The Blackworld documentary Part 1 – Origins of Man and Civilization/Precession Cycles of Orisha

The Blackworld documentary Part 1 – Origins of Man and Civilization/Precession Cycles of Orisha

It is believed we are at the
cusp of a new 2000years era A 2000yr era of global Black
African economic ascendancy the era of the Biblical 3rd
Horseman the era of Shango,
the Yoruba Orisha of Justice, the Age of Aquarius But how are we to know? This documentary sets out
to use both global ancient and contemporary knowledge
systems to truly decipher human knowledge is power, to control
political systems, the world, people have continued to
manipulate or distort knowledge They hold onto facts and this
causes a problem. Especially for those who have
been controlled, especially the black race. The black race is the most
deprived, the most socially And the problem really, has
been where they get their religion and academia Government overtime, across the
world not just limited to a have always found it convenient
to control information to ensure it s only those things
they want the people to know And that has been responsible
for the ideological struggle that we have witnessed over a
period of time precisely since the advent of
socialist oriented governments This has been exposed more and that s why Karl Marx in one
of his writings said the ruling ideas in any
society are the ideas of the Western academia seems to protect or wants to
prove Abrahamist theories of evolution and the world. They have constantly tried to
prevent the general knowledge the point of evolution, not
only of humanity but civilization is in southern
Nigeria In a recent study, the DNA
study of over a thousand groups the governments of England and
America made it specific that they shouldn t release what is
the oldest DNA But at the end of that project, they collected a hundred DNA
samples from Ibadan in Yoruba land I have written and there are
some people who questioned this arrested
knowledge because it is a to black people, our blood is Gods log book, we all need to know the history
in it, what has happened and this is
not just for academic purposes. Throughout Africa, you have
problems of tribalism and wars because we don t know
the true history prevents us there are only two
groups across Africa There are original African
groups and there are The original Africans groups
include, the Yorubas, the Igbos, all the way down to
South Africa, the Ngunis, down to west, the Akans. They all come from one family.
Its one mother language that Then the second group is the
Afro-Asians, they were original Africans but
when the Arabs and the latter they changed the language, they
lost the culture the Afro-Asians are mainly
the Hausas, Fulanis , the Amharas who are mixed with
Greeks in Ethiopia. 66 million years ago, a
meteorite crashed into Earth, killing dinosaurs and most life, fastening the breakup of the
super-continent, Pangea. The new formation of continents
with the Atlantic Ocean flowing between Africa and
Europe on one side and the resulted in new wind systems
that dumped the heaviest rains on the West African subregion,
making it the most fertile With Rivers Niger, Benue,
Kaduna, Sokoto and many others emptying their
waters ultimately in Southern creating the largest
continental mangrove and where Man evolved. In a study of 3945 DNA samples differentiated with 1327
genotyped markers, 14 probable ancestral clusters
were created A close analysis shows that
the DNA values fell away from Yorubaland in
Southern Nigeria However 14 Ancestral Clusters
were too high and some of the classifications
distorted the results. The Niger-Kongo group was
distorted with the inclusion of the
Kordofanian group, while too wrongly skewed the conclusion
towards Namibia/Angola Through millions of years
various humanoid species had as different new species set
out to colonize the world, From DNA evidence, the modern man evolved
around 120,000years as Pygmies in Southern Nigerian
rainforests, the Yam Belt. Surviving by picking wild yams, the hunter gatherers led human
dispersal across Africa and Eurasia
through the Ethiopia land bridge Due to the Indonesian super-
eruption around 75,000yrs ago that blocked sun rays and
killed previous migrants, the full statured human evolved
from the Pygmies and new migrants set out once
again to colonize the world in what is known as the
Great Coastal Migration, as Africans spread to create
Sumner, Elam, Indus Valley the major problem, the major
flaw of academia, of western is its linear approach to
knowledge in the previous system, black
original African knowledge Many people say if mathematics
was taught with its practise, it would have been easier, like
for example geometry, we know that from ancient
mathematics the best way to understand your
geometry is through hairstyles. Trigonometry if we knew the
relationship between planets it would be much easier to
understand trigonometry. History, people say history
repeats its self but unfortunately, the history
we learn is linear it doesn t show the circle so
you can t really learn from it and it has been a problem. the system on which western
culture is based is binary opposition. I could remember as recently
as 2002 some say there is no because if I am a materialist,
(I) and ( I), they are not everybody is an individual but the binary notion by the
Yoruba is that (A) and the It means everything must
have two sides. The two sides are why I think I
am related to you. I cannot live it is more fundamental than
that, go and ask those people I am not a computer scientist
computer science is based on There must be (1) which is (2)
it is not just (1) that is for The computer system is based on
binary complementarity, it is Positive and negative are
together so, the Yoruba people The 256 pulse is in the IFA,
that is what we are using on The computer people know it,
that our system of calculating Now we, I mean those in the
academics as well as those in as well as in the cities, the
town and gown must begin to especially to look at indigenous
knowledge systems more closely As you know, a professor of
computer science had looked at the numerology in IFA and e And so on and so forth and that
it is possible to link the and that it was possible if we
got the handle on our it was possible for us to take a
leap from this numerology, y
of science and technology and it that there are knowledge systems
in the IFA corpus which will help us as a guiding
light to find our ways from the
thickets of our history as I do believe that not enough
study had been done of IFA and I know that from time to m who want to take over the study
of IFA, who would like to take over the
analysis of IFA quiet apart from the consultations that IFA
priests and so on as a form of which itself has its own
benefits. But I hope that we can
scientifically study IFA and to our history and our
civilization especially in regards to modernity and
the post-modern you may call them stupid, yes for the white man who says that
matter and non-matter are not and anybody who says they are
together is stupid, but what I have discovered is
that the white man is more It s the man who says they are
not separable that is wise because that is their position
today Scientist in the west today
doesn t say matter and non-matter are have discovered is that matter
and non-matter are inseparable That was the Yoruba position
we are the ones who is
teaching them the latest development in
science today Go to science and ask what
is science? Traditionally science means
everything is material. Today, science means matter and
non-matter as a separable, and So apart from age, we were ahead
of them in thinking They came to disrupt us, forget
the complementarity of matter because we have discovered that
even scientifically it is not There s nothing that is purely
material and there is nothing one of the first platforms of
knowledge has been religion. for a long time, all the
knowledge we had of our history the present and future has been
through the bible or through The bible is the most popular
book of religion and I would say the best or the
most important chapter in the In it, we have what they cycle
of humanity – the horsemen and how our history the present
and future unfortunately, this has been
distorted or we don t know the Research shows that human
history and consciousness is which is called The Cycles
of Precession Ancient Binary
knowledge shows, just as the Earth
revolves around the the Sun and the Solar
system, revolves around Conventionally, when
you observe the you will notice, that they
revolve around, the Because of a slow wobble
in the rotation of the the position of the
North Pole is not fixed Like a spinning top, the pole moves, it travels in a slow circle, around a still point
over 26,000yrs, or 1 degree every 72yrs The 26,000yr Precession cycle, like the clock or calendar,
is divided into twelve known as a Great Year Yuga in Hinduism,
Ugba/Igba in Yoruba – 2000yr eras, whose global
consciousness is represented The biblical Apocalypse
Horsemen are 2000yr era that as we know it and to come, but are neither the beginning
or the end of human history. The 1st horsemen with a
composite bow depicts from around 2000BC to 0BC when
Caucasians spread from the in Southern Russia, Central Asia
to takeover and destroy Black Ancient Egypt, Sumner, Indus
Valley Civilization to The 2nd horseman with a long
sword depicts from when religion, tribalism,
racism and other latterday dogma was used to
control humans and The long sword is the Roman
Catholic Spatha and the Islamic The 3rd Horseman with scales of
justice depicts from 2000AD to when humanity veer towards
global economic justice and However, knowledge being power
this is kept secret as it would Christ and Muhammed as the
2nd horsemen, while it would empower Blacks
with a vision of utopia that will challenge global power
structures It is obvious that the Church s
interpretation is neither They fail to give an
understanding of the trends for better understanding of
the past and as a predictive Then again, the scriptures in
Revelations chapter 5 verse 3 states that only one soul could
open the seals to this So, we turn to Western academia
for guidance but apart from Western academia
treating history as a linear it has proven to be racist and
diversionary by obscuring true Original Africans devised the
first knowledge database Known as the African
Information Retrieval System is based on a binary system
divided into 16 divisions that Despite the later language
divergence accentuated by in their ploy to divide and
rule, African language and are basically the same, based
on naturalist laws. now, we make a mistake that IFA
is just divination, NO, when you go to a diviner, he
would read some text to you, where are the text from?
What does it say? and luckily I have some books
where people like Epega, Bascom. They have recorded what Yoruba
people said. As a philosopher, philosophy is
about what people say not what So when I discovered that IFA
contains so many things similar Then I started to study IFA
text literature and I discovered that some of
the things in the IFA are to what I was taught about
the west and there are evidences that
the Yoruba people didn t copy I am not an historian but I
know it predated western because western philosophy
started with Socrates, IFA was already in existence so
my research area is what did luckily it is documented that
Yoruba has 256books, 16 basic then when you compound
them you get 256 and each one So what I did was to look for
these documents, study them and anything philosophical,
anything scientific , which I was taught in school and
I discovered that IFA is a documentation of Yoruba
intellectual culture What they that is the job of a philosopher So all I was taught as a
philosophy in the west I found so it is established that IFA
is an intellectual culture IFA is philosophy because philosophy is about r
eality, about the nature of about argument, about logic
everything is in IFA so today I can say with
evidence that African is different from western not
copied from western which was even before Socrates started
his own so when they call me professor
of African philosophy not I have evidence to show what did
you say in your culture, this Look at it, it is either as
good or even better. This is Akure’s palace, the
oldest surviving palace in Black Africa dated to around
1100AD This is the Ikunle ceremony,
the yearly homage of chiefs to the paramount king of Akureland The Age of Olokun has shrouded
Black history, especially that the oldest and largest Original
African group. Akures palace is the oldest
relic of the Oduduwa dynasty BUT the people have a glorious
past that extends over This is supported by the
archaeological discovery in Isharun in Akureland dated
to 10,000BC. Its is believed that the Olokun
era started in Benin around 1AD and probably spread to Ife
around 1000AD through It also spread to Ndigboland
through Chima of Onitsha. But Igbo republicanism rejected
the feudal system The Edo kingdom welcomed
Europeans in 1470s, correctly as agents of Olokun. They gave them land to build
churches for the worship of However, the Olokun Oduduwa
dynasty has witnessed Yorubas become the most enslaved group
in human history their knowledge base mystified
and their history lost in the Just before colonial
independence, Obafemi Awolowo Oba Adesoji Aderemi, Yoruba
spiritual leadership at the wrestled power from Oyo and
Benin, the territorial kingdoms Soon, afterwards the
archetypical modern Olokun emerged in the form of
General Obasanjo backed by European Olokun
supremacy based on their global foundations that had enslaved
and continue to exploit the Akure meaning broken chain
resonates with the broken chain It is the intellectual center
of Yoruba land and must rise to present
workable solutions to Yorubas, Nigeria and the Black Race as
a whole! This cultural platform was
spread to ancient Egypt, Ethiopia and all the way to
South Asia. In the Southern Nigeria forest
loosely connected city-states evolved around the Eden across
the Niger to Ndigboland with Edo Empire have the
greatest influence. In the Northern grasslands
was the NOK It was unwritten but properly
encoded in the African Retrieval System, which
Europeans were to later into modern religions
and astrology Those that invaded South Asia
transcribed it into the that formed the foundations of
Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism Those that invaded Egypt
transcribed it to form Abrahamic religions of Judaism,
Christianity and Islam 2000yr eras of Orishas Orunmila (10,000-8,000BC) Beginning
of human civilization Yemanja (8000-6000BC) Beginning
of the lunar calendar, female systems, matriarchy.
Esu (6000-4000BC) information systems like Ifa,
writing and the establishment from Africa to the Far East. Osun (4000-2000BC) creation of wealth, network
of international Black Egypt/Ethiopia to Sumner-Elam,
Indus Valley and South China building of monuments
like pyramids. Ogun (2000-4AD) Light-skinned humans spread
from Central Asia, bearing to destroy or takeover Black
Eurasian trading empires of Indus Valley Civilization and
ancient Egypt Olokun (4-2000AD) Introduction of religious
dogma, capitalist racist dogma, propaganda to control
scarce resources. Shango (2000AD-4000AD) global economic justice
and enlightenment the word ORISHA is so
controversial for me, most writers on Yoruba culture,
ORISHA is a god or goddess that descended from heaven.
I don t see the evidence in IFA I have a particular verse from
IFA which says that most They will tell you the names
of the father and mother they will tell you the name of
the father and mother of ORU To them, these people, if you
use the word ORISHA it means those that have been
destined to add prosperity to like the catholic, its when you
die they call you a saint. You are a human being, you
not from heaven It is because you have done so
much that the society is better I am not saying that the idea
of descending is not there, ORUNMILA himself said every
one of us is a human being who has contributed to
development of the society
That s another conception. But
if we are speaking Yoruba you can break it down as ORI
SHA. How can you do that The word in English is
god(small) olorun kekere I have never seen it in Yoruba
literature, I read IFA and I didn t see the
idea of olorun kekere OLODUMARE and ORISHA
that is what they say, I am not saying that it is not you may call him lord, not
OLORUN in the sense of Important people as far as
I am concerned, AWOLOWO JESUS CHRIST is an ORISHA,
MOHAMMED is an ORISHA because of what he brought into
the society but even JESUS CHRIST did he
descend from heaven? NO, he was born by Mary you are still calling him lord Did he descend from heaven? No, although we didn t talk of
his father, I don t want to go But we know that Mary was
pregnant for nine months, we know he was born like a
human being, they are still so, if you call Yoruba ORISHA
lord, it s not because they or that they jumped from the sky I think we need to learn
our language, to study to study Yoruba ideas and try to
understand what the people The 2000yr eras can be broken
into Eight cycles of 250 years o the Orisha of change. The seeds of the theme of the
next Age is usually planted in the last 250yrs of the
preceding age. The theme of the Age of Shango
the incoming age of global
economic justice and (2000AD to 4000AD) started 250yrs ago with the
late 1700s American, French The theme of the Age of Olokun,
(4AD to 2000AD) the outgoing age of religious started with the globalization
of Jewish Scriptures in Egypt The theme of the Age of Ogun, Caucasians, started with the destruction of Elam
and Sumner They set up these civilizations
and all through to the Yangshao until when we had the first
horseman era when those now came down from the central
mountains of Asia to overwhelm the black
civilizations, peaceful Those first horsemen from
around 2000BC because the original Africans
had set up civilizations from but when it came to 2,000BC,
the white races came with They were known as the first
horsemen and they ran through destroying them all for
2,000years all up until they got to what
we now call the OBC where we now had the
second horseman. Second Horseman: Age of Olokun The 2nd Horseman,
the era of Olokun, of the ocean of religion and
propaganda, is depicted with used to subject man and
environment with religion, With the fall of Ancient
Egypt to the Greeks around the Jews, one of the first
groups of the First Horsemen, were to convert their Hebrew
scriptures written while into Greek in Alexandria,
the intellectual center. The spread of the Religious
dogma south to Ethiopia led to the Greeks colonization
of Ethiopia through their brainwashed
kings without war The Romans that took over
after the Greeks adopted the Jewish intellectual
platform as Christianity, while using the long sword
instead of the composite The Roman Catholica long
sword is known as the Spatha and was used in the Caucasian
takeover of Western Europe inhabited by Black Africans. Islamic Scimitar and
Afro-Asiatic takeover of The mixed races created by the
1st Horseman, the Arabs, realized that their
Caucasian forebearers had and created religion to takeover
and control resources Therefore in response, they
adapted the Abrahamic creed in form of Islam and made
God in their own image in order to justify their
war for resources The Arabs were to use their
own long sword, the curved Scimitar, to takeover the African Sahel
and desert, and into Southwest Europe
up to Paris the Europeans actually used
religion for exploitative to justify and promote the
slave trade although it harboured
the seeds of its own it was the same Christianity
that helped in the abolition But don t forget the
missionaries came first, were the people that prepared
the ground even for the So there s no doubt about that
That has been proven to be religion was used to facilitate
the process of enslavement of the people of Africa
for example. But we have now realized that
religion as Karl Marx said is the opium of the people it
was used for the purpose of encouraging those enslaved to
accept their lots as Gods will. Oya s 250yr cycle of change in
structure explains Within the 2000yr Ages are 8
cycles of 250yrs of change along The Age of the Second
Horseman started with the and the birth of Jesus Christ
and Christianity.
Nicene Creed and the writing of The 3rd cycle around 500AD
led to consolidation of the The 4th 250 cycle around
720AD saw the rise and spread across Sahel Africa into
Southwest Europe The 5th cycle saw the conflict
between Islamic and Christian The 6th 250 cycle around
1270AD saw the introduction the reversal of Islamic
domination by Europeans, who
Lower Niger, the Negro heartland The 7th 250 cycle around 1520AD
saw the breakup of Christianity signing off of West Africa and
South America in the June 7th to Portugal and Spain, the
keypowers in the Holy Britain and France had to
develop their own tools of to become great with their
economic imperialism. It was also the 7th cycle that
Nupe Islamists attacked Oyo as African Muslims sought to
take Black heartland economy that had taken the
West African coasts Africans were recruited
into the 2nd Horsemen not through developing another
Abrahamist sect, but through The Allada meaning swordsmen
in Yoruba, were to capture the highest
number of slaves earning the Yoruba
coast the title, The 8th and last 250yr
cycle around 1770AD as an independent
nation-state and due to European Americans
that wanted their freedom and their own cultural
imperialism to further However, as stated the last
cycle always breeds the roots so this cycle brought about
democracy and quest for The current cycle that started
in 2007 has brought Obama, Confab
Report, Brexit The era of the 3rd horseman,
Shango The Age of the 3rd Horseman,
Shango, depicted by scales of justice
on a Black Horse, that brings global economic
justice and enlightenment started around 1999 but its true
essence will be felt from 2023 when Oya, the Orisha of Change
meets Shango Oya last met Shango around
1780 leading to the USA, French and Haitian revolutions
for social economic justice, when the essence of the
next 2000yr era was sowed. The Haiti Revolution inspired
the global fight against slavery though compromised by
Olokuns deception. Nigeria and China are 2 nations
whose astrological totems are having been created on October
1st, the Libra month of the and are expected to carry the
torch of global economic justice From 2007 to 2023, Oya is
realigning Babaluaye global global economic justice.
Initially, in the first half, tried to fake the change
through propaganda and dogma. The enthronement of Obama to
fool African-Americans and the of racist capitalism and now a
land of equality, as well as Hilary Clinton to
give an image of gender equality In Nigeria, President Goodluck
Jonathan was to fool the Niger while Buhari was to fool
Northerners and moralists However the Olokun deceptions
will fail and the people will Blackpower overpowered Is Africa sinking again
after the much heralded Africa Why and how is Black Power
being overpowered? There is an ongoing global
rightwing corruption propaganda regime change in Brazil and
Nigeria, the two most populated while Ghana, Kenya and
South Africa conspiracies are is this a ploy to recolonize
Africans? There is a global moralist
propaganda against Black people Corruption propaganda against
African leaders that seek to and various moralist propaganda
against the Black Diaspora leading to Brexit and the Tea
party and Donald Trump in the The right wing media has
essentially dumbed down into an era of anti-
intellectualism Over the last the mass media has filled the
masses with celebrity gossip, and the scape-goating of
minorities for the Slavery stereotypes have been that deserve all the negatives
they exhibit. The saddest part is that even
Blacks believe it. Despite freedom from physical
slavery and colonization, our continued mental slavery
has prevented the masses and understanding it. selling out Black interests, most Black leaders have been at
best merely reactionary due the miseducation of the Negro the problem is even their
academia has not been helpful it has forgotten its cyclical
functions. It just treats this has to be addressed, we
have to understand that there OYA S 250 years cycle, the
horsemen in the bible with It is only when we understand
the cycles that we can really We have seen throughout Africa
how corruption propaganda made a whole lot of Africans
lose their original African It is an old trick, a better
way to even understand it is the era of the horsemen, the
second horseman which is which is called the era of
OLOKUN in Yoruba Because it is a bottomless sea
of deception, mystery and unfortunately this has gone
on for two thousand years. religious dogma, capitalist
dogma and so many dogma We can now say we are now in an
era of anti-intellectualism being pushed by the right
wing media We have to go back to the
basics, we have to realize was the origin of humanity
and that there are only two We have to build a platform for
original Africans to understand these things that come against
us to tell the truth about us We have to go back from how we
left Nigeria and spread all the way down to china,
Indies valley civilization and all those civilizations
were black But since the beginning of
the second horseman e and until this fog is cleared the deception the propaganda,
we will keep on falling and this is a problem why
throughout since the Haiti actually stood up and said no
more to exploitation we keep We will show that we have had s and we keep on returning to the
same spot. Every time we try to we fall back on this propaganda
so it has become important academicians and co look at what
is really happening, while we
This is why it is important to
understand this history, the history of the black race
past, present and future. F slavery based on plantation Haiti, France s most
prosperous colony that exploded into a revolution
caused by a brutal regime 300,000 Africans killed in
the preceding 10yrs alone Around 1750, a voodoo/Ifa
priest,Francois Mackandal and poisoning of White
slavemasters, but he was However he inspired a network
of Ifa priests and On August 14, 1791, a 7-day
Ogun ceremony led by voodoo Boukman Dutty triggered the
Haitian Revolution. The spiritual ceremony took
place at Bwa Kayiman where 200 leaders from the North
came together to discuss plans only successful slave rebellion The 1791 slave revolt in Haiti,
with 100,000 rebel Africans, resulted in the destruction
of over 1,000 plantations Francois Dominique Toussaint, a
mulatto soldier tookover but tried to dilute it into a
colonization movement until he was kidnapped and
killed by the French Jean-Jacques Dessalines, an
African-born slave then took over and pushed for
total independence, b renamed Haiti, which had its The revolt spread across the
Caribbean islands and Whites were annihilated
in Haiti. The fear of what happened in
Haiti led to other Europeans to The use of old Generals to
recolonize Haiti over time by also led to the
colonization of Africa. The Ayiti Ogun revolution in
Haiti was the only slavery Spread across the Americas,
they spread to Jamaica in 1796 especially south America by
1805, all colonies were free In Jamaica, from 1796, the
British knew no peace. In 1815, there was a revolt that
brought an Igbo king in place with a plan to eliminate all
white people like they did By 1832, they had the greatest
slave revolt in British Empire which made the British rush
through the British and also at home the Electoral
Reform Act. This was the effect of the Haiti
revolution throughout the world They had serious ramifications , they had, the turner revolt but
generally there was a fear after that, at the rate they were
importing Africans could In Haiti blacks were 10 times
more I mean practically the slaves were 10 times more
than the slaves owners, so they knew they had to
because after what happened in countries started pushing for
colonization of Africa Instead of bringing the slaves
down there it was safer for them instead of continuing to bring
the slaves in in America by 1865, they had
a civil war, all these was brought about by
the fear that the Haiti the white establishment across
the slave world and this is why one of the most important
revolutions ever to have and not only in the black world
but I mean the entire human race It changed quite a lot of things
because now you have a free were even enjoying
more rights than what they were so those in England even had to
press on the monarchy to give more rights in Electoral Acts
which came out in 1832 1833, you had emancipation
and throughout the world the Unfortunately, blacks never knew
this Just like in all we never know how we won or how
we moved forward. I always make have been made to believe that
it was Mandela who freed them. Mandela, who was in jail for
24years and not Tambo Mbeki who brought everything to the
global media in London, went to went down to Zimbabwe to fight.
It is very important we and the cycle because now again,
we have got to that exact point when Haiti had that
revolution in 1791. We are going back 250 years now
and we need to understand, otherwise it could be used
against us if we don t instead of us fighting for
economic justice they would cause injustice and
come to resolve it and that s Haiti was one African state in
the diaspora which remains except for the recent turn of
events where its suffering from and you will remember it is the
same with Ethiopia remained and I do believe that these are
two spotlights source of inspiration. Haiti was one African state
which was so organized that it’s and that in spite of the fact
that slavery had dealt a big Africans have been able to
demonstrate their ingenuity in The role played by Toussaint
Overture in Haiti, creating an for the first time in history
was novel, especially against that had been derided as being
second class citizens, A people without a
history, without a culture, So it sends the appropriate
signals like I said that blacks and that this was a race that
was also meant to be and not suppressed as it had
been done during the period I think that, that in itself
encouraged blacks in other that were more or less in
captivity and that had been where they found themselves to
begin to fight for freedom so it was one that encouraged
freedom for black people in where they had been colonised
and even colonised territories It was one of those things that
catalysed the nationalist which lead to what you call
the decolonization process That was the signal we got from
Haiti. As far back as where you had the Quilombo
movement which also led to the for black people there and
that again provided us with an to talk about BLACKISM which
some scholars now describe Afrikanity is the in thing
now in scholarships and so it s because of this
historical background of the Unfortunately, Haiti has
regressed because of the of even ethnicity, and all of it
and the underdevelopment of So, for me, these are the
lessons we have learnt for us to know that we are and that the idea of African
been perpetually backward Its not only ahistorical, it is
untrue. Africans can when we get our acts together
and that the reason why we have is that the leadership (1) has
not given itself the opportunity to use its independence
positively for the and the rest of the society and
that the only way by which you parts of the world is for us to
go back to that example of that example of resistance to
oppression, that example There s a lot that we need to do
to get back to that, we can that we have as a people
to develop the continent. The Ayiti s Ogun Revolution
spread to Jamaica, Britain From the Maroon War in 1796
to the1815 Igbo revolt with an Igbo king that planned
to wipe out all whites on the Oladuah Equiano provided the
argument for colonization The greatest revolt in British
West Indies history started and made the British rush
the 1833 Emancipation Act throughout the British Empire
to prevent the repeat of Haiti The spirit of the Haitian
Revolution spread to US, and making Whites fear a
repeat of Haiti annihilation With the North and British set
on turning to colonial the USA went to Civil War and
slavery came to an end when turned Lincoln
Emancipation Act into Brazil and Cuba were the
last big slaving nations to and the freedoms were also to
be compromised as the The real one that led to the
balkanisation of Africa was The 1884/1885 Berlin Conference
was where Africa was among the European nations even
without their own input like That began the formal
colonization of the continent and their division into
territories without regards without regards for their
geographical contiguity I mean a country like Nigeria
and Benin republic can where really the lines of our and don t forget a part of
Cameroon which was until it was later seeded out Now, so the process of
colonization began with and that is also responsible
for the different manner in Some at a faster rate than
others and unfortunately, the colonial powers in most of
these territories didn t try into nation states because they
felt it was not in their component units of each
territory under them to thinking that, that was going
to accelerate the process The spirit of total freedom
was compromised as slavery turned to
share-cropping and colonization Africans were to restrategize
how to remove the yoke The White US Establishment
were to train Blacks for and sought the help of
the Church and rich like Rockefeller and Carnegie
that sponsored the Booker T Washington,
the Black leader preached gradualism through
industrial skills acquisition and education sponsored by
White Industrialists. However African-Americans
born after slavery refused to vocational training but
were to compete in the in order to inspire a
Black movement. While Northern Blacks like
W.E.B DuBois rose to the Marcus Garvey built
business empire. The training of Blacks in
non-agricultural brought about White
resentment and violence, in form of the terrorist group
Ku Klux Klan and This prompted the
creation of the Advancement of Coloured
Peoples (NAACP) by WEB Dubois and sponsored by the likes
of the Black millionairess The African-American space was
divided into assimilationists versus Black nationalists
/separatists. WEB DuBois had problems
with Booker T Washington and later Marcus Garvey
that preached self-help In Africa, where there had been
no slave plantations, the European promise of
protecting Africans from the caused by the dumping of
nearly 400,000 guns soon became apparent that
it was a guise for land grabs To maintain their colonial
administration and promote the head and produce tax
was introduced, which from especially
market women. To run the local colonial
apparatus, Africans were trained in
Church mission before going to London/
Paris to acquire degrees. This resulted in a significant
student population organized itself as an
interest group. The student population from
diverse areas of the British were to become known as
Internationalist Blacks. These include Sylvester
Williams, a Trinidadian and the secretary of the
newly created who called for a world
conference of black people where an Address to the
Nations of the World warned Twentieth Century is the
problem of the color-line . The conference established
the Pan-African Association to advance the course
of Africans towards equality. Although Williams publication,
Pan-African, didn t last Duse Mohammed Ali, an
Egypto-Sudanese, financed created a longer-lasting black
publication called African Duse Mohammed Ali s
business premise at 158 was a crucial meeting point of
the growing rank of black that would come to
promote black and Pan-Africanism over
the next three decades. Ladipo Sholanke, a Yoruba Nigerian student,
first came to prominence when he rose to the defense
of Igbo culture been denigrated He sought to raise funds
to build an African against the backdrop of
racist housing practices. He and others were to form
the West African Student which often gave platform like Plaatje s ANNC fighting
the new apartheid laws When Herbert Macauley who
had taken the local British and won needed the British home
government to respect t it was the London Blacks
that got the message home However, most of the initial
agitation was not for total but for better treatment
under the colonial system It is true that there are
students movements especially in the colonial headquarters
in London and in Manchester, especially in the 1940 s and
I know that C.L.R James wrote that there was a period
when they were looking for who could be indoctrinated,
who could come to debate, and then who would go
back to their mother political leaders and leaders
of thought who could then lead and ensure that new horizons
are invented from I know that it is true that
those movements helped west Indian students and
students who believed that and needed to have a certain
kind of consciousness their situation with those of
their colleagues who are as well as the colonial
headquarters It is true that what they did
was inspiring and this led Apart from the impact of
the first world war, which accelerated the process
of the emergence of those who fought the first and
the second world war came e god like white man is a myth that these are people who
have blood like us so you and so its better for us to
challenge their domination but more importantly,
the nationalist and the beginning from the guy who d or organized the first
pan-African conference e the influence of Casey the influence of Herbert
Macauley in Nigeria and a few others who have
many of who studied in the and have internalized
and imbibed the liberty and fraternity which
was what drove the which also drove the
English revolution, came back to say if this was
good for white people why will this principles of
sovereignty will not be good and that, fired the imagination
of their colleagues in the continent.
People like Nnamdi Azikwe The first class of Black
agitators could only spread to the conscience of the
colonists for better treatment since they had no political or
arms backing. Until the Lenin and other socialists/
Communists had advocated to create a level playing
global marketplace They stated that until the
Western slaving nations are they would use the advantage
of African resources and markets So, it was in the interests of
Russia and later China to arm and help develop the
socioeconomic infrastructure The return of Nnamidi Azikwe
in 1933 from Pennsylvania where he had joined the
Black movement was the most decisive turning
point in the liberation He initially settled in Ghana
where he crated the and mentored the likes of
Kwame Nkrumah to go and One of his publication was to
cause a riot and he was made On his return to Nigeria, he
worked with Herbert Macauley that were little more than
sociopolitical associations into the National Congress of
Nigeria and Cameroon.
de being forced back to his
ancestral Ndigboland and the as the two largest Original
African groups, Yorubas an Nkrumah s strong Soviet
backing led to his group from the compromising first
group of agitators and demand from the colonists that
believed they could rule Nkrumah and Azikwe were
both jailed for fomenting However due to the 44percent
Akan dominance, it was easier towards independence. Despite
in jail, Nkrumah won the to become president of the
first independent African nation Nigeria was far more diverse
especially with the large 3 groups of Yorubas, Igbos
and the Islamic North With the break of the Original
African platform of Yoruba, the North Islamists became
a stumbling block However Nigeria was to become
independent in 1960 and French grudgingly gave up
political but not Nkrumah provided a strong
platform for Patrice Lumumba as well as those of Eastern
and Central Africa as the winds of change and
freedom swept across Africa. Francophone nations took
a slightly different as the French had centralized
their African colonies French West Africa and
French Equatorial Africa. However, upon the African
students demand for they used the likes of Ivory
Coast Boigny to call the federations to create
small neocolonies that had In the USA, W.E.B Du Bois
NAACP were to fight of the Establishment the
Church and the Judiciary with Martin Luther King and
Thurgood Marshall, two brilliant and
effective agitators With the filling of the
Supreme Court with NAACP was able to win
desegregation battles in However, the smooth talking
integrationists needed the power who called on the Soviets for
defense at the United Nations as well as courting them for
military backing. With the assassination of
Martin Luther King and riots the US government pushed
through the civil and Across the Caribbean,
the British gave the wornout independence as federation In Brazil, Abdias Nascimento
had taken up agitation since like other Romance
cultures of French, Spain the racism was disguised as This was essentially to attack
the fallacy of the racial and the concept of
Luso-Tropicalism advanced to explain away the economic
consequences of slavery If we emphasize the impact
of even the first to raise the consciousness
of blackness itself and to show that we are not
an inferior being. Don t forget at that time but the little
contributions to raise the was significant in the eventual
liberation of the continent, I mean W.E.B Dubois, Blyden
and a lot of others did a lot To have even promoted
black consciousness was was like a taboo at that time Now having said that, I agree
too that soviet communism which don t forget this tendency
toward nationalism had been you understand, 19th century
been there and I said the first organized in 1900 by a man of
Trinidadian origin So, and when the soviet
revolution came, the Bolshevik revolution
came into Soviet Yes! Lenin and his others
even talked about so they wanted to
Internationalize the and their own ideology was
around the fact that the was what produced the
capitalist imperialism which emphasised the
domination of territories which colonialism seemed
to have done for capitalism So I agree that, that
soviet communist impact to a large extent
because it shows that first, communism shows
that all men are equal, communism opposes
exploitation in all its opposed the privatisation
of wealth as propounded represented by people like,
scholars like Adam Smith you understand, and projected
an alternative way of and so advocated for the
unity of workers, regardless of whether
they were black or white regardless of whether they
were in Africa or Europe. So all of these made us
to see humanity as one The oppressors and the
oppressed and that it was to advocate for freedom
and Africans constituted because their territories
were colonized, the wealth of their nations
were being exported to countries in Europe and
other parts of the world So to a large extent, the
impact of soviet communism extended by Chinese
communism in 1949 and later Cuban
revolution again in all of these had their impacts
on the struggle for at the theoretical and
practical level and to a moral and political support
from those territories which inspired our own
nationalists in the different and encouragement to
continue with the struggle The French believed in
complete assimilation, the British believed in as
Conquistadors as people who The French in a way and if
you look at the the invention of black students
in cosmopolitan France and you looked at the
movements in London there s a complete
difference, because the African French believed
that he s actually French and the French made them
believe that they were You know there was a
time when Leopold Senghor in parliament in France
but that of course was for the British were
domineering, they and believed they were
outrightly superior The French were a bit more
liberal in spite of it s not as if their
instruments helped the lethargy it discovered
having escaped but the French of course
believed in the fact that utterly French in the
concept of D Arsene the are completely French,
your roots are not African you are completely
rootless, now you have that has taken you
over completely. And that was of course
what gave birth to the The Negritude movement
where these west Indians came together and
believed that they had which will help them to
rediscover Africa, but rediscover Africa as
Frenchmen, the concept was completely different
in Anglophone Africa The French colonialism
was completely different, what the French tried to do was
to put a view on the process they wanted to make
French citizen of Africans so that they are going
to lose everything that is even the currency. Up till
today Francophone countries that has to do with the
French Franc which So, you had a process which
was later copied by the the process of assimilation,
the intention of the was to ensure that all the
French vestiges of left in the colonized
territories were erased so that they could become
absolute French citizens The British don t forget,
opted for an indirect that they had practiced
in India which worked and that is, ruling the
people through so that they retain some
element of their culture traditional protectorates,
and their institutions so that it would not seem
as if you are totally and the impact of that
is felt today and that why we are likely to have
more crisis of resistance than we are having
against the British. I mean French citizens,
Africans in now realized the damage
done to them by the French having assimilated them
fully and making them and even to some extent
their identity. So they but with the same goal to
exploit the territory in the and at the same time
ensure that nobody When you talk of
neo colonialism, it is much more pronounced
in the francophone What is neo-colonialism?
According to Nkrumah, who is the acknowledged
leading exponent of neo colonialism is a
situation whereby outwardly independent with
the outward trappings but have their economy
controlled by foreign and so their policies is
dictated okay. These are more pronounced
in the francophone in that even after their
independence; France still It entered into military
alliances with them, it which are not within
the legal framework that is the laws of the host
countries don t control And through this, France is
making and unmaking and France has been dictating
the pace of their economy and even when Nigeria
has been making try and make sure that
West Africa integrates French influence has gone
a very long way in that this doesn t
become a reality. So no doubt that
neo colonialism is in francophone African
countries This is not to say that non
francophone countries have They are one way or
another being controlled but this is not as brazen,
this is not as evident as you have in Francophone
African countries For anybody to take a critical
look at where we are in you must look at where
we are coming from It s a product of imperialism,
colonialism that s the The colonialist came
whether anybody wants there are facts to support it
that Africa is about the When you are talking in
terms of resources both there s no doubt
about tha And when they came
and discovered these bountiful resources
in Africa, they sat I think it was in 1864 in
berlin or somewhere and we have been fortunate to
have far sighted leaders but they were undermined
because of their courage to be interested in Pan-
Africanism. I am talking of Sekou Toure of Guinea,
you may not want to even Mohammed Ghaddafi
yes of course, they had their and so on but they believed
that we needed to water down If we want to make any
progress, you are not but for us, we must first
of all dismember or this artificial country put
together by the British, If you had read Harold
Smith memoirs, he was preparatory to
independence, he released because I understand
there s a law with the that before you could release
your memoirs it must be at and he did a lot of expose
there on how they manipulated how it was British policy
that the south, meaning will never be allowed to get
near power in Nigeria where they deliberately
designed, even lord Lugard in his papers that he was
marrying the very to the indolent northern
husband. So we are aware of this but
before we can really get this structure must
first of all be reorganized Well, I feel really to be very
candid when you talk about British giving the
independence to and keeping the federating
units in internal colonialism because when the agitation
for independence started it was led by Western
Nigeria. In fact, in 1953 when the motion for Nigeria
independence in 1956 it was moved by Anthony
Enahoro a member of Action and when that motion was
moved the North opposed it. They said they were not
ready for independence that as soon as practicable, instead
of 1956 that led to a there was a stalemate. The
NPC members in the federal and went back to the North.
As they were going, the people that why should they
oppose independence So sometime in 1953/1956
the action group said they to go and campaign for
independence that there was serious violence
in which scores of people and it is interesting that
account has shown that, were coordinated
by element who later formed the
Northern Progressive Union coordinated that riot against
the quest for independence the north gave an
8 point demand upon which they would
return to the parliament those 8 points, they were asking
that there should be no that each regions should
collect its duties from ports in fact it was like confederacy
they were asking for, so one thing led to the
other, the move for By the time independence
came, the British had already that, they are not going to
allow those who agitated to be in charge for Nigeria.
They would rather give who do not want them to
go and that was what they the census in 1953 the
British rigged the census They announced the
results before they At least, Harold Smith
has made us that in his confession of the
evil they did in Nigeria. They ensured that they
rigged the 1959 elections because they would not allow
others and they ensured did not work together so
that they can givepower who they want to and when
they were going, on the eve there was a bargain
between the British and which symbolized the handling
over the colonization of unit of Nigeria have been and that thing they did,
the British did was that for asking for independence
the national boundaries and the most of Nigeria
was river Niger and They bypassed all
natural boundaries, to give more land mass to
the North. Today, one of been used to share revenue
is land mass that today, the land mass of Niger
state is about the entire Just Niger state alone and
this are all British design that the north remains
inpower. Till date we cannot count ourselves
because the false figures is what has been sustained
to say that the north is Anywhere in the world, by
the time you move to the population decreases its
not so in Nigeria. Our when you move into the
deserts so its right to say that the British gave flag
of independence to Nigeria the constituent units of
Nigeria under the which is what we are still
under until today Colonialism brought a new
form of government and it was believed that
by and large since were not home grown,
they were bound to lead and for some of those countries
who gained independence by 1970 they had run
into serious problems who was mentored in
London by CLR James he had run into
problems in 1966. The Western Imperialist
nations did not take but reached deep into the
bag of tricks of their as deep and diverse as
the ocean bed of Olokun. The newly independent
nations adopted the of government with a
corrupting system of All politicians were
inherently corrupt, but the issue was using
corruption allegations to secure regime change
of populist African leaders. Having used the fog
of tribalism to they now sought to
and rule on a by inspiring a global
corruption propaganda, which they used to
overthrow philosopher that fought for liberation
with the help of their trained and indoctrinated
by them. By the mid-Sixties they
had perfected plans to their arch-enemy, Balewa,
the Prime Minister of the and Brazil s Goulart, who
despite being White was and giving Blacks
a leeway It is now public knowledge
that a corruption was put in place by
CIA agents posted In Ghana, John Stockwell
a CIA agent was a gold bed scandal against one
of Nkrumah s aides to leading to Nkrumah s
overthrow and the nation into
socioeconomic and In Nigeria, a John Thorne
was sited in Kaduna where he fed false
information to still under the control of
British/American owner the founding managing
director of the They were to provoke
young junior soldiers like Nzeogwu into
carrying out a coup Most important was the
use of Olusegun Obasanjo, who flew in a few days
before the coup and Obasanjo had fought for
the imperialists in and was fast becoming
a trusted hand Even after the coup, they
continued to carry false against Northerners
in the South, which led to reprisals
in the North and in a countercoup and
civil war that The countercoup was
carried out by Northerners through the Igbos had
reneged on the Indirect Rule the Northern elite/
Caliphate over and The British allowed the
French, Portuguese and to arm the Biafra
breakaway territory, while placing an arms
embargo on Nigeria They made it clear that
the Northern elites in power to cross the Niger River to
take back territory they under the Southern
Protectorate When Muritala Mohammed
that led the countercoup he was summoned to
London and went on leave An agreement was
eventually reached with the North will only rule a
united Nigeria on which was that they
will all be answerable Obasanjo was handed the
weapons to gain the and its reunification with
Nigeria. With us today, Col. Obasanjo,
and unfortunately the other are not able to with
us at the moment But with Col. Obasanjo
who is Commander of who have been able to
capture a number of senior and He had brought
them to Lagos to see us in order to let us have
the acceptance of the Formally give up secession
and report for reappointment Obasanjo and the Northern
coupists have held Yes it is in terms of the
question of loss of our to corruption propaganda I remember that in 1966,
the first coup in Nigeria was anchored on propaganda
by Kaduna Nzeogwu an Igbo man who grew up
in Kaduna and even had I am not discounting the
fact that we have that shows the coup
against Nkrumah was The information was
manipulated, same in But it is also true that in the
western region where we there had been a leadership
crisis in the government The soldiers that took
power in Ghana, Uganda, and many others were to
destroy the economies they were bankrupt
and on IMF debilitating structural adjustment
conditions slavery 301 The Western imperialists
held African countries and some cases like Ghana
and Kenya took over their as they forced extreme
devaluation and import Russia in the belief of
international communism economic liberating
socioeconomic infrastructure Russia had built up Chinese
steel mills to set it on the after backing Chairman
Mao into power Russia offered to develop
Nigeria s Ajaokuta In the meantime, Nigerians
agitate to return to civil rule won by President Shagari,
who also pursued However, General Obasanjo
that handed over less than 4 years earlier
inspired a corruption letters written accusing the
government of corruption The Shagari civilian government
was overthrown citing and, in his place came
General Buhari, one of the highest ranking
Fulanis in the 1966 who himself had been accused
of corruption as an Oil Minister Buhari was to stop
the main infrastructural like Ajaokuta Steel complex,
and chase out the Russians in what essentially was
doing the bidding of the Also, Buhari was to destabilize
the foreign exchange with his forex control
and import licensing politics Buhari was overthrown
by Babaginda, another on the grounds of human
rights abuses and a that was to be
derailed for 15yrs 60 Black nations were
forced under the IMF to unfair competition while
also grappling with low Africans were to
suffer till 1999 In South Africa, the dream
and hard work of Thabo Mbeki, came to fruition
with independence Tn as a school pupil, was sent to London in 1961
after the imprisonment of his Thabo was to raise global
awareness of South Africa from his demonstrations
and media play. After his masters
programme in Economics, Mbeki went to receive
military training in Russia and was armed by the
Russians and Nigeria It was his successful
economic sabotage government to
the negotiation, and not some old man
in prison for 24yrs! One good old man was
Abdias Nascimento that had agitated for
Afro-Brazilian political and from his securing voting
rights from the 1930s He went on exile to University
of Ile-Ife when the and the intellectuals
fled abroad. Nascimento came back
to be the sole Afro-Brazilian on the constituent assembly
for a new constitution, which he agitated to have
Afro-Brazilians reparations through the
empowerment of the Fernandes Flores and
Henrique Cardoso, his later became president,
had conducted a study Luso-Tropicalism wrong
and show that the problems stemmed from the historic
deprivations of slavery Cardoso was to implement
a vigorous economic blueprint which invested in education
and set quotas of Blacks. Lula Da Silva was to take
over and continue the before passing it to
Dilma Rousseff. Nigerians once again agitated
for a return to civil rule, who campaigned on a slavery
reparations platform and imprisoned and killed in a
meeting with US officials allegedly with a poisoned
cup of tea. General Obasanjo was
called to duty by his and became president
once again in 1999 Although Obasanjo appeared
to warm up to Chinese infrastructural development,
which doubled growth his loyalty ultimately was
with the imperialists as the most important projects
like the railways and power. In 1984, we had the military
interim government of which topple the Shagari
government and came on of fighting corruption and quiet
a lot of strange things happened For instance, in Ondo state
Michael Adekunle Ajasin, who his testimony was that when he
was coming to government he (Yoruba Male attire) and when
he was leaving government, he no addition no subtraction,
Ajasin brought two when he was going back he
left with the same two, one Ajasin was arraigned
for corruption He was tried three times by
three different panels, nothing Ajasin was kept in detention
until that regime was Now, Shagari who presided
over the so corrupt regime that was toppled was
kept in a Guest house His deputy Ekwueme from
the southeast was kept It was on record that Shagari at
least produced a baby in the and that was the head of
the corrupt regime so that that corruption then it
was more of a propaganda and infact nothing best
intensify it than by an Emir of Gwando Mustafa
Dokolo who was ADC to who said that, when
they were planning they commissioned a team to
bear a blueprint for and he said that team sorry,
was led by Mamman Daura who is now the closest man
to the president in the villa they didn t prepare
any document So by the time they came into
office and they had no they had to latch unto anti-
corruption and they started 100years, 150years to
keep the public excited and within that, you can
see the context in which was kept in detention while
Shagari who headed was kept in a Guest house By 1999, African economies
were comatose due to 2 closed mines and other
economic infrastructure China, needing to stimulate
its economy that had choose international
infrastructure development Instead of sending its youth
to war to stimulat like the Western Imperialists,
sent them to build China offered lower rates than
those obtained on the offering commodity swaps
options to pay for its infrastructural
development services This saw a doubling of the
African economy from Zimbabwe had turned to
China after the fallout especially British Labour party
that reneged on their Western sanctions
destroyed Zimbabwean after its war veterans expelled
White farmers, but China into one of the fastest
growing economies, building one of the largest
diamond mines. The rest of Africa was to
first to clear their tables with the NEPAD agreements
before accepting Chinese Within the first decade
of the millennium, Chinese investment multiplied
and surpassed US or UK as they built roads, railways,
factories, mines and other China was to make its
largest foreign nvestment by offering to build and
finance a new It was Hillary Clinton that
raised the alarm that the West as Chinese investment
rose from $4b to $20b while This was the
start of a new Cold War, this time against China
and any African leader hat took its
infrastructural development The new Cold War was to be
fought through arming sabotaging African
currencies and economy, and a CIA inspired
corruption propaganda any Chinese friendly
African leader. Nigeria s President
Goodluck Jonathan, Kenya s Ghana s President Mahama,
South Africa s President and others fell into the
category for regime change Also, Brazil s President
Dilma Rousseff pursuing Afro-Brazilians was marked
for regime change President Goodluck of Nigeria
was painted as clueless placing Nigeria on a
route to industrialization by increasing electricity
generating capacity, privatizing starting the most roads
and railways, while attracting the most foreign direct
investment in Africa He was denied the credit
of building several gas plants with the sabotage of gas
pipelines to power them A local terrorist group,
Boko Haram suddenly as one of the worse
terrorist groups Shortly after meeting between
Susan Rice, the US and Northern governors,
the Chibok Girls under suspicious
circumstances, while the governors decamped
from the ruling party to form a Teleguided by David Axelrod
and the Western Powers a US president directed
addressed the Nigerian insinuating they should
voted out President Goodluck Once again, General Obasanjo,
the Western Imperialists was behind a corruption
propaganda against the General Obasanjo launched
the attack by writing his known to bring down all
governments since falsely claiming gross
incompetence, corruption to launch political
assassination through Lamido Sanusi, the CBN
governor, who had been Yar Adua regime to
tarnish the government in a way that was tantamount
to financial jihadism, falsely declared that over
$40b was missing Lamido had earlier launched
an attack against the that he was meant to protect
by criminalizing debt that he had earlier
clashes with Sanusi also launched an
attack against the wrongly claiming that they
gulped 25% of the In order to play tribal
sentiments in line with the Sanusi has admitted that
he was instructed by to give Governor Amaechi,
Goodluck s tribesman to disseminate the
unproven allegation Amaechi was to address
the global press while US government officials
to give the story legs Sanusi s pivotal role in the
corruption propaganda as a financial Jihadist earned
him the Emirship of the while Governor Amaechi
won the Minister despite the mismanagement
of Port Harcourt metroline It was a sad sight to see
General Obasanjo who had since 1966 attack the
new young president, who was a toddler when
he launched his first Despite he and his Northern
cabal being the most corrupt, Obasanjo once again sided
General Buhari into power General Buhari was never
true opposition but put in place to block
true Northern opposition and to act as Obasanjos
king-in waiting Knowing the imperialist agenda
was to stop Chinese and destroy Nigeria s
economy with foreign Obasanjo wrote in his
book released before Buhari was a stern political
leader but a poor This was a small print
copout and exit strategy was to bring Buhari to
destroy the economy and on the excuse of human
rights abuses. In the end, Obasanjo and the West
will look like saviours while Buhari would also
look good claiming The real corruption
fought back when decided to launch a probe
into the $16b spent on the On September 7th, the
Senate announced that had been grossly inflated
under Obasanjo, and the Senate President was
accused of false under Obasanjo 12years
earlier, which effectively investigation into the
missing powersector funds Buhari was to introduce
foreign exchange controls and import licensing without
a finance or economic nor any semblance of
an economic team, This led to the greatest
divestment in Nigeria as one of the fastest
growing economies in the Buhari claimed that the
government coffers had and a fall in crude oil prices
to $38 brought the policy in cash reserves and nearly
another $10b in other accounts In comparison General
Obasanjo had met barely and crude prices of $12
when he came into but Buhari that inherited
$30b and oil prices of kept singing about corruption
to distract the people from his neo-imperialist agenda
to destroy the economy Buhari sounded like an old
record of slavery stereotypes as he accused the largest
Black population of being clueless fools
and petty thieves. It is obvious these old men
had no pity for the that they were once
again destroying their like they did in 1964 and
1984 and now 2014 Also, China railway and
other key infrastructural Obasanjo did not limit his
destructive corruption but launched a scathing
attack at Ghana s for supporting Goodluck and
stealing Ghana s money General Obasanjo born
under the sign of is the archetypical 2nd
Horseman and has successfully Black population entranced
under a spell labelled as Government Magic; Army Arrangement and
Beast of No Nation But he will soon be ensnared
by laws of natural justice as Shango strikes open
his bag of tricks With the largest Black
population sent into spiralling the focus moved to Brazil that
housed the world s second President Dilma was accused
of corruption and falsifying income figures for election
purpose by a right wing whose members were known
to be corrupt and wanted by Globo media that spread the
propaganda in the mid-Sixties Like Buhari that introduced
the foreign exchange controls within a week that President
Dilma was impeached, the new the Ministry of Culture fought
for by the Late Abdias to uplift Afro-Brazilians Now, with the 2 largest Black
populations under arrested the focus has turned to Ghana
whose president election is The public discourse has
effectively been concentrated allegations buoyed by the
Anti-Corruption summit Like in Nigeria where the
focus of the corruption that dared to indigenize
the oil sector, and Brazil s Dilma, the target in Ghana
is a woman Plans by South Africa s
ANC President Zuma lands will be stopped by
corruption allegations and be the man who represented
Black South Africans at the with the apartheid government,
but ended up as serving of key European mines
and businesses Kenya President Uhuru
Kenyatta, having survived International Court of Justice, is struggling to further
Kenya s infrastructure but must contend with
Western inspired terrorism and tribalism,
the tools of the Black Britons are at the
mercy of right wing media a xenophobic atmosphere and
can only wish for a change in African-Americans are also
facing a reversal of their if Donald Trump is to wins Although a win by Clinton
is not much of a difference as Blacks are slated for
arrested development It is necessary that we
point these things out because not only is there
corruption propaganda, it works The first thing major General
Buhari did when he came was to introduce the
foreign exchange controls In 1980 or during the 80s
over sixty black countries to Kenya and to Jamaica
introduced these controls not one, single one of
them was successful So, it is strange that
immediately General Buhari without an economic team,
without a finance team he which destroyed Nigeria s
prospect. Up until when Nigeria was growing at
7% and it was predicted fastest growing economy for
the next 40 years eventually This would have uplifted
the black race but no, they brought the
corruption propaganda and they introduced
an economic That same propaganda of
corruption has been well to the extent that the
whole narrative of the was referred as THERE IS
CORRUPTION, corruption If you don t kill corruption
soon, corruption will and the whole country was
wired up saying yeah, we the anti-corruption war
is here, change is here Of course, the propaganda
was so strong it s now Yes, we have seen a
few people been but we have seen that
corruption is waxing it is the myopia on the
part of our leadership that makes them not to
realize the danger Look I am with you on
that point that look, in May last year when the
Jonathan administration Nigeria was regarded as
Africa s largest economy It was the 26th largest
economy in the world It has a growth rate, a GDP
growth rate of over 6%. Let us say that corruption
has taken place at that time it is not after the exit that
the corruption started So, the economy has been
growing and inflation was but within a year, we had
move from been the to, I don t even know .
We have no rating, we are not even the 6th
largest in Africa now, we have been overtaken
by others in less than one year The GDP growth rate has
shrunk to less than 1%, Inflation is now at double
digits over 15% unemployment close to 31% There s no doubt about
the fact that eh… the kind of economic control
that was brought in terms was deliberate policy
to achieve few things First of all, to empower
the Forex Speculators and we know those who
are mostly engaged in it So for the first year of this
government, what the they give 1 dollar to the
Mallam boys at 197 naira they will now go and sell to
the Igbo spare part to go and import spare parts Now the guy that has gone
to collect money from CBN to sell to the Igbo man or
the Yoruba business man, he has made almost
100% of the money By the time the person
brings in his goods he That is why today, most of the
boys that were selling spare have gone back to the
east, they have now because they have become
useless, they have Most of the industry that
have close down today, They are located in lagos
and other places There s no serious industry
in the North anyway in so they are losing nothing
so, I believe that this policy emasculating the industries to
ensure that they merginalize because when people are
reduced to the level where they are begging
for food, looking for they are easier to control
and dominate Even the old question of
corruption that we were talking They allow, they created a
system and allowed the and then when you have
stolen, you become playable, if they ask you to sit down,
you will sit down If they you will get up because they
would open book for you, Interestingly, you can see
that even within the we have not jailed one
person for corruption The whole corruption thing
is to put people to submission so that if you want to talk,
they would say you you known you have
stolen money They created a system that
allowed people to expose So both the corruption
propaganda and the currency control regime were to create an
atmosphere for domination In my own humble
opinion, have never been helpful in kick
starting a prostate economy because you see, what controls
do is to ration administratively It its foreign exchanges
some ministry or department to all the various business
men who wants foreign and individual who want
to pay tuition fees for their Now, the organization
rationing the foreign exchange hasn t got perfect
information or knowledge or the parameters that
should govern the so with the best will in the
world, it is going to of the allocation of that
scarce resource because all the information he needs
even in the most advanced they don t have all the
information required not where there is little
or no information at all So to start with, we should
have the humility to know that we don t have the
information required of rationing a scares resource Historically, it has been
counterproductive. Let me give you an example
within my own experience. When I was in the public
service and the civil war the federal government which
I then served set up import quota allocation
committee to ration foreign exchange
through import licensing Some of us argued vigorously
against it because we knew that it can never work, that
the more controls, you have, the more corruption that
you are going to have the time, don t forget that it
was a military government, rationing must be the
solution and so the import and applications would come,
we would sit down and on what basis were we
approving foreign exchange for We asked them to give
us their turnover figures, they would give you
whatever figures they had, so at best we did a job that
was very rough and imprecise and quite often, those
companies that had contacts or where ever the thing
was been done got very excessively large in relation
to their scales of operations while others that are very
large but had no access, got very little allocation and
they could not fully utilize So, all this created a lot of
confusions and non-optimal I will give you two examples;
I will not name the companies When I was managing director
of Nigeria merchant bank, that bank had several
customers seeking t government, two of them, one had a turnover that was at
least four times the size of the but the smaller company got
foreign exchange allocation five times that of the
bigger company because to those who made
decisions in government So I say this in a working
situation that it was not doing the
best thing for the So every attempt to ration
the scarcity administratively leads to inappropriate
allocation of resources, and My worry is that Nigeria
unfortunately the way it is been the way the politics is
organized and played makes for credible patriotic and
sincere leadership to evolved I am choosing my words
very carefully, credible, nationalistic leaders
to emerge In any case before the fight
on corruption there are certain for instance, we would have
seen electoral reforms because most of the people
who are stealing money now, they are recouping what they
have spent for the last and they are stealing for
the next election and I want there is no political party
in Nigeria today either that can bring out the
statements of accounts for the e funds because it is not honest corruption funds all the parties
We have done nothing that ensure that it is only
those who have stolen We are running elections and
are still going to run elections We have changed nothing.
We have not modified, we have The entire architecture
of corruption is there we are putting Dasuki under
trial that he disbursed some for security, for allocation,
for this or that. Check this year budget, how
much have we voted for the So that tells you it is
corruption propaganda that It is strange that somebody
could carry out a trick, three times without our elders, t And this is what has happened
We have had corruption and in 2015 mainly pushed
by the right wing media and with the help of General
Obasanjo in Nigeria In all the phases of corruption
propaganda in Nigeria that Obasanjo has always
been involved because, before the military
struck in 84, he was writing copiously
about corruption in Nigeria and of course in 2015, you
know the role he played shouting corruption,
corruption off the roof top, So he is an agent of the
corruption propaganda Both within and outside Nigeria
that is putting Nigeria within a scope of
corruption propaganda I am seeing an emerging
trend, but I am saying you see that emerging
trend no doubt about it that the west had a hand in
every stage of our misfortune I do not have
explanations for it. That each time we have
something well for us and we are trying to make a
break through, technologically, something happens to
demonize the leadership in and bring in a leadership
that will be giving the the previous leadership
had destroyed everything and Nigeria had no other
way to go than downhill But, it happened in America
and America didn t experience When Obama took over in
2008, the economy and the because of its involvement in
the wars in Iraq, in but instead of experiencing
the kind of thing we within a few month of the
Obama citizenship. America Our own is to say, you must
go back and start from the the starting point of the race, we go back to the starting
blocks that is, it has no other parallel in
history. It only happens Africans in the Haiti were the
ones who started the that led to the total end
of slavery across the world The importance was that
they struck fear in the and made them realize we
could organize Then we move on to Africans
American who brought of a unified black world,
the black power The Africans Americans brought
the concepts of black power and it was from there that
people like Nnamdi Azikiwe came back to Africa and
pushed for freedom as well We all had our freedoms
by1950/1960 But by 1965 through
assassinations both physical and character assassinations,
we lost those rights and ever since then we have
been in a tailspin). The question now is for
black people to move I mean to be Afrocentric,
we need to know the Centre, we need to know the black
heartland and that is Nigeria, the most populous Black
Country. It is the whose arms and legs and hands
have been cut into various So we have to look to Nigeria
to provide the next step and I think one of the steps
that Nigeria has provided I was fortunate to have been nominated by
the federal government as representing Ekiti state in
the 2014 national In fact, I was the secretary of the planning community,
Yoruba planning community Chief Olu Falae was the
chairman of the planning We got started and we examined
virtually every question that is at issue in the
Nigerian project The question of religion,
the question of the creation whether we should return
to regional government, whether there should be
more powers devolved to the whether there should be
just one single police force or whether we should return
to the old practice of and even city police forces
in response to the insecurity and what policies to pursue in
the various areas of endeavors in industry, in education
and in power supply 2014 National Conference
was a significant development In terms of the fact that I
remember that they were the Chairman of the conference
Justice Kutigi (rtd) and they made the point very
clear that 492 delegates from different groups across
the country were brought We argued, we disagreed, we
fought, we adjourned, we we resolved, we disagreed,
and we did everything but in the final analysis
we passed over The purpose of the confab
and the potential of its report is not to break up Nigeria on
the contrary but to ensure will wish to leave Nigeria
because the implementation will ensure that every ethnic
nationality is contented, is able to develop its own
priority, to preserve its and all the things that
are important to it In fact its is the perfect
recipe in my own opinion against breaking up or
instability Dominant issue in the world
today is ethnic and I gave examples to
collaborate my assertion I pointed for example to
Europe where I said which was forced together
under communist rule had separate countries without
any quarrel or without any Into Czech republic and
Slovak republic that Yugoslavia which was
held together by force under and which there after Tito,
lesser men tried to force together and remain
together has gone into a Bloodletting and the killings
of millions of people and the Bosnia war you
remember at the end of which Yugoslavia broke into
several pieces Today you have Bosnia
Herzegovina, Macedonia, I remember that there was a
gentle man, when that confrence rose, He
burst into tears, people did because they did not know
the sleepless night he spent moving from one caucus
to the other behind the scene consensus
to arrive at these decisions and I want to say that, that
was one of the noblest of Nigerians across all the
divide and quality of our is very very very profound
to the extent that many seeing today in Nigeria, if
we have implemented those This is the beauty of that
report and that is why that it represents in my humble
opinion the best way forward and the best hope for survival
and development and The confab report intends to
give black people their The British and the French only
gave their creations now the people want
their independence, nobody is talking that
Nigeria should break up But the people in there
should have their ethnic self each area controlling its
resources, there won t there won t be any bitterness.
Its money that brings and once we can take that
money apart and let everybody, we will be friends, we will
be jolly good fellows So it is important that
Nigeria adopts this and for it to have a strong
structure. If Nigeria adopts it would spread across Africa,
all African countries will not the dreams of Pan-Africanists.
Because then, everybody even the smallest group will
not be scared of being Until we have this in place, we
cannot have a peaceful Nigeria So, the confab report comes
at a very important time Now like I talk of this era as
we have seen these eras, make that positive
actions a stich in time, This is the time to act. If
we don t act, we can sit back be in our ignorant bliss. What
will happen? Well, Structure Its either we improve on our
structure or the whole and that is what Nigeria faces
now. It is either Nigeria goes with the confab report or
it goes into war We have seen so many
terrorists pop out of the wood down to the south everybody
demanding something If we don t take care, we
would go into wars that the Europeans who have
taken the first and to oppress us will continue
the third one because what is that they would come in,
in the guise of I have told people that it is
very very easy to recolonize all you need is a few bombs
here and there, if a few bombs southerners will start
killing northerners, northerners will kill also and
the next thing you will see oh, we cannot stand aside
and see Nigerians kill They were the ones who
caused it. They were the but they would come out
and say they are the civilized and this is what would happen
for the next 2,000years if that we will have foreigners
create problems here, and come in to save us. When
they go on to the UN they are coming to save Nigeria,
and they will fly in, and what do you call it from
their helicopter. The people and they would be held
for 50 years. We know what happened in
Haiti, we know what when they come in, this
petrol that we are fighting for, then we are losers all the way
because they would grab the as the cost for their peace
keeping. its all a ploy and It is a clear and present
danger, what we lack in Africa is
a right leadership. We have not had a leadership
that is imaginative enough, that is educated enough to
realise this danger and for as long as those people
don t have access to power, Don t forget what we are
witnessing is not freedom so colonialism has not fully
left us, we all know that, that s why the price of oil
determines yours and mine In spite of all we have made,
and is not doing the same its not doing the same
thing to Saudi Arabia, but we need a leadership
that is imaginative, to realize this if we don t
have the right kind of the threat of re-colonization
is real. The conclusion, we are
coming to the end of the second horse man the
era of OLOKUN even though as we come near
to it some are digging deep We have seen General Obasanjo
carry out his third corruption we have seen Globos media in
Brazil push the corruption We are not sure, but we
believe the military is also backing the corruption
propaganda. In Ghana, so, what do we do? Yes we
know that there are these and continue to sell us out,
and will probably die before but if they don t they would
have to step aside one way we cannot remain in slavery.
The fog of corruption, of deceit, of religion
has to be cleared. If we wake up to it like I
said with the confab report, on a strong platform, on a
strong structure, then Nigeria which is
supposed to be the third because as I have said,
the third horseman, he comes on a Blackhorse
and he holds scales Those scales are the symbols
of Nigeria and China China is already helping the
world but Nigeria is the one the black race, fight for
global economic justice which is the era of the third
horseman Sango. We have spoken to the elders and we have told them to
cry out and to come out and to oppose those who are
selling us amongst us But I don t know whether
it is fear, I don’t know whether it is the
elderly thing that time But don t let this time pass,
we need to make a change and a real change not the
ones sold to you in the not about who stole this or
who ate this or who ate that all political systems are
corrupt. What we need right a fair and just structure
in Nigeria which would and which will be able to
uplift all black people in the but where everybody can get
what he deserves without the who has reigned for the
last 2,000 years and seen of black Africans suffer,
the time is here, the dawn

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  1. ..very interesting argument about Yoruba philosophy,the principle
    that we and any being or matter on the planet is part of everything, and
    not a separate thing to ourselves, is what ancient cultures have said
    for millennia,and by that the quantum physics studies the relationship between the matter we perceive The
    energy that we do not see, we are all related to living beings and not,
    and about the bible in italy a translator from the Jew language has discovered
    many things that completely rewrite the meaning of the western culture the Knowledge has always been concealed and manipulated,Many scholars look to ancient cultures to understand the meaning of life …

  2. You had my interest until you regurgitated the nonsense of the penguin academia, namely that the (megalith) monuments and pyramids were built 4,000 yrs ago. The megaliths around the globe, the pyramids, and the Sphinx were built long prior to the onset of the Younger Dryas 12,900 years ago by an advanced race of humans. See the work of Robert Schoch or Brian Foerster and many others regarding that. At that moment in time a worldwide cataclysm happened otherwise known as either the Black Mat Event, or the Clovis Comet. All of North America that was not covered by the ice sheets burned at once, Siberia and the woolly mammoths on it were simultaneously flash frozen standing in place with food still in their mouths as the fires in America created possibly the worlds biggest firenado ever, sucking air from the far north and causing super cooled stratospheric air to descend on Siberia. Then according to accepted geologic data worldwide temperatures plunged rapidly 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit below what was normal at the time (year round) and life suffered for a little over 1,000 years when a second astral cataclysmic event of almost equal proportions occurred almost instantaneously melting the great ice sheets and bringing rain in biblical proportions in short order and raised sea levels worldwide tens of feet in a flash and hundreds of feet over time, (the great flood told about in 175 myth stories worldwide). At that time the survivors of the advanced human race who had treated the rest of humanity as dumb servants at best, whose world had all of a sudden collapsed, migrated and mingled with the tribal groups and hunter gatherers to spread the knowledge required for the survival of humanity and our being here today having this discussion. I encourage you to overcome your dependence on the narrative taught to us by the penguin academia and integrate the bigger picture of our beginnings into your hard work and efforts. Wanna learn more. Launching my channel in a month or two with all kinds of enlightening and even entertaining info for those with ears to hear. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Peace.

  3. I'm of the E branch E1b1a (Paternal), most "African-Americans" are from subgroups of E (If only they knew). My dna links me to mostly Yoruba; as well as Igbo , Bamileke, Benin, Cameroon, Nande, Ghana, Mossi, Mandinka,Cross River (Nigeria), Hutu, Senegalese, Burkina Faso, Tutsi, and Bantus (Gabon) to name some high frequencies of the dna group. By the way my Maternal (Mitochandrial dna) is from the L haplogroup, L1b1a7.

    Thanks for the information and research. I'll continue to watch/listen to the other Parts of the film.

  4. hmm, there is a very brief mention (around 6:30) that the so-called "pygmy" people were the oldest humans on the planet. There is a book – Pygmy Kitabu – which is a very in-depth look at the "pygmies," their history and their beliefs. And they are still here, though they are being enslaved and their land destroyed. Some small number apparently still live as they have been living for over 100,000 years, in the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Ghana, DRC area.

  5. There is no God & all religions are mythical plagiarized bullshit stories. Spirituality is nonsense

    Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. most of their foundational beliefs, holy practices & fascinating stories ORIGINATED from EITHER ancient Sumerology, Indianology, Egyptology, Astrology, Astronomy, Mythology, EVEN from other OLDER/UNPOPULAR religions/mythologies. These common beliefs & practices existed 1000's of years long BEFORE your religion/mythology was INVENTED. It may not be EXACTLY the same thing but we can see where the IDEAS came from & evolved, thanks to ANCIENT HIS-STORY. Out of all the religions in the world the Abrahamic ones are the WORST, they are a gigantic MESS. Myths mixed with myths, fabrications deliberately written into his-story & forced upon poor UNEDUCATED illiterate people

    Pharaoh Akhenaten/Amenhotep IV (Egypt/Kemet) and Zarathustra/Zoroaster (Iran/Persia) we're the unrelated original PIONEERS/INVENTORS of Monotheism, NOT the mythical Judeo-Christian Abraham

    LADIES, ever noticed that people always refer to a God/Deity/Creator as "He" or "Him"? Why couldn't it be a "She" or "Her"?
    There's no real EQUALITY for women in religions/cults. Time to wake up from this MAN-MADE bullshit

    Also, if you seriously believe in any divine SPIRITUAL nonsense then you're either emotionally damaged or you might be suffering from a mental illness called PSYCHOSIS or SCHIZOPHRENIA. Don't worry, it's very common nowadays

    Go read a book, maybe an encyclopedia, study ancient religions, ancient history, mythology, astrology, astronomy, religious languages, basic maths, seek bias & non bias information. Educate yourself & free your mind from MENTAL SLAVERY

  6. Damn the Yoruba is deep, IFA which I have been initiated since my teens is nothing to joke with, IFA looking at it as a religion, A person must be pure once you are initiated. The blacks have no idea how powerful Olodumare has made them They are it, I will never change my color for any wealth of this world.

  7. It uses the mitochondrial DNA, the female lineage DNA, not the less reliable paternal DNA. Archaelogy is not universally applicable, especially due to the acidic rainforest soils that don't keep skeletons.
    Neither is this a video of dancing and art, but the intellectual foundations of Yoruba culture. It uses trends to discern the age and dynamics of Orishas is course of the evolution of advanced social organization.

  8. we live in the garden of eden
    everything here was placed for a purpose
    we are to learn that we are to live simple of the land
    we are to learn that no one is better then another
    all that has been brought up as knowledge , progress means NOTHING if people have to suffer
    God wants us to just live in paradise, garden of eden making houses from whatever we want, cob homes, wood , or a cave carved by nature and used to live in
    people are led to think knowledge or progress is important
    it is NOT
    Simplicity in living is the key to success to humanity
    The earth was not designed to be exploited commercially that is why we struggle with gasoline prices cause it will run out, global warming killing us by damaging our environment
    Yorubans practiced natural healing as well as all people living from nature
    religion is man made to control people
    when people learn to abolish greed, consumption of goods, false pride, EGO to rid those who abuse others by not following them by not creating politics, by just living in PEACE
    BECOMING or trying to be as the oppressors only makes you just like them
    all the science will not make earth or being human better

    to live FREE
    to have FOOD WATER for all
    to have no ABUSE, EXPLOITATION
    WE MUST LEARN AND PRACTICE NATURAL HEALING all that knowledge of how the world was created is useful to know we all have the power to heal ourselves to eat good organic food
    we all have this "power" of flowing energy
    its not about race color origin
    its about living equal
    there are many africans that oppress their own due to greed selfishness and wanting to rule just like the other races
    the reason there are more is because the population was larger
    oppression has been used on all peoples of any shade of any region

    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TOWARDS EVERYONE allows people to live in harmony

  9. everyone is related no one is better then other
    once you have a sect
    there is no life in peace

    orishas are souls that help us
    we all have that power
    the names change with language
    the worship changes just like
    rice pudding is rice pudding no matter who makes it or changes some ingredients

  10. we all eat
    the animals eat
    our food digested and expelled is recycled back to earth as good fertilizer
    birds fly carrying seeds from one place to another place as they fly and drop their recycled food
    it is ALL related
    the ONLY thing not related and UNWANTED is greed, rape, abuse and those who want to rule in one way or another

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    it is learning to live simple
    it is living in harmony
    it is living in peace
    the argument is that we were not designed to work commercialism has ruined humanity
    in all ages of humans living on earth has been miscontrued just like religion everything has and is a business created for those who want to rule and be served by the rest

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  14. These need to be added to the school curriculum starting from primary schools to Universities n other higher learning institutions.No more margo discovering the river niger or Julius Cesar, Macbeth, Romeo n Juliet, plato, Socrates n other Greeks elites.Africans need reeducation especially Nigerians.

  15. i only wish you kept the bible out of this video. as a former christian i have no great love for the bible or its god anymore. i accept that Africa is the birthplace of mankind. i accept that it is the birthplace of math and its wisdom was stolen and corrupted. why oh why would you keep referring to the bible??? i know so little of Ifa and yet i can see it to be a superior way. i wish i knew more about its metaphysics so i could understand its depths better though.

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