Speedrun Civilization 5 : Cultural Victory (3m 32s)

Speedrun Civilization 5 : Cultural Victory (3m 32s)

The land is rotten, oh whatever: Citrus, bananas, fish, stones, cottons, yeah if it’s cool. Let’s go So here: writing, drama and poetry, acoustics, architecture, scientific theory. Monument go thoroughly We unblock tradition and we will do it until the end. Construction : granary Doctrine: aristocracy, oligarchy, legalism. and great library Ok, we found Attila, he’s not far, it’s okay. That is good news. Elite terrans. 6 turns… Ok that was good, I did not understand everything that happened but it was cool. Philosophy, Parthenon
and after we do all the guilds. we finish the monarchy and after we take the aesthetics. I accept the embassy and expect to have administration to sign a free passage. Here I take the writers’ guild. National epic and here aesthetic. We found Attila, he is a little far, maybe to make a settler. Maybe do it now … Shit I do not have enough, I should have checked. It’s a bit slow, 1:45… We go on 2 minutes… ok I can do my settler now. You come here, you’ll be near Attila and you’ll make me a caravan soon. Now we do not care, you do what you want, we all have what we need. From now we focus tourism. In doctrine we do just aesthetics. You’ll make me a caravan later, do a library first Cultural exchange and university, but like it does not serve much, all we need is artists. Faster ! Guild of the perfect musicians, aesthetics: it’s done. Shit, I should have had a golden age. I do not care. Go faster, I want to do less than 5 minutes. It is feasible, less than 5 minutes is largely feasible. That’s it, perfect. You built me ​​a caravan. Here trade, construction: caravanserai, do not care. go to Attila court It’s over soon, yes it’s over. 3 minutes 32, AHAHAHAH oh the joke, 3 minutes and 32 seconds Huge, like my dick It’s going fast this victory. That’s “influential”, damn ah. Oh fuck “Pierre II wins a cultural victory” 3 minutes 32. Amazing. “Our people are now buying your jeans and listening to your music”.

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  1. Só passei para ressaltar que nesse jogo, ironicamente, um das cidades do Átila se chama Nova Iguaçu 4:30 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  2. It's weird listening to this cause I know a little French so when he speaks it's like a word here and there and rest is like jiberish but I'm used to just not understanding at all.😆

  3. I've owned Civ V for a few years now and I've only just now learned that you can queue up research ahead of time. Never thought I'd learn that from a speed run but, here we are.

  4. Et je mets des heures pour finalement perdre comme une merde en tentant la victoire scientifique ! Mais t'es un monstre XD !

  5. Wow. One AI on the Easiest difficulty with no barbarians. Bravo.

    Ain't a speedrun if you play like a pussy. Figures though. Frenchie can't handle any sort of opposition.

    Speedrun this with barbs, 4 Civs min, and then we'll talk. Until then this is illegitimate and you should take this dumpster fire down.

  6. I would suggest you win a domination game in similar time but you are french so we might be here a while while you figgure out how winning a war works.


    Well played

  7. Didn't expect the language shift, but reminded me to catch up a little on my French. Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo

  8. Осталось теперь во Франции культурную победу одержать )))…

  9. I don't think the timer should run when it isn't your turn, considering the speed of the AIs depends on 1. How many there are and 2. How fast your computer is

  10. A game… Built around the idea of long term planning, and execution of strategies that takes literal minutes or hours to move from one phase of your plan to the next… Is beaten in 3 mins. Wtf?

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