63 thoughts on “Tesla’s legal team bracing for billions in potential liability: Gasparino

  1. Let's sling an automobile into space with an $170 million dollar rocket…..Jesus fucking Christ we're in trouble…

  2. It's not a trade war imbeciles. It's a fight for Capital Investment. And China is losing Billions. As Capital leaves the country!

  3. Musk has been trying to squeeze the short sellers for months and this was his latest failed attempt. The clock is ticking.

  4. This is a problem with having your company in the stock market do you want to take it private that's why I am not someone that believes in having to start working anymore it's doesn't work
    The whole part of his tweet was to be informative and to ask a question simultaneously so that he could get feedback and whether or not at that moment he had funding or not is irrelevant that's a technicality in the status that doesn't matter the bottom line was he was already in negotiations and have been for pretty much a year to get a big-time investor and they would have the funding and take the company private cuz then they don't have to worry about the idiot stock market and a stupid sec
    At most because the first time thing they could find him because it's a tactical thing in this stupid Pond scum and what have you I don't see them filing any significant charges here because there's no intent to defraud and he is taking company private so if he were to call them and say why would it take my company private you can stop trading they're going to do the same thing it doesn't matter because of Bernie Madoff it is ridiculous nonsense

  5. Who in his right mind would buy a Tesla when so many excellent automobiles can be purchased for one-third of the price.

  6. The President is lucky that nutjob left over the Paris accords or they would blame every crazy thing he did on the President.

  7. There is now another whistle blower who is saying that all sorts of things are going on. Musk is another Gus Fring. He has broke bad.

  8. Fox forgets that the Russian undermining of America continues day and night. Their goal is America's financial ruin

  9. We need shut down Twitter. It seems they enjoy destroying society as we now it. Twitter relies on human nature for its existance. How many lives, careers and jobs have been lost due to this bullshit platform. Think about it people.

  10. The CEO of the United States of America is tweeting lies constantly, negatively effecting lives of millions of American citizens of all kind, no matter if someone voted for him or not. How come he isn't getting subpoenas any time he manipulates the market and the American people? Or, just people generally, globally? Why don't you rather criticize this fucked up government and everything they do? Much more harm than a CEO can ever do. Give Musk a freaking break, people! It's not his fault he has 22 million Twitter followers and whatever he says makes an impact.

  11. Elon Musk sent a regular car into space.. ya ok.. haha if you believe that I a bunch of bridges to sell you in Florida.

  12. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I wouldn't be surprised if big car companies would have something to do with Tesla's problems…Pulling the strings. Paying people to find stuff on Musk. Lobbying. Making it hard in any ways possible.

  13. I'm at a crossroads. I'm anti-technology but a proud gun supporter. Are guns technology? Would i have to give my guns up? I read some where that God invented guns so they are actually natural?

  14. Until an electric car can travel coast to coast, charge as fast as a gasoline powered car filling it's tank,.. it will always be impractical.

  15. The disinformation about Tesla and Elon are quite something to see. Posting factually inaccurate and negatively spun info to put people off will fail as people can check for themselves.

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  17. Elon can raise money but he is clueless about manufacturing and this really stupid tweet will end him. He should have taken over an empty auto plant in Detroit where folks know how to make cars and set up for production using experienced auto workers not California amateurs that have zero experience.

  18. So much PROVIDA! Lots of fear mongering.

    Main stream media in the back pockets of the politicians that are "owned/or own" big oil.

  19. Yeah right, Musk has such a long history of telling lies. This man who's changing the world is not to be trusted. Let's place our trust in financial analysts and politicians, because we can count on these guys.

  20. A statement put out by the FCC says, “The decision to classify Fox News as satire has come after several years of evaluation regarding the sources of their reporting and the bias of their programming. While much of their content is based on legitimate news, it is spun is a way that cannot not be deemed newsworthy to the viewing public. If Fox News so chooses to report actual news stories of legitimacy without skewing the content we may overturn our decision and reclassify the network to a valid news source once again." Fox isn't news. It's horseshit dressed up with a side salad. And Elon Musk is a God. People like him are trying to save this "flat earth" so that stupid people who watch Fox can continue to procreate and do stupid things.

  21. The first electric car came out around 1870's… and today's car isn't much better than the first electric car. About the same range except the one built in 1870's was a lot more reliable and had less parts that could break down.

  22. You can always depend on FOX to try and help the ft. Fossil fuel industry. Anything EV FOX hates. Remember how the bagged on the Volt?

  23. When he said the economy was in great shape I knew he was a paid stooge…… everyone with a brain cell knows the bond market is being held up by the federal Reserve. …..Walstreet is not the economy
    I liked watching the puppet dance

  24. I wish there was a completely unbiased news network. Let’s face it, CNN is leftist propaganda while FOX is rightist propaganda. Even if you don’t agree with the past statement, you can at least notice that they are both heavily biased. News networks should just present the news and let viewers interpret it in whichever way they please.

  25. Elon deserves prison….not country club prison… he deserves Federal pound you in the ass prison he's a f**** major felon

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