The 7 Habits – Changing Culture Changes Everything

The 7 Habits – Changing Culture Changes Everything

culture you have one whether you know it or not it’s at the core of every success and the heart of every failure you can’t buy it and no one can copy it your culture can be your greatest competitive advantage and you only find it here among your people it’s about your values how you treat your customers and how you work together to get the job done a winning culture doesn’t happen by accident it’s a series of choices and commitments by every leader and every person on your team when you build a winning culture with The 7 Habits as the foundation you and your team don’t just go to work you go to work to get the most important things done in the most effective way you listen you collaborate you find new ways to innovate you persevere and ultimately you win Today is a new day what kind of culture are you building? The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People changing culture changes everything

2 thoughts on “The 7 Habits – Changing Culture Changes Everything

  1. How many times we have all worked where there was a culture of stagnation and blindness…
    That's why I am going out on my own – to create greatness.

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