The 11 Greatest Threats To Humanity

The 11 Greatest Threats To Humanity

With devastating hurricanes refugee crisis and the real possibility of nuclear war it can sometimes feel like the end is near But what are the biggest threats to humanity and is there anything we can do to stop them? Experts all over the world from the global challenges foundation in Stockholm And the Center for study of existential risk at the University of Cambridge consider this question yearly using scientific research Some risks lay millions of years into the future like gamma-ray bursts caused by a star explosion Which would destroy our ozone layer or even the over expansion or collapse of the entire universe? Closer to home we have our Sun which will eventually become a red giant as it ages and engulf the entire planet But even that isn’t for another five billion years more imminent is an asteroid large enough to create a global catastrophe Which is estimated to occur every? 120,000 years while none are currently expected to hit earth soon existing data is Incomplete with a worldwide effort underway to search the skies Should it happen it could create a global cooling event like the Ice Age But even smaller asteroids could have a significant impact on both natural and human Ecosystems – an even closer possibility is the supervolcano the devastation in pompeii from Mount Vesuvius? Released around four kilometres cubed of magma, but these super volcanoes can release more than 500 kilometers cubed the real worry from this worldwide is the ash cloud which would block up the sunlight cooling the globe and crippling agriculture the last known eruption occurred around 25,000 years ago in New Zealand and researchers predicted they occur every 30,000 to 50,000 years Scientists are currently monitoring Yellowstone in the US as a future potential site but not all of our threats are natural overpopulation can outstrip Earth’s capacity to produce food and other resources and Amplify the threat of infectious pandemics due to high densities perhaps with bioengineered diseases Conversely evidence is already pointing to declining fertility rates will we see the human population gradually die out from lack of births or? Will climate change beat this concern a rise of 3 degrees Celsius would be incredibly? significant with most of Florida and Bangladesh underwater while several coastal cities would become On top of this longer and more damaging wildfire seasons more destructive hurricanes heat waves food insecurity and droughts all of which can impact and amplify incidences of violence with nations already suffering from water and climate conditions, which ultimately impacted deteriorating economic conditions Then there’s nuclear war tensions over North Korea have brought this conflict to the forefront with over 7,000 known warheads between Russia and the US and nukes within the UK France China India Pakistan Israel and North Korea the Doomsday Clock created by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Represents the likeliness of a man-made global catastrophe though the clock more recently included climate change and some other developments that put humanity at risk Emphasis is placed on nuclear war since its creation in 1947 the farthest We’ve been from midnight or doomsday is in 1991 when the clock was 17 minutes to midnight today in 2017 the clock sits at 2.5 minutes to midnight the second closest it has ever been Even a small nuclear war could create a nuclear winter Which would cause global cooling and damage to the ozone layer that may ultimately create droughts that lasts more than a decade But the greatest threat of all researchers currently believe it’s artificial intelligence if growth continues to become comparable to the industrial and agricultural revolutions experts predict autonomous machines will attain near human level intelligence by 2075 and even if these machines don’t become malevolent or evil what happens when those programmed to kill fall into the wrong hands or when AI programmed to do something good go about it with a destructive method Thank you all so much for watching this video if you liked it make sure that you subscribe so you can see our videos that Come out every Thursday and we’re gonna link some other videos over there that are similar to this one about how rich people are prepping for the apocalypse and How to survive a nuclear war this year is almost over hang in there peace guys

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  1. This guy didnt get the memo, existential means extinct. Many of these scenerios only reduce population

  2. Where is radiation? I mean there’s a ghost town already due to radiation called chenobyl. If there was a big enough spread of radiation humans would be screwed.

  3. i came here to watch a new video (not really it has passed more than 1 years but yeh)….not to be scared for my life .-.

  4. IMO the biggest threat is the governments. Look up in the sky, we're being poisoned with chemtrails. What good is anything if we're all dead or dying. There is no choice in this matter

  5. omfg guys in the video he said that scientist predict that AIs will be as smart as us in 2072 but now, in fricken 2019 we already have AIs that are smarter than humans that was two years after this video we're all going to dieeeeeeeeee

  6. You got the number of total nukes wrong.
    Russia alone has 7400 nukes. US has 6800, Chinese 400, French, British, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea all has few.
    In total there are more than 15,000 nukes in this world. Which is not alot compared to Cold War. Where Russia at one point had 60,000 nukes.

  7. My idea is that some idiot that runs a massive corporation discided to program AI to have it's only goal is to save the environment. Just think about it for a minute. It is basically saying kill all humans…

  8. I can't believe that they say climate change is the third most threatening event for human life and ROBOTS are the first… I'm speechless

  9. Climate change is not going to cause human extinction, we already survived the ice ages, mini ice age, and the medieval warm period, plus some others.

  10. Here’s a crazy theory
    i feel like everything is a toy
    I mean the bad things could be a new kid playing us and making the world end
    And be child ish and the black hole feels like a box and even making us not exist

  11. I think the diseases caused by infectious pandemics is important as it help to lower the population and maintain a balance ,
    Or we can use condoms
    Or call Thanos for our rescue

  12. The biggest and only threat for humanity is lack of human rights and mental, moral, social education systems advancements for centuries already, and lack of fight with overall toxic and destructive beheviors, relationship, and emotions. Archaic "million vote for 1 to make decisions for all". Yes democracy makes you a million hungry rats voting for 1 insane king. Lack of personal will development, which is instead a crowd control and brainwash. Lack of will to be intelligent. Globalisation of consumption, art and entertainment.
    Global trend to deal with consequencess of a lack of personal development of masses by control with use of "AI" survelliance. People are becoming sheep to each other, there are no more wolf even among us, almost nobody sees a direction to go forward and overcome themselves, to participate, fight own demons. To be unique. Honest and justified, to gain common sense and openmindness. We are loosing it all.
    Much faster than AI is improving. Which alas is still going nowhere with crossroads pics captcha and ad engines. Why do we need quantum processors if we can't build mass data analytics engine which could give prognosis for future? The people are still not done with stupid idea of time machine to change past, while they have methods to predict and control future. All of us. We will not even destroy each other, we will degrade to fat hyennas state, roaring at each other, enslaving, weakening eachother, manipulating will and subconsious and letting us lose our WILL.
    The planet will be fine or it won't, but it will be here, or on mars, humanity, the ones, whom we eveolved each other and whole to.
    Natural events and climate are unlikely to be a real threat any forseable future, not more than it is already. Because of lack of ecology treat and use of toxic substances, we will loose more than half of variety of all species, also known now that pollution is soon to make extinct most valuable species of insects, whixh pollute our consuption crops: cotton, lets say? honey bees? they are seemingly dying off.
    Volcano, floods, colds, nuclear wars, all they can do is decrease population. It will not make us more pathetic than we already are.
    In case of earth collapse, mars seems to be a last resort for current leaders. Yes, ones that try to mindwash you with ads, discounts, war, violence, and totalitarism. And elon mask won't go alone against that. But he is one of few sane human evolution leaders by far, on par with google and apple teams.

  13. Gosh i wish in the future robot have feeling i wanted to treat machine for what they achieve respected but also im lonely and i want friends that can actually "feel" human emotions but will learn from it use it for good and make themselves capable of handling and coordinate with humans without the both clash and controversy to each other

  14. kinda silly under-population is on here. Yeah it's a concern in some places, and in the past, but globally? Not at all. Should have been replaced with the rapidly falling worldwide bee population.

  15. The Last great civilization was destroyed by cataclysm by God due to Drugs,Rock music and Homosexuality and genetic engineering.

  16. I think the greatest threat to humanity is resources. And damn we use a lot of them. What happens when it becomes limited? War. We can just kill each other!!

  17. Someone show this to the somehow political leaders who know absolutely nothing about the longevity of humanity and only care for how much money they have

  18. With each passing year, human freedom is challenged in new ways. In 2019, surveillance tactics became more aggressive, more invasive, and more manipulative, and were often used by authorities to quash human rights, exploit personal privacy, and take children away from their parents.

  19. For all of those w/ anxiety: Yellowstone park is very unlikely to explode within the next decade. The signs just aren’t there.

  20. 1:50 -Corona Virus
    2:16 -Australia Bush fires and droughts
    2:25 , 2:30 -America and Iran (WW3)
    3:31 -Creation of the Zenobots

    Hmmm sounds a lot like 2020

  21. And now the overpopulation thing is truly real what with coronavirus. And the global warming has caused Australian fires. Not the best start to 2020. Hopefully it'll get better. So stay safe, frens

  22. the last eruption happened around 640 thousand years ago and scientist say that it occurs every 600 thousand years
    so that will quite likely be the end of humanity


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