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  1. If you like this documentary then share it with all of your friends and don't be shy about it as in doing that you will be making a step towards humanity's future and tell them to do the same. Let's see how long it will be before the powers that are try to take it down from the internet……. By the way and as a point of interest Jacques Fresco who is now dead was 100 years old when he was in this doc and that on its own bears thinking about.

  2. Interesting video, certainly food for thought, but as i read once some where, "There will always be some one or a group of some ones who will want to be king, who will want more than his neighbors".

  3. anyone else read "The Complete Conversations With God" series by Neale Donald Walsch? if not i cannot recommend it highly enough

  4. Why do we let these corrupt parasites do as they wish to us and our planet it,s about time we take back our planet our only home away from these greedy parasites that only care about the size of their wallet they do not and never have cared about the rest of us we are ants to them and they can and do as they wish to us and our home we need to stand as one if we want to live and save our only home. The people who are awake to this corrupt system know what is happening and are trying to wake up others to let them see what is happening us and our planet and that we need to act now not when it's too late sadly there will be people that have no idea how to live by themselves and only believe what these corrupt parasites tell them all we can do is try and show them the right way and it,s up to them on what they do with their miserable lives as slaves to someone they do not even know and do as they are told like wars a legal why of killing people without ever going to jail for murder just so they can get rich. The planet we call home and all it,s resources are for all of us not only just for them as they make u thing. There are more of us then there is of them and it is time we throw the garbage out and jail them for life for what they have done to all of us.WAKE UP

  5. We must believe and stand together as a people. Not as religions or government blindly supporting them. Starting with changes ourselves and helping each other from falling.

  6. Yes, robotise everything creat more poverty and slavery through unemployment, yes wonderful age of zombified people berried Itheir mobile devices, even at the dining room table, yes and soon your find through your chip rather than be able to go to court to protest it, NEW WORLD ORDER what a wonderful concept,? how many large shops already you see 3 or 4 cashiers when they had 24, they argue saving you money? 1peny I pence against 24 jobs? are that shallow to want to create NEWWORLDORDERwhat banks control everything and you have no freedom, you think there going to hand out fiat money to all the unemployed? or cause more constructed wars to wipe out humans? grow up and wake up to the truth where this is going as we rid our selves of religion now there's a new one in its place Computer AI.

  7. Kill the greed and ego and then I will believe its possible, but until fictional dept is irradicated, which means you have to stop just about every power in the world and there courts system,, love to be around to see that happen,

  8. Well, I support this project knowing it will take a lot for the people to find out that this was the alternative or at least system which could replace today’s system, and religious countries which are run by sacred books and they have this ideology in their society and it’s really hard to convince them that there is no one watching and caring, or place like paradise doesn’t exist.Can you imagine their ancestors spent their hole life for that ideology and themselves included.
    But I do hope that if we will have just one country which runs by venus project it would convince them, we have to show people that it really works. When I talk about Venus people say it’s the same as Communism, but there we had money, and authorities tried to overlook problems they didn’t keep their promises, and killed a lot of people who were threat or had different opinion. It was system (Soviet Union )based on promise and nothing more . But if we will have even only one city and show people that it works it could work, although there may be threat from government(because most of them controlled by bank system)

  9. This Can Be Said: Echoed To Acclimatize Many Who Render Such The SIMILAR FRACTIONs at Length: "Life Is As Elementary As Breakfast" And "TIME IS THE GREATEST INDICATOR" Q: Did You Miss I & T? That's Why You Did! "Hope is a Great Breakfast, Yet a Lowsy Sup"
    (The Sooner You Act, The Better It Is)

  10. "Our goal is to replace all fossil fuels with solar and wind"

    – Mark Jacobson –

    Doesn't he know "renewables" use almost as much fossil fuels and destroy almost as much nature as our current methods of power generation? The Venus Project is a fantasy.

  11. The banking system is contolled by the Rothschilds and the Rockafellers and whomever is behind them and they are all satanic entities and don't have any thought or feeling for anyone they are child molesters and killers .. Look up Bohemian Grove .. they also want to herd us all into controlled cities with 5G evil mind controlling and health destroying systems here on earth and in space .. Wake up and get off your knees!

  12. This all sounds so wonderful but Mark these words, it will never happen without God. The Earth is not our salvation God Alone is. If you understand the word of God then you will understand that by the blood of Christ and salvation through him is the only chance that we will have something like you're talking about only much better. What greater love than to lay down one's life so that another can live . Hope your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz9LqxjBgGk&t=74s
    the Foundation for Economic Education has the best rebuttal…
    U know i starting writing a long rebuttal of all of those idiotic ideas… Case by case slowly… But what's the point there's so much bullshit over here…
    Idiotic commies…. What's the point….
    This naive idea that people'll be ethical/… And that democracy is good.. It's like two wolfs and a sheep…
    marxis theory of value… haha resources based economy… hahahah
    the idea that genetics only play a small rule in our life… hahaha read a book there are many researches showing the other way around…
    Intelligent management of the worlds resources… hahah let me guess a top down solution……
    Computers are great but not there yet! And china with amazing AI and computer systems they stole from the worlds is till very very unequal and corrupt and…
    The beauty of big government and communism….
    There's no purpose to live but it doesn't mean religion is bad… it keeps people happy and….

    Capitalism creates abundance….. Maybe this naive idea could work in the future… But definitely not today…

  14. Zelim samo da cestitam coveku iz Srbije koji je preveo ovo….hvala ti brate..olaksao si mi posao….ZIVELO COVECANSTVO!

  15. My comment will sound negative to some, but how do you fight and win well oild machine..in the system where anything and everything is policed with technology that is supervised and in the hands of people who created such system..the only way to exit this system is the WWIII, and whoever survives, if any, starts from the beginning..untill then we can only watch and talk whatever..

  16. The Venus Project. Resource Based Economy is the only solution. Applied technology rather than a utopian one. One of ethics. Finding purpose is key.

  17. Forever praise Jacque Fresco and all the ideas hes promoted and given to us. One day your dreams will come alive or we will surely not make it

  18. So a more "technologically advanced" communist dictatorship is the solution? The Venus Project attempts to repackage communism by saying that it's a "resource-based economy" that gets rid of money, private property, the market or the traditional state/government as means for people to meet their needs and improve their lives. They claim that with this new system, involving artificial intelligence and automation, people will be able to live better lives without wars nor poverty. The fact is, this will result in individuals (therefore, the human population as a whole) becoming dependent on the central planning entity that will take over resources and the means of production as the central planners see fit to bring about this resource-based economy and its supposed ability to house, clothe, and feed the human population while protecting nature. Most likely, this resource-based economy will lead to loss of individual liberty to a central control apparatus which will tell every individual what they can or can't do with their bodies, their time, their energy, and whatever limited resources they are allowed to own. This is another attempt at utopia which will lead to more chaos, death, and destruction. We need less government involvement in our lives, not more. Central planning never works; it favors only those with power and those with a connection to the powerful who make the rules. Where there are free and peaceful people there is always voluntary trade. When people are left to their devices and are able to trade their time, skills, products, or services with one another, they are able to improve their lives and that of others. Government intervention makes things worse. More government central planning (which is exactly what a resource-based economy is) destroys stability, freedom, and independence through onerous rules, regulations, and theft (taxation). Society will do best without central planning and allowing people to trade and interact on a voluntary basis. Allowing laborers, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, and technicians provide or develop products or services that benefit society (without a central planner telling them what they can or can't do with their resources, skills, time, and effort) is the better option. When government/central planners get involved and coerce, or promote, certain economic activities – by extension controlling human behavior – is when problems arise that otherwise wouldn't have. In all, a market based economy where individuals interact voluntarily, without the heavy hand of big government/central planners, allows for more prosperity and lowers poverty. Too many in the US like to believe that "capitalism" is the problem, but government [through its system of rules, regulation and taxation on property and income that favor specific, special interests (political and corporate cronyism] is the antithesis of peaceful, voluntary habitation. There is no perfect system that enables everyone to be rich, but letting people live free and interact voluntarily enables them to improve their living standard over time. We have seen it happen in the US to a certain extent, limited only by the heavy hand of government intrusion and control for the benefit of those with established wealth and political influence. Without such a powerful central planning entity enabling the so called "elite", the corrupt established wealthy people would have very little effect on the lives of individuals. They would be limited to what they can earn through providing a product or service that people need or want. They would have to earn it, instead of getting it through corrupt political means which allows them to gain more wealth at the cost of smaller businesses and at the cost of the prosperity and independence of every individual. We need less central planning, not more.

  19. Set up a water filtering/ bottling factory in Antarctica, when all the fracking down there melts the ice it will not drown everyone. It will supply humanity with water for hundreds of years.

  20. So many negative comments from those without vision, people that cannot see beyond the world they currently live in. There is a lot of fear in the comments section. The Venus Project is where all humans need to be.

  21. My fellow Venusians , do not despair from all the ignorance and fear in the comment section and out there in general , be a beacon of knowledge,reason , our borthers and sisters are afraid, they have been deceived for so long by so many ,please don't lose hope , even if they do. the fact that you are here , watching this important piece of information , inspires me to continue spreading this info and answering our fellow human brothers and sisters about the project 🙂

  22. is this why we are subjecting the west to the alice in wonderland interigation programing . machines would never turn againt their creators now would they

  23. The only way this project can come to fruiction is not here on Earth but on other planets. When we will be able to start from scratch with the help of AI. Earth is doomed sadly, himanity of tomorrow will look back to Earth and see a dusty museum or even a broken cradle. They will remember us, the ancient ones, but they will have countless of opportunity to create diverse environments on different worlds. We can't do it on Earth right now… it's too late.

  24. More UN IPCC carbon credits and resource based bull sold to us by the same money changers under a different name and face. Solar and Wind is not GREEN it uses fuel . And pray tell is Weather and climate modification sustainable, weatherfare being used to cause droughts and floods? is that Sustainable? yes lets chop up the sea life in the ocean with turbines, because the wind turbines on land don't kill enough bats and birds, let's us more technology 5G lets kill all the Bess and birds. We do not consent to your lies.

  25. Bit odd isn't it that this was made in 2016 5 years in January and it has recent comments and views, it's not google shoving this in recommendations is it. Could social engineering could it. I think it may be, yes pushing it. This and other so called environmentalist Thunberg,& Extiction rebellions are engineered consent operations, the UN and World Bank(s) IMF etc can't demand a new system, they need a social movement to demand it. Yes that explains it.

  26. why do people in africa need help, blacks in america were not mentioned once, and that "all people" sounds very dangerous, when they say "all people" you know who they're referring to especially if "your" people are already excluded, they're only talking about white people, you think asians and white indians wouldnt have their own utopia and would want to live with europeans no.. they already have their own. where are black people in all of this. no where. we'll have to fix our own problems ourselves by ourselves and exclude everyone else like they excluded us, if you do the research the telephone toilet all the inventions this old white man mentioned were not by pure luck. he forgot to mention black men created these inventions, "black studies" wont be apart of anything this project has to offer, we will take our creativity and our sciences else where and see how the world feels how we have been made to feel.

  27. He'd be like 90 lol this bs is full of nothing but lies and another sneaky way to slip NWO in through the backdoor… smh

  28. Be aware of this. When pedophile wants to attract a child he offers the child a candy. Don't be a child and don't trust everyone. Question everything, doubt, consciousness and awareness are important, we need love, advanced technology is not solution for everything. Be aware of global warming and CO2 scam, they want to sell us this hoax and scam of climate change in order to change world and laws how they want to do.

  29. The earth🌎🌍🌏 has metaphorically seen cancer💀☠️ and fever🤒 by parasites🦠🐛
    Usury is the root of all evil and leads to a growth imperative. The cancer of this world. A war against humanity!
    "Usury – The Cancer of the World" /watch?v=3g7Ii3jazAY
    "I Want The Earth Plus Five Percent" /watch?v=L11EprAtQf0
    "NASA's Earth Minute: Earth Has a Fever" /watch?v=nAuv1R34BHA
    "Economist Michael Hudson Explains Bank and Bankers Are Parasites And Not Part Of The Real Economy" /watch?v=A10bor8FBAk

    A large part of the taxes goes to private institutions and private individuals in the form of hidden interest and does not benefit the citizens.

    "We're ALL Debt SLAVES – Here's Why" /watch?v=bH-nBcrTwYI
    "Debt is Modern Day Slavery" /watch?v=mIfx_gNwyVE
    "Victoria Grant and Public Banking" /watch?v=Bx5Sc3vWefE
    "Money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth" /watch?v=pMIjO_veIFY

    👨🧨💣💥🔥The pyromaniacs have been appointed fire safety officers. The Arsonists are playing firefighters👨🧯🚒
    Georgia Guidestones: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." 💀☠️
    "Be not a cancer on the earth — leave room for nature — leave room for nature"
    "A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."
    -CNN Founder Ted Turner
    "Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell." -Edward Abbey
    💸 💰💲🤑No growth for the sake of growth, but for the debt and the greed of profit💵 💴 💶 💷
    "Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist." -Kenneth Boulding
    "Already in the first early Christian centuries, a general prohibition of interest was formulated as a principle of the Christian faith in several synods, that is, in the context of several meetings of church leaders. In the Middle Ages, this principle of Pope Innocent III. legally institutionalized in 1215 in the form of a general interest ban. In the context of this "canonical prohibition of interest", the taking of interest henceforth was not only a sin, but also a capital crime, which was equated with robbery, arson or prostitution. The period of interest prohibition in the Catholic part of Europe extended over several centuries and only with the Reformation and the independence of many princes of the rules of the Catholic Church was at least partially dissolved. The Catholic Church itself upheld the doctrine of interest prohibition until the beginning of the 20th century."

    Lord Rothschild: "This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World"
    "Mouse Utopia Experiment" /watch?v=0Z760XNy4VM

    "Usury War on Humanity" /watch?v=FEheU28ea3c
    "Usury: The Banksters Secret War on Humanity" /watch?v=8ZqM8OFzlPQ
    "Usury Threats World Economy" /watch?v=Vk2t4jMqYxA

  30. Maybe you could hose down science in the shower for a bit and clean all the politicians and corporations off it, but its so filthy right now, it's no different than religion.

  31. left wing propaganda & bullshit indoctrination on unproven agendas like global warming, greenie religion, etc. POS & only minutes into this trash.

  32. I see one major problem with this and its a small one. If you do the math and use scientific method you easily come to the conclusion that it would simply be easier to lower the population, like any variable in an algorithm, is the most efficient way to increase are chances of survival and develop an equilibrium with our environment. Kill people and there is less exponential growth of runaway carbon emissions. The more you kill the less impact we have on our environment and the easier it will be to create a sustainable system. So who dies? this very question creates chaos. The social acceptance of this idea would easily change our governing style to a stronghold ecology like during feudalism.

  33. Looks like a beautiful vision, but I sense something shady here. Just another too good to be true system of control…

  34. I used to buy into all this stuff and there is some truth to be gained from it. However there are aspects of humanity that can't be changed. Human nature is a real thing. We are the most adaptable species but we aren't completely blank slates. That's the dishonesty here. The world has gotten better not worse under capitalism despite it's flaws. People always organize themselves this way because you can not completely engineer out environmental variability from one individual to the next. There will always be hierarchy. Capitalism is the only system that takes that hierarchy and use it as an engine to produce goods and technology. The next step as I see it is to push all humans to the next rung on the ladder with automation and AI being beneath us. That way all of us are the bankers and the ruling elites. There are no perfect systems but so far capitalism has done the most good. We should not ignore this fact. It's easy to point out flaws when we are treated unfairly and is easy to want to tear the system down to get revenge or temporarily uplift our own situation. Don't fall into this trap. We are well on our way to a better world because of the current system despite its flaws.

  35. Essa ação é incoerente. Pois, para financiar tal obra, se faz necessário o uso do dinheiro, E por ser tudo dual , essa tecnologia tem o seu lado negativo.

  36. This is nothing more than science fiction nonsense! nobody landed on ANY moon! These lying Freemasons KNOW they’re NOT in “outerSpace” they’ve only been to the Aether! After that….it’s all CGI! And these lying “Astro-nots are the Gate Keepers are leading this deception! And FRAUD! NASA takes billions of dollars a day for WHAT? they’ve never been outside of our enclosed system!! All this “CLIMATE CHANGE” nonsense!! Is just plain BULLSHIT!!

  37. The white woman does not turn to the black man…she is shoved. LOL We live on a garbage planet with garbage women. Who cares if it burns.

  38. Thank U for creating & propagating – such a wonderfully – educational & visionary – entertaining & enlightening – video documentary of the – ignorance & entrapment – as well as the potential Awakening & Enlightenment of the species –

  39. "If our planet 🌏 ran out of resources… No matter how much gold 🥇, money 💵 or possessions you had you could not survive."

  40. United Nation Agenda 21. Wake up soon because 2030 is coming quick.
    I don't believe in global warming or how they say it's happening. The planet been cooling and warming since forever. It's a tool they are using to take away more of our freedoms. They even wanna charge you carbon tax. I do believe in cleaning our world but not at the price of our freedom.

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