Steven Pinker: Are guns to blame for America’s homicide rate?

Steven Pinker: Are guns to blame for America’s homicide rate?

One of the big puzzles when it comes to understanding
violence is why the American rate of violence is five to ten times higher than that of other
wealthy democracies. There are countries that have spectacularly
high rates of violence mainly in Central America and North and South America and in Southern
Africa. But it’s funny to see the United States
not quite up there but much higher rates of homicide than our peers in the British Commonwealth
and in Europe. Now the ready answer is well, that’s because
we have all those guns. And that is part of the answer but it’s
not the total answer. Because even if you subtract out all of the
gun homicides in the United States and you just look at all the murders committed with
ropes and candlesticks and knives and so on. The United States still has a higher rate
of homicide. But and we also don’t know for sure whether
the favorite remedy of many people on the liberal left, namely tougher gun control,
would have an effect in lowering homicides given how many guns are already out there. The United States has more guns than people
so restricting the sale of future guns is a small measure. Maybe it does but no one really knows for
sure. And we do know that the United States itself
had quite a spectacular reduction in violent crime starting in the 90s and again in the
2000s. It certainly wasn’t because massive numbers
of guns were taken off the streets. Quite the contrary. So there’s a lot we don’t know but tragically
and boneheadedly the U.S. Congress passed a law that the Centers for Disease Control
was not allowed to study gun violence as a public health problem. Now that is insanity. That is an example of political interference
with conductive research. In the United States gun rights are a sacred
cause of the right and anything that might compromise the right of everyone to have a
gun is squelched. I’ve talked about many of the threats to
academic freedom from the campus left but the political right is far more pernicious
because they actually have power. I mean academics, it’s often said that academic
debates are fierce because so little is at stake but when it comes to government a lot
is at stake and the suppression of research on gun violence is an example of how the right
is also guilty of suppressing freedom of inquiry and it’s one of the reasons why we

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  1. No , but guns are away to be destructive . To an imaginary enimy here . Check out the vidio games . Only phisical .

  2. Guns are only to blame, if the gun gets up on its own and chooses a target and unloads on its target…. otherwise its not the gun. So many ways to off yourself. My father put a gun in his mouth…had he not had a gun…he would have chosen another way. Pills probably. But the fact is…my father lost ALL hope. He literally saw no way to solve his problems. We have nothing to help those on the way to the local tent City..or other problems. If we had other options and could see and touch hope.. there would be less suicides

  3. Great idea to make guns illegal. if guns are illegal, criminals will no longer try to acquire firearms because criminals like to obey the law. And we should trust the government. The world's government killed up to 300 million of their own citizens last century (Starlin, Hitler, Mao just to name a few). More than all the wars and homicides combined last century. So it makes total sense that the government keep all the guns to themselves.

  4. To understand gun culture, one has to understand the difference between gun violence and gun homicide. When you remove gun suicides out of the equation (which stems from gun violence by suicide), there are about 8,000 deaths annually per year (FBI Statistics). The biggest problem are handguns, but those stats exist through gang violence issues. Another problem is that Politicians will use the whole "There are 40,000 gun deaths+ per year from guns" phrase to fool you on what is really going on in this country…………..and it is a complicated one.

    Consider the following: you have the violent criminals who do not follow the law and will acquire firearms through the gun black market (which all Politicians refused to address because that's too hard of an issue to address to help solve because "WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL" is easier to say), and then you have the law abiding civilians who use firearms as a means of self defense (which are used more than 500,000-2,500,000 times a year……most don't even fire a shot) *FBI STATS*.

    The problem with the left Political ideologies of how to solve the issue is with one fowl swoop of a pen, which solves ZERO of the gun problems. You will notice that our friend in the video didn't address the study that found having gun bans in place for 10+ years (back in 1984-1994) was a complete failure to curb any gun violence or deaths at all.

    The other reason why the CDC didn't address gun violence as a health problem because that is PURE INSANITY to even suggest that in the first place. Imagine, you would need a Doctors note to use the word "Superfluous" anywhere on the internet or in real life or else you will face jail time. That is the equivalent to how silly the whole "Guns are a health problem" statement is.

    No amount of gun control is going to prevent evil people from doing evil things. You cannot legislate morality. Unless you yourself believe we are living in an Orwellian reality.

  5. For fuck's sake, the old "CDC can't do gun crime research" trope….yet again. THEY CAN STILL DO STUDIES. They just can't use the results to lobby for gun control.

    "The Dickey Amendment is a provision first inserted as a rider into the 1996 United States federal government omnibus spending bill which mandated that "none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control"

    "While the amendment itself remains, the language in a report accompanying the Omnibus spending bill clarifies that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can indeed conduct research into gun violence, but cannot use government appropriated funds to specifically advocate for gun control"

    You really have to take everything these people say with a grain of salt. They always have an agenda. That agenda is to make you powerless and dependent upon big daddy government.

  6. There is no such thing as "gun violence" any more than there is "baseball bat violence," or "automobile violence," or "fertilizer bomb violence." When people including Pinker stop using propaganda catchphrases like "gun violence" we can stop associating violence with an inanimate object and put it in its rightful place on human nature. There is only human violence.

  7. Funny how people that think they are high IQ cannot figure out what everyone else already knows. This Steven Pinker character is a good example. If he would just get past political correctness and understand race realism, understand who it is that are committing these homicides he would understand very quickly why america has the homicide rate it does.
    Remove nonwhite crime from the stats and our crime rate would mirror that of pre-open borders western europe.

  8. America has approximately 40,000 gun deaths a year
    Gun suicide – 29,000
    Gun accidents – 2-300
    Police/Civilian defence shootings – 1,600-2,000
    Intentional gun homicides – 8-10,000
    80% of gun homicides are gang related 7,000

    That leaves 1,500-2,000 non gang related murders in a country with a population of 327 million people. You have a 0.00001% chance of death by a firearm, but if you're not part of a gang, don't commit a crime, or don't plan on committing suicide, your chances of death by a firearm in this country is virtually 0.00%
    Guns are not the problem.

    According to the CDC, up to 3 million American citizens use firearms for self defense every single year. According to the ATF and FBI, the gun homicide rate dropped by over 1/3 since 1993 while gun ownership more than doubled amongst law abiding citizens.
    Mr and Mrs John Q taxpayers make up the majority of legal gun owners, and they aren't the ones committing 80% of gun homicides, its gang members, outlaw bikers, and drug cartels.

  9. Stricter regulations around guns and private dealers, and stricter rules on ownership. Guns ITSELF aren't the issue.

  10. The decision to kill comes before the choice of the method.

    Ask why do many people choose to kill before restricting the method. Otherwise you'll end up banning pointed kitchen knives and arresting people for carrying potato peelers.

    Just like the U.K.

  11. It never ceases to fascinate me how sure people are about a solution for hugely complex topics in the news. Even going so far as having a singular solution which is never the answer to any complex issue.

  12. While the CEnter for Disease Control does not conduct gun violence research, it is conducted and funded through the Department of Justice.

  13. 100 times more people are killed by their Doctors through Medical Malpractice.

    You are more likely to be hit by lightning than killed by an assault rifle.

  14. This guy is absolute lier. America does not have a abnormally high homicide rate or suicide. He is making a false argument right from the beginning.

  15. There's one important thing he ignored. The gun lobby didn't limit private inquiry, they limited government inquiry. It's not the gun lobby's fault that somebody made government research funding so large that it crowded out private funding. Do you want a world with more, politically limited funding or do you want a world where the government doesn't take so much that private people feel they shouldn't choose research of their own to fund because that's the two choices.

  16. The title of this video is a lie as it does not answer its own question. Then it goes on to lie about the restrictions placed on the CDC saying that by law they are not allowed to research gun violence, they can. They even did under Obama (link here which will probably be broke so copy and paste it). The law restricts the CDC from ADVOCACY because the CDC was running TV, radio, and news paper adds to lobby for gun control in the 90s basically using tax payer money in order to push for political change in violation of the hatch act. The specific law is called the Dickey Amendment which specifically states "none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control." The amendment says absolutely nothing about banning research, only advocating. You can find the amendment in the law itself on page 245 of the document in this link ( again probably broken because youtube will block links so copy paste if needed).

    So much for "Big Think" there guys.

  17. I'm a responsible gun owner. How? I came out of my gym last year and a guy tried to mug me using a knife. He asked for my wallet. I reached in to my gym bag and pulled out my revolver. I told him to get on the ground and he did. A passerby called the police and the attempted mugger was arrested. He was wanted on multiple warrants out of state and was a suspect in a stabbing from the night before, because the person he mugged " didn't have enough money " without my weapon, I could have easily been severely hurt or even killed. He was half my age and probably 50 pounds in me. Even though I'm in great shape for being 60, I dont delude myself I could have punched it out with a thug in his late 20s. Did I want to be Clint Eastwood in dirty harry? Nope. Did I want to shoot him as some act of machismo? Nope Would I have if he had moved on me? Yes. I don't look for trouble and have never been arrested. I am the typical responsible gun owner and when I'm lectured by the left and dems (who are often protected by armed security or live in gated communities) I simply cant accept them as a legitimate voice to forego my second amendment.

  18. people have been killing each other since the beginning of time….
    take away guns and we will find another way of killing each other.

  19. Guns + Low IQ Racial groups with Low Impulse Control = High Murder Rate . However even Steven Pinker can't say this

  20. There is demographic minority committing a large mojority of the homicides. If you account for this from a demographic stand point the US has a similar homicide rate to a racially homogenous country in Europe.

  21. Thought experiment: let's say you want to increase homicide rate. How would you do that?
    Proposal: add more guns so that every household has at least 2 of them lying around.
    Would that work? I think it might increase the rate a little bit …

  22. When you arm the working class while failing to provide them with class consciousness, universal healthcare, and hope for a future without exploitation you get that violence expressing itself the way it does in The US

  23. The solution for barbarism will only take place in the individual, however, the leaders of society, assuming they’re not troubled consciously, strive to rearrange the ways to a healthier outcome for any individual willing. This would need to be done on a voluntary basis, but an equitable system to counter the barbarisms, yes..

  24. Look up the highest homicide rates by city and then look up WHO governed them for decades. Doesn't take a deep analysis from the CDC to figure out that one. Hint: It start with a "D", with social programs that actively seek to DESTROY family cohesion, for their own political benefit.

  25. I'm still waiting for a compelling reason to support the sale of a civilian semi-automatic variant of a lightweight military automatic rifle to the public.

  26. Guns are Not to blame…but the Mindset of this Nation…
    Murdering Unborn Babies In the Name of Freedom and Freedom of Religion ???
    Mankind himself has Diminished the Value of life itself by murdering its unborn…
    So why do people Wonder why a person would commit mass killings…
    We are a Product of our Inviorment …
    Murderers breed Murderers…

  27. Injustice prevails where there are no moral or ethical accountability, especially the doctrine of Atheism.

  28. If you subtract out all the minority population in the United States, counting only the European population in the rural areas, plus minus the suicides, then the United States gun violence would be on par with Europe, that is before Europe was invaded by Islam

  29. Yes the right is against blaming guns for deaths. And the left is against blaming non whites for deaths. And it is our demographics that make us more similar in violence to Latin America than Europe.

  30. I am come from Austria. You can have a gun, but you must have a license and you must keep it in a Tresor. We have Capitalism but also a health and welfare System that helps all People. I think one of the big Problems with uSA is, that is a country full of immigrants that is not a organic society like in Europe. But Society Problems you can only soluted when all working together.

  31. There are 321 million people living in the United States.
    There are 357 million known guns in the United States.
    There are roughly 32,000 deaths from firearms in the United States.
    60% are from suicides. That’s 19,200
    3% are accidental. That’s 960
    4% are justified. That’s 1,280
    33% are homicides. That’s 10,560
    80% of those homicides are gang related. That’s 8,448

    That’s 2,112 in a society of 321 million people.

    That leaves a 0.010256410256% chance of death by a gun.
    A 0.0008564% chance if you don’t hang out in the wrong area, or plan a crime, and are not planning a suicide.

  32. let's just look at homicide rates in other countries like Japan where there are basically no guns. Oh there are almost ZERO gun death's…

  33. People can kill with anything. Cars and Alcohol for an example. AND thousands and thousands of other things can end another person’s life. Anyone want to consider that we are just a violent nation?

    Japan raises honor and respect to very high standards at young ages. Part of the problem is culture in a nation. We are still a young country.

  34. "The right is pernicious" is fallacious. The right knows tactics are implemented to chip away at the 2nd Amendment, thus the right s knows it is a "rights" issue. The good Dr. is actually addressing mental health and sociological issues. Personally, I say "state hospitals" should be brought back, and as I recall; admission was voluntary.

  35. There is no ban on federal funding for gun violence research. What is banned, correctly, is using federal funding to promote gun control.

  36. Because we have more gangs than those other places. Gangs kill people using guns it's not rocket science. We also completely destroyed the parts of civilization that promoted good morale citizens like the family, community, religion etc.

  37. When the right suppresses free thought and inquiry, where are the free speech advocates like Jordan Peterson, Time pool and Dave Rubin? Why are threats to free thought from the left the only ones worthy of our attention?

  38. How can anyone take this guy seriously, he hung out with Epstein AFTER he was a known child trafficker. Either he's a pedophile or the dumbest human alive

  39. Half of the homocides committed in this country are for suicide. How would an inquiry into gun violence explain any of that? This politicizing of everything is almost comical. And the right does not have the power in this country or abortion wouldn't be the law of the land. Can't you self-righteous leftists admit anything?

  40. Maybe it has something to do with how miserable most of us are? Shit wages, shit healthcare, shit opportunities, shit school. Etc.

  41. You don't just limit future gun sales, you buy back and destroy guns. You "don't know" because you're unwilling to learn from other countries…

  42. Read the FBI report on killing and death for 2019. There are 50% more guns in the last 20 years on the street and the murder rate has dropped by 50% by gun death. 65% Of all gun deaths are suicide . Mass shooting makes up less than 1% of shooting deaths. While as bad as an people killed is that’s less than 300 people this year while over 13,000 people die each year from DRUNK DRIVING!!!!!!!!

    More than 3 times as many people died this year from stabbing, 2 x as many have died from fists and feet.

  43. Stop counting suicides as murders, like the rest of the world does, and don’t count murders in the gun free zones of Chicago and California by gang on gang crime and the murder rate in the US is lower than than the most of the rest of the “civilized” world. The CDC did study homicide rates during Obamas term as President until his administration shut the study down because they found that results matched what I stated above, which didn’t match the leftists skewed worldview. The fact that Pinker doesn’t mention the Obama era study sounds to me as a little disingenuous.

  44. I think it needs to be pointed out that protection of gun rights is a sacred right to Americans in general, not just for the right. There is a large portion of left leaning people who are very pro gun rights but because it does not fit in with the popular left agenda they’re never ever given the light of day.

    It is absolutely absurd that the government has any right to prevent scientific research in any capacity and it is Un-American in the highest form that this was ever passed. Like it was mentioned here in the video gun violence has fluctuated in the past few decades, and truly the reason gun violence feels like it’s more common now is simply because of the media’s attention towards it and rerunning the same stories over and over even weeks after they happen.

    We need to realize that the gun control argument right now is a knee jerk reaction to the fear the media is placing on us. It feels like the answer to the unknown cause of violence to remove the tools, but does this truly remove the violent nature within those who just want to cause the worst chaos? Will we then see an increase in homemade bombings like the Boston marathon? Or running trucks into crowds of people? We don’t have the answers and this terrifies us. We absolutely need to research this, but more importantly we need to stop letting the big media control our every thought and lessen their influence because I believe they are the ultimate cause to a lot of what’s happening out there. But we need to free science of these government restrictions so we can actually make progress in figuring out the issue.

  45. What the hell did I just listen to? Ramblings of an out of touch "educational professional", circle logic, and 0 facts.

  46. There isn't anything liberal about making people disarmed slaves.

    Liberal Lib"er*al (l[i^]b"[~e]r*al), a. [F. lib['e]ral, L.
    liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
    pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
    1. Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman;
    refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;
    Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

  47. I certainly wouldn't blame the tools for what the tool users are doing nor would I blame the tool users because the majority or not aware enough to be in control of their actions.

    The majority are merely aware and largely reactionary rather than educated and conscious and therefore capable of predicting many perils that lie ahead and then executing a plan.

    There are a lot of reasons why people kill and in America people have more reasons.

    The answers to this are not going to fit neatly into a forum response and the closer I get to accurate the more pissed off everyone will be. (You know what, fuck it, I can't resist, time to piss a bunch of people off, destroy my career and waste my fucking time in an echo chamber for a Channel of a bunch of intellectually dishonest cowardly conformist manipulators.)

    Pinker claims that there's a lot we don't know but unfortunately he doesn't know what I know. so his statement that there's a lot we don't know, really only applies to him and the Collegiate environment that doesn't study what needs to be studied and is incapable of removing themselves from they're massive lives that are nothing more than a weapon of mass distraction and all of the cultural biases that come with social survival in the niches they fill in order to be economically viable.

    why do people do what they do? Well, most of it is because of their perception of reality and the majority of people in America are totally fucking delusional simpleton ignorant pieces of shit liabilities.

    the majority of the population are the product of a selectively bred slave and or soldier race; selectively bred through investment of our economic reward system, our so-called justice system and the investment in an absurdly abysmal School curriculum system.

    Those who conform and those who are extremely aggressive are the ones that succeed economically; as they bully their way through life and then they get the economic reward and that means those Club wielders get the house, which is the equivalent of a nest and then they have the kids which are closer to copies of themselves… now they've become like an invasive species, out-of-control cellular duplication or cancerous mass on the biosphere…

    A Frankenstein's monster of manipulative industrialists long dead and now the predecessors of said industrialists continue to perpetuate the broken systems in order to protect the military industrial complex, an active protection of which prevents a Great Depression type event of which would cause a whole bunch more murder: ironically. LOL

    So, genotype as well as phenotype and epigenetic triggers can anyone else combined with diet and environmental stimuli, the majority are testosterone-fueled Sports driven mentality brainwashed aggro simple-minded twats that are quick to anger and too simple-minded to be able to communicate anything of accuracy or complexity.

    the lack of communication skills and the lack of intelligence are part of the problem. Insecurity stems from their lack of intelligence and that produces a prejudice against intelligence. Additionally, because the majority are so simple-minded, the levels of Conformity are very high and then we have mob rule, that's really what democracy is at this point, nothing more than mob rule of the most simple-minded people alive.. just another example of how these fucking primitives are bullying their way through life and we all suffer for it.

    Many irrational hate Trends emerge as a product of fear and insecurities. then it's subtle to not-so-subtle abuse of anybody who is mentally complex or different than this majority.

    After lifetimes of abuse, would be creative and intellectuals are turned into serial killers and mass shooters because of petty fucking trolling and bullying, subtle to not-so-subtle over the course of many years combined with the inability to conform to a System created for a bunch of simpleton pieces of shit… The intelligent get punished by Authority and punished economically because they can't live up to the unrealistic expectations of the majority or authority.

    the entire country is overrun by Jesus Freaks, the failure to separate church and state is blatantly obvious. Conservatives are a fucking blight. Nothing more than thought AIDS over 9000.

    The Jesus Freaks have become total fucking fascists and the justice system, our courts and our laws are nothing more than the right-hand enforcers of corporate greed in securing their monopolies or producing artificial scarcities for drug markets so that the price is can be inflated…

    The tremendous abuse drives many people to drugs as a coping mechanism to escape the abuse. The majority can't afford the drugs and insurance companies are absolutely fucking nonsense and so people turn to illegal drug markets and then they are vilified, criminalized, terrorized, enslaved and murdered by the people that are paid to protect them. (Do those homicide statistics count all the people that police murder or the people that get put in jail and then commit suicide because their lives are destroyed?)

    And now we Segway into people becoming reliant on drugs in order to cope with their PTSD from a lifetime of abuse and because of the artificial scarcity created by prohibition and the price gouging of pharmaceutical companies as well as the insurance farming and of course insurance companies refusing to pay for certain medications or a certain dosage is discriminated against, we have people who are tormented rage monsters that can't get the only thing that stops them from wanting to murder every simpleton piece of shit alive. (Scary but true)

    I'm blatantly pointing out that the police, the so-called justice system, Jesus Freaks, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are total fucking terrorists and they are largely responsible for much of the homicide rate in this country. They quite literally are serial killer farmers.

    The whole time all of this is going on the majority of the population are pretending to know what they are instead of admitting their ignorance, having directions Central crisis with some dignity and growing the fuck up, facing their fears like an adult…

    their arbitrary opinions and inability to think with logic as well as their divisive fake as fuck self-affirmations in regards to their identities divide people and produce more Prejudice, fear and hate. The abuse escalates.

    Then there's the fact that we live much longer than we used to live. for most of our bipedal existence we live to be an average of 40 years old which meant that the 30 year olds were taking over as the leaders of villages and tribes or troops more regularly and then adaptation could occur more often.

    Today the old stay in positions of power for twice that long and then the next generation has to become the old in order to gain their favor and jockey for positions of power or inheritance. A conformist honey Dicker apocalypse is the product of that.

    Our archaic systems of perception, business, education, our psychological States, are all stagnating and Divergence is occurring whether the simpleton cowards like it or not.

    and more culture wars escalate. Bring on the societal cult of opinionism and the high school debate team bullshit. Bring on the shill mongering. As long as you paint everything is a big unknown, nobody can agree and act on anything. Then the slaves stay slaves. pretty much everything stays the same in the status quo is largely protected. The conformist cowards and the industrial slave masters continue to reap the rewards.

    Then there's aspects of actual scarcity and the fact that it does take a certain amount of land to support a human life with a certain quality. Relative poverty is still poverty. A sense of fairness is observed in bonobos as well as other simple forms of which we are related to.

    with the current wastefulness and individualistic greed as well as Sports driven mentality appreciate braided with corporatism, there isn't enough to go around with any semblance of fairness. The majority who have jobs are overworked and underpaid and the rich keep getting richer. The majority keep getting more angry and more terrified. Then they fight each other. Homicide increases.

    all this homicide is part of the balancing of our population. It's bound to get worse before it gets better. I'm a culling event is likely coming. If the intelligent do not inherit the rubble of our crumbling civilization then all of this is going to repeat.

    The reason why history keeps repeating itself is because the majority keep agreeing with they're overly simplistic status quo driven opinions and intelligent people don't fucking matter most of the time. The truth doesn't matter. Facts don't fucking matter.

    Even now this post is being drowned out as the majority continue to be the Retard orchestra playing diarrhea of the mouth on repeat. If even if this doesn't get deleted, not enough people will read it, the people that read it won't read the whole thing, the people that read the whole thing won't understand it and of course I will blame me for being honest.

    What else is new? I've always been the burn witch. Since I was fucking 5.

    Pretty much every homicide is a case-by-case basis that is subtly different but also has braids of commonality.

  48. I will just leave a point for your consideration, American people:

    The history of gun violence in Brazil goes somewhat like this.(roughly, of course)

    We could have guns in the past.

    Violence was low.

    A military regime took place.

    The government decided to prohibit owning guns.

    The military regime ended.

    Violence started to increase.

    The left rose to power.

    Violence continued to increase.

    The organised crime left the shadows of the underworld and became a culturally acclaimed topic on many areas in Brazil.

    Violence skyrocketed.

    The government made a plebiscite, in which the people voted to have their guns back.

    The government and the media began to blame the military police for deaths in confrontation vs organised crime.

    The government ignored the people and passed more laws restricting even further the ownership of guns.

    Last year Brazil has 66k murders. Many of them police officers. We are 200 million Brazilians.

    A new president, an elected captain of the army, promised to review the laws on gun ownership and respect the plebiscite. He also started to back up the police and truly support the war on crime.
    Our violence rates dropped significantly in the first 6 months of his government.

    (Yes, I'm biased. Just because I don't want a corrupt socialist government who ignores a plebiscite, disarms the people and fake fight crime.)

  49. I like Pinker, but he appears ignorant that it is a myth that "Congress passed a law that bars the Centers for Disease Control from conducting" research on gun violence. Google the phrase: "cdc banned from gun research." You will find hits on "the Dickey Ammendment." The Dickey Ammendment's relevant statement is: "none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control."[1] " So the ban is not on firearms research in the name of science, per se. The ban is on advocacy research — i.e., gun control advocacy research. The CDC actually does conduct research that includes firearms as a "mechanism of injury" (their phrase). I would love to see much more research on firearms from a diversity of perspectives, not just pro-gun-control-minded researchers.

  50. Liberals and left are separate bloody ideologies ffs haha…

    americans never read a terminology book???

    They even call communist anarchism …. ussr dictatorships or state socialism….. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. The reason for gun violence is the exact same for any other form of violence. Criminals like antigun laws because it makes for easy targets.
    To really understand the problem you need to stop excluding other forms of violence and look at the whole picture. Guns are not even the most common form of violence, even in the United States. More people are killed with bare hands than any other way.

  52. Comparing homogenous countries to a heterogeneous nation is futile.

    Non Hispanic homicide rates are equal to Asian American homicide rates in the USA, much lower than African/Hispanic/native- American.

    One study showed white gun homicide rates in USA equal to Holland. The USA Hispanic homicide is lower than that if their host countries (messy since so many host countries) in spite of high access to guns.

    Here's the link so you can dissect it:

  53. Well, yes I would believe no guns would have an impact on the homicide rate. At minimum because firearms are more effective tools for killing than knives are. I understand this intuitively as I carry a firearm not a knife.

    How big of an impact? I don’t know.

  54. PEOPLE of AMERICA!. I want to let you all know the fact over 300 bills passed in the Congress have been sent to the Senate. Mitch McConell refuses to bring not even one those bills up for a vote in the Senate for the sole purpose of making the Democrats look like they are getting nothing done. One of those bills is for stronger gun control for which 95% of Americans are now demanding from the federal government. On average, 100 people are killed in the U.S. by a gun every day. Our firearm homicide rate is 25 times higher than other comparable countries. Our firearm suicide rate is nearly 10 times higher. Women in the U.S. are 21 times more likely to be shot to death than women in other high-income countries, most killed by an intimate partner.
    21 children and teenagers are shot every day. This is absolutely unacceptable.

  55. The Right is so much more dangerous??? Mr. Pinker theLeft is who is setting the agenda for our culture now and is brainwashing our kids. And the lessons they teach is truly hate. I would have thought that you might have been able to see a little less partisan but I guess not. Shame on you.

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