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  1. This is ver good; It is nice to hear something other than the unverifiable modern lore about the Anunnaki; It is sad that things lik the History channel fill the airwaves with all sorts of questionable stuff, It is nice to hear what is most likely the truth.

  2. look what happen to you oh iraq.. the king of Ur was sent to death by the conquering eastern people….then the conquers came from the west in 2003 and killed the king again..

  3. The history of the Sumerians cannot compare to the Chinese. The Chinese civilization is the longest living civilization and this video totally forgotten about this fact, deliberate or carelessly, you can only guess.

  4. On the contrary, you'll be surprised when you open up your electronics you bought from Walmart and almost all your clothings, foodstuff and toys, etc, while the labels are familiar to you, it's all Made or Assembled in China.

    China didnt get to this stage w/o humiliation and the lofty human rights violations, which is any time better than USA, which built its democratic framework and prosperity on the bedrock of slavery and WW2.

    China never colonize lands in its entire history, unlike West.

  5. You and your dumb warped logic. China is the oldest living civilization with the largest single ethnic race HAN, and even Genghis Khan could not conquer China, but only his grand-son Kublai Khan, and he made Peking his capital.

    Shenzhou-9 just launched and you must be living in a cave if you think the HAN are push-overs. China is right now 2nd largest economic power and it JUST STARTED. Keep living in your cave, you'll be extinct like the Sumerian civilization, Egyptian, Indus-Harappan, etc LOL

  6. The first u wish the ziggurat is a mud mound that they recently refaced dressed up to look like something Sumer the first please

  7. Did I say China is the oldest civilization? I said it's the longest living civilization. In any case, experts dispute based on evidence as to the cradle of civilizations because no one knows who is oldest. I'm talking about a homogeneous race Han that is living proof of the success of its genes, as over the centuries, it's now 1/5 of the world's population and it's not over yet. In fact, it just awakened again. I'm not biased towards China, but surely it's a remarkable fact for the human race.

  8. What I meant by "oldest" has to be read with "living" and "continuous". Chinese civilization is hence the oldest living civilization to date, as every other civilization is already defunct or extinct or dead. That's what I meant. Peace.

  9. I did say continuous.
    I don't know what you mean by Sino-centric, for I don't go for such pigeon-holing, just like anti-Semitic is oxymoronic to me.

    Go google on "Egyptian race" and you'll see that there're disputes as to what race the Egyptians really are – black, white, or asian, no one can tell.

    How can you say the Egyptians of dynastic times are still around, when, like the Mayans, Aztec, Incas, the people are lost or dead or extinct, no one really knows. Egypt's around, but that's all.

  10. Sino-centric again? C'mon, stop using ridiculous pigeon-holing terms, for it ain't working with me. Egypt is a country, but the Egyptians living in present day Egypt is NOT the Egyptians of the dynastic times. Like I said, the Egyptians of the dynastic times are now blown and faded into the Sahara sands. Google Egyptian race, and you'll note NO ONE knows who these dynastic Egyptians are. That being the case, it's concluded the Egyptian civilization is KAPULT! GONE! NO MORE! Case closed.

  11. I don't understand your point here. India is NOT a country of a homogenous race. It is a remnant of the British colonization that gives the sub-continent its name – India. India, from the words of a modern day Indian, will tell you that India was never homogenous in race. It has thousands of dialects and different races, unlike China, which is 99% Han race. DNA tested to be so. China is the oldest longest continuous civilization, which present archaeology is unearthing more stuff. Google Jiahu.

  12. I asked you to Google Egyptian race, not Egypt nation or what.
    Just Google Egypt race and Google Han race, and everything will be clear.

    There's no such a race as Egyptian race that points back to dynasty times. The dynastic Egyptians are GONE with the Sahara wind. NO MORE.

  13. It is genetically test, DNA tested that the Han is 99% similar regardless which part of China they're from, but of course, no one claim the Han was pure, due to wars and assimilation, etc. The acid test is culture, community, history, governance, to show that the civilization is cohesive and living, and Chinese civilization fits the bill. There's no such a thing as Mongoloid race, as DNA can't group it according to that term, just as there is no such a thing as Caucasian race.

  14. The Egyptians who said they came down the Nile from Hapi may not be the dynastic Egyptians of the dynastic times and the dynastic Egyptians may not even be the ones who built the pyramids. Whoever built the pyramids may well have been someone else, just like Gokbeli Tepe, whoever built it is UNKNOWN and dated back to 15,000 years ago. Go figure that info, dude. Google Gokbeli Tepe.

  15. I'm using race to show the continuity of the civilization since recorded history. The China of the past, since 5,000 years of recorded history can be proved with a bountiful of evidence, from annals, dynasties, anthropology, archaeological, culture, and the Chinese has evidence of the use of a common language that can be dated way back to pre-recorded history.
    I asked you to google Jiahu. It's 7000 to 5,700BC, meaning it's 9,000 yrs old at least, which is longer than the 5,000 yrs of history.

  16. Totally unscientific definition of what archeologists defined as CIVILIZATION, dude. No matter how you try to defend, the Egyptians of the dynastic times are KAPULT, GONE, and no one knows who they're. Not the present Egyptians staying in Egypt now. Sorry, this is getting tedious but you're just trying to shaft an unscientific notion just to prove that the Egyptian civilization is alive and kicking now. Sorry, mate. Egypt is NOT still Egypt. Get real.

  17. Why not race and DNA? The manner you're bringing up the subject, you might as well say the whole EARTH is one long continuous civilization. Sorry, mate. You're grasping on straws.

  18. C'mon, DNA does show similarities if you're of the same ethnic group, which we loosely term as race. While not pure, it shows locality where you and your ancestors come from. That is science. Civilization is about culture, community, governance, civility, etc and the Chinese civilization fits the description to the tee.

    I dont know why you mention black/white/Caucasian, for that does not show civilization n our subject is Chinese civilization is longest, oldest, continuous. Egyptian is not.

  19. "The sumerians lost their identity with their language around 2000 BC because a large group of different people, the Amorites moved into their region"

    The sumerians and Mesopotamia were a White civilization until they got conquered and race mixed with semite peoples. Now they are since long in ruins. Same can be said about Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome. They are ALL in ruins because the original whites got mixed away.

    Now we are doing the same stupid mistake in the western world.

  20. Sumer not sumeria and in clay tablets in sumer mention of a greater civilisation predating them as Persian Empire look up Jiroft over 18000 years old in Iran.

  21. Seems every Country wants to be the first Civilization….I wouldn't really be upset to be part of the Last Civilization on Earth…..

  22. Right, you don't know what you're talking about mate. None of those civilizations were black, before they got mixed out and their civilizations became ruins as a result. It's even proven that the ancient pharaoes had European DNA which you can even find here on youtube. So take your marxist bullshit elsewhere please.

    And everywhere you look in the world where the people around you are brown, the state of that country and civilization is Third world. lol

  23. You know Egypt was occupied by various empires such as Libyans Persians Assyrians Greeks romans north africa has a very diverse mix of people.

  24. sümerler bügün yaşasaydı uzayda inşaa yapılırdı. 2012 kaneti dinler savaşı,mı yoksa kıyametmi bilmeklazım:nuh turfanından kurtulan bir kavim.kısaca akıllı kişilermiş

  25. The sumerians Sümér -Maghar-Magyar people migrated from Caroathian basin to that area what we today call mesopotamia iraq syria iran. Maghar or Magyar is on english language Hungarian or Magyar .Székely-Csángó-Szkita Scitians.,but by todays archaeological finding is not a earliest writhing and civilisation,beaucouse in 8500 BC In todays part of transilvania Tartaria-Tatárlak has been find by romainan archaeologist this ancient Hungarian amulets scrollrs statues,with same hungarian writhing

  26. Carpathian basin is a cradle os civilisation In 1920 has bean unlawfully divided.at Trianon by english franch american gov between romania cehslovak jugoslav and to punish to start a I WW by austria to austia so generated a Genoside of around 6 million Hungarians shoo todays has been torged by those govrements exec austria treat them on human way.In so called slovakia if the hungarian speak they mother language the police arest them and beat them up in police centres big EU freedom.

  27. Don't be mad, hungarian did not exist in that time and there were no Hungarians in that time. You write like a nazi, nazis told the same nonsense about Teutons.

    Your falsification of history is a crime against humanity.

  28. The greeks never occupied Egypt. Alexander took it from the persian empire and later a greek royal family ruled it, but not conquered or occupied it. Many greek mercenaries and traders lived there

  29. The Egyptians told myths and not facts. You ignore the pictures of egyptian females, which were brighter painted, and the need of contrast in paintings. When I follow you, than the black-figured greek vase painting means, that the greeks were black africans. The Egyptians were no black africans or white europeans.

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  37. OMG we have to be thankful that all of us were born in a time were everything is already done for us the only thing we have to do is get a job and buy them.

  38. Well done! Especially for those truly interested in a scholarly exhibit. Thanks for the sharing!

  39. The video is very useful to learn more about Sumer and the Sumerians . However, some subtitles are false .

  40. Wow, we should all be this passionate in our discussions. Remember to come wearing your sword and shields to all history debates. Peace Out. ( I mean..peace thrown out )

  41. Wondering why she called it Persian Gulf while it was Sumer beach and Sumer was civilisation before the Persian !!!!!! it should be called Sumerian Gulf.

  42. the white destroyed everything cause he wants to HIDE black history why else would he use canon balls to shoot off the noses of the statues in egypt he dont want you to see the Egyptians were alll black trying to hide our history

  43. Just letting you guys know ..the Sumerians were a Dark skin group of People. The Sumerians themselves, called their country, "The Civilized land" and themselves "The Black Headed One's".

  44. A Sumerian is a Japanese Jomon man. They avoided influence and separated the eruption of the KIKAI caldera from western part of Japan.

  45. For Fame, China is a cesspool for Human Labor, what culture do they have left after they replaced their unique Meng Dynasty with a cultureless International Manufacturing Communist Front, atleast they have their language

  46. I believe that deforestation is the reason why the mid East is dry. Also the Sahara could be the result of deforestation caused by the need for timber to make lime for building the pyramids. I often think that man is an experimental creation designed to mine gold. But a benevolent god interfered with the exploitative gods and freed man.

  47. Is it just me or does that look like some seriously advanced shit for the first civilization? I know it sounds silly but I love the idea of a highly advanced civilization that was lost but the few survivors tried to start again but with only bits of knowledge to the ones history has recorded. 

  48. Even though I had read a great deal on Sumer and Mespotamia before seeing this film, still I saw a few new things. It also showed a way for any of us to convert some of the available text into youtube videos for those who would benefit from them. 

  49. Narration said "one of the first civilization" not "the first cilvlization" They were more than likely Black African (Akabulan) people. The people there now are not the original people. When the Europeans came to this place on their way to educate themselves in Black Africa Egypt (Khemet), and later conquer, they mixed with the black thus the way the look now.

  50. More than 40000 years ago lived and lives the oldest people in the world I believe. The aboriginals. Australia had dated their habitats to well before 40000 years. No other race has that linage dating.

  51. More than 40000 years ago lived and lives the oldest people in the world I believe. The aboriginals. Australia had dated their habitats to well before 40000 years. No other race has that linage dating.

  52. what's funny is even if there was a form of civilization before these people, why and how did the Sumerians and only the Sumerians invent the battery?

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