The conservative movement transforming America’s courts

The conservative movement transforming America’s courts

-You put the wrong justices
on the Supreme Court and this country will never,
ever, be the same. We have to pick one that’s gonna
be there for forty years. From one of the 20 judges
on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution
of the United States. -Leonard Leo is the executive
vice president of the Federalist Society. He advises President Trump
on judicial nominations. -The Federalist Society
is about results. They see judges,
along with the Republican Party, as pathways to power. -You don’t mess around
with judges. You get them confirmed. You get them confirmed quickly. -If you’ve got a group
that’s been in-sourced into the White House
to decide who the next
Supreme Court nominee is, you ought to have some clarity
as to who’s funding that group and who’s getting
to make that call. -I was here long
before this president and I will be doing
what I’m doing, God willing, long after. -We are going to make
America great again. -In early 2016, Donald Trump
seemed unstoppable. Republican leaders were nervous. And then, they lost
a conservative icon. -Please join us
and the candidates on our stage in a moment of silence
for Justice Antonin Scalia. -The death of Antonin Scalia
left the future of the Supreme Court
in the balance and Trump’s challengers
saw an opening. -And the next president
of the United States has to be someone
that you can trust and believe in to appoint
someone just as good as Scalia, plus, there may be at least
two other vacancies. So you ask Mr Trump to respond
and say that he would and he says that he would,
but the bottom line is, if you look at his record
over the last 25 or 30 years, on issue after issue,
he has not been on our side. -So, what’d you think
about the debate? How’d you do?
-The Trump campaign needed to win
over skeptical conservatives and they knew who to call. -I received a phone call from a federal Federalist
Society member. His name is Don McGahn. At the time, he was the general
counsel of the Trump campaign and he asked if I would be
interested in visiting with the candidate and, of course,
the rest is well-known. -And what we did,
and I just have it, we just took a list of judges. And I thought what I would do
is put this forward and this would be the list
that I would either choose from or pick people very close
in terms of the spirit and the meaning
of what they represent. I came up with a list. The Federalist Society
was very much involved. -As vice president
of the Federalist Society, Leonard Leo had
spent years patiently working to push the country’s
courts to the right. In Trump, he saw a chance
to accelerate that project. -The Federalist Society
makes a calculation, which is, “If we can lure
otherwise never-Trumpers into the electoral fold,
have them help us get Trump elected,
that opens up avenues for us to shape the courts
for decades to come”. -Months ago, as a candidate,
I publicly presented a list and pledged to make my choice
from among that list. I am a man of my word. -To understand the success
of Leonard Leo is to understand
how power works in Washington. -The arc of Leonard Leo’s
career mirrors the rise of the conservative
legal movement. Publicly, he’s known as one
of the leaders of the Federalist Society as it rises in influence
and power within Washington as a networking organization
that also serves as an incubator
for conservative ideas. -There’s no secrets
at the Federalist Society. Everything we do is
completely transparent. And it’s awfully hard to keep
a secret in an organization that’s got 2,000 people sitting
in a ballroom at a conference. So we don’t have any secrets. -After years of neglect,
the Constitution. -Another, less visible,
aspect of his rise has been his activism
outside the Federalist Society. Over nearly two decades,
Leo and his allies created a network of nonprofits that have raised hundreds
of millions of dollars to support campaigns in favor of
conservative judicial nominees. -Their aim really was to spread
the message that conservative judges need to retake
the third branch of government. -In public and behind
the scenes, Leo is advancing an agenda
many decades in the making. The conservative legal movement
has changed America’s courts and it’s changing the idea that government should play
a central role in American life, an idea that stretches back
to the 1930s. -I pledge myself to a New Deal
for the American people. -During the New Deal,
the Supreme Court really expands Congress’s power
to intervene in the social and economic
spheres of American life. The idea that the government
can tell corporations, you know, what they could
and could not do, that was already seen as an affront
to libertarian conservatives. -Barry Goldwater
has received the highest. -It is the cause
of Republicanism to resist concentrations
of power, private. -Conservative anger deepened
as the Supreme Court expanded the rights
of women and minorities and placed new limits
on public displays of religion. -Under God.
-And, if the Supreme Court rules,
in the Mississippi cases, that there must be
desegregation right now. -Can the state participate
in the religious training of our youth? To what extent?
-Good evening. In a landmark ruling,
the Supreme Court today legalized abortion. -The thing that we are weeping
about is the mentality which is now in America. How did this happen? But we have a mentality
in America which is anti-life
and anti-family and anti-God. -So those decisions really
mobilized evangelical conservatives, Libertarian conservatives
had already been up in arms since the New Deal,
and gave them a common enemy, which, at that time,
was the Supreme Court and, more broadly,
the federal government. -A counterrevolution was brewing
and, soon, it found a leader. -The leadership that I envision
in Washington, if I should have enough
of your support, would be to take the lead
in getting government off the backs of the people
of the United States and turning you loose to do
what you can do so well. -It was a heady time
for young conservatives, but at their elite law schools,
they still felt like outsiders. -When I went to law school, we realized that the dominant
thought was very much a liberal view of the law
and so, as a conservative, you really felt like you
were either in the minority or should be quiet
and not really speak up. -At Yale, Harvard,
and the University of Chicago, conservative students
began to organize. -Our first idea was,
“I’ll bet there are students that think like this
in other law schools and it’d be interesting
to invite conservative law professors to come together
and hold a conference”. -In 1982, the Federalist Society
was born. The group spread quickly to
other campuses and its founders caught the eye of President
Reagan’s attorney general. -I, Edwin Meese III,
do solemnly swear. They had graduated
from law school by that time and were looking for jobs, and so I was able
to recruit them to work with me in the Justice Department. -Edwin Meese saw these young
lawyers as the vanguard of a new conservative approach
to the law. -Being an originalist means
being a lawyer or a judge who is faithful
to the Constitution itself, who applies it
as it actually reads. -Robert Bork was the kind of
judge Meese had in mind. In 1987, Reagan nominated him
to the Supreme Court. -If a judge abandons intention
as his guide, there is no law available to him
and he begins to legislate a social agenda
for the American people. -The Bork hearings were a new
front in a familiar cultural struggle and conservatives
were still losing. -In Robert Bork’s America,
there is no room at the inn for Blacks and no place in the Constitution
for women, and in our America,
there should be no seat on the Supreme Court
for Robert Bork. -The Bork nomination becomes
a catalyzing moment for the conservatives. “We need to change
other institutions. We need to create
a counter-media. We need to create
a counter-elite that makes things
like originalism, conservative legal thought,
acceptable and more mainstream”. Because, for ideas to have
consequences, there was a recognition
that you needed the right people with access
to positions of power. And that’s where Leo comes in. -Good afternoon. My name is Leonard Leo
and I am National Lawyers Division director
of the Federalist Society. -Leonard Leo joined
the Federalist Society in 1991. A master networker, he also understood
the ways of Washington. -But the idea was really
to create a pipeline, to create a pipeline
that started in law school and then glided into
the legal profession, by building a networker
infrastructure of people around the country
who could influence the major power centers
of our legal culture. -Republicans were primed to take
who got appointed to the courts politically seriously
long before Democrats were because Democrat
entrants were winning and they have built a very
significant infrastructure, as a result, and we’ve been
caught napping for a long time. -The Federalist Society
is in this for the long run. Since 1982, they have gone about
collecting names aggressively, waiting for times when Republican presidents
come into office, so that they can
work in partnership with Republican administrations
to choose judges. -I do think. -We’re not a lobbying
organization. We’re not an advocacy
organization. The emphasis and the focus
is on ideas and the political results that people see happening
are not things we’re doing, although they are, you know,
they’re byproducts, in the sense that you get people
together who care about ideas. -In his early years,
Leo’s largely working as an executive
of the Federalist Society, but he comes into his own
during the Bush years, just as the Federalist Society
is rising in stature. -As soon as he took office, President George W Bush focuses
energy on the federal courts. -George W Bush very much
sold himself as a movement conservative
and so, because of that,
he’s able to tap into what is now a more mature
Federalist Society organization, with a bigger farm team. -I’m pleased to welcome
my judicial nominees to the White House. A federal judge holds a position
of great influence and respect and can hold it for a lifetime. -But his most conservative
nominees were blocked by Senate Democrats. -There’s a realization
in the administration that they need to get tougher and harness the power
of outside groups, some of which Leo has helped
conceive of, to fight back and to push through these
nominees with tougher tactics. -The Washington Post
has obtained previously unpublished emails
from the Bush White House. -This is the H group.
-Oh, yeah, here it is, Sean. “Leonard Leo will
probably know”. -They show Leo’s office
was helping coordinate all outside coalition activity
on judicial nominations and working closely
with Brett Kavanaugh, then a legal advisor
to the president. -As a political operative,
Leo had some crucial talents. He had great contacts
into the world of wealthy conservative donors
and he knew how to raise money. -When the White House
needed someone to help pay for a press conference on behalf
of a stalled judicial nominee, an administration official
suggested “Leonard Leo will know. We probably don’t want
the fed soc paying for it, but he might know
some generous donor”. -During those early Bush years,
Leo became really adept at working with his network
to cultivate allies and shape public opinion
through ads and other campaigns. -In 2005, a group of activists
working with Leo launched the nonprofit
Judicial Confirmation Network, or JCN, with funding from a
small group of anonymous donors. -Judge Alito is one of
the most accomplished. -When President Bush nominates
Samuel Alito and John Roberts in 2005 and 2006
to join the Supreme Court, JCN and other groups
in this outside coalition spend $15 million
in a campaign to support them. Although these campaigns were
coordinated from Washington, they often had
a very local feel. -You know who they are,
the folks who sue towns for putting up nativity scenes
and menorahs. Who tell little girls
in the first grade that they can’t draw pictures of our Savior Jesus Christ
for class projects. Now, these extremist groups
want our senators to vote against Judge Alito for
the United States Supreme Court. -When I was working on the Hill, we would see these
sort of attack campaigns and so that was sort of
the beginning of a tremendous, I think, investment
that began by the far right to pressure
the nominations process, to try to put judges
on the bench who would achieve
political objectives. -John Roberts and Samuel Alito
would take their places on the Court,
joining Federalist Society members Clarence Thomas
and Antonin Scalia. At the group’s 25th
anniversary gala, Scalia gave a triumphal toast. -We thought we were just
planting a wildflower among the weeds
of academic liberalism and it turned out to be an oak. -Their powers only manifested
during times when Republicans are president. -Has voted to confirm
Judge Sonia Sotomayor. -When Obama or Clinton
were in office, they faded very much
into the background. That doesn’t mean
they stopped working. -For years, the conservative
legal movement had been working to weaken
campaign finance regulations, with the support
of corporations. -We said, “Let’s apply
that principle, that a corporation
is an individual or a person, just a corporate person, and apply it
to the principle of speech, that they can have
speech rights, spend their money to advocate
certain positions”. -In 2010, the Supreme
Court agreed, in a decision that would
transform American politics. -The Supreme Court
has ruled 5-4 today to allow corporations to
spend money to pay for TV ads. -Connect the dots. Republicans are the party
of the corporations, the judges are the appointees
of the Republicans, and the judges just delivered
for the corporations. It is being done in plain view. -So they’ve unleashed corporate
and special interest money. It’s a massive, massive,
political advantage. It’s like giving them
modern artillery, as opposed to simple muskets. -After the Citizens United
ruling lifts restrictions on corporate spending, Leo,
his activity really picks up and there’s a proliferation
of nonprofit groups that he helps run. They include a Tea Party group run by Clarence Thomas’s wife,
Genni Thomas. -We’re gonna save this country. -He became director
of an antiabortion group called
Students for Life of America. -President of Students for Life, a national organization
of campus pro-life groups. -Those are among more than two
dozen nonprofits that Leo advised or helped
run over the last decade and we looked through
financial documents and tax filings to try
and get a sense for the significance
and scope of these groups. From those documents,
we found that, between 2014 and 2017,
alone, these nonprofit groups raised
more than $200 million, much of it
in anonymous donations. -Let’s remember that,
in this country, the abolitionist movement,
the women’s suffrage movement, the American Revolution,
the early labor movement, the civil rights movement
of the 1950s and 1960s, were all very much fueled
by very wealthy people and, oftentimes, wealthy people
who chose to be anonymous. I think that’s not a bad thing.
I think it’s a good thing. -Leo had the network
and the resources to push through a new generation
of conservative judges. But he needed a partner
in the White House. -For whatever reason, they say
this could be the presidency, this next four years, where you’ll pick
more Supreme Court justices than anybody has ever had
the opportunity to do and, believe me, I’ll make you
very proud of those justices. -Did Donald Trump know a lot
about the Supreme Court? I sincerely doubt that. But, he knew that, by talking
about the Supreme Court. -The justices that I’m going to
appoint will be pro-life. They will have
a conservative bent. -By declaring that
the Federalist Society would provide him
with a list of nominees, he’d be able to galvanize the right-wing base
of the Republican Party and, in doing so,
get them out to vote. -In March 2016, Trump met
with Leo at a DC law firm to discuss who he should choose as the late
Antonin Scalia’s replacement. -He had an idea he wanted
to float, which was, “What do you think of having me
put out a list of people who I would pick from
for the US Supreme Court?” Now, this was a little bit
of a radical idea. No candidate
had ever tried it before. I set about to suggest
to him names of people who would be appropriate
for that kind of a list. -The problem is that, once you
give somebody the job of making and maintaining that list, you then give them
an enormous amount of power, unelected, unaccountable, power. -As Leo advised Trump on filling
the open seat, Senate Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell did his part
to keep the seat open. -The Senate will appropriately
revisit the matter after
the American people finish. -With help from a $7 million
media campaign by Leo’s allies at JCN. -The Supreme Court has a vacancy
and your vote in November is your only voice. The American people
should decide. -What started off as unlikely,
impossible, is now reality. -This was an earthquake unlike
any earthquake I’ve really seen since Ronald Reagan in 1980. It just came out of nowhere. -Soon after the election,
Leo made a trip to Trump Tower in New York. He would later take a leave
of absence from the Federalist Society
to join Trump’s transition team. -It was a very productive
meeting. President Trump wanted to talk
to us about how important he views the selection he’s going to have
to make in the coming months. -“I, Donald John Trump,
do solemnly swear”. -I, Donald John Trump,
do solemnly swear. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.
-Within weeks of taking office, President Trump
delivered on his vow to conservatives with a judge
from Leo’s list, which had grown
to include 25 names. -Thank you. Today I am keeping another
promise to the American people by nominating
Judge Neil Gorsuch. -Was this the choice you advised
President Trump to make? -Well, my job was just to
give him a list of great people and to tell him everything
I could about each of them. It was ultimately his decision. -Was he on the list?
-Neil Gorsuch? -Yeah.
-Oh, yeah, absolutely. -During the Trump era,
Leo becomes more than just an activist and a fund-raiser. He takes on a role
as Trump’s judicial advisor. -Deciding who to pick for
the United States Supreme Court. And, Leonard,
you were fantastic. All of you were. -But he’s still playing
a behind-the-scenes role in campaigns
to support the same judicial nominees
that he’s recommending to Trump. -The Washington Post and other
entities are more than welcome to write stories
about money in politics, but I don’t engage
in that conversation because, one, I’m not particularly
knowledgeable about a lot of it, but, secondly,
because it’s just not what I do. -In 2016,
Leo starts three new nonprofits: Freedom & Opportunity Fund,
America Engaged, and BH Fund. They’re all created by the same
law firm in Warrenton, Virginia. They also have no employees,
they have no office space, no website,
and virtually no public profile. The Washington Post asks Leo
about one of the groups. -Could you describe to us what
the purpose of the BH Fund is? -Um, BH Fund is a charitable
organization. You can look it up. I’m sure its statement
of purpose is listed. -We did. And its tax document says
its mission is “to promote the rule of law and limited,
constitutional government,” and it received $24 million
from an anonymous donor in 2017. -I have a very simple rule,
which is I’m engaged in the battle of ideas.
-Yes. -And I care very deeply
about our Constitution and the role of courts
in our society and I don’t waste my time
on stories that involve money in politics because what I care
about is ideas. There’s a reason why
the founding fathers wrote the Federalist
Papers anonymously and it’s because
the power of ideas is what matters in our country. -Leo and his allies promote
those ideas through their obscure, very well-funded
network of nonprofits and this is one way they do it. BH Fund gives millions
of dollars to both Freedom & Opportunity
and America Engaged. America Engaged gives $1 million
to the lobbying arm of the NRA. The NRA then announces
a $1 million ad campaign targeting senators
who supported gun control and pressuring them to vote
for Neil Gorsuch. -Claire McCaskill talks
a good game on gun rights. -I’m a
Second Amendment advocate. -But Donnelly voted for Barack
Obama’s gun control. -We shouldn’t be taking guns away from law-abiding citizens
in this country. -Judge Neil Gorsuch. The men and women of
the National Rifle Association are responsible for the content
of this advertising. -Gorsuch would sail through
his Senate confirmation, but Trump’s next nominee
would be the true test for Leo and the network
he had spent years building. -Will be the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,
so help you God? -I do.
-Yeah. -Over two years, Leo’s Freedom & Opportunity gave more than
$4 million to another group, called Independent
Women’s Voice. And when Brett Kavanaugh was
accused of sexual misconduct, the group mobilized. -Tammy Bruce is a radio show
host and president of Independent Women’s Voice
and she joins us tonight. -Tammy Bruce is with us and Tammy
is the former president. -Fox News contributor,
radio host Tammy Bruce. -Tammy Bruce, thank you all
for being here. You were shakin’
your head a lot. -Its president, Tammy Bruce,
appeared on Fox News regularly. Like other people
in Leo’s network, they defended Kavanaugh
vigorously. -Grassroots support for Judge
Kavanaugh is strong, especially. -And organized social
media campaigns on Facebook and other platforms. While the campaigns
are unfolding, it’s nearly impossible
for the public to know who’s funding these efforts and,
by the time the groups are required
to disclose the information, the battles are usually over. The judges
have taken their seats. -The nomination of
Brett M Kavanaugh of Maryland to be an associate justice
of the Supreme Court of the United States
is confirmed. -With Brett Kavanaugh
and Neil Gorsuch confirmed, conservatives now
hold a majority on the nation’s highest court. -We see a court that is,
in traditional measurements, 5-4 in a more conservative view. That would’ve been viewed
as an impossibility, back when I was in law school. -With Justices Neil Gorsuch
and Brett Kavanaugh now in place,
could the landmark abortion law Roe v Wade now be at risk? -The Supreme Court allowing
the Trump administration ban to restrict transgender men and women
from serving in the military. -The Supreme Court has just
dealt a huge blow to organized labor.
-President Trump wins. -In Trump’s first two years,
the Republican-controlled Senate has pushed through
a historic number of federal appeals court judges. -So much of what
the federal courts do affects our daily lives,
but is sort of not as visible. So, challenges
to emissions rules, challenges to the Clean Air Act
or the Clean Water Act. How safe is our food gonna be? So these are kind of real
tangible ways that the courts can either make our country
safer or more equal or more just or really thwart the attempts
of political majorities at the state
and federal level to do so. -And I’ve been very pleased,
actually, at the growth
of this whole movement, which I think is necessary
for the benefit of the country and particularly the benefit
of people who believe in liberty and a system of justice
that is fair to all. -In December of 2017,
Leo was honored at a gathering
of conservative activists at the Trump Hotel
in Washington. -Leonard Leo has singlehandedly
changed the face of the judiciary under the auspices of Ed Meese
and many of the people who started
the Federalist Society. He has many hats. That isn’t even all he does. He doesn’t really tell
all that he does, but I know enough to know
the man is a force of nature. -The problem here
is not Leonard Leo. He is not a king of Republican
judicial appointments. He is a fixer. He is a factotum. The interests behind him,
who are anonymous, but who are paying
for this exercise, that’s what we need
to worry about. -What you’re seeing now
is the culmination of over 30 years of work. I was here long
before this president and I will be doing
what I’m doing, God willing, long after.

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  18. Of course WaPo doesn't approve of the federalist society, because the federalist society are strict constitutional adherents.

  19. The federalist society wants the opposite of power. They only want the constitution to function as it was originally intended to. These aren’t conservative judges, these are originalist judges. They want the same way judges acted for the first almost 200 years of this country. With the one horrible exception of Dred v. Scot

  20. Let me see if I get the gist. A constitutional conservative think tank dedicated to spreading awareness of the judicial philosophy of Originalism has been successful at spreading awareness and building support for that judicial philosophy, and that's bad. That the Federalist Society did what all political non-profit groups do. Namely, raising donations that they use in furtherance of gaining influence for their organization and shared mission. But when they do it it's bad. That our Constitutional Republic, which was deliberately designed to account for government's natural tendency to form factions as a means of gaining power & preeminence by using ambition to counter-act ambition (as per Federalist #10)… But a faction of Constitutional Conservatives seeking a measure of preeminence for the judicial philosophy of Originalism is bad…. And Donald Trump doesn't know much about the Supreme Court, and thats bad. And even though the advice from the Federalist Society is the only example that I can think of in his entire presidency where he bothered to seek advice on a particular issue from someone who was well-qualified to advise him on that particular issue and for once Trump was smart enough to take the competent advice he was given…. and that's bad…. Am I missing anything?

  21. "Ideas" indeed! It goes without saying that admitting to an overriding interest in "power", "control", "judgmentalism", and "profit" would give the manipulative game away.

  22. meanwhile, the washington post is owned by the richest man in the world.. talk about deep state, why no expose on amazon and jeff bezos? this is why MSM is losing its audience

  23. I am finally glad that conservatives are becoming the winning counter culture and it's time to combat this liberal multicultural insanity forever Amen.

  24. ..It seems that the republics would still have a chance for a prosperous America, but not in the current state of Affairs. "America" does not think about its people – America thinks about money: a country thinking about money has no future.

  25. I like Democratic politics, but I also like the Republican judge picks. Only voted for Trump for the supreme court picks.


  27. it's all about evil perverted violent religion,the same perverted version of christianity that raised up hitler has raised up trump,evil perverted religion that hates freedom,that hates peace,that hates jesus christ,the federalist society stands for nazi type authority,they are everlasting enemies of jesus Christ&as far from abraham as hitler&everlasting liars

  28. william p.barr is a federalist society disciple&an evil nazi liar,trump is destruction/lawless carreer criminal war making failure,trump is a nazi racist everlasting liar like hitler

  29. trump's war with iran begins in june,casualties in the tens of millions,except jordan iran&friends capture the mid east&the isreali state is no more,trump declares emergency&reinstates military draft&suspends 2020 presidential election&stays in office into the 20's,barr the nazi liar slaughters1,000's of protesters&prosecutes trump's enemies including journalists

  30. you are asleep if you think trump will allow the 2020 presidential election&allow himself to be voted out of office,trump is america's lawless carreer criminal emperor god,every religious leader that supports trump is an everlasting enemy of jesus christ&as far from abraham as hitler&an everlasting liar,trump is destruction,nothing about trump's character is not evil

  31. Wow, I never thought of myself as part of a movement. Oh well. Anyway, I like the idea of more conservative judges as I see them adhering more closely to the constitution. The constitution is under attack. It’s really disturbing to me to hear anyone trying to infringe on my rights by chipping away at amendments. As far as I’ve seen so far, all the democratic candidates advocate for chipping. Am I wrong?

  32. We don't have any secrets we're transparent don't trust it for a second, it's so obvious to those who think and who are educated. But these guys know how to play with power. Scary very scary

  33. No wonder democracy is under such attack, you can't take a stand against anonymous. Wow very sad that Leo and all his anonymous cohorts continues to do what they do.

  34. Good I love the idea . Hold on to our constitution. Liberty and freedom. Hold firm to our individual freedom. If it goes the other way and socialists and we'll all be in trouble.

  35. 15:12 the idea that corporations are people has led our country into another Gilded Age where the trusts effectively controlled government.   Have we learned nothing from the first half of the 20th century?

  36. Unless you eliminate ALL political influence from the appointment of judges on ALL levels your judiciary will never be independent and, quite frankly, remain a complete joke.

  37. I'm glad Obama assumed Hillary would win and never took care of the court appointed Federal judiciary. Thanks!! Pres. Trump is doing what I voted for, I love Democracy!!! The priority is interpreting the Constitution word for word to the letter.

  38. What you Liberals did to Kavanaugh will never be forgotten and did more to galvanize the GOP than any one single other event in recent memory. Now we know we at war with you and we will win!! RGB will replaced and maybe one more after Trump's re-election.

  39. When you have judges deciding national immigration policy, there's a problem. A conservative judge interprets the law, liberal judges legislate from the bench.

  40. Liberals are superior to conservatives. Instead of working to improve on themselves, conservatives focus their energy on hate and jealousy.

  41. The Conservative party, headed by the Federalist Society, has become an extremist party. Wealthy, elitist, white men who want all regulation to favor them. Their extremism is out of sink with the majority of Americans. It is a form of minority rule over the majority of Americans. This has been enhanced by Citizens United. The only way to stop it, will require re-balancing the courts & judicial system. This is the American Taliban.

  42. It is amazing how much money these guys put in to getting judges on the courts. They paid millions to purchase Kavanaugh's seat. This isn't to the benefit of working people at all but they keep paying to lie to Americans to the advantage of wealthy & corporation. Wake up people! This is the deep state and they aren't working for you.

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