Staff Sgt. Miller receives Medal of Honor

Staff Sgt. Miller receives Medal of Honor

Staff Sergeant Robert Miller will receive
the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat.
Miller will become the second Army recipient of the Medal of Honor
for valor during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
Miller was serving as a weapons sergeant when his team was attacked by insurgents
hiding in a structure in Kunar Province near the Pakistan border.
While calling for his men to take cover, Miller deliberately moved forward,
exposing his location and provided protective fire.
Miller drew fire from more than a hundred enemy fighters,
ultimately saving the lives of his teammates and 15 Afghan National Army soldiers.
Miller’s unwavering courage at the cost of his own life
embodied the highest ideals of the Army values. His selflessless and leadership above and
beyond the call of duty exemplifies the strength of our nation.

8 thoughts on “Staff Sgt. Miller receives Medal of Honor

  1. congratulations I'm so glad that you are all safe and well to protect the world seriously begin with great job well done

  2. For some it is better to die with their boots on than in a hospital bed old and gray. I hope theres a heaven and he got front of the line privileges because he truly is his brothers keeper

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