Stossel: Rand Paul on The Case Against Socialism

Stossel: Rand Paul on The Case Against Socialism

Workers of the world, unite! Many people are excited about socialism. They prefer it to capitalism. So, it’s time for… A new book, called “The Case Against Socialism” You’d think you wouldn’t have to write a book to make the case. That’s what a lot of people respond. They say, “Oh, the case against socialism? Wasn’t that decided?” Senator Rand Paul wrote the book because for these people, the case obviously isn’t decided. Don’t they know socialism’s track record? Hitler’s socialism, Stalin’s socialism, Mao’s socialism. You would think people would have recognized by now Paul’s chapter titles highlight socialism’s problems It leads to corruption. It’s a boot stamping on the human face forever “Because Eating your Pets is Overrated.” You would think that when your economy gets to the point where people are eating their pets people might have second thoughts about what type of economic system they’ve chosen. The eating your pets chapter points out that Venezuelans have lost weight because they cannot find food. Contrast that with Dear Leader, with Maduro, who’s probably gained 50 pounds. We don’t know that the dictator gained 50 pounds, but he does eat on TV while his people starve. It really sums up socialism. There’s still a well fed top one percent, they just happen to be the government or those who are cronies or friends of the government. No Trump, no wall, no USA at all American socialists say, we won’t be like that. When I talk about Democratic socialism, I’m not looking at Venezuela. I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden. They all wind up saying, “Ah, but the kinder, gentler socialism that we want is Scandinavia.” That’s the kind of socialism. Democratic socialism in Scandinavia. So we do a big chunk of the book in there talking about Scandinavia. Paul’s book is different from other politicians’ books. Paul did actual research. It’s not true that the Scandinavian countries are socialist. While Scandinavia tried socialist policies years ago, they then turned away from socialism. They privatized industries and repealed regulations. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark’s prime minister even came to America and refuted the socialists’ claims, pointing out Denmark is now A successful market economy with much freedom to pursue your dreams and live your life In fact, when experts rank economic freedom, Scandinavian countries rank near the top. They have private property, private stock exchange. We learned that, actually, Bernie is too much of a socialist for Scandinavia. Scandinavia did keep some socialist policies, like government-run health care. The media say that brings huge benefits. It’s why Swedes live longer. But… This is the trick of statistics. You can say, “Oh, well the Swedes live longer, and they have socialized medicine.” And yet if you look hard at the statistics, it started way before socialized medicine.” 60 years ago, Swedes already lived longer. If you have sauna, you live longer. Likewise, the socialist welfare state didn’t reduce poverty. Scandinavia’s culture did. For me it’s really, really important to work Swedes tend to work hard Paul tells a story about Nobel prize winning economist, Milton Friedman. This Swedish economist comes up to him and he says, “You know in Sweden we have no poverty.” And Friedman responds and he says, “Well, yeah, in America we have no poverty among Swedish Americans.” Today, Swedes in America have a much higher standard of living than Swedes in Sweden. Danish Americans too. Socialism simply does not create that magic world of prosperity plus equality that today’s socialists suggest. But the biggest case against it is that it crushes freedom. Socialists get elected by promising fairness and equality. The only way you can enforce those things is you have to have an equality police or a fairness police, and ultimately they show up with truncheons. Tanks, tear gas, and riot police Why does it always lead to “a boot stamping on your face forever?” If you want complete socialism, you have to take the property from people. Here’s Hugo Chavez doing that. The best kind of socialist leader ends up having to be ruthless because you can’t be a kinder, gentler socialist leader and get the property. So many choices! By contrast, capitalism largely lets individuals make our own choices. It’s a direct democracy every day. You vote either for Walmart, or you vote for Target. You vote with your feet, with your wallet. And the people who succeed are the people who get the most votes, which are dollars. And as long as there’s no coercion, seems to me that that would be the most just way of distributing a nation’s economy At your service! It’s good that Senator Paul is around to tell his fellow politicians the truth about socialism: It doesn’t work. It’s a recipe for disaster. Look what happens as we approach socialism around the world. It’s a history of famine and genocide. When working families are under attack what do we do? Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Maduro. It doesn’t work. Hope you enjoyed this video. Please click that button to help us make more.

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  1. Listen to Professor Richard Wolff if you want to know the facts on socialism. Better yet read his book on the subject.

  2. You people are fighting imaginary socialists.
    You´ll always say "but muh Venezuela" and when people tell you they actually want a scandinavian style system you say "but that's not actually socialism".
    Right… That's the point. People (including Bernie) aren't pushing for socialism but rather social democracy.

    And the only argument these goofy ass niggas could make against social democracy was "I don't know bro something about culture who cares lol"

  3. This is ridiculous. Paul and Stossel both have an extremely basic understanding of economies and societal structures. Goods for the commons isn't socialism. What dolts.

  4. Socialists and communists always brag its a stateless and classless system. Except the mechanism to centralize and dole out property requires individuals to operate, and it requires a police force to enforce the edicts of this “not government”.

  5. This new avatar of left amongst self-flogging college nitwits is so pathologically anti-human that they would try to prevent the cave dwelling humans from acquiring the crucial ability of lighting fire at will, for that would lead to two classes of men: those with that ability- becoming better at survival, and those without that ability- living in cold, eating pathogen infested raw meat, and remaining easy targets for predators. If failed in this first attempt, they revert to the old avatar. A "stereotypical" leftist would then brand the fire bearers as the greedy class (while igniting resentment in the other 'disenfranchised' class)- in a hope to tax and redistribute their 'well cooked meat' rather than distributing the knowledge and skills among the other class to light a fire anytime.
    In this context, I also notice that the AI fear mongering is a creation of the more crafty postmodernists to "curtail and pre-stall West's next technological leaps". Hollywood hacks too are up for manufacturing false perceptions and paranoia-selling under "artistic license". Technology has been the mother of new value (and wealth) creation for mankind since its dawn. Left sees technology as the root cause of economic inequality and the ensuing Marxist brand of class struggle. Apparently, technology creates meritocratic private economic systems for the competent ones, where it gets evolved further; whereas it leaves out the non-adaptive, unskilled, and the couch potatoes at the bottom. Therefore, the ever resentful Left invents monsters in order to hinder technological progress. There is now the global warming monster, ethical-research morality, AI monster, genetic engineering monster…
    They are spreading anxiety to scare off the cognitively dependent masses. Some of them vocally lament (while speaking on an affordable smart phone), about missing out on pre-stalling the 'industrial revolution', that according to them, had led to the unequal distribution of the "surpluses" (which don't exist in the first place as Freedman, Shapiro, and Dinesh have elucidated) .

  6. What are these guys are arguing against it's called State capitalism not socialism. Socialism is the workers are owners of the means of production it is about bring democracy into the work place so workers can have a say in how the business is run.

  7. Stossel: Socialism never works.
    Bernie: Sweden is socialist and they're doing great.
    Stossel: They're not socialist, they're a capitalist country with strong welfare policies.
    Bernie: Well lets adopt those policies.
    Stossel: NO! THAT'S SOCIALISM!

  8. Talk about echo chamber. You start off by saying we shouldn’t even have to make the case we’re making and then move on to say supporters of socialism = Hitler. I was hoping for a good faith engagement with the arguments. Oh well.

    Here’s and article for anyone interested:

  9. Holy shit…hebisnunironixally espousing the “vote with your dollar” meme. If that were the case then people have a profoundly unequal right to vote. What a garbage analogy

  10. It's easy to attack socialism, but does the book include a philosophical analysis of the underlying principles and values?

  11. Is Capatalism + socialism the way forward ? ( socialism here as minimum safety net for society with minimal govt intervention)

  12. Free market Capatalism is great and all but it has its failures .
    Corporates are only for profits
    Markert only care about efficiency and profit.(Amazon)

    Capatalism is like socialism when runs properly its like sunshine and puppies but most of time it just terrible.

    America is a capatalist nation …
    or is it imperialist ?

  13. Socialism is so nonsensical that only moron could possibly take it seriously, and generally, those people lack the wherewithal to become much of a danger to anyone. Real village idiots. The danger is from the many opportunists, the people who see socialism as the bunk it is but also as a way to manipulate others into giving them power and money. That's why socialism is always always always organized by elites ordering around ignorant masses, and that's how socialism becomes such a danger to the world: when it's wielded as a weapon by people smart enough to know that it's garbage but sinister enough to use it to their own advantage. No socialist leader in history has ever believed in it, but they gladly use it to control the paeons who do believe.

  14. Governments have no wealth. Governments take wealth from the people. You can argue all day about how much wealth is "enough" for any one person and never come to an agreement, so why waste the spleen. In looking at history, "Socialism" just does not work. However, I would caution people to realize that "Economic Feudalism" does not work either. When the Middle Class shrinks and wealth concentrates in one group, it leads to revolutions. Sometime the revolution is at a ballot box; sometimes it is in the streets, but things change to restore balance to the economy.

  15. Bernie Sanders is the scariest candidate there is, he literally said on live TV "I see no reason a private citizen should own a business." he described bread lines as "a good thing" and said America is worse because "the rich get the bread and the poor starve to death!".. no Bernie, in the US the bread lines up for you. He needs to read that story about the hardcore Stalinist communist that came to the US, entered a grocery store and INSTANTLY became a capitalist. He had never seen so much food in 1 place in his entire life, and he burst into tears.

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