Tatiana wants to bring Emma to the Estrella del Sur Ladies Society Ball | TKB (With Eng Sub)

Tatiana wants to bring Emma to the Estrella del Sur Ladies Society Ball | TKB (With Eng Sub)

It’s a good thing
you read my text. Tati was so excited. The designer’s heading
straight to the mansion, but she had you
come here first. Well, it’s nice to go out for
coffee every now and then. Do you agree, Emma? Ma. You’re here. Hi. Me and Tito Luciano
are meeting someone. Join us first. It’s a good thing my
horse didn’t hurt you. I’d be held liable if he had. Why’d you get
on the horse, when he was clearly
acting out? Well, I think the
horse was acting out, because you put on
his leash too tight. You don’t teach me how
to handle my horse. That wasn’t my intention. I know you know more
about horses than I do. You need to
implement the rules. You know there’s a
smoking ban, right? Why are you still smoking? Open your mouth. He did it again. The mayor of Las Espadas. Thousands of views in
just a few minutes. Dear, everyone knows
your father’s strict. And they appreciate
him for that. Yeah. They like the
fact he’s a bully. Thug. Well, this is your
husband’s way of putting the family
on the map. Aren’t you proud, Alice? Excuse me. Just ignore them, Emma. When we get to the mansion, you will meet our designer. I’ll have a gown made for you. A gown? Yes. You’re going with
us to the ball. This is so exciting. 23. Well, I think an A-line
gown will suit her. No. A-line? Look how sexy she is. Let her flaunt her curves. Right? Why not a trumpet or
mermaid style gown? I’m not a fan of
mermaid style gowns. They’re more suitable
for older women and those who join
beauty pageants. Oh. You seem well-versed
in gown styles. You see, I used to
watch the TV series… …Magkaribal Do you know that show?
It starred Gretchen Barretto In the show, her
rivals were played by Angel Aquino
and Bea Alonzo. They were fashion
designers in that show. Okay. I see your point.

99 thoughts on “Tatiana wants to bring Emma to the Estrella del Sur Ladies Society Ball | TKB (With Eng Sub)

  1. Magpinsan sa sam at janella diba? Or mali ako… Di pwedeng maging sila if ever naman.. Or baka gagamitin ni emma si sam kung sakaling anak man sya ni camilla

  2. mga besh gusto ko rin makindatan ng ganon ni sam concepcion hahahahahaha 0:58 para ma replay forever

    minsan lang me mag comment pero shet kasi mga mumsh

  3. Ewan ko ba pero natatakot ako minsan habang nananuod neto hahaha. Parang lagi nlng may something eh sa tininginan at galawan… Pero na eenjoy ko pa din.

  4. Ang maganda sa killer bride lahat sila may ambag sa teleserye hahahahah di katulad sa kadeng ginto si Carlos puro nalang go to your room 🤣

  5. alice is so nice kaya kahinahinala talaga diya dba sa isang suspense the writer lure it's readers hshshshshsh congrats sa mga manunulat ng teleserye na toh you guys are awesome

  6. dba at the same time you can say luciano is the bad guy kasi siya talaga yung nagpapakita na masama siya na ganon siya I'll say hindi siya plastic

  7. Kakalungkot malapit ng matapos. Halatang minadali. Ang dami pang mga butas sa kwentong ito. Paano kaya nila ipagtatagpi-tagpi ito sa loob ng 2 weeks?

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