1. Really great video actually all the France is used to play football and we enjoy it. This would be great to visit the other countries

  2. Portugal é melhor do que o Brasil ou o Brasil são melhores do que Portugal?
    Em um skolka I os portugueses que Portugal é melhor

  3. Great video guys , however all these have one thing in common its all pitches you see comes have a Futsal
    All players started there
    Get the start from history of these players you will see Futsal its everything
    Come and see how we do at Bolton Futsal and understand more you will agree with me after

  4. Billy jezza pls come to Noida in India to make football video pls I love football and I love your skills guys pls come to India to make a video…pls

  5. Fancy feet is very passionate with football you can tell by looking at someone after a match if they want the win because of sweat but this guy was another level of passion

  6. Lol carrément aller à Marseille pour comprendre le foot français ?! Blagues, MDR… y en a ailleurs LOL, ils ont rien capter à la France je pense !
    Tout ça c'est paris et Marseille à sorti qui dernièrement !? Refaite un vrai reportage sur paris ou va vous montrer comment ça joue et ou surtout ! Meme si je sais qu'ils ont sorti des joueurs mais dernièrement…✌

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