IGF and thus cancer risk and proliferation – TOR. Africans in Africa no choice but to have a higher fibre, protein restricted diet. It has also been shown that the Ketogenic diet is very effective in the treatment of CR cancers.

  32. Can anybody well versed in the fiber knowledge world please shed some light on this study that was presented to me by a carnivore diet follower? The study shows dangerous in regards to eating fiber, and shows that the benefits are not very significant if at all significant. Thanks for your critique. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4250613/

  33. Diet is virtually irrelevant for protecting against colorectal cancer. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16352792. The reason why Africans and Asians have much lower incidence is that they squat for defecation. For more details about this, see http://www.naturesplatform.com/health_benefits.html.

  34. What I wonder is if it's the meat is it the fact that their animals are fed a more natural diet. and are not pumped full of antibiotics from the get go? Could this be a factor? I see chickens in the supermarket fed a "vegetable diet" which to me translates to corn, soy and wheat..But chickens are not vegatarians,as in the wild,they would eat insects,flowers,small rodents,etc.But then again,our plants are also contaminated with herbicides and pesticides and can take up antibiotics from the manure used to fertilize them,so plants can't get a free pass either in my way of thinking.

  35. Why are vegans and vegetarians forgetting the tons of pesticides they are consuming, the E-coli laden romaine lettuce that is constantly on recall, the oxalate forming kale and spinach, etc

  36. I also heard that they eat something called stale maize porridge which is a robust source of resistant starch which our good bacteria use for food and then excrete butyrate into the colon.

  37. Check out kerosene and colon cancer, terminal patients saved. Don't believe this? Google it! topical application to lower torso, but not orally.

  38. Thanks for the info!! I also wonder/ worry about all the pesticides that make it into our food supply in the United States versus places that have more traditional growing practices

  39. Black Africans dont eat pork or processed meats loaded with preservatives.
    American blacks do.
    Thats the big difference.
    I'm giving up pork myself.
    John Davis jax fl

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