The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 82- Airbnb scams, housing addiction, welfare dollar, attention, Q&A

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 82- Airbnb scams, housing addiction, welfare dollar, attention, Q&A

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoin meister the disrupt meister welcome to the beyond bitcoin show today
is november the 2nd 2019 strong hand i’m confiscated
bitcoin is next bitcoin personal responsibility is new counterculture the
furrow of gratification conviction golden age relentless alright people
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of course this is the beyond bitcoin show where i got to talk much bitcoin
here tonight we’re gonna talk about politics a little health to go to go
though the good old days all sorts of interesting topics so let’s start off
with jeff dan drew who has been on this show before on the dollar this week in
bitcoin show he’s an accountant in new jersey i saw a picture of him the other
day with a bitcoin rabbi I gotta say Jeb Andrew is ripped dude he I mean he’s got
the 24-inch pythons I couldn’t believe it
pound that like button for that Hulk Hogan reference no and he didn’t get his
pythons the same way hawk oh he did and they’re probably not 24-inch pythons
either but yeah but Jeff’s got this great tweet he obviously cares about
being healthy i I mean I’ve had him the show before I did not realize that
was rip dude whoa I mean he could like snap my it snapped me in half
hey one of the most transgressive acts you can take in today’s times is to go
through life physically fit attractive and in good spirits and that says a lot
about the the age that we’re living in today if you’re in good spirits if
you’re attractive if you’re physically fit that that’s not you gotta be a
victim in today’s game it’s transgressive to be to be one of
those things and to be proud of it everyone’s got something sickness
everyone’s got a mental illness everyone is trying to make themselves uglier I
mean that that’s fitting in it’s it’s pretty wacky today and the most
important thing is it’s that it’s transgressive to be in good spirits yeah
yeah it’s horrible I mean people when people watch my show
and they see that I’m happy there you must be on drugs you’re on coke no dudes
in the old days people were happy people are exciting striving for greatness
majority of people today or contain like to get fat and drunk I guess I don’t um
but die hey hey step one be healthy be happy
it’s transgressive today hey hey 20% are there you’re different it’s the
counterculture hurt definitely personal responsibility okay we got vention said
hey Adam and Reber 73 says give us a prediction for Bitcoin fiat value in
2020 no I don’t do that dude I don’t do that
I know do that that’s that I I’m not gimmicky like that I tried it’s a
thinking person show you know I eat people that do most people that do that
think they won’t click some a million dollar Bitcoin toward 20 years $95,000
Bitcoin 69 thousand six hundred ninety nine Bitcoin you get that one um yeah
what my prediction is this pervy fiat value in 2012 have a on
the day of a having the day of the having a 20/20
it will be worth more in Fiat than 210,000 blocks earlier which is the day
of the having in 2016 what I like to talk about is to 210,000 block rule you
can take any date in Bitcoin history and if you go back to hundred ten thousand
blocks which is about four years it’s worth more in terms of Fiat so I think
that rule will continue so on December 31st 20 20 20 I think it will be worth
more than it was on like November 30th of 26 no I’m doing it backwards January
35th of 2017 a just subtract its before subtract two hundred ten thousand blocks
from any day in 2020 it will be worth more than that that’s my Fiat prediction
all right any value your wealth and bitcoin one pick and try to get more
bitcoins don’t worry about the Fiat don’t worry about the fear moving on to
what is this forty four percent of consumers have expenses exceeding
incomes did you hear that but hey and because this is from
Bloomberg consumer cracks emerge is back say everything looks fine I gotta say
44% of I’m not encouraging you to be a consumer and for your expenses to exceed
your income but there are all sorts of wacky financial products out there
credit cards you can go into all sorts of day people are doing it it’s working
out pretty well I mean they’re getting what they want people want stuff people
want big houses they’re it’s their expenses exceed their incomes now they
they have to they get into jams again the pickles they they they’re gonna go
more into debt okay they’re alive they got a center kiss the public school they
might get hooked on drugs there’s a lot of negative
that go with being in debt okay but it’s working out what people say next is 44%
of cumin consumers have expenses exceeding incomes the whole world is
gonna fall apart no it’s not the hyper consumer economy
of the United States of the Western world it’ll keep going you don’t have to
participate in it though you could be a saver you could be a big pointer you
could be in the Bitcoin overlay and just watch it all happen watch them keep up
with the inflation rate the inflation race it’s it’s not fun to be in that
inflation race downward spiral whatever you want to call it okay did have to
work to it to deal you know I got I gotta get a bigger house gotta get a
bigger got to make more money gotta move got to get in another car what how am I
gonna do is get great greater and greater debt it’s it’s a very stressful
lifestyle ok get work longer hours if you’re not in the debt cycle you work
when you want to work you dip in the savings here and there you save more
your money makes you money you travel around it’s a more relaxing type of
thing so um again 44% of consumers have expenses exceeding incomes it’s a pretty
wild statistic there you don’t have to be a statistic
at the same time but I don’t you know they’ll be able to keep pulling it off
inflation etc debt it works it works for the 80 percenters they like what they’re
getting they like what they’re getting from it they’re happy I’m happy enough
in a superficial type of way but they they’re there or they’re too busy too
they’re busy they’re busy out working real hard to pay for all that stuff okay
let’s talk about it in an inflation trap the ultimate inflation trap and that’s a
housing addiction now what’s housing addiction it is the need or the desire
to just you keep up with the Joneses you got to get a bigger house in a better
neighborhood and so you’re really happy that your
original house your original house has gained a lot of value hasn’t it hasn’t
it so now you can sell that original house and you get a bigger house but
that bigger house costs much more than it should because of inflation so you’re
not really so you’re up you’re supposedly upgrading your getting get
more into debt having the work harder and it’s an it’s an endless cycle it’s
an endless cycle unless you can downsize I say this but
be like me go from Airbnb to another Airbnb rent if you need to whatever it
is owning a house so many expenses the expenses I linked to a Carl denature
post that explains the logic behind that you know you think your house house
values going up but if you’re getting into a bigger house you’re not doing
yourself too well financially there you’re not going to end up with much
you’re gonna end up with a big house and in debt now I mean some people are happy
with that though and and it is the most the housing market is the most powerful
enslaving tool in the welfare dollar system okay people need to keep on
satisfying their need to fit in they need to get a bigger and bigger house
they need to get more and more into debt and what is the mechanism they use to do
so dollar-denominated debt okay so for those of you and they deal with the
inflation people say all people will rebelled because they know they’re not
gonna bail people the housing expenses people going to housing prices keep
going up and up and up and they keep on buying into the game okay they keep on
buying into that game for all you people the people will wake up and they will
all give you the Bitcoin no they won’t most most people will not then we
they’ll be happy with their bigger and bigger house more and more debt more and
more dollars dollar debt and that props up the dollar system for those of yours
oh the dollar will be inflated away if he keeps on inflating and they keep on
buying bigger houses the system works perfect for those type of people
they’re enslaved to the house they’re enslaved to their look and amendment and
this keeps the the local local governments going to they keep on
raising property taxes the people don’t send they keep on creating more fees in
order to fit in but these houses they blindly pay the stuff so and it’s all
based on the welfare dollar on the dollar some dollar isn’t going anywhere
people keep more and more people keep spending more and more dollars on
useless houses all useless taxes they didn’t you wouldn’t have to pay all
those fees and taxes if you if you weren’t owning those useless houses Oh
gigantic mega mansions that you don’t need that you’re just buying to impress
your wife or your kids or your neighbor or whatever your aunt your uncle who
knows how that like button but it’s it’s yeah the system continues you don’t have
to be a part of the system now fitting in is overrated
twenty percent our baby in the Bitcoin Bitcoin overlay all right
Roman said pounded good I’m glad you pounded Roman pound away okay um I just
right so now there were human human is a a great content producer for men going
their own way and he has a video out there about drama and concentrate
constant confrontation trolling dominating over conversations he he
concludes by Sarah in this talk of his is some people relate by fighting that’s
that’s how some people relate today they gotta fight you own everything they got
to scream at you they’re gonna confront you they got a troll they got to
dominate a conversation what happened it was just having irregular relating to
someone by conversing with them and if they have a disagreement with them you
haven’t we you peacefully go back and forth you say
that the good points of your argument they say the good points of their
argument now it’s like no it’s trolling cursing scream dominating over
conversations about we need it’s not about conversing anymore so
people relate by fighting and yeah that is sick and he talks about that but hey
you could just avoid those people I avoid those people I have trolls all the
time that try to throw me on Twitter they try to throw me in the comments I
just don’t I don’t reply I mean like they get a kick they get some weird kick
out of yelling and screaming and trolling that’s their business
you know kicks keep getting harder to find I guess for them that’s a song by
Paul Revere and the Raiders it’s about not doing drugs and it’s like from 1965
they even then Paul Revere and the Raiders new I haven’t heard that song
for a while soon I will hear that song again I look
forward to it kids keep designing if your kids look I’m wearing a much faster
day to like I had the beard looking thing that I had a goatee thing you know
I’ve only like done one show in the past where I had a mustache because like in
my whole life I’ve only had a mustache one day it was I think was in Quebec in
2017 try to find that one people if you can I was in Quebec City in September of
2017 August 2017 I had a mustache for one day and so now I’ve got this body’s
want to see what I look like with a mustache I got this little thing here
too I look like Frank Zappa or something
ridiculous like that comment like button for ridiculous Meister you got a laugh
at yourself and this is kind of funny some people actually suggested it we’ll
have you look pretty you look hard if you got a mustache you got one of those
handlebar no I won I look like if I could Frank Zappa
or something in his ridiculous Road excuses so a bad 80s Adam Meister if
there wasn’t it there was no adult Adam Meister in the 80s I’ll tell you that
little kid was not able to grow a mustache Nate this is how I was looking
with 70s and 80s if I was uh if I was a Rockford maybe that’s it no
he didn’t have a mustache so Romek uses some of the best characteristics of my
Bitcoin are no taxes for holding oh that’s a good one
it doesn’t require a new roof Oh baby that’s that’s huge right there I
earn dividends owning it instead of paying interest owning it yes people you
get crypto dividends Forks and air drops that you get from your big point but
yeah every house I bow and I’ve had to replace the roof on every house I bought
it happens sometimes it happens sooner than later but it it’s a pain and
roofers oh dude they are some scary dudes and they don’t they’ll lie about
it either man they’ll tell you straight up that they’re that they had histories they I mean whatever at least I’m trying
to get back to work after they’ve been in jail and everything I get I get
people crowded okay yeah you’ve been in jail instead of doing something bad when
you get out of jail you become a roofer and you get an honest pay day so I I
shouldn’t be ripped I’m not ripping on it okay but it’s it’s in there it’s it’s
a hard job and yeah and it’s a pain and it’s very expensive when you get a new
roof it’s it’s not fun and it’s not fun to have a leak knowing that you have to
get a source of damage water damage all right now that she says they have to
be careful now in the past they could threaten the financial system to get a
bailout or anything else they want now though alternatives are available well I
don’t know who they I mean banks will still be able to bail house so some more
will fail I think more will fail than usual
but many will get bailout said the government still will give up all sorts
of corporations that bailout said no one deserves the government shouldn’t be
bailing out individuals the government shouldn’t be bailing out corporations
anything like that adding sporting the magnum p.i look yeah
there you go that’s what I was going for their bet you know I’ll go back to PI
and I don’t use a Magnum either I’m just regular size tell Matt like
button because yeah I used to value my wealth like
and I was pounding away if you know what I mean so we Allah
let’s listen in 4k so we talk about housing magnum p.i he obviously he
pounded no doubt about it so let’s talk about this attention economy there’s
some people like Scott that Scott act like Scott Adams I don’t want to put
words of the dude’s mouth but sometimes he’s talking about getting attention on
social media and he’s like whoa they get attention it’s like by any means
necessary and what this leads to is you have a
bunch of people it devolves into people acting like children having hissy fits
whoever makes the biggest scene gets the most attention and then they wing social
media oh and they’re really they get positive reinforcement to these people
you know though who you get naked who can show the most body parts it’s it’s
all it devolves into being a little child screaming look at me look at me
look at me and you know I I poke fun act uh I click bait and clickbait titles
okay this is way beyond that so yeah we mean
has become G you scream like a baby and that gets your message across supposedly
now I thought and uh that they win avoid that aspect of social media there are
Twitter you get plenty of that you get play of that who can be outward who can
show they’re the most outraged by crying and screaming avoid that part of Twitter
go read the threads the the feeds of smart people of smart people in the
cryptocurrency space that have been on my show before that’s how that’s how I
treat Rick I treat Twitter and it’s just a blog as I go to smart people’s blog
that’s that’s what it is for me but this attention economy there are
good aspects of the attention economy okay people creating worthwhile videos
and they they market themselves that way and they’re able to monitor
who they are what they think that’s good that I like but most people can’t handle
that adult behavior they want to fight they want to scream they want to be
outraged and they make they you can make a lot of money that way too
that’s what it is so aspects of the economy at engine economy are like
little kids having a fit so let’s get into a healthy behavior here at 7:00
a.m. this morning here in Adelaide Australia it’s already the next day here
for you guys you guys suck on November the second I hope I said it was November
the second not October the second anyway so we’re already in November the third
here in Australia so I went running at 7:00 a.m. and this is my tip first of
all I mentioned this before you go on a run early in the morning it gets you
going it gets you going it jump-starts your date but to do it in the southern
hemisphere very important very important especially if you’re so blonde hair
person which I’m not you avoid ridiculous Sun of the southern
hemisphere and I I think it is worse that the worst Sun on the planet is in
Australia and New Zealand it’s just you get you feel that thing right away so
the earlier you run the less Sun you get you wrap it up before 9 a.m. you don’t
have to worry as much a much I mean please put sunscreen on still even that
early here all right yeah where I was wearing the Hat that’s
why my hair’s a mess well that’s not exact well it’s part of reason my hair
is a mess my hair is always a best pal man like button for never using a brush
or a comb just these five fingers baby that’s what does it uh and the ladies
running their fingers through my hair no not lately but back in the day when I
valued my wealth in ladies they like they did lightly like the hair you can’t
blame up Kenya did they like superficial things like guys with nice hair and my
hair yeah with the spiky it’s not as great as it was back you know when I was
valuing my wealth like that it’s maintained its maintained you know you
go to your 10-year high school reunion there’s a lion again I appoint this out
about the people that like to say you know towards his balls
Steve lost his hair and half the guys there saying it about lost their hair
too but they’re hiding behind the screen but for those of you who are like making
fun of tone base you’re real young guys little bruises bald ha ha ha or he lost
his hair I’m gonna tell you at your 10-year reunion it’s like you would
you’re 27 years old and a 10-year reunion 27 percent the guys have had
suffered I’ve gone through major hair loss so get used to it if you’re
seventeen year old guy now you think it’s funny to make fun of telling base
there’s a chance there’s a chance to get to that 10-year high school review but
what’s it matter dudes you do good for yourself that’s why you shouldn’t make
fun of people for superficial things because it might it might very well
happen to you one day and it will and it’s there something broke that’s great
that means you have testosterone okay there are some dudes they go there 80 85
years old they haven’t lost hair at all because they didn’t have tests they’ve
gone through their lives with loti that’s not a good thing to have low team
not at all now that we’ve talked about this on the show before loti is bad but
i know for you guys who value your wealth and women you’re saying Adam it I
will do anything to preserve my hair you just said women like your hair you know
there’s other things out your wealth and bitcoin how about that do that do that
still it’s beyond the big budget and there are plenty let me let me let me
conclude this if you’re still valuing your wealth in women there are plenty of
women who’d like a bald man there are that don’t care about care at all don’t
care about it at all they might care about money but there are women that
don’t even notice here they are I have no hot women that don’t notice hair at
all it’s that a majority of minority I don’t know ask the women say okay so I
just this always came from running early in the Australians so yeah Australia New
Zealand worst son I have run in Argentina Uruguay in Chile and South
Africa it is worse than the northern hemisphere but it’s doesn’t seem as bad
the Sun doesn’t seem as bad as Australia and New Zealand now there’s probably
some science behind this and again the kids in Australia and use the
when they’re at school they wear these Kengo hats you know like the floppy hat
you got the 1985 Oreo game helmet like what wfb are found that like button
talking about a radio station that hasn’t existed since 1985 how that like
when we’re talking about radio stations that most people don’t even know about
radio station says AM radio baby w up in your home of the Baltimore Orioles I I
did I can remember reading my dad’s car be listening to the wopr well it was
1300 those WFP are don’t BL 1090 alright so yeah if you’re in a southern
hemisphere Tommy in Australia New Zealand worst freaking
sunburns you get worse son on the planet you tell me but wrong at 7:00 a.m. all
right we’ve got people shining in here all right
tabali doctor said you drank this Halloween no I did not about you are
looking at the picture that I’ve included here and I’m gonna get to that
end the show I’m gonna talk about where that picture is from and why I posted it
today tonight cuz it’s from tonight a while ago and we had another question
here but we’re get to that the end the show though stay tuned but I used to
drink Rolling Rock I think that’s what’s in the picture what happened to your boy
and Zimbabwe well that’s for a Bitcoin show something’s out with Towanda in
Zimbabwe I don’t know I tried to contact him I guess I I’m heard from him for a while
and now there’s a story out and I’m not gonna repeat the story
you guys can Google Zimbabwe Towanda Kambo the exchange there’s so issues so
I I’m not I haven’t talked to him yet I would love to talk to him and get the
story from him but I haven’t heard from him for a few months but it doesn’t the
stories don’t look good but III know the guy personally so I would like to hear
it from him so will tell me we’ll talk about that tomorrow
and then patient said I never would have been able to tell that you don’t have
come laugh laugh laugh out loud that said I envy your hair now don’t envy my
hair pension but in the vague way back see I meant to tell you this since
you’ve been you’ve lost a lot of weight you’ve gone you’ve started fasting
you’re living a very healthy lifestyle now and I know you shave your head
sometimes and sometimes you don’t shave your head it looks like this time when
you’ve let your hair grow back that it’s somewhat thicker then the past now maybe
I’m wrong but if your hair is thicker and you’re over and I know it’s not you
don’t have to care anything like that now you’re over fifty years old but from
eating living a healthier lifestyle over 50 year old man’s hair got thicker
that’s very interesting that’s very and I don’t know if that really you could
tell me now on the chat if you think that your hair is you have a little
teeny bit more hair than maybe you did before which would be maybe that would
be really amazing and it would it would also show that you were living a very
unhealthy lifestyle and all right but so you could obey consent to dollars
also come on let’s hear the air B&B advice oh I’m getting there don’t worry
I’m getting there but I want to hear if your hair is growing back just a little
bit if you think your hair is healthier now that you’re living this healthier
lifestyle and you just want to know all right so we talked about running low
here at the air B&B link to below is an article from vice
now they write this article because they don’t like in general they use someone’s
making money if a company is doing well and Airbnb does provide a very good
service they don’t like that the capitalistic aspects of Airbnb I look
what Airbnb is doing I love what they’re doing they allow individuals all over
the world to rent out their their units and make some money off of treated like
a hotel now what what vice is pointed out in this article which is also true
is that there are search there are scam Airbnb and there’s some pretty organized
scammers that are ripping people off Airbnb should do a better job policing
these people okay if they’re or they’re gonna get sued all right there’s a
give-and-take here and here are some tips here’s some you gotta stay at
places that had lots of reviews that are very popular if you try to stay at a
place that’s got a few reviews that seems cheap but looks real good it’s
probably too good to be true and it might be part of one of these
larger scams that Airbnb seems to not be policing very well on their platform
that being said if you do it right and you get yourself again a one-unit
and you read you read the description thoroughly okay and you ask them
questions before you get into a conversation with the person before him
so you have to feel totally comfortable beforehand that is a big tip so if you
if you have any little weird feelings from what others have written if it
seems too good to be it is too good to be true if it seems too good that stuff
you don’t need to get the cheapest one okay so if they’re all on the low end if
they’re like 51 52 53 56 57 dollars and the $57 one has hundreds of reviews
they’re all positive but 50 one-dollar one has like two reviews get the 57.86
dollars more in that there it is worth it because you can get into nightmare
situations where you think you’re getting a refund and you’ll get nothing
so you end up with nothing and you pay for nothing
so rethought the article itself is scary and complex but the tips are get and get
your own own unit don’t get shares either the share thing maybe if you’re
really young I don’t know I don’t see how you can be over 27 and
want to share a unit with with someone lit talk to someone deal with their mess
deal with their hair deal with whatever so go forth and make sure to want a real
one-bedroom and read it thoroughly especially in Asia and said you know if
they’re gonna seem to be a bathroom there write them and say wait is there a
private bathroom or not and if they say there’s not then don’t go there and
let’s just deal with something I need my own bathroom I need my own kitchen I
need my own bed ok I need my I’d only a sharing nothing sharing nothing now
there’s there what there has been a time when I was staying like one night
somewhere and there was a man hat my place didn’t have a kitchen but there
was a main house where I could just cook the food that happened in Zimbabwe in
Bulawayo in Poole wallow in bulla while others involved with that is a and it
was a good it was a good unit but I had to go into the main house when it cost
me like $20 night $22 an idea and below wallow yes I’ve been to the second
largest city in Zimbabwe before interesting place people were kind there
but they said don’t drink the water we’ve had some problems I did not drink
the water although in Harare I drank the water and vention says and let me see if
I have any more tips here about Airbnb be just thoroughly read everything
people don’t still don’t skim those descriptions get the ones they have the
real I mean you could tell which ones are real you could definitely tell which
I think you tad if there’s a hundred reviews and they get back to you right
away and you can ask them very detailed questions do not be afraid to send them
messages before and if they don’t if they don’t give you an answer you like
then don’t do it what these people did I think never and always keep it on the
platform don’t do it through your phone don’t call people have it through the
platform so it’s all recorded because honest people will tell you the honest
truth they will type it in there but dishonest
people that will call me and they’ll lie to you so it won’t be on there and then
when they I mean no proof they trip you up keep it
all on the platform you message him through Airbnb so it’s all saved right
there never go email never go phone keep especially beforehand
especially beforehand real bad side if beforehand they want you to call it a
bad bad man bitcoin event she said bitcoinmeister I haven’t noticed an
increase in my hair but I sure enjoy being 69 pounds lighter it’s amazing
very hard to describe I feel so light I get cold a lot easier though know that I
bet that I’ve heard from people if you’re not as big you you are getting
colder you don’t have this much insulation no squat toilets for Adam
eventually says indeed but you know what’s really weird in Singapore in
public bathrooms there are their stalls and then you look in one of the stall if
there’s like a swap there’s the peoples there’s a hole in the ground and one of
them but all the other ones like modern toilets it’s very weird and sink were
they they try to provide for its I guess the crossroads of Asia there’s some
people there that prefer the old-fashioned way you just go in a hole
and in the airport in Singapore I believe it was not in all the bathrooms
and maybe it wasn’t now you know I might have been in a mall in Singapore but it
or both but definitely in some malls in a rundown yeah yeah in the in the Muslim
section of town there was an ad it was a it was a it was a mall that was not as
fancy tsun4 has some fancy malls okay blasting air-conditioned because it’s so
darn humid but yeah in that in that Muslim mall there was there was a squat
but in the airport there might have been a squat too but they had the regular
toilets awesome you see weird things and when the Roma queue says when you visit
a city for a second time do you stay at the same air B&B or do you mix it up and
stay somewhere new depends it depends in our
I’ve got a place in LA I’ve got a place and I go visit too many cities more than
once now Sydney in Sydney it was just my second time in Sydney I didn’t stay at
the same places but I stayed very close to another place I stay so I learned I’m
like I might not like the Airbnb that you know I might want to switch it up
but if I love the area I’m gonna stay right near it you know and I’m familiar
with all the you know where I can run where I get the food etc but no if I do
like it like I would love to go back to Boise I like that one I would I would
stay if I returned to certain cities I would I would stay at the same places
but la dad I’ve stayed at the same place more than once two different places I
stayed at more than once it feels like oh well tell in bear Sheva in Israel
I’ve stayed that’s a good one in Paris Sheva Tel Aviv there was one I’ve stayed
ahead more than once not not a couple times back that one was okay all right
but yeah you and that’s that’s the cool thing you you develop relationships with
some of these people they they love to have you back they’re like come back
because they love you you love them that that that’s that’s a it’s good to
establish like that’s a good tip right there to try to uh and they’ll give you
a discount sometimes just to have you back to make you stay longer they’ll
give you a special month this town was there another place it feels like there
was another place I’ve seen it twice there isn’t though there definitely is
it just in is in Israel and then ending in Los Angeles but yeah there’s where’s
another one I was standing in in Busan and in South Korea I would stay at that
place again that was a real good deal all right I feel like I feel like I’m
forgetting something anyway okay moving on print what prairie
freedom this I didn’t mention this last time but this
Prairie frit freedom Twitter feed is about Western Canadian secessions
specifically Saskatchewan and actually Manitoba too I believe at but Alberta
especially so they haven’t done a good these guys I like what they’re doing I
support this Western secession they’re not good with marketing themselves so
you know I’m just talking about the attention economy they shouldn’t throw a
hissy fit but you can I mean you could put yourself out there a little bit more
dudes so everyone if you check out prairie
freedom it’s linked to below if you want to know about Western Canadian secession
but they they got to get on more shows I mean I would have them on the show
I would have a little bit they be on Bitcoin show then she says do you ever
run into situations where a conventional held hotel a better deal than an
available air B&B no no not for me no it’s not because you can’t cook in a
conventional hotel you can’t cook there always seemed to be
now in some cities they really try to they’re really trying to help the hotels
and make it let’s make that situation happen like in San Francisco
everything’s expensive now like there are no air B&B in San Francisco anymore
I don’t think they’re like on there in South San Francisco or in the valley or
above or east but I haven’t yeah probably it’s um I bet maybe in
some developing countries there might be some parity there might be some
equivalence you can get a hotel that has a way it’s funny I was just talking
about Zimbabwe when I was in Harare when I was in Harare um I thought I was
staying in Airbnb but it was a hotel that registered themselves through
Airbnb so that was that was pretty wacky right there but that’s not a real answer
to you a question it’s so I’m sure in other other parts of the world that are
developing like Zimbabwe their hotels but just lists themselves as Airbnb so
they could then get more exposure that way but and that had its own kitchen in
it oh wow that’s quite a story
there’s a white woman on that place in that eye state evidence in sebab way in
Harare and i mean she is i think she never left she never left us in Bob way
and when you walked into the lobby of the hotel and knew she couldn’t update
it that much because there’s only so much money you can spend on your hotel
half the hotel was like closed off you couldn’t go to like the third floor cuz
you don’t give them any visitors in Harare there not many people come going
their own business and this was in that this was in 2016 when Mugabe was still
in charge and you walk into her Lobby and right over the the front desk is a
huge picture of Robert Mugabe from 1984 yeah I mean it was not it was not a new
picture of him and you just know that this woman she doesn’t like him she
doesn’t he doesn’t respect this man she’s a business woman who stuck around
her but in order to say it was such a mess of situation there that I guess not
get any trouble you put his picture up there no one’s gonna give you any
trouble at your business you’ve got a big beautiful picture of Robert Mugabe
from 1984 you’re not you’re not gonna have any I just I just remember that you
know walking like this is my Airbnb it’s a hotel and walking to the lobby and
this huge picture of Mugabe is there and I’m like this is such a joke and again
when you land at the airport of course he controlled the airport it was a huge
picture of him there – that was an old picture of him not his 90 year old were
falling apart self he’s dead now thank God and but yeah I just thought of that
anyway interesting question about hotels no air babies are better in hotels
that’s the general rule the game there’s probably an exception somewhere but I
love it I love it and here in Adelaide this is just this is a great value here
you can just find some great big when you when you get used to the system when
you get used to looking at these things you can really pick out some gems I’m
good at picking out the gems but everybody values different and of
course I have to have an internet connection that is very very important
having a good internet connection don’t be afraid to ask the speed good good
hosts alike going they’ll go test the speed I didn’t used to do that and I’ve
gotten as some of you know some places I’ve been at or faster than others Alberta is the Texas of Canada
Romek you say yes it is and I thought I thought Edmonton was the Austin of
Canada of Canada it was it was it was quirky place Edmonton was a court it
reminded me so much of all I said this before I would stay at that air B&B in
Edmonton again that was a great place that guy is a he was from Poland
originally and we were talking about Bitcoin if you’re watching this polish
dude for me in Edmonton now that was like that was a good one
but yeah they have a big capital building there just like they do in
Austin the provincial is the preventional province capital there and
said the state capital in Texas yeah and everything gets some people rip on it
because he’s so darn cold which again avoid go there in the summer but there
were it was quirky and the guys up there Adam and and all the dudes working hard
there’s the guys from Fort drop thought I oh they’re there doing their thing
maybe they’re watching they’ve got quite a community there whom that one street
that I can’t think of the name of in the mid where all the hipsters are there’s
there’s a hipster Street in Edmonton and the Bitcoin people are around there too
that’s where I stayed but a tenten is great and in Mehsana
and right now is probably snowing there or something I heard snowed in Chicago
and Halloween oh now ben shapiro was talking about being in judea and samaria
and as many of you remember I was in Samaria on January 10th of this year and
that’s that’s part of Israel and Ben Shapiro his experience is there it was
very similar to mine he was saying the exact same things
their city that most people don’t realize that when we talk about Judea
and Samaria these are cities that Jewish people were living in they’re commuting
into Tel Aviv sometimes you see the Arab cities that are there – the Arab city
unlike Nablus Nablus is right there no no no no no wait
Nokia Nablus Nablus is when I was near Nablus and you see into the Arab city
and they’re living fine – now you as it as it is as Jew cannot go into their
city that’s not allowed that’s there’s big signs big orange signs that said no
Israelis allowed in here and there’s a guard of the city that makes sure the
people can’t go in there you know because it’s not a good idea to go in
there if your way if you’re if you’re an Israeli citizen you’re gonna get killed
but if a westerner I would not advise either and I think they’re stopped but
besides that point that pointing out the orange signs and it’s we have all these
people in the world it’s like it’s just a big deal Judea Samaria oh my god
what’s Israel dookey Israel built all the roads they built
the entire infrastructure the Arabs are they get from one place to the other
they live in a nice City so the housings there they’re walking
around it’s not like a part time it’s it’s you gotta really see if you’re
stuck and it’s a really small little tiny little speck it’s unbelievable but
the whole world cares about the Jews the whole world cares man but again I I tell
the people if you think you’re if you want to comment on the situation in
Judea and Samaria why don’t you go there and then come back and talk about it I
think you’ll have a little bit different opinion than if you’re just subdued and
you know in st. Louis that’s never left st. Louis or nevertheless Cincinnati and
you think of your big Mideast expert you can you can comment on on the situation
there it is it’s beautiful part of Israel and it’s a part any anyone should
go out there I remember I was I I had misconceptions
about I thought was going to be dangerous or something again there’s
City there’s Jewish cities and towns that are there it’s beautiful Israeli
citizens cities and towns and the Arabs could go to the balls there too they
kick up they can come in there I mean your date you’re travelling on
the road did you stop at our place now again they’re not too friendly this you
know there’s tension and stuff sometimes they’ll throw stones at you there’s
situations but think they’re living quite well there the Arabs are living
quite well quite well and gingi doing better these other countries Syria
so yeah Ben Ben Shapiro was saying things I totally agree with it he had
the similar experience that I had in Samaria it’s a it’s a beautiful and it’s
colder there than in the rest of the Israelites buta that’s it’s absolutely
beautiful so again those are the people who think they know about Israel god of
it go to Israel go see for yourself go seek to dance America it’s beautiful
all right yeah we got sent let’s see Oh Santiago but he was fit now but Ben
Shapiro also went to the second holiest Jewish city on on earth what’s uh I’m
thinking of its Hebrew name I can’t think of where the the Cave of the
patriarchs is where is that where’s the Cave of the patriarchs again I’m
thinking I’m thinking of an Hebrew I don’t know it’ll come back to me he he
oh he wants the Cave of the patriarchs which I may go to one day I hope to go
there one day all right that’s the second holiest spot
sin in Judaism the Cave of the patriarchs and but then the Arabs
control fit they the Jews have let the Arabs control your second holiest site
you let the Arabs that the Arabs Arabs control the in Jerusalem they control
the Temple Mount which is the holiest spot in all of Judaism there’s a Moscow
top there they let them have it you can’t manage to Peter talks about he he
he went to pray on top of the Temple Mount you get kicked off people they
start screaming alien stuff it’s this is the worldly dude they’re so liberal
there’s they so wanna fit in the Jewish people they let this nonsense go go on
it’s unbelievable all right but I do I hope to go to the Cave of the patriarchs
one day but I mean that a little bit more that that it’s not as
safe who say all right I know of course I hope to go to Temple now Monday I’ve
been to the Wailing Wall which is beneath there and that’s where everybody
goes to the Wailing Wall the Western Wall whatever you want to call it and Santiago Chile let’s talk about Santiago
Chile right right now here is an article more than a million people joined in
peaceful rally on Friday in the capital Santiago calling for social justice now
this was last week and I said this on a Bitcoin show of mine first of all pound
that like one people but there were people so bitcoiners are like yeah
Santiago protests this is also know these are socialist type of / so they
they want social justice students this is they want more government control
there were the government to step in and take more control or get rid of
capitalism it’s Santiago Chile I had a what I was there a year ago wonderful
capitalistic society now people were angry that their subway affairs which
were controlled by the government were too much so they started burning down
stuff and the government gave in they want social justice no not all protests
are based on good things they’re not they they this is devolving into
socialism they’re trying to bring about a socialist revolution you support them
I mean you can suck that beep I mean whatever is where the big boys place you
want to if you want to support that and you could support that but no for the
bitcoiners out there like yeah now if this is a good thing it’s not good it
really is not a good thing for the productive people of Chile all right
it’s not it’s not something we should be cheering on like bring down the
government what are they gonna get next they’re gonna get Argentina we don’t
want them to be Argentine tangulls have Burana Chevron how could I forget the
name a chevron had brought abre heparin is the I’m I think I guess I only got
six hours sleep they see you got to get eight hours sleep or you forget
never had Ron yes the bran is heparin is the city I was talking about that has
the Cave of the patriarchs in it of course and I hopefully will visit there
one day but again have Ron right now is
completely controlled by the Arabs completely controlled by there’s usually
live there’s some suburbs outside of it Jewish towns outside of it and I can’t
think of their names right now either but there’s like one Street in in Hebron
that is Jewish yet that’s a pain for the Jews that are there and and then the
Cave of the patriarchs you can get to sometimes but thank you roaming queue
for that that’s uh that’s a reminder Ron why can I think I’m just in too many
cities at once here my mind’s all over the place
alright we’re almost to the end where I’m going to explain what that picture
is about well this other thing we’ll talk about next time alright so now that
we are so on this date this is daylight savings time Day in the United States
you turn back the clock this day night when it gets to two o’clock at night is
it or one o’clock you know at two o’clock it becomes one o’clock so it’s
always around Halloween so at Club Charles a bar I used to go to a lot in
Baltimore and in a hipster area of Baltimore they’d always have their
Halloween party on this night so you would get an extra hour of partying and
that night was it was always so much fun everyone would wear a costume
and I wasn’t a big costume person I would you wear my dad’s old army uniform
by the way Benjie you fit into your old army uniform to help come that like
button because I remember an old video of yours finishing where you couldn’t
fit into your army jacket I bet now you can hey I sometimes wear my day I wear a
tie I wear a tuxedo for hiding care much about me dressing for Halloween but
people would really take it to extremes at this Halloween event and there was
once a girl there who I knew who dressed up like Ellen DeGeneres and I didn’t
recognize like hey this is Ellen DeGeneres and I
thought someone was just introducing me to some girl a new girl but it was a
girl I mean people really went into their costumes and so we would get drunk
of course and there would be candy and they would actually have I think free
food that night and it was just such a blast in that whole area up on Charles
Street but the club Charles was really fun so I used to value my wealth and all
sorts of different things back then partying and it was fun it was one if
you did that type of stuff and I look back on it this is the night that I
would do that I bet so you guys a Baltimore right now it’s still it’s
still early so people are just arriving at clock I don’t know if I was even open
anymore but the whole station North Area people I’m sure address table we’re
having a fun Halloween time and again they’re doing weird if some people are
doing ridiculous things they’re poisoning themselves and I don’t
recommend do it they’re doing drugs they’re doing other thing I didn’t do
drugs but it was so the picture that you see there’s a friend of mine Lindsey she
would always have great costumes great costumes so that’s a picture of
Lindsey’s and you can see what I used to do back then I would oh I was wearing a
pink shirt I got that pink shirt I had a great aunt who passed away a blessed
memory great Aunt Sue and she had a husband who also passed away and he had
always somehow my grandmother got this shirt uh-huh and she left me my grandma
gave me this shirt she didn’t realize how ridiculous to show us it’s like a
butterfly collar and it’s like a pimp and a prostitute all the shirts so I
would wear that for Halloween sometimes I guess I was the pimp or something one
says it’s really a cool it’s an interesting shirt it’s it’s 70s
silky seventies polyester it’s got a pimp and I don’t think you could see it
in the picture very well but so that’s the main picture and Lindsey is dressed
up as like she’s a married woman now apparently but she was she’s a very nice
person she’s very attractive young lady to me and she was just a friend of mine
and she just pure pure friendship I mean I can recognize she was hot and lots of
my friends tried but she would she dressed up like an ancient Aztec Mexican
looking face thing she’s got on there I don’t know she also had a piercing
radiates from the history she’s an artist to another so that’s what the
picture is up there and that’s a quite a few years ago so no this Halloween I
named celebrant didn’t even celebrate Halloween here in Australia I like saw
two Halloween related things but on this night daylight savings night big party
night in Baltimore big party night a club Charles it was always always a fun
time so a good memory there I wanted to use that picture that’s your a little
bit of a beyond big foreign story from me maybe I had a thigh I’ve spoken to
Lindsey for quite some time and the people from that clicked yeah she’s some
friends and you can introduce different little cliques of people she was younger
than I was so there’s some younger people I knew and yeah just bring back
memories and it was it was just always a good time the club Charles up dancing
dance they open up the club next door they owned the building next door and it
was dancing in DJ’s it was a good time I I can’t remember any other specifics I
was drinking you can’t that’s the sad thing about you knew you know you were
having a great time but then because you drank you can’t remember it as clear
there you go alright everybody so table owl said how old are you dude that’s
what one of the things I don’t answer I you know my OPSEC there I don’t you
should if you’re Bitcoin you try I don’t say what my birthday is and and I don’t
say how old are you if you easy people can stop me and actually find out
basically everything you know how many siblings I really have how many names of
people names around where I went it’s this that the other
but most people are just too darn lazy and but no I got I don’t go out and say
that stuff cause I don’t want people in but you don’t want to give up too much
information when you’re in Bitcoin yeah and this I’m already out there so much
so I don’t say when my birthday is anyway alright i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video pound that like button bang that bell
button this show was kind of long definitely check out saw me on twitter
attack while tecs PLT and check out the archives at disrupt meister
calm and we’ll have some more good shows this week but last week the this weekend
pecan show real that you can learn a lot whole different whole different
perspective from Friday’s show which was yesterday oh my god this mustache is
ridiculous how about like blood

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