Strong Deity Start! Russia: Nice City You Got There… – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Gameplay

Strong Deity Start! Russia: Nice City You Got There… – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Gameplay

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Civilization 6! I wasn’t quite sure which leader I want to play next so I decided to just let RNG pick it for me. We’ll be going with random leader so unless I get one I played very recently, I’ll stick with what I end up with. We’ll be playing on deity difficulty, on standard game speed, and since we’re going random I’ll go with shuffle map as well. So that’s basically a randomized map and we’ll be playing on standard map size disaster intensity 3. So… let’s go! We got Rome. I think that’s actually fine. I mean, it’s one of the original civilizations but I haven’t really played Rome so, you know what, why the heck not – let’s go with Rome! So as Rome, all our cities start with an additional city center building which is going to be a monument in case of ancient era All our cities start with a trading post, and also all the cities we conquer will get a trading post and if it’s in the trade route range of our capital, they will also get a road to it and trade routes also earn +1 gold for passing through trading posts in your own cities We get a Legion as our unique unit unfortunately, there’s no tooltip on this level so I can’t show you the details… and we get a Bath unique district which replaces the aqueduct All right then… and that is quite a lot of jungle right there Ok, but we are on a plains hill as far as I can tell. Yes, we are indeed I’m going to settle on spot. We got two tiles with stone, which is quite nice That will be really good for early production. We got some wheat that’s just about in range of our city and we got 2 cattle tiles in range and we actually got 3 stone in range… and we got bananas in range. This is a pretty damn nice spot I have to say Ok, let’s settle on spot And I’m going to grab a builder first. It’s a little bit risky to get a builder as opposed to a second unit But I would like to start working that stone as soon as possible. And so that means we will also get mining This is going to be a pretty powerful capital I have to say. I’m quite happy with this starting location And here’s a barbarian scout already. Now, one of our early goals is going to be preventing barbarian scouts from spotting our capital… which is easier said than done, because they can come from literally any direction but I will try to prevent this guy from seeing Rome We got Code of Laws So now we can grab discipline and god-king to get our Pantheon and to get a combat boost against barbarians and we’ll get started on foreign trade. Okay, he is running away Let’s just follow him a little bit to make sure it stays that way There’s our warrior, or rather builder, mining is almost done so let’s just wait for mining to finish and now I can grab a slinger to maybe get that archery boost – that would be quite useful I am not going to explore with a builder, because that’s a terrible idea We got our first neighbor, which is in this case Russia, and we know we got Kabul nearby – the city-state Okay, that’s interesting Good to know Let’s stay friendly with Russia. I’m going to send the delegation, which might not actually do anything But we can, like, try at least Kabul is over here So what’s the bonus in here? Your units receive double experience from battles they initiate. Oh, yeah, that is actually a pretty nice bonus right there I’ll probably want to secure that city-state Alright. Let’s get our quarry… More than one in this case most likely – we can get 3 quarries Wait, we actually got 4 stone in range. Oh, this is going to be amazing. This is actually such a good starting location 4 tiles with stone! That is actually so good. I’m really happy about that Alright then, so as for our next research… we definitely want Writing ASAP, and we obviously want Pottery so let’s get Pottery next And yep, Peter already dislikes me, even though I sent a delegation I would have been better off saving my 25 gold in this situation, but sometimes it’s good enough alright, we got another neighbor which in this case is Norway… that shouldn’t really be a big problem either and yeah, I started a settler because we want to secure our second city ASAP It’s probably going to be in this area But we’ll see about that Let’s see what we got to the south. Might also be something useful over there Alright, I got the third quarry and that also gives us craftsmanship boost, and we can work all three of them Well, as soon as we get +1 population The settler is also almost done and we got some really nice spots both to the north and also to the south Oh, and we also got a barbarian scout. I might be able to kill him to get my archery boost. Now that would be really nice We’ll give it a shot Unless he runs away, which is definitely a possibility There’s Pottery. Oh, and we also got a Natural Wonder down here +1 culture and +1 gold to all adjacent tiles. Now that is a really nice wonder right there Ok, I think our second city is going to be down here. That wonder is just too good to ignore as for the research, I am going to need bronze working to be able to chop the rainforest and also reveal iron, but I think it will have to wait Let’s get animal husbandry first to reveal horses and also animal husbandry is needed for archery which I will hopefully get a boost for sometime soon No need to research writing just yet, because I won’t be building the campus just yet anyway. Let’s get the boost Yeah, I can easily get the boost right now This was a dead end, which is why he’s trying to retreat But he’s not going anywhere and that will give us archery boost nice Okay, so now I can get archery as soon as I finish animal husbandry I probably will, but that will depend on what’s actually happening around us If we are threatened, then I will get archery. If not, I’ll probably go for writing first and let’s get a trader to get slightly more gold. I’m going to need gold for a lot of things We also got a goody hut and we got one of my favorite city states – this city state is actually so good because with this city state, all shallow water tiles you own provide a +1 production and additional +1 when you reach industrial era We don’t really have a lot of coast nearby, but even with like, one or two coastal cities it’s still a really nice bonus. So that makes this location definitely worth it We want a coastal city over there. But first, we want this wonder – and let’s see what we can get from the goody hut Sailing boost. Yeah, that’s not too bad. I’ll take it definitely useful Alright, and we need to decide where exactly we’ll be settling this city It should definitely be close enough to the actual wonder Let’s take a look So it should be close enough to get as many tiles as possible… over here would actually be fine because I don’t want it to be too far away from Rome as for the trade route Right. I can’t send it to Kabul because I haven’t actually uncovered all the terrain, but that’s okay I can send it to Auckland. I just need to uncover this terrain over here. And next up…. I might get another unit Like another slinger, then we would get two archers as soon as we finish archery Okay Peter doesn’t like me apparently. We got craftsmanship So now I can pick up urban planning How close are we to a pantheon? Pretty close But I definitely want the pantheon so this will have to wait a little bit longer I could get a boost for unit production Let’s grab that for now. I don’t feel like I need discipline at the moment so I’ll pass on discipline. Now we got a few options here I can settle a city like this The downside is that it will not have a fresh water, but I will be able to build an aqueduct in the future so that’s probably acceptable for now, and this is a pretty good location I could settle on the river to the west, but then it will obviously be too far away from the wonder to benefit from it I could settle it all the way down here, but then I will miss out on quite a few nice tiles in this area So I’m going to settle right here, and then I might still end up settling a city in this area in some future but we’ll settle right here on this exact tile It won’t have fresh water for now, but it will be able to get it in the future once we’re able to build an aqueduct, or rather our unique building equivalent of an aqueduct as for the next civic… that’s going to be state workforce. Should be able to get the boost for that and we got another barbarian scout Okay then He might actually see Rome… or maybe not Do we have horses in the area? Let’s just use the map search. Why not? It’s such a good feature. I love it There – we got one result. Okay, Auckland has horses Good to know. Alright, let’s start the city and I could use an internal trade route, but I think I’d rather get gold We’ll see so now we could go either for archery or… for writing if we want a state workforce boost, we should probably go for writing. I’m not really being threatened at the moment It shouldn’t really be a problem So let’s just uncover this terrain right here, and I think I’ll send a trade route to Auckland Here, now we can do it. That’s going to be +3 gold. I can also send it… Oh! Russia started a city right here Okay, that probably means we want to buy that stone. Yep. Let’s buy the stone right away and I’m still sending the trade route to Auckland – that gives us currency boost Yeah, okay, I don’t like that barbarian over there… I don’t think he actually saw Rome But I would still like to kill him regardless Yeah, I think I should be able to kill that guy Although it will depend on where exactly the barbarian camp is. I don’t see any camps over here, and we also got Norway I’m pretty sure we can kill him So let’s just do that and I started another builder in Rome, because we are going to need them Although I might have to switch from writing to archery in case Russia tries to attack me That would be the safer thing to do to be honest. Yeah, let’s just switch to archery, especially since I already got it boosted And we’ll try to kill this guy Now, if I attack him with my slinger, Norway will probably finish him off. I don’t necessarily want that So let’s not do that, yep, Russia is moving in We should definitely finish archery ASAP… and let’s see if we can kill this guy Yeah, I should be able to kill him now. He has nowhere to run, he’s going down and this makes me a little bit nervous. Hey, Russia, what are you doing, exactly? Can we make any kind of deal? I mean, not really I just have to prepare some defenses. So we might want to head back down there. Let’s kill this fella first And there’s the builder. Let’s improve the copper, shall we? And I’m going to need a few more units Let’s grab a slinger and then I should be able to upgrade him to an archer – and then I might need a few more warriors. Russia already has archery so for our pantheon I think this is a no-brainer, we should get faith from quarries Because I’ll have so many quarries That’s what we’ll pick up Alright We’ll grab a mine over here… and I need to get more defenses down south… and Norway started a city now Okay, that’s probably fine Hey, Russia, what exactly are you doing? Please stop Well, do we want even more units? One more warrior wouldn’t hurt It’s only two turns and I have a policy that speeds up the production Here, let’s grab a mine and I might actually queue up a warrior here as well The builder can still stay in the queue, but let’s actually queue up a warrior There’s a very good chance he will declare war. This is literally what he is preparing for I mean, that’s kind of obvious just from his movements He’s totally about to declare war like right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it like, right now on this turn When I end my turn, he’s going to do it, just watch it It’s going to happen Let’s grab a farm down here. So watch it, it’s going to happen if not now, then very soon Okay, I do have decent defenses now. This should be fine as for Rome Well, I could delay state workforce, but it’s a little bit too late for that now Let’s grab a granary and then I’ll get another settler to maybe secure that coastal location. I definitely wouldn’t mind a coastal city when we have Auckland That will be a farm, that also gives us irrigation boost, which is going to come in handy… and yep! I knew it! He declared war AI is pretty predictable in the early game. This kind of thing almost always happens, or at least it happens very very frequently Now the problem is, I’m still one turn away from finishing archery Let’s actually finish archery and then upgrade I got 174 gold So I guess we’ll see about that. I should be able to defend myself I mean, I got two warriors and 3 slingers. I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay We’ll find out! I will probably get a Dark Age, but that’s not a huge problem There’s State Workforce Do we want to change anything? I probably don’t need this production boost anymore. I could pick up conscription instead, which might not be a terrible idea Or we can just keep it to finish the warrior a little bit faster Okay, so first I will upgrade to archers That’s 60 gold per unit… if I want to save that slinger, I might want to back up Let’s see if we can kill the archer. Probably not right now Nope Well, I can attack him, but that will not kill him I’m afraid let’s just back up slightly and next up, we’ll finish writing. I guess it’s about time to do so and Early Empire… I should get 6 population total pretty soon He is attacking the city which, I mean, was his goal I suppose I should still be able to defend myself Well, we are about to find out. It’s still going to be a little bit tricky, I’m not gonna lie Yeah, it definitely will be Let’s attack the melee guy. I can kill him so let’s do that. Then I need to move Right. That’s the problem. I have to move my warrior. I do however have a promotion. Let’s move him and then we can pick up a promotion here – more defense against ranged attacks -and then I can still attack with my archer I can almost kill the archer almost, but not quite I might be able to finish him off with a slinger. Oh, no, nevermind, not enough movement points Ok, this is actually going to be pretty close. I should be able to defend, but there’s a good chance I will lose some units… and we got a barbarian raid coming in because apparently that’s exactly what I needed to happen in this situation Well then, I need to deal with this We can’t negotiate yet, can we? Nope, we most certainly cannot Not picking up a promotion because I need the damage So I can kill this guy. I’ll probably lose my own warrior but, I mean, it’s just a warrior it’s not really a big deal and then the slinger He will not die, but he will be very low on health Hopefully that will make him retreat Yeah, the barbarians will likely plunder some of my tiles Like this one, but oh well, they aren’t really a threat. They are just a nuisance, not an actual real threat I think we basically got this, and I even saved my warrior. We are not quite in the clear just yet I’m going to upgrade… that also gives us machinery boost and kill the slinger. Will he negotiate yet? Not yet Ok, we are about to get a warrior inside the city And we finished writing let’s back up some more move the archer outside and then I can attack with the warrior Yeah, we should be safe at this point Oh, they didn’t actually pillage the quarry. I mean, they probably will once I do damage to them, but oh well, whatever As for the research let’s get irrigation or masonry to be able to build city walls. They won’t be useful for this particular war, but they will be useful in general We should be able to peace out soon or we can go after his city I mean, I got quite a few archers, I might actually be able to capture his city. It’s not impossible I could definitely see it happening Alright, attack the scout still. I think I can kill him. I can almost kill him but not quite I know I’m missing out on some experience, but I want to kill these units before they can do any significant damage especially to my improvements Now I can pick up a promotion – let’s get volley and heal up inside our territory We are safe now. There’s no way he can take the city… that was maybe a little bit too close but he’s still not doing it… so, barbarians let’s pick up the promotions first, so volley and volley I don’t really care if they run away all that much, I just didn’t want them pillaging my tiles But for now that’s going to be the end of this episode. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it Leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and Subscribe for more videos like this one. I’ll see you next time Bye Bye!

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  7. Here's a thought for further down the line: if you're going to build some wonders, Rome would be amazing for 'Great Zimbabwe.' I think you have a total of 11 bonus resources in range of your capital. I think it might come down to whether or not you have the time/production to dedicate to building it.

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    The real ‘no brainer’ would have been the Free Settler pantheon: an extra city is worth far more in terms of yields and long-term benefits – especially if you were to found it next to the Natural Wonder. (On the topic of cities: because you founded that kinda crap one to the south, Norway has now boxed you in at the north, meaning you’re now committed to a Warmongering game to have any hope of expansion & winning. So your second city definitely should have gone on that river to the north, with your third down by the Natural Wonder. Why you settled Cumae where you did is beyond me).

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