Speak English Fluently – How To Answer The Phone

Speak English Fluently – How To Answer The Phone

– “Speak English Fluently:
How to Answer the Phone.” One of the biggest challenges when it comes to speaking
English fluently, especially for people
who are getting started, you’re just learning the English language, I remember one of the things that scared the heck out of me was when I had to pick up the
phone and talk to someone. It’s bad enough that English
is not your first language, especially when you are in school or you are in a business setting, you’re dealing with people. You don’t have that face
to face interaction. It means that you don’t
have your body language, you don’t have your facial
expression into play, so now all you have is your voice, then it makes you very, very nervous. So today I’m gonna give you
five tips that will help you. When you’re answering on the phone, how do you speak with clarity,
conviction, and power? So tip number one. Now one of the things
that you wanna do is, you wanna smile when you are on the phone. Sometimes, we don’t realize this, but we can get too tense and too serious, so what I like to do is
actually have a mirror right next to me. So when I pick up the phone,
I’m talking to somebody, it always reminds me to smile. If I look at my facial
expression and I’m not smiling, chances are my tonality is too serious. So I wanna kind of be nice
and be friendly, right? And just remind myself. Tip number two, always
have an introduction that you practice. It depends on what you do
and depends on where you are. If you are running your own business or you’re just a student, either
way, doesn’t really matter. When you are speaking on
the phone, you wanna have a greeting that you kind
of memorize and practice. So you might say something like this, as simple as hi, this is, your name. So in my case, hi, this is Dan. Kind of casual, informal. Hi, this is, your first name. Hi, this is Dan. Very simple, or if you’re
in customer service, in customer support, you’re in business and you might use your full name. So your first name,
including your last name, and then you might end with a question. So it sounds something like this. Hi, this is Dan Lok. What can I do for you? That also works. Another thing that you could do, which is usually how I answer my phone is actually using my
first name, last name, and then speaking. So it sounds something like this. Dan Lok speaking. Then right there, they
know they’re talking to the right person. Now I’m not talking about
your best friend calling and say, “Hey, what’s up, brother? “What’s up, sister?” That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about in certain
setting that you are required to speak clearly and professionally. That’s what we wanna do. So Dan Lok speaking. Boom, proper greeting,
practice it multiple times. Tip number three. How you say it is more
important than what you say. Tonality, it’s very, very key when you’re talking on the phone. Your native language, if
English is your second language or third language, your native language might have different tonality. So you need to learn how to communicate, have the proper rhythm. So let me give you a
simple, simple example, just what we did right there. Let’s say, what can I do for you? Just one line. I’m gonna do it three different ways. Comment below and you tell me what message am I communicating? What I am I saying? What emotions am I using? So first one. What can I do for you? What can I do for you? What can I do for you? Do you hear the difference? It’s the same line, but how you say it is very, very important. So when you’re talking on the phone, sometimes you wanna pay
very close attention. Sometimes you want to
not say certain words and certain phrases using
your monotone, right? The language that you always use. If you speak Korean, you speak Japanese, you speak Indonesian, it doesn’t matter. You can see people who
speaks with an accent, which I do, I still speak with
an accent, but that’s okay. The important thing is people understand what you’re talking about. Tip number four, slow down. Speed kills. I know when you get
nervous, what do we do? You speak faster instead
of slowing it down. You almost subconsciously
don’t want people to hear what you’re saying
because you’re embarrassed that, oh, maybe I will sound stupid. Maybe they don’t understand. So instead of slowing
down and being more clear, you do the opposite. Now you’re speeding up so to
make sure they don’t hear you. Don’t do that. When you practice and you wanna
speak fluently, slow down. You notice when I am doing videos, if you watch my other videos, I slow down, especially on the phone. I listen, I ask questions,
and I slow down. And that’s how you speak with confidence and conviction and clarity. Don’t just speed up and
say you get nervous, no, slow down. Take a deep breath, it is okay. And if the other side,
they don’t understand, you can repeat yourself
and just say it again and there’s certain words, and I still, there’s certain words that I pronounce that may not be 100% accurate. I will slow down and repeat it again and do it again and that’s perfectly fine. Tip number five. If there are words that
you are struggling with, that you’re struggling
with, maybe certain words that are a little bit longer
in English language, right? In English language, see. Slow it down, practice it multiple times. So you can take a word
that you’re struggling with and just say it again and again and again. And you can even go to Google, you can type in Google Translate
and just click the voice and you can hear, oh, this is
how I would pronounce the word and you say it again and again and again. I used to do that, practice
it hundreds of times because you wanna get rid of the fear. Instead of not using the word, that, oh, that’s the word that
I’m saying it wrong. No, use the word,
practice, and then use it. And after awhile, you get the confidence and boom, now you have a new vocabulary that you could use in the
day to day conversation. In term of speaking English, on average, we use about three to
5,000 words, all of us, again and again and again. So by adding more words
to your day to day use, kind of your treasure box,
it expands your context. I believe when you’re learning English, it’s not just learning the language, but you’re learning the culture. I’ve been very fortunate. I immigrated to North America
when I was 14 years old, and my first language was
actually Chinese Cantonese. I also speak Mandarin ’cause
my mom is from Taiwan. So I’m a mix between Hong Kong and Taiwan. So Cantonese is my first language. My second language is Mandarin, and my third language is English, and I’m glad I learned
the English language because now by doing
business internationally, but just doing business in North America, by understanding a new language, I also pick up a lot of new philosophies, learning about the culture,
how business is done in a Western world. So then I have the best
part of both worlds. I understand the culture from the East and also combine the
management, the thinking styles in the West, and this is
how I conduct business, and that’s how I run my life
because I learned a language, and now I’m able to expand my wisdom and expand my knowledge base. Does that make sense? So those are the five tips. Now if you want to learn
more about communication, I teach what I consider a world class, probably the best class in the world, a virtual program on communication, on how to talk to people on the phone, how do you overcome the fears and what do you need to say
and how do you need to say it in order to speak and communicate
your ideas on the phone? Not just giving you the skill set, but how to turn that skill
set into an income stream. If you wanna learn more about
it, click the link below and check out my free training.

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