“Springbok Bafana” – Trevor Noah – (It’s My Culture) LONGER RE-RELEASE

“Springbok Bafana” – Trevor Noah – (It’s My Culture) LONGER RE-RELEASE

Man this is fun,
I am loving this! No sports, people just come to the show. Fresh, I like that. I hate it when people
come after sports, ah! I have to hope that your team has won It’s just too much
pressure on me, you know? Last week the springboks lost people came to the show,
they where grumpy There’s just like a row of Afrikaans guys,
the whole time just looking at me like It was like I was the ref. They are sitting there in
springbok tops, all of them. I mean it could have been the
team, I don’t really know. Look, because I don’t know
what they look like. I only know a few guys,
it could have been them. They are there, super angry. Afrikaans people get super angry
when the springboks lose, hey? “The bloody ref! He robbed
us, the stupid ref! “Bloody guy giving out yellow cards
like it’s bloody Christmas here man!” I’m like, who gets yellow
cards for Christmas? “That’s not the point! Shut up,
you know what I mean!” What a horrible Christmas that would be. “Merry Christmas!”
Yellow card?” “10 minutes. Go away, go away!” I am not surprised when the
guys get angry, you know? I am not surprised when
Afrikaans guys get angry because rugby itself is a very angry
sport, it’s just like, you know? I always get weird-ed out, the
way they tackle each other they are crunching and
bunching and fighting. You know, it’s weird for me
when the ref stops the fights. That is the weirdest thing,
like he will stop and he’ll go “Hey guys, stop. Come on, we don’t need
that kind of violence in this sport. Come on.” and they go play the game. *sound of players bashing into each other* “That’s better.” People walk off the field,
bleeding and bruised. One guy came back on with a bandage. Why would you come, you are bleeding.
Just sit. Just sit, you are bleeding. Like, blood is your body’s
way of telling you to stop that’s what your body is saying and you come back,
what are you doing? Where is your mom? Just sit down and relax. “No, I want to play rugby!” You are not playing rugby,
you are suffering rugby that’s what they should say. “I suffer rugby every Saturday.” Such a rough sport. and then you get these ministers that are like, “We demand a quota system.” “We want more black players
in the national rugby team.” and black people are like,
“Maybe you, baba.” “Maybe you” “You go, yes you go.” “Me, I am here.
Me, I am here.” “Me, I am here.” “Quota system, no, no, no.” Ah, it’s tough. People get angry at the Springbok’s,
they don’t even need to lose a lot. Just one game and
people get depressed. They are like an A student that
gets a B, and people are worried. Whereas if Banana loses,
no one really cares. *Laughing* Oh, Bafana Bafana. We have become
so complacent with that team. Like anything is enough for us,
have you noticed that? Anything. Yea, Bafana is like our
“special” child, you know. We are just there like, “Hey, welcome
home Bafana’s, welcome home.” “What happened? You got a D?
Well-done boy.” “Well done boy, boy.” “Got a D hey?” “At least you finished the test this time.” “Well done Bafana’s.” Bafana Bafana, that’s what they do. They
lose or the draw, they don’t win. No. Drawing is a win for
us, “Yay, we drew.” They lose, although they won. They won their last qualifier match
against Botswana, that was a good thing. Bafana Bafana beat Botswana. Yes, the great
footballing nation that is Botswana. Destroyed them! Two goals to one. They won’t mess with us again. I am glad Bafana won, I am glad. It was a weird match though, we were in
Durban when the match was being played. And it was a weird day, because Banana won. But then they weren’t through yet
because we needed Ethiopia to lose. In order for them to go through. Which is always weird. Bafana does that to us, you
always have to support other teams, and them. It’s so much stress. Now you
are there, “Come on Gabon!” And so Bafana won, but those people in the
stadium didn’t know the other results. So they were happy, they were cheering.
They thought we are going to Brazil. The people were happy, the guy in the stadium went, “Well done Bafana Bafana” The people, “Yay!” “Unfortunately” “Ethiopia has qualified for
the Brazil World Cup.” It was the first time in my life I heard
a depressed and confused vuvuzela. It sounded like an animal
dying in a corner somewhere. Because one minute it was there, confident.
*sound of a vuvuzela* *confused and disappointed vuvuzela sound* But it’s good that they won, they needed to win.
They needed to win. The only reason I want Bafana to win is
because whenever Bafana Bafana loses. Xenophobia goes up in South Africa. This is a trend I have noticed.
I have started seeing this. It even happens at the matches.
Zambia played against Bafana Bafana. Beat them. And then as the Zambian
team was leaving the stadium, The Bafana fans started throwing
stones at the Zambian Bus. Yes, throwing stones. Thousands of Fans. They could have hurt the people badly. I don’t
know why they weren’t throwing at Bafana. Because they didn’t win. But they were throwing at the Zambians. Could have hurt them. Nobody was hurt though, luckily. Because Bafana fans were just like,
*sound of a stone flying through the air* Just couldn’t hit the target. *sound
of a stone flying over someone’s head* Xenophobia always go up, yes. It’s gotten so bad that foreigners have
started supporting Bafana Bafana now. You will go to the matches and see giant
guys in skinny Bafana shirts shouting. “______________” “______________” “______________” “______________” You are like, “Yo man, you are
Nigerian. Support Nigeria” He’s like, “I support my life, hey.” “Don’t worry about me I support my life. ______________.” It’s tough, it’s tough out there. It’s good times though, good times.
It was a good game to be at. The Bafana vs Botswana. A lot of people came out to the
stadium to watch,you know? There where Dignitaries, a lot of politicians the ANC was out in full force and
they where attending, you know. the DA didn’t come. “We don’t do soccer, thank you.
Thank you. The ANC was there, Jacob Zuma was
on the balcony waving at everybody. because elections are coming up so you
are going to see him everywhere now. There waving. Yeah, you going to
see him in the streets waving. You’re going to see him
at the rally’s dancing. Yeah, he is going to be out
shaking hands, kissing babies mostly his babies, but still. “Vote for me.” Because he knows he has
to connect with people the ANC’s having a
tough time right now. This is one of the worst times in ANC history. Highest levels of corruption,
lowest level of service delivery. The ANC is just a shadow
of it’s former self. Yeah, people in the ANC
are disgusted by the ANC. They stand there
like, “No, ANC?” “No man, no man,
no man!” No, enough man, no.
Come on ANC!” They say this while looking in the mirror.
“Come on ANC!” “You can do better,
come on man!”

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