Super Knocked Up – Episode 3 – Sinister Society

Super Knocked Up – Episode 3 – Sinister Society

*sigh* *sigh* [Phone chirps] *sigh* [Bar crowd chatter] [Bar crowd chatter continues] [Bar goes silent] Hey Darkstar, wanna check out my new lair? [crash] Oh, I’m sorry, you can’t go in there. Here’s an audition form. [paper crumples] VILLAIN: Uhhhhhh… [voice off screen] NEXT! The Sinister Society? I thought it was catchy. Did you bring me what I asked? You never disappoint me. I heard you had a little fun with Captain Amazing. What…I… Well didn’t he try to stop you from getting this? I… just assumed the usual fisticuffs ensued. Right, well yes… yeah… I took care of him. I’m sure you did. What uh… what exactly is this contraption you’re making anyway? Something to rid us of the heroes… …once and for all. That is what you want isn’t it? Of course it is. Good I’ve uploaded the next component I need you to get for me. Of course, in your condition, you might want to take some time off… …considering that you’re pregnant.

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  1. Great to hear! Thanks for watching and so glad you're enjoying it! You can watch the rest of Season 1 at our official website (see right hand side of our main YouTube Channel page for link). Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much Jason! So cool to hear from a web series creator we respect so much 🙂 Check out Jason's series Out With Dad everyone. It's awesome!

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