The 5 Worst Civilizations in AoE2

The 5 Worst Civilizations in AoE2

Hey guys Spirit of the Law here in this video we’ll look at the worst civilizations in Age of Empires 2 now, of course that sounds like something pretty subjective and considering that every Civilization is at least someone’s favorite who’s really to say which ones are the worst the best we can do is look at the actual Stats to determine which ones have the lowest win rate which seems to me like the most objective way to compare them the data for this video comes from over a hundred and fifty thousand one versus one games on Voobly put Together on an awesome site, which I’ll link in the description. It only includes games that have been played in the first few months of 2019 so bear in mind if these civilizations have undergone some balance changes in the future. These won’t necessarily still be the worst Starting things off at number five with a win rate in the low 40s is the Italians I would guess a lot of the civilizations on this list are played because they were given by random on land Maps Italians aren’t bad at all on water But struggle a lot on maps like Arabia and Black Forest Their gunpowder discount and condottieri are only relevant in Imperial age Whereas one versus ones typically lend themselves to a more aggressive style of game with fighting in feudal or Castle age The only thing really helping them out. There is a 15% discount on advancing through the ages It’s not a terrible bonus by any means and is enough to help them. Keep pace with the average Civilizations economy the data still points to a big weakness in the early to mid game though Which I attribute to the civilization being built around blooming into either their unique unit the Condottiero or gunpowder I think they would do a lot better if team games were factored in here But just don’t have a chance to shine in one verse ones with the conventional strategies Next up and number four is the Saracens like the Italians their main issue is that they’re not fast out of the gate they’re only economy bonuses affect the market which besides being used in a few cheese strategies is Mostly helpful in the late game early on the Saracens have it pretty rough If the game ends when they’re in Castle age, for instance, there’s almost a two-thirds chance They’ve lost a major contributor to that is that they consistent fall behind in villagers which translates to less military and fewer technologies It’s interesting because they actually have a lot of choice with an open tech tree of archers and cavalry including camels they’re a great example of how an open tech tree is just not that important in the early to mid-game as The games go longer though They have a pretty clear upward trend The results consistently improve with greater game lengths as they’re able to get some of their stronger units like Mamelukes and seige onagers out Next up at number three is the portuguese it’s yet another case of a Civilization that actually ends up being average or a bit better than average in games lasting over an hour But struggle to survive long enough early on they’re only relevant bonus in a 1vs1. Land game is a 15% gold discount on units you would think that would be good for archers and knights and they have all of the relevant Technologies for both of those units but in practice that doesn’t seem to translate into a consistent early advantage It’s possible. The discount just isn’t large enough as it stands at the moment to really make an impact We are really just talking about a few gold per unit without a strong economy bonus They fall behind in villagers and research during the mid game If we were to look more specifically at water maps or again at team games, they might come out a bit stronger Moving on at number two with a roughly 40 percent win rate is the vietnamese They’re the second least pick civilization and the least picked in the bottom five So the secret is definitely out that they could use a buff They also follow the trend of lacking a strong economy bonus, but again get more competitive in really long games in this case They never quite catch up entirely though I think the main problem in their early game is just that the extra HP on archers doesn’t make a huge difference in practice They’re still weak to all of the same units. They normally are like skirmishers It’s also pretty obvious to everyone that you’ll be going for archers unless you decide to completely ignore The one thing your civilization is good at Unfortunately archers are just too easy to counter when you know, they’re coming for Vietnamese to really have a consistent edge There are tough civilization to play and the results reflect that before we look at the worst civilization though Let’s take a look at a couple of dishonorable mentions that were just outside the top five like the Malay. They’re actually the least picked Civilization like the Italians they have a bonus for aging up though this time It’s faster advancing you’d think that could be used to get a quick jump into military But in the shortest games, they lose a lot more than they win I think they’re a great example of not so much a bad Civilization as probably just one that messes with players normal habits and build orders Another civilization just outside. The top five was the Koreans. They’re actually at their best and under 20 minute games Thanks to their surprise tower rushes though, then again who would really be surprised by them? They collect way above average amounts of stone early on but follow it up by becoming significantly behind in villagers it’s a very all-in strategy interestingly their war wagon backed up by siege onagers and halberdiers is a Well-known death vault combination, but Koreans still have a below average win rate in games lasting over 60 minutes It’s possible that one verse ones. Just don’t give them a proper chance to boom At number one though And it’s not even close is the Khmer at a 36 percent win rate yikes they have brutal early game stats winning only a quarter of their games that end in the feudal age and even if they hang on for over an hour They still lose more than half the time their best matchup is against Portuguese where they only win 47% that’s their best matchup meaning they have a losing record against every other civilization their worst is a 27% win rate against Incas. It’s actually a bit odd looking at the stats because their villager numbers are right around average Reflecting a decent economy though technology research is also right around average and all of their resources seems to be keeping pace I’ve seen people defend them saying that they’re the most underrated Civ but when it comes down to it they’re just not getting it done part of that might be that they specialize in Traditionally unpopular units that people don’t have a lot of experience with like the elephant and the Scorpion but those are the objectively worst Civilizations in Age of Empires 2 at the moment if your favorite civilization made an appearance. Sorry about that There’s nothing I can do. Remember even playing one of these civilizations doesn’t guarantee a loss Every civilization has strengths but some are just strengthier than others. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see you next time You

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  1. How about you use "difference from mean win rate (at the appropriate game length)" instead of absolute win rate for your comparisons?
    It seems most civilizations have closer to 50% win rates in very long (above 50min) games. This might be because those long games are "more random", for several reasons.

  2. of course these civalizations are THE BEST if you want a challenge 😉 – it all depends on what you want 🙂

  3. Spanish are the best becouse they have the misionary and it is great for monk rushes and when you atack a town with monks…. you get that town for youre self… and you end up with lots of diferent arhitectures

  4. Which version of the game is this? I saw that in last couple of years some new versions came out. I did see on Youtube that people play it online. I loved the game back in the day.

  5. Dude, there is no trace of midnight hotel in its original form anywhere on the internet, do I have to return to this video to listen to it from now on?

  6. You know when you are old when you don't recognize the new civilizations. Where was I all this time? Oh I know, working my ass off.
    Back in my days, Huns where all over the place in 1vs1 Arabia games.

  7. What is strengthier?

    I had to pause the video for 30 seconds, make this comment, just to let you know I had to pause the video over that word.

    Parabens amigo

  8. I think a better way to determine which Civilizations are the worst would be to match them up against each other in small battles. For example 10 Italian archers vs 10 English archers. Do this with all the Civs in a Round Robin style format.

  9. I suck at AoE and every RTS but i love them anyways(how Youtube reccomend me since i didnt search for anything similar but still Sub)

  10. I just hope for the Age II DE developers will consider this statistics and make all the civilizations competitive in the most played maps. I have always wondered why they made the Saracens so weak in Arabia and land maps in general.

  11. Ah the Malay. Don't know why they have the least amount of players, I think they're awesome, at least if you have some water (infinite food my dudes, and that's just the start of it). Though I will admit, they also have the ability to make two-handed swordsmen trash units, hence giving them yet another weird yet interesting alteration to the usual style of gameplay.

  12. I know why pros love AZTECS but I do not. I just do not see why people do not use some of my loved civs more 🙂 And also -people love age II rush which is not fun for me and so for me the game is all about what happens after age III – meaning all depends on tge perspective

  13. "Fish traps have unlimited food" what? Am i understanding that right? Are fish traps really that bad that infinite food in any small water tile isn't a useful bonus?

  14. The trouble with using stats, is that RTS games are easy to learn, but difficult to master. So most of these civs in the hands of a master, is pretty negligible. Also… there are a lot of smurfs who resign even when they've pretty much won, making the stats skewed.

  15. Khmer. Best civilisation for death match. Can get to imperial age the quickest, and has the biggest hammer for crushing opponents

  16. Despite the fact Italians made it onto the list, they're still my favorite. I Think it might actually be that people just ignore their early infantry because they don't have any bonuses, when you're going to end up needing those Blacksmith upgrades anyways and it could help you spam pikes or spears.

  17. A combination of onagers… 16 castles pumping 200 ballista els …and a good 40 trebs…your damn near unstoppable on unlimited fish map like europe

  18. All these stats are collected in a very specific type of game. You start in dark age with few resources. Basically most of the info we have on civs is how good of a scarcity-type civ they are.

  19. Saracens work well with Turks , Malians and Berbers..😒😉🤩😅🤩🙂
    Historically accurate and proven…
    Teutonic knights know better if you ask em'…🤑🤑🤑🤑

  20. Fml, When I was like 12 and played aoe2 I though Byzantines were the most OP Civ in the game. lol
    Followed by Teutons because of Teutonic Knight.

  21. I'm entirely unsurprised to see the Koreans make an appearance here, given that it's 1v1 stats. In an Arabia matchup, the Koreans primary strategies are

    A) Tower rush


    B) Die.

    They're verrrry much a post-imperial civ—or at least they were before the DE buffs. Stick them in a black forest 4v4 for best results.

  22. In all Western Europe games i played the Khmer had the highest chances of winning in the late game , with the turks. So i think there are game mods where the Khmer are good

  23. I like the Italians especially since they get the extra unit in the barracks. I can agree on the Portuguese being pretty bad especially since their special unit isn't very good. For me the Malay, Aztecs, Portuguese, Celts & Mayans very hard to win with.

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