100 thoughts on “Stage 56 Bar Tricks: Meet the Human Spider

  1. Two of the guys were on AGT, Altho I rly feel like the newly dubbed “human spider” should play Ragdoll in some DC movie or show.

  2. I see why they started with the slinky and bottles…my God. Last two acts look like they came right out of mad Max furry road or something…..

  3. Ok here the thing bar tricks are to be done with things that one finds in the bar.
    The first lady performed a bar trick seeing that she used items one would find in or behind the bar not things brought into the bar as two of the contestants did and how what the last guy did could be called a trick is beyond me.

  4. Not really a bar trick if you bring a fucking chainsaw out with you, hers was and the last guy only really party tricks

  5. So the first one was a bar trick and …….well the others were performers, last one was on America's got talent, which is a joke of a title in itself.

  6. 3 of those were neat tricks.
    Chainsaw guy was legitimately fucking crazy. Like, this dude shouldn't be drinking, shouldn't be allowed to "play" with chainsaws, and should honestly be getting some sort of help before he gets himself killed being stupid.

    Reminds me of those dumb fucks that get a rush by hanging off the edge of skyscrapers or tall cranes by one hand until one day they fuck up and die. And no matter how many of these shitbirds die that way, the rest of the bumblefucks are like "naw that'll never happen to ME! hyuk hyuk" until they, you know, also die.

  7. On 6:40 the jump though scared James
    On 6:26 it's like from the toy story every time when Andy comes in the room 😎🤣😂

  8. He should've added someone like me doing a trick making my balls n Weiner into a hotdog that ended up getting me kicked out by the bouncers…. That would of been way cooler….always next time I guess..

  9. The Black Gentleman has to be from another PLANET !!!
    Human's are not supposed to distort their bodies like this !!!

  10. WTF he is not human 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
    imagine you walking bye on the street and someone walking like that and imagine that on night time 😱😱😱😱😱

  11. They were all damn good but MY F$%KING GOD the last two blew my f$%king mind! How the hell do you practice holding a running chainsaw in your mouth!! That scared the hell out of me and I almost could not watch when he flipped it upright above his head! Peace and be kind to each other. Cheers!

  12. For this level of tricks they hella deserve better quality beer than Heineken.
    It's as close to water as is f***ing in a canoe. Trust me, I'm Dutch!

  13. That spider jump terrified me! I bet you, he's the coolest guy in costume during Halloween season! Scare the kids with that is the coolest thing ever!!! He wasn't even in costume!

  14. Those we're pretty cool. As bar tricks go I think the chainsaw performance should be disqualified because you could never get into a bar with a chainsaw.

  15. That chainsaw trick was super dangerous…but very entertaining i kept thinking what if it slips and goes down his throat

  16. Many times by looking at the video frame, it makes me think that is Don Francisco.. lmao not many would relate. Que dice el publico? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  17. That girl did that act in stilettos! My ankles were hurting just thinking about her slipping and trying to catch herself. Then the chainsaw guy made my heart go to my throat! Crazy!

  18. How come it's all white and black people that get to be on the show. We are suppose to be a multicultural country. Like seriously.

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