Star Wars Canon: Darth Vader – Chosen One

Star Wars Canon: Darth Vader – Chosen One

After a thousand years of planning and secrecy,
Darth Sidious unleashed the revenge of the Sith converting the republic into an empire
and wiping out the Jedi with Order 66. To aid him in consolidating, maintaining and
expanding this new galactic superpower, Sidious selected the former Jedi Anakin Skywalker
as his apprentice, luring him to the dark side through promises of eternal life for
his beloved wife padme Amidala. Taking the name Darth Vader, the Sith Lord
lost a duel to his old master Obi Wan on the planet Mustafar, suffering severe burns and
the loss of limbs. Yet Obi Wan refused to end his life, and so
Vader was rescued by Sidious, who built him a cybernetic suit to make up for the frailty
of his body. When he awoke in his suit, Vader learned about
the death of Padme and lashed out with the force, creating a wave which struck the Emperor
and launched him across the room. In response, Sidious chastised him with force
lightening, telling him to forget about the past and embrace his pain, as the only possible
path that remained before him was that of the Sith. Accepting his fate, Vader first task in his
new suit, was to follow in the traditions of the sith before him and create his own
red lightsaber. To accomplish this, Sidious explained that
a Dark Lord must pour his rage and hatred into a kyber crystal, bleeding it until it
turned red. Although this could be done with any crystal,
including those in the many weapons left over after the fall of the Jedi, a sith Lord could
not be given a lightsaber and must therefore take it form a living enemy. And so Vader’s mission was to find a surviving
jedi somewhere out in the galaxy and claim his weapon, so he could remove the crystal
and bleed it red. As they spoke, Sidious took his apprentice
to a balcony where they watched Mas Ameda deliver a victory speech to the people of
Coruscant, decrying the Jedi as traitors and publicly destroying their collected lightsabers. Left alone and stranded on a mid rim planet,
Vader’s first objective was to locate the special ship his master prepared for him,
which appeared to be stolen. Fuelled by his rage, the Dark Lord went on
a rampage during his quest to obtain a lightsaber, starting with his massacre of the local gang
who were preparing to sell his ship. Leaving the planet, he then flew to a former
jedi space station controlled by the Empire. Yet rather than provide the imperial codes
necessary for safe passage, he ignored their communications and destroyed every ship sent
against him, before docking and slaughtering every clone soldier who stood in his way. Believing him a jedi and threat to the empire,
the clones hoped to capture him as a gift for the Emperor, but were utterly outmatched,
with Vader performing the incredible act of preventing a bomb from exploding with one
hand while killing enemy soldiers with the other. The clones were present on this station to
pack up the jedi equipment left behind after Order 66, and so Vader found a green lightsaber
during the battle and used it to fell a number of enemies, but when the fight was over, discarded
it, as it was not taken from a jedi and so could not be claimed as his own. Using the station’s computer, Vader ran
a search for Jedi who took the Barash Vow, an act of penance which involved cutting themselves
off from the galaxy around them so they might dedicate themselves entirely to studying the
force. The search revealed that Kirak Infil’a,
a Jedi master trained exclusively as a warrior, took the vow many years before Vader joined
the Order and so he blew up part of the station and made his way to his target on the River
moon of Al’doleem. Once arrived, Kirak sensed the dark side presence
approaching, yet rather than be troubled; he was relieved as this was at last the destiny
he awaited. For years he lived in self imposed exile,
Observing the Barash vow to atone for his mistakes, awaiting the day his purpose would
be revealed. Staying true to the vow he remained on Aldoleem
even after sensing the deaths of his fellow Jedi, but when at last he cast his eye upon
Darth Vader, he knew the time had come and soon declared his Barash completed. Though the Dark Lord attempted force choke
the jedi, who stood upon a cliff overhead when they first met, the attack was repelled
and they briefly spoke, with Kirak asking if he was responsible for the fall f the Jedi
Order. Vader admitted he was and so Kirak’s suspicions
were confirmed and his purpose revealed. Kirak Infila was meant to must seek justice
for the deaths of his brothers and sisters by slaying their killers and restoring the
Jedi Order. Informing his enemy they would battle at the
top of the mountain, Kirak retreated to prepare while the Dark Lord underwent a series of
obstacles and traps to reach the summit. Though he survived a flood and staved off
raptoran attacks, there were still several more defenses for Vader to overcome, however
Kirak grew eager to embrace his destiny and had them deactivated. Arriving at the top, a faithful combat droid
attacked the Dark Lord, declaring that the Jedi would not be defeated. Ripping the purple viroblade form his hands,
Vader threw the droid down the mountain and at last engaged his Kirak who wielded a green
lightsaber. However much to both their surprise, Vader
was easily bested, with the Jedi declaring him weak and realizing there must be a greater
master behind all that had occurred. After breaking his cybernetic leg, Kirak launched
the Dark Lord off the mountain so he might plummet to his death. Victorious, the Jedi left to retrieve his
ship, ready to re-emerge onto the galactic scene by killing Vader’s dark side master
and becoming the leader of a new jedi order. Yet Vader survived his fall, landing next
to the faithful droid, who once again declared the Jedi would be victorious. Furious, Vader destroyed him and reattached
his leg to continue the hunt for his enemy. Tracking him town to a nearby city, they met
once more on top of a Dam to finish their battle. Though Kirak appeared to be the more powerful
warrior, and might have bested him again, a group of Republic soldiers soon arrived
and the Dark Lord used them to exploit the weakness of compassion found in all jedi knights. With the force Vader threw the soldiers off
the dam, making Kirak to use his powers to keep them from falling. As this occurred Vader next attacked a large
water tank, threating to flood the entire city. Desperate to save the innocent, Kirak strained
himself trying to keep the tank from bursting, and with his plan working perfectly, the Dark
Lord summoned his enemies lightsaber with ease and strangled him with the force. Realizing he was defeated, Kirak Infila used
his final words to plead for the lives of the civilians who had nothing to do with their
conflict. But Vader mocked his weakness, before killing
him and destroying the city. Having obtained a lightsaber, Vader’s ship
was programed to reach Mustafar, a planet steeped in the dark side, where Sidious wanted
him to complete the ritual and make the Kyber crystal his own. After landing and seeking out a place of power,
the Dark Lord poured his hatred and anger into the Kyrstal bleeding it without mercy. As this occurred, he received a vision of
a possible future, in which he stopped what he was doing, returned to the lightside and
used Kirak’s lightsaber to kill the Emperor before reuniting with his old Master Obi Wan
Kenobi. But Vader rejected the vision, declaring that
path of the Sith was all that remained. Finishing his mission, the Kyber crystal turned
red and he completed his new lightsaber. Taking his prize directly to coruscant, Vader
burst in on a meeting between the Emperor, Mas Ameda and Wilhuff Tarkin, to present his
prize. Pleased by his accomplishment, Sidious next
introduced his apprentice to the Grand Inquisitor, leader of the Inquisitorious, by pinning them
against each other in battle. After easily besting him, Vader learned these
were former Jedi with moderate force powers who had fallen to the dark side and now served
the sith. Charged with hunting down and eliminating
any remaining Jedi, the Inquisitorious originally believed they served only the Emperor, but
were nor introduced to Darth Vader, a second leader of great power whom they must obey.

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  2. Most of the info in this video comes from the 2017 Star Wars Comic, "Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith" – Part 1 – Chosen One – Issues 1-6

  3. The Story of Anakin Darth Vader; is a truly demotivating and depressing one; he commanded the troops of a major galactic war as a True represantative of a highly ancient lineage/organization of Force Sensetives; albeit he has arised from a truly humble past; in the end all of his troubles; his passion and tiresome work; ''rewarded'' with becoming a cyborg; and having an extremely painful existence; both literally and mentally

  4. Nice video! While I generally prefer SW legends lore this was a really interesting story about Vader’s journey just after the birth of the empire, I never knew how he got his red blade but now I know

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