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  1. Best diet for colon cancer prevention is definitely based on anecdotes from young people on youtube who under-ate calories and fell off a vegan diet. What is science anyways but a bunch of anecdotes!

    Wooooooooo all lobster diet!

  2. If you missed the previous video, check out Best Foods for Colon Cancer Prevention: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/best-foods-for-colon-cancer-prevention/

  3. I fear that after decades of eating the SAD my colon is a mess . I can't believe I'm alive actually. They say it's never too late so maybe we can reverse the damage done . Like many here this is all we knew in the 60's ,70's , 80's and 90's . Meat , eggs , dairy was good for us they said. What a massive lie. I'm angry, so should you be.

  4. I think you mean PROCESSED meats increases the risk, not just eatting meat. I get it, you have a vegan agenda that you're trying to push.

  5. Why single out animal products? What about the white flour pancakes, hamburger buns, etc? A good study would have separated those variables.

  6. Great video. The anti-cancer videos are my favourites. Feel that all the other disease can be almost prevented almost prevented by a serious vegan diet but there is more to know off what to eat versus special types of cancer so these videos are very good! Cheers Dr Greger and Nutritionfacts.org team

  7. Thank, but I ask me, when you look how the most african peopel cooking, without animals product, she take much oil!! And get not canser from this much oil? Look here,of YT african recipe!!

  8. Thank God for Dr. Greger. So informative. Great information as always. Stay prayed up, Increase the vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds. Hydrate and exercise.

  9. Those unfortunate rural Africans… hope they were well-compensated for the 2 weeks of constipated misery and other potential harms.

  10. I think none of you have been to a Reinhard Bonnke healing tent church outreach in Africa.
    Thousands upon thousands of Africans standing in line for healing of cancer, cancerous growths and other diseases which have not been identified as most of these people cannot afford doctors costs and hospital bills. This is in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo…. etc. etc….countries which these so-called scientists claim are consumers of fruit and vegetables, grains, seeds & nuts. If these people were in such vibrant health why do thy stream to these healing crusades seeking healing from diseases scientists say they are NOT suffering from.
    Africans CANNOT live without their beef, chicken, pork and eggs and they are dying of related diseases. I worked with Africans in Municipal offices and they were dying of diabetes, heart disease, etc. due to their high intake of animal food which they kept in their back yards ready for slaughter, like Cows, chickens, eggs. They have customs where they celebrate ancestral worship and cows and chickens are slaughtered and the blood caught up and drank and the dead carcasses fried on open fires.
    I dont think Africa is looked at holistically by who-ever these so-called scientists are.
    Africa is indeed not 'n picture of vibrant health!!

  11. Does the study make a distinction between organic grass fed animal products and factory farmed SAD animal products?

  12. This has to be one of the best nutritionfacts vids yet. Very hopeful and scientific; seeing clear changes in just 2 weeks. Proves that a plant based diet is so worth the switch. Thanks for doing the research and posting!

  13. Agree with everything except the conclusion; saying that this is evidence in favor of a vegan diet being optimal is simply not true. Yes a healthy vegan diet is better than the SAD, but there is no evidence in this study that supports the idea that a healthy vegan diet is better than a healthy omnivorous diet. You even conveniently omitted the words "In my opinion" that the authors of the study included before their conclusion. This conclusion may be true in the end, but this study does not support that conclusion.

    A better conclusion from this study would be that improving the quality of your diet can lower your risk for colon cancer and improve the health of your colon in a short period of time. Switching from the SAD to a diet more rich in whole foods and vegetables can have a positive effect on your health.

    On another note, it's fine to in the end say that in your opinion a vegan diet is better for different reasons at the end, but just be clear that your opinion is supported by other facts rather than the information gained from this study.

  14. Gee, almost 500k subscribers. Can anybody explain this video to me?
    The guy has almost 3 million subscribers, and not only do the recent studies seem to support his views, but my own personal experiences do.

  15. thank you dear sweet and super smart Dr Greger!!….I appreciate you so much, because since 18 years now my colon is no longer a gaveyard to rotten animal body parts!

  16. Going plant based stopped years of diverticulitis flares dead in their tracks. I used to struggle to tolerate 10 grams of fiber and now easily do more than 70 grams daily.

  17. This study was interesting but shows that people (educated?) are still under the false assumption that fish oil is good for you. 5:14

  18. I think there's a slight misunderstanding with a fodmap diet. I have IBS, and beans only affected me in the 3 week break in period as most people go through. They really seem to help because the fiber soaks up a lot of excess water in the gut. I have them every day and have been more regular than in any time in my life. People try elimination diets with beans and it fails because they kill off all their bacteria they need for digestion.

  19. You used the South African flag, so was the African-arm of the study done in South Africa? I find it hard to believe that South Africans tend to eat a diet low in animal products, because most of my South African friends and relatives do in fact eat more meat than my friends and relatives in Western Europe.

  20. And yet high-profile YouTubers and doctors like Kurzgesagt and Chubbyemu insist there's never going to be enough evidence against meat consumption because dietary science can never be certain of anything.

  21. You hit another Home Run!!! I am a colorectral cancer survivor now for 9 years, but if I had know this critical information years before diagnosis, radiation, and surgery, I believe I would have never gone this route, leaving me incontinent. Doing well and thanking God for researchers like you and others in the WFPB community. You wouldn't believe that the Mayo surgeons and doctors recommended an iron rich meat diet while on the mend!!!

  22. It is best to minimize non-fruits-and-vegetables.

    Eat brassicas, crucifers, cole crops, legumes fruits, roots and shoots.

  23. I didn't know Africans eat a "near-vegan" diet. Don't they consume various animal products? The only difference might be that they consume less "processed-meat" than Americans.

  24. That immunohistochemistry didn't show any evidence of abnormal/premalignant Proliferation. Basal proliferation is normal in the colon, and as in the examples you showed, there is always basal proliferation in the colonic crypts in the high fiber diets as well as the lower Fiber diet. The amounts of inflammatory cells in all the Pictures were also completely normal and nothing like one would in a chronic inflammatory condition (UC/Crohn's) or lymphocytic colitis or an infection, for example. You're supposed to have inflammatory cells in the gut. They're there for a good reason.

  25. Folks, it is very important that you read These studies yourself. This is a very important part of the investigators' discussion which was apparently not included in the Video:

    "Our study revealed two unanticipated colonic mucosal findings in rural Africans consuming their usual baseline diets. First, despite the significantly lower epithelial proliferation and population colon cancer rates, mucosal inflammation detected endoscopically, histologically, and by immunohistochemistry, was more common and pronounced compared to high risk African Americans (Figure 1). Secondly, despite the lower protein intake and lower plasma amino acid levels (Supplementary Table 9), proteolytic fermentation was also increased, releasing metabolites that are known to be inflammatory and pro-carcinogenic. The explanation for these findings is unclear, but may be linked to the high prevalence of chronic parasitic infestations in rural Africans causing inflammation and exudation of mucinous proteins. Of note, schistosoma were incidentally identified in two subjects, and a tapeworm segment in another (Supplementary Figure 3). Intestinal protozoa have been hypothesized to stimulate immunosurveillance against colon cancer. Clearly further focused investigations of these paradoxical findings are needed, but possible explanations involve the complex associations between inflammation, immunosurveillance, and carcinogenesis, and the ability of butyrogenesis to arrest the progression of inflammation to neoplasia."


    What this means is that rural Africans had high Levels of Inflammation at baseline as compared to the Americans and they also had high Levels of metabolites known to be pro-inflammatory and pro-carcinogenic even though they ate a high-fiber, lower protein diet. Interestingly, as seen above, the Africans also had parasites (such as schiotosomiasia and tapeworms) and in other parts of the paper they mention how there were multiple study participants in both groups who were obese, yet there was no difference in gut microbiota between the obese and thin participants.

  26. does prevention mean healing in a way or another? lets say I got colonel cancer, can this food help me to recover?

  27. How can Dr. Greger make such claims when it's scientific fact that vegans have the highest rates of colon cancer than any other group?

  28. Dear Dr.
    Thanks for these valuable videos. Please keep making them because they are the best way to know the real benefits of plant based diet. And only if possible please consider translate them. That will help to a better understanding for latin american people.

  29. I’ve gone vegan at 49 and think it’s the right move by looking at research. I’ve lost 5kgs in a month 90-85kgs. 5 kilos to my target weight of 80 KGS. After 2 and half weeks I’m not miss the meat, eggs or dairy.

    Enjoy my food now. Rice, oats potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, pulse, nuts, seeds, salads and veggies and fruit. I aim for 4700mg of potassium and 400mg of magnesium daily by food. I take D3 10,000IU daily, B12 5000mcg twice weekly and K2 200mcg daily. I cheer you to go whole food based !!

  30. I would never claim diet to be some magic bullet, but it basically fixed my severe GERD. I used to literally wake up choking and gasping for air not knowing what was going on and feeling like I'm about to choke to death because the reflux would be in my airways. Didn't matter if my bed was tilted with the head up. Didn't matter if I didn't eat within three or four hours of bed. My valve just doesn't close (verified via scope) and so I would get pains during the day and choke to death (almost) at night. Eating 30-40 grams of fiber and only about 5-10% animal products (fish and milk) solved it for me, I'm 95% sure. Nothing else worked, not even meds. Diet can matter. It's just really hard to do and not a cure-all.

  31. What’s your thoughts on a someone Swimming in and drinking chlorinated water, getting bacterial infections quit frequently taking antibiotics and eating an SAD diet with no critical steps too recover the microbiome?

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