99 thoughts on “Swingless Golf Club vs. Human

  1. Both of you really need to follow through on your chips, they are awful but everything else is great. Totally decelerating

  2. Dan and I have the same kinda short game right now 😂 Only difference is that I make some of those longer putts 😉

  3. Hmm… Splitting an 18 hole golf course into 3 videos?? Wow you sure do know how to profit off 1 round of golf! But I would expect that from the scam family.

  4. i gotta laugh. playing one of the nicest courses and don't even have a pair of golf shoes? and running across the green is awful, probably best you didnt have golf shoes…

  5. If only you didn't even have to go outside and it was attached to a drone and you could command it all from your smartphone a millennial could almost muster up the effort to use this.

  6. Nice golf shots, I’m also a lefty… we should have a dollar for every time someone told us “your hitting on the wrong side of the ball”

  7. Maybe if you're disabled and can't drive a ball anymore, that gadget let's you still get in a round of golf. That's always good thing.
    Looks fun though.
    That course is wide open . No trees or complex ,offset fairways and those greens are HUGE !

  8. I have a dream, that one day people will use the words "further" and "farther" correctly. lol
    crazy self hitting club though!

  9. Sometimes I find myself just hoping that Americans really, really appreciate what a beautiful environment they're privileged to have custody of. Such an amazing landscape. And I say that as someone from Australia, a place with no shortage of natural beauty itself.

    Anyway, good video, cheers!

  10. Rumor has it if you swing that thing and fire it at the exact moment you contact the ball, it will tear a hole in the space time continuum.

  11. it looks like the recoil on that thing is costing you distance…put your foot behind it so it can't move backward on impact and see what happens.

  12. Is Lincoln named after everyone’s favorite childhood toy? The Lincoln Logs??? Or the City?? Gotta be one of the two… Or I think there might have been a State Senator named Lincoln, can’t remember his name… Something like Joshua Lincoln, or George Lincoln, but I’m putting my money on the famous logs

  13. I don’t want to be mean, but
    As a golfer I have to say that you guys are good at golf except for your terrible short game
    And this is coming from a guy that chipped with a driver and made it in without having to putt

  14. Lincoln needs to improve on something’s, first he needs to work on not over swinging and shorten it up, 2nd he should choke down on the club a little more and bend his knees so he has a stronger swing and control of the ball, 3rd he should just work on posture

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