South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

Unless you see it, you wouldn’t believe it we’re all in line which is her property? you would never ever think that this was in Edgefield County never These dogs out here they deserve a life better than this People that make a living off of this type of activity and treatment to these animals need to be stopped that is all about 2 inches 3 inches of feces and urine that smell…we’re outside and that smell is horrific it’s hard to take while was really disturbing movies
either you know if my fingers can fit through here their little paws can go through there and just get stuck and they should never ever be in business again we got to do something about that in South Carolina all the bones on this property are actually kind of freaking me out I mean there’s just so many I mean whatever it is clearly suffered a horrible death I’m just glad we’re here to get the rest of them out of here before they suffer the same fate always somatic dramatic are holding out
hiking he’s so matted I’m holding his paw I can feel an entire chunk of mat There’s 100 so far but I haven’t even gotten back there there’s a whole group back there and another group back there with the ones inside and loose we’re at about 120 so I think we’ll probably hit 200 would be my guess see his leg? He won’t put any weight on it at all it smells so bad back here she has not only several of her own puppies but also 2 smaller puppies that very clearly don’t belong to her in there so I don’t know where mom is runners that are going to be handling the animals from the enclosure to the vet’s station onto the rigg, never leave their animal we need to improve our animal cruelty
laws in South Carolina so that local law enforcement has the tools that they need
to come into places like this and shut them down because we don’t want
people who have been convicted a large-scale animal cruelty operations to
be able to move another county over and open up another operation today we’re moving animals from
the property were setting them up in a temporary shelter we’re gonna provide care for them
they’re being assessed by a veterinarian at to figure out all of the different ailments the animals have as that court case proceeds we’ll hopefully be able to get the animals
out into better homes I think the message is very clear to people in South Carolina we’ve got to do something about these people that condone and operate as a puppy mill like this we need to put
a stop to it and whatever it takes we we need to do it and do it soon

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  2. Pobresitos.tienen.ambre.como.ladran.esperando.que

  3. Tresspassers will be violated survivors will be shot?
    ok no wonder they had cops in the line with them on the road damn. tell me the person got heavily charged with animal neglect.

  4. I wish they would just say shit! No one says feces… 3 inches of shit! That senator is awesome! "You got the mange girl"!!

  5. We’ve got to start petitions and write to your local congressman. Please let’s ban together and get rid of all these puppy mills! 💔

  6. The bones make it seem like the outlands in lion king it’s like the elephant grave yard except…. dog grave yard 😔. Every body trying to stop animal cruelty keep going until this ends

  7. A friend of mine is a vet. She went on some rescue projects like this. I remember her telling me that they had to euthanize about half the puppies. Between sickness, parasites, dehydration and malnutrition there wasn’t anything that they could do.

  8. who would do this that is so Horrible! and why would any body do that for a living! I am only 10 and I am worry about things I shouldn't be ! animals deserve life to! who with me! apparently very few.

  9. Why are people just so doggone sick money hungry and yet do animal cruelty I hope you guys punish them for 10 years with hard slave work shame on them

    There were so many tiny little baby puppies oh my goodness just beautiful babies

  10. I want to be apart of this type of rescuing of these animals but idk if I could take dead animals that die right in front of me or the smell

  11. 생명은 존귀하다 아이들의 고통을 들어주는 게 동물 생산 공장 도살장 페기 시키고 넘쳐나는 유기견을 보호하고 사랑하는 것이 사람의 도리다 전 주인을 잡아 무기징역 처해라

  12. Maybe like every time someone picks up a dog you have to go to there house and check if it’s safe. Good idea. Like if it it 🙂

  13. The owner of this horrific place deserves to be put in jail for the rest of their life. And I hope that all of these adorable and innocent animals all find their forever home and have the life they deserve.

  14. If you REALLY want to stop this,follow the money chain to your local corrupt politician.Yes,the very one (s) you'd least think of being involved in this type business. Lock their ass up for a few decades so the next politicians don't see the money and think they'll just turn their heads and play dumb or develop amnesia once the wear the cuffs too.Animals,drug,prostitution, etc.The cops know where,when the stuff happens,and politicians do too.follow that money trail to stop this.Honest, hard working folks and animals thank you.

  15. My mom works in The Humane Society of the United States, and whenever she helps evacuate puppy mills we foster a lot of dogs and cats to help out. My heart breaks for them to be put through this mistreatment.

  16. Thank you for saving these dogs and puppies! They are thanking you. Hope they got better homes. I hope they got a better life.

  17. Im only 12 (As of 2019), and I want to work with you guys so bad! I just want to say to every single rescued puppy/dog, Its over, you dont have to live in hell anymore, my friend.
    Edit: I wonder if there are any puppy mills in my state (Hints: Its cold, we have paul bunyan, and its not alaska)

  18. When people do this it breaks my heart into 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, I don't even know how many 0s I put but still

  19. the owners are not worth the powder to blow them to hell=====agonizing to lnow this==
    its another example of how this world is so evil =====NEW YORK LAW ===THIRD TRI==BABY
    KILLING ===LAW======TRUMP 2020

  20. I also picked up an abandoned dying puppy ..
    Probably, all lovers of our smaller brothers should be pleased to know that life for animals is dear to God, therefore cruel and irresponsible treatment of them deprives a person of righteousness in the eyes of a caring Creator (Proverbs 12:10).

  21. See I would slap dem people into the sky then ground pound them but God will be so disappointed so if someone could do it that would be nice

  22. So has South Carolina got their shit together yet regarding animal cruelty laws? You guys talk about it a lot during this video and it's now 2019.

  23. Maybe if the justice system works properly this wouldn't happen stop it before it gets this far jail them for 10 years laws need to change

  24. Honestly the people who do this should get the same thing done to them that was done to the animals so they can see how it feels

  25. Oh my God no no no NOOOOOO! Why humans are so nasty and cruel WHY???? Poor little angels!!!! Hope for you a better life and Thank you for saving them!!!!!

  26. God bless you all. You have 100% of my respect ✊🏻. I hope I grow up to be as courageous as you. This is exactly why I don’t buy MY pets from stores anymore. The first pet that I bought from a store were my ferrets two years ago, but i didn’t know they once lived like this. I have also rescued all of my dogs, but my mom bought her dog from a breeder we knew. She was very kind and only had two dogs. We know her daughter as well and they keep the dogs inside most of the time. 🙏🏻 amen

  27. The owner is not in jail. He just had to tear down his fence and not handle animals anymore. Thats how justice works for animals.

  28. I hate these monsters, also called humans, who do this to innocent animals!
    I'm so greatful the animals are out of this horrible place!

  29. dog 🐕 lover cat 🐈 lover bird 🐦 lover
    animal lover pick or

    pug lover im a pug lover

  30. We all have ssen it and we all believe it. It's got to be stopped for good Take everything they own and lock them up.

  31. I agree it got to be stop all they think of is moneys in their bank and how fast can they start another lots they don,t give them love and huge sad to see them suffer God. Bless you all thanks

  32. It needs to be put to a stop all over the country! People who owns puppy mills and treat their animals like this….just shoot them in the head and call it a day ~ then you won't have to worry about them moving to another county and starting a new puppy mill all over again. They are going to hell for how they treated another living soul….just help them get there a little faster…

  33. If this is a puppy mill, they are supposed to be selling The puppies, right. Who would want dirty, Sick puppies? I don't understand this at all.

  34. It's time to put a stop to these lazy bastards, they're so lazy that they don't want to work, they just want to breed and sell animals, time to euthanize these people

  35. The private property sign:

    Trespassers will be violated

    Survivors will be shot

    Me:😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱I’m scared

  36. We who live in Idaho are not helped by the major org like you….Just a local Humane shelters and small private rescues….I wish we have a major rescuers like you guys, PETA, or ASPCA….Sometimes we call ourselves still living in the Victorian age….Unfortunately that is true….sad…

  37. I can´t even begin to thank theese people enough, their comitment and dedication to save theese dogs from their unspeakable living conditions are worthy of every respect and admiration. Why US havent enforced strict laws with severe penalties for animal abuse and cruelty is something I will never understand, hoarding houses, puppy mills, dog fighting, the use of bait dogs are just the tip of it all….please let your voice be heard, don´t vote for anyone condoning this apalling, disgusting acts….

  38. Which is really disturbing is people still buying dogs from a Pet Store. Government should heavily fine companies that "fund" this kind of atrocities. Pet and Co. Pet Smart should only be allow to sell food and accessories….period.

  39. I firmly believe that places need to be taken down and plant something that can be sold and money used for the animals.

  40. Thank you so very much, Humane Society, for saving these little angels- I hope the police DID arrest the shit that did this!!!!!!!!!!!

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