45 thoughts on “TEDxUFM: Magatte Wade – Disruptive Brands as Cultural Innovation

  1. "Instead of being the subject of ´how are we gonna fix things´, we become the solution to problems in America"…simply brilliant. 😀

  2. So, u think Africa would do well and be well without money? I'm really sorry, but that's the way it goes my friend… from what I've heard u kinda doing pretty well in Brazil, right? It ain't all about the money, right? Idealist utopia shall save no one, in the world as we know it. Sad? Deal with it and quit hypocrisy… or maybe u should give a better TED talk!

  3. The "hookup culture" is one in which females hookup as means to developing a relationship??
    So what's the hookup culture called in which females aren't "playing a man's game" and instead are just wanting to hookup on the same superficial level?


  5. good lord i was just thinking the other day about how africa needs a marketing campaign and good branding.

  6. Whe you ask to any senegalese young person bla bla… Bullshit! What you've said about seeking for american passports conerns nobody but you. You pretend having mastered other african people's thought. You spend most of your time to depreciate yourself as african without been truthfull toward those people whom you talk to. Yes of curse you about great job with yours projects okay, but it doesn't mean you've got the right to disrespect your natural community as you do. 

  7. Magatte, please look into the ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker in Mozambique. I think you and them will have wonderful synergy! <3 Keep up the great work!

  8. Thank you so much my dear Magatte Wade. Africa needs more inspiring women like you. I hope many of us will learn from you. Together, let us EMPOWER mama AFRICA; she truly deserves it. Thus, CHANGE is imminent.

  9. Great talk!! I want to add to the ideas: We should sell the culture (not only brands) of Africa to the USA. This means selling a healthier culture and lifestyle to that of the Culture in the USA. Unfortunately we have some work to do on the Africa culture to be cooler than that of the USA.

  10. I believe we shouldn't copy the Capitalist ways of the USA! That's not who we are! I am also African. Africa is so beautiful, rich and the start of all humanity.
    We need to find a new way.
    We have the chance to restart humanity, and this time without the evils of what a capitalist society brings. Money is killing the African culture and spirit of abundance. As Africans we need to build a unique culture, that works for us!!

    We have never needed soda pops in the billions of years that Africa has been here. Only advertising and the USA say we need soda pops!

    Let's figure out a new way. A way the rest of the world will love and want to be a part of. That's the only way we can get the USA kids to want to come to Africa! A place free from Capitalism, artificial happiness and old regime ways!

  11. I hope you remember that America and all other country are in serious debt. , for spending / borrowing-  money, and pretending to be rich and did mislead the world,, who knows if soda and all the bullshit we use are best/good for us — we spend sooo much time  terrorising. all we got to show are nuclear weapons. today  we could have been in flying cars– IF THE NEW WORLD [ AFRICA]]IS TO PROPERLY PROCEDE,,  WE  CANNOT FOLLOW  CREDIT SCAM,, NOR EXCLUDE THE  SOLE AFRICANS, — to build your home

  12. wow if you ever see this i want you to know that it resonated with me on such a high level. I’m so grateful africa has people like you to work on its behalf and i hope to meet you one day

  13. Youths are right to think about going America because we do not have nothing to offer, those would say that Africa is rich and they would be right but the way we lead ourselves is not at all appropriate for this modern life. If our government leaders give them what they are looking for they wouldn't have to go anywhere.

  14. Africa needs stability and the rule of law. It needs to stop letting other countries takes all it's natural resources.

  15. She needs to travel more before making blanket statements about a group of people. smh Someone let her know that everything you see on TV is not true.

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