47 thoughts on “Taylor Mali, “Words and Their Consequences”

  1. I am sure that you do know that you said, "Larry asked how to spell definitely." When he finally found it he repeated the first four letters over and over again…. BEAU! If you did not know that happened I implore you to go to 0:48:00 and watch. "That being said", I like (verb) your work! "Having said that", I bid ado.

  2. When love breaths life into words, what is expressed is not what is said but what wants to be said and poetry is born.

  3. I prefer the terms avarice and wrath over greed and anger… Jesus said "be angry and sin not, and greed seems bad but avarice speaks more

  4. exactly. and i never heard of this dude before. til a friend post this up on fb. this dude is awesome.

  5. Oh thank you Mr. Spelling genius wrong must be one of those nasty habits that sneak out now and then if you speak 5 different languages, including English.

  6. I know, I know, I didn't mean for people to ignore them really, and didn't tell anyone to ignore them, I was just making it easy for people to get to Taylor Mali, who most of us came to see because of the title, but I didn't mean in any way the others weren't good 🙁

  7. I think Australia would drive Taylor Mali crazy because all our speach ends with a non question up tone and we mangle the impossible to mangle

  8. pretentious malarkey, pretentious malarkey, clever poem, oh hey it's Taylor Mali with some pretentious malarkey.

  9. The introduction made me want to get MY red pen out!
    "A consortia"? This is what happens when people have an intellectual reach that exceeds their grasp. Perhaps she really was just nervous, but that would have elicited points off on a high school sophomore's paper.

  10. The dog….. Oh my gods, that was a good story. To think he either made it up on the spot or MEMORIZED THE WHOLE THING.

  11. First correction needed: The Dartmouth Centres Forum is not "a consortia". There is no such thing as "a consortia". Consortia is the plural form of consortium. The Dartmouth Centres Forum is a consortium of 11 different centres…

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