Surgeon General Report on Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth

Surgeon General Report on Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth

The surgeon general’s report focuses a
great deal on youth and youth smoking. It actually
tells us some very important things 3800 kids pick up the first cigarette everyday. Ninety percent of people who
are adult smokers started smoking before the age of 18. There is evidence of damage to
the lungs and heart of an early smoker very early their
smoking history within one to three years of starting smoking. There is some evidence of damage. That also tells us what we need to do the control smoking. We need to make it difficult for
young kids to smoke. We need to raise the price so it’s difficult for them to buy
tobacco. We need to create smoke-free areas so it’s difficult for them to
consume them. If they actually do find an area where
they can smoke they need to see advertisements be the billboards or on
television telling people how harmful smoking.
They need to have peers who are actually against smoking and council them and indeed encourage them not to
smoke. We know tobacco kills. We know that thirty to forty years from now teenagers
who start smoking today are going have chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease, cardiac disease. Going to have higher-risk fifteen
different cancers. As we look at the rise in health care
costs in the United States right now we know that we are going to have
tremendous harm to our economy through the incredible high cost of
health care. We now that we’ve saved lives and we
know that we can save more lives. I think we have a moral obligation to work to save those additional lives. I really want every smoker to realize that there is no doubt that tobacco
smoking causes one out of two smokers to die an early death. The other 50 percent frequently end up with chronic
diseases like respiratory diseases, heart disease as
well. There is literally nothing to be gain from smoking a lot to be lost. We must
work hard to control smoking and we must focus those efforts on
controlling smoking among teenagers.

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  1. Guess it's out of the question to make this DEADLY drug illegal! While there is more proof every day marijuana has many uses in treating health issues, and remains illegal. Just how stupid are you?

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