Stossel: Red Pills: New Generation Wakes People Up

Have you taken the red pill ? That means not taking the blue pill and waking up to the fact that what you’ve been told is often wrong. You take the blue pill. The phrase comes from the movie The Matrix. Believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. That moment in The Matrix, Morpheus is offering him simply the truth. Candace Owens says she took the red pill and now her YouTube channel offers red pills to millions of others. People don’t care to watch CNN anymore. People are paying attention to YouTubers okay? My second video went trending worldwide with 80 million views. 80 million? 80 million. It’s obviously the media’s fault. In that video, she mocked the media for finding racism everywhere. The persistence of racism in America. The surge of hate, the online racism. CNN was trying to sell to me, as a black person, that the KKK was alive and well. That was ridiculous. Oh my God, Charlottesville. White supremacy is alive and well. So I made a video just essentially making fun of the narrative. How ridiculous that I should be scared to go outside because the KKK is alive and well. Another police shooting of a black teen. She also complains that the media imply the biggest threat to young blacks is the police. Police officer charged with murder caught on camera shooting an unarmed black man. Fact number 1. Approximately 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other black people. Police violence is a real threat. No, it is not and I will not allow you to say that either. It is not a real threat, okay? Some innocent people have been tortured by police. That’s absolutely right. Some innocent people have also been struck by lightning. 16 unarmed black men were killed by police officers in 2016. If you are watching CNN, you would have thought it was happening every single day, okay that’s a problem. 16 represents point zero zero zero zero four percent of the black community. And yet there were riots, and there were protests, and Black Lives Matter has actually resulted in more black deaths across the country because police officers don’t want to answer the call. It’s not popular in the black community to say such things or to say that you are conservative. Owens jokes in this video that it’s easier to tell your parents you’re gay. Mom, Dad, I’m a lesbian. I like girls. Oh sweetheart, we always knew. Oh, thank you guys. Oh, also I think I might be a conservative. I don’t understand. Guys it’s totally fine. it’s okay, I just, you know think a little more conservatively. But sweetheart, you’re black. Mom, I’m still black. I simply think that we should maybe put the economical future of this country ahead of the social issues, that is all. Sweetie, can you please just be gay? It’s more difficult to say to someone I’m a conservative. Candace says the big issue facing blacks is not racism or police shootings, it’s dependence on government that began 50 years ago with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs. They incentivized mothers, right, to not to marry their fathers. That’s why single motherhood is up. The government would give you more if you didn’t marry him. We are fully reliant on the government. My entire family is on welfare, save a couple of people and what it does is they essentially offer you some money and then they say wherever you work, okay you don’t make enough so we’re gonna give you this much money on top of that. So they do what? They say, oh I don’t want to make more because the government is already giving me five hundred that I don’t want to lose and… And your entire family’s on welfare? Yeah pretty much. My entire family’s on welfare. And they still like you? Yeah they love me. I’m great, right? Oh celebrities, now I rarely think about Russia. Fear absolutely dominates black people. Like hamsters on a wheel, run, run, run, run, run, run. What the government has done successfully is made people insecure. People don’t think they can do anything without the government. We’ve got the government regulating nail salons, eyebrow salons. The government has extended an overreach into every single arena of our lives. The time is now for black minds to be unleashed. People don’t understand is how many black people are so excited about what I’m doing, how many black people see the opportunity, and how many black people are very aware that they have been duped by the left. She calls that taking the red pill. Who else has taken the red pill? Brandon Tatum, he’s got a pretty large following Your success in life is dependent upon you. There’s CJ Pearson, who says he’s the left’s youngest problem. Black lives, they do matter. So do white lives, though. And I think why some of these black conservatives have not been successful in the past is because they care too much about what people thought. We’re doing it differently. We are talking a lot of trash. We are very sassy. The African-American community is suffering from a poor memory. We want people to know you can feel free to call me an Uncle Tom, you can feel free to call me an Auntie Tom it does not affect me. Do you want to know why? Because I actually read the book and Uncle Tom was the hero.

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