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  1. The population problem is immense, and it is not imaginable that you can feed nine billion people with vegetable gardens. There are simply way too many people on the planet. That is why entire societies are already collapsing: Syria, from 4.8 million people in 1960 to 22M only two generations later in a country which is 90% desert. Yemen, the same. Watch out for Egypt, 90M people in the middle of the desert on a single river. Pakistan: from 36M in 1947 to 195M, projected to 270M in 2050… they will explode.
    The crisis of civilisation will be as well a population crisis. If you want to see it in another way, no phenomenon in the known universe, after the huge explosion such as the human population has had in the past 70 years, stabilises against the peak. It will enter an immediate collapse, probably to somewhere below the 2 billion mark, having then a period of great oscillations, or tending towards a minimalist population. By the mid of this century with all probability the human population will face a dramatic bottleneck.

  2. The problem is everyone as a child dreams of being king. Children are conditioned to believe they can get to the top. We can give a man a fish or we can teach a man to fish. One gives power the other creates power, but which will we choose? If we teach a man to fish we loose control over him. Is capitalism bad? What would the alternative be? Can we destroy the banking system? Maybe you are correct or maybe it is something like the axiom "freedom and democracy" being thrown around in the middle east, then it creating everything but freedom everything but democracy. It ends up destroying everything.

  3. you give me great hope for i thought the masses are going crazy . its so liberalizing to find sommoene wide a awake, there is so few of us that is the worrying thought. good luck and i hope you can help to awaken this people from there slumber….sleep walking to destruction

  4. everything is being violated today… there are no human rights only on paper…… if they think there are , then things are much worst than i thought……. and we call ourselves inteligent, what a joke……..my dog is more inteligent than most people, and he only gives unconditional love

  5. This is the most informative thought provoking documentary on the internet. Without all the conspiracies, for which their is always some truth… Without all the hysteria, yet promoting the necessity of each human to realize the past manner in which all of us have done things can NOT continue as business as usual. THANK YOU! Please if you have not or are not aware of the UBUNTU movement… take a peek… its a step?!?

  6. Great film. I'm baffled by this guy. So he one day woke up with a conscience? How could he spend his life building this empire if he has a moral compass: which he seems to now have but not back then?

  7. I like this video, I learned a few things  although 1:15:35 was my favorite part lol   I enjoyed this classical music.  Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens are awesome.

  8. scaring people for AD dollars, classy. Breeder reactors were invented in the later half of the 20th century. They can run solely off nuclear waste and if it wasn't for the coal lobby we would be running 100% on them. When push comes to shove we'll be able to swtich to Breeder Reactors assuming nothing better comes through like moon-shot fusion reactors (which have been making huge strides in the last 10 years). People having been saying "the end is nigh for Civilization as we know" for well over a hundred years since Malthus and we always innovate our way out of things.

  9. this global warming hoax shill should be ashamed he has taken every inch of satans shaft right up him

  10. Well for starters, we need to not only continue doing what we do, but we must increase our pace exponentially in order to fulfill our duties here on our host cell. (planet dirt)
    We are cancer. That is why we never have and never will, fix what we fuck up. we just keep fucking on while fucking up. If we manage to infect a new host (Mars, Venus ?) that will be or bonus. If not we complete our mission and go down with our victim. Now get out there and bomb till its all fucking gone!

  11. While I generally agree with all these videos showing the problem I don't agree there is a solution. Also I don't really agree that the actual cause of the problem is being addressed. (if anyone cares read Ernest Becker's "Denial of Death" or do a google search on Terror Management Theory) . So, IMO the thing to do is relax and accept the consequences of human folly. If you are of childbearing age of course don't procreate so your children will not suffer. Beyond that as Sting said, "while the world is running down, make the best of what is still around". The very best of luck to all of you.

  12. All that only to be told that "the solutions have to come organically"??! I grow weary of all the doomsayers who tell us over and over what we already know, i.e. ""We're In A Huge Mess!!"

    But solutions DO NOT arrive "organically" no matter how badly we wish it. We need to design and build a differently oriented society. Sitting around on our duffs moaning about how bad things are and even pointing out those whom we think are at fault, doesn't grow one damned carrot!

    Even if we rioted in the streets and tore down our whole civilization, all we'd accomplish is to set human progress back 800 to 900 years; and our population back to about 10% of what it is now. And, yes, you who are reading this, you'd most likely be in the 90% who died.

    So what DO we do? We get busy encouraging our scholars and other concerned citizens to outline what kind of civilization we want to have. Then we ask them – offering our suggestions along the way – to design a society which meets our needs. Surely we understand that a different, and more workable society will NOT "organically", or any other magical way, pop into existence just in time for us to sit down to a fine dinner.

    We have to design the system we want and need. That is the only way to get one. Marx tried to do this but made many errors. Top marks for trying, Karl but, "Thanks, but no thanks" for your communism. The silly socialists don't seem to recognize that, economically, their system uses the same greed-capitalist economics as our present, western one. Fascism, doesn't really bear considering and Anarchism we'll see quite enough of immediately after this messed-up system collapses.

    I would recommend that designers look to some form of citizen's capitalism as your economic system and some alternative to our present electing of politicians (who are quickly bought up by corporations) to represent (anyone but) us in our social system.

  13. Climate change. Been going on for four billion years. Ice ages, global warming, cycling back and forth for millions of years. Hate climate change? Stop using electricity, oil burning cars, restaurants, television, and fossil fuels. If you believe, please stop using the fuels and energy. Please. Don't be a hypocrite like Al Gore. Walk the walk, not talk the talk. Peak civilization is an issue. We all have to live cheaper, with more freedom.

  14. In order to save our ecosystem for all species that depend on it for their survival we must replace the current financial/capitalistic/excessive consumerism based on plan obsolescence that discards as quick as possible those cheap/inferior/toxic product's only to start the whole process over again.There is no way that the world leaders are going to arrive at some equitable consensus related to curbing Co2 emissions in their respective countries,it would mean political suicide,more importantly the small group of individuals mostly men who control & determine the fate of more than 7 billion humans & countless number billions of other species will never relinquish their power to save the environment.One must remember that they have some of the most brilliant minds in the world at their disposal 24/7/365 gathering information on every conceivable topic developing every imaginable scenario for addressing these potential problems,hopefully with successful outcomes.Point is we are dealing with mass murderers & eco-terrorists who are fully aware of what unchecked Co2 emissions & unrestrained economic growth using the model now in place is having on our environment.Once an individual or group has reached this pinnacle of wealth & power the thought of losing it or relinquishing it willingly is unimaginable.The power to influence the world around you is the most powerful drug on the planet.I challenge you to name four people in recent history that given the opportunity to give up power & live or hold onto it & die took the former? The only thing that we can do is prepare for adaptation to the new reality that the old system of capitalism must die to be replaced by green sustainability.The price we must pay for our arrogance/hubris/greed & total disregard for mother earths power is,she will demonstrate in many ways her displeasure,one being reclaiming many of the coastal cities & low laying countries around the world.There is no way to avoid this eventuality.We are dealing with a small but powerful group of men who will destroy themselves & the rest of the world rather than give up their power if we allow them.

  15. I don't understand why no one trusts that our government has our best interests in mind. Our government thinks only of the betterment of its citizens and does not cater to the banks or any other corporation. When our government calls for it citizens to spend their lives in the name of ……..haha I knew I couldn't finish that one

  16. Another great documentary of the same topic would be "Sprawling From Grace". It talks about our infrastructure too. Anyways thank you for this upload.

  17. Good documentary. Except it talks about everything except the root cause of all the crises, uncontrolled population growth…

  18. We can and will cope without oil. new industry will take it's place. All manner of systems and transports are coming down the line – solar, biological, wind, fusion tech and some probably as yet are undiscovered. Oil tech is gone, in it's last breath.

  19. please westerners we don't hate you for your freedom we hate you because you are killing us … what do you expect ? even animals defend themselves … awake please dont support this governements .

  20. A quote from the muslim radicals…"The clear difference between Muslims and the corrupt and deviant Jews and Christians is that Muslims are not ashamed of abiding by the rules sent down from their Lord regarding war and enforcement of divine law. So if it were the Muslims, instead of the Crusaders, who had fought the Japanese and Vietnamese or invaded the lands of the Native Americans, there would have been no regrets in killing and enslaving those therein. " Fuck you dude in doc! muslims are assholes and have to go. I've heard this stuff even from moderate muslims too. Arabs and the rest of them are gaming for power. Just like the euro-fascist these Arab drones don't need to be listen too just acted against. There's no other way to deal with a fascist and same goes to islam. It's a vortex of death. You have to fight them!

  21. civilization was always a crisis since they tried to dominate and to undermine free will and overal expression , …!

  22. the cost of solar energy is going down fast, manufacturing and deployment can be electrified, so there is little or no pollution in the transition. he keeps saying we can't continue with business as usual after switching to renewables, but gives no evidence. there is more than enough time in an hour+ long documentary to explain this.

  23. The idea that 350 parts per million of CO2 is the only safe limit is nonesense. That's the opinion of one scientist but legions of more accomplished scientists don't agree. We're already past 350 parts per million now and Greenland still isn't as warm as a thousand years ago when there were settlements and people living there. The last thousand years has been very cold by comparison to the thousands of years which preceded it. When we at least get to the point where people can once again live year round on Greenland like people used to, then I will accept that the planet is warming. But it's still not warmer than it was in the past.

  24. Actually oil production has increased globally since 2008.  Plus oil production dynamics had NOTHING to do with the financial crisis.  So I think this guy is drawing connects that are invalid.

  25. I do not drive and I am a real environmentalist plant based/Vegan and carbon based life form. Corporations influence governments and brain wash the masses through education and the media. CO2 is not the problem pollution and propaganda is the problem. The scientist that developed the CO2 myth was James Love lock. He was a friend and scientific colleague of Margaret Thatcher they were at oxford together. She financed Gaia theory with the agenda of closing down the mines fisheries industry and promoting nuclear power/ privatisation and getting rid of the unions.
    James Love lock talks to David Freeman – A Rough Ride to the Future you tube. He also says he has been given a free trip into space by Richard Branson and haze from fossil fuels slows global warming. He is pro nuclear and fracking and hates environmentalists and wind turbines. Also he talks about depopulation and how people need to live in mega cities to save the planet leaving the country for him and his Elite chums.
    Yes there is a conspiracy and most people have fallen for it and believe what the mainstream corporate owned media tells them to believe. . I am more concerned about the Bayer Monsanto deal as Bayer are pure evil. Read more question more and don't believe the British Brainwashing Corporation.
    We are not lacking food or water poor management and deliberate market manipulation is the problem and the so called experts just produce pseudo science because of vested interests. Alarmist eco-nazi climate sharia right wing mainstream nonsense.
    Anyone who does not believe that the science is conclusive is working for an oil company! Think of the children! REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT

  26. "Germany may have lost WWII, but Fascism won it" – George Carlin.
    €50 m in illegal payments to French Prime minister Mr Sarkozy claimed by Mr Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam just before the demise of the Libyan regime – thanks partly to French and British airstrikes – in 2011. Follow the money.

  27. This is pure republican propaganda. He tries to mask it as a liberal or neutral, but its pure propaganda. He is trying to blame Al Gore for climate change….lol. I would assume there arent many pure facts in this homemade documentary. This homo is a Dinesh D'Souza wannabe.

  28. It is a very sad reality that we have the rich control 97% of our wealth and own practically 40 % in assets, yet no one is acting to stop it.

  29. This film is a bit out of date – US oil production went up again as a result of fracking. But that's just trading your clean drinking water and environment for a bit more oil. Eventually we'll end up with no oil and no clean water. The human race isn't good at long term thinking.

  30. If he knew anything about weather warfare he would have come to a totally different conclusion google "haarp" and "thats impossible weather warfare" learn the truth enjoy.

  31. This just in, solar activity on the decline, we're headed for another mini ice age. Get ready for the Thames to freeze over again.

  32. We are being mislead due to the government propaganda. Government Propaganda is one world government control. But people are distracted by:
    1. Sensationalism amongst news
    2. False flags to instigate wars
    3. Economic crash
    4. Race hate
    5. Equality between sexes
    6.. Equality between marriage/unions and sexual orientation(s)
    7. Sports
    8. TV/Movies
    9. Scarcity and overpopulation

  33. This is disinformation! The heating up of the planet is cyclical! Been going on for Millions of years in time! Humans are NOT the cause!
    Just part of the Agenda control # 21/30 ! The volcanism alone accounts for most all of these changes! Talking Heads never know who they are selling out to!

  34. if we work to remove CO2 from the atmosphere then what will happen is that vegetation will starve and we will suffocate due to lack of oxygen. Studies show that as CO2 rises plant life thrives (if we stop chopping it down and destroying it, and replacing forests with concrete jungles) and the atmosphere becomes oxygen rich. Global warming is a scam to charge people for exhaling, and farting. climate change is driven by solar activity not natural gasses like co2

  35. Excellent summary. I think you should have mentioned that there are people at the top of the corporate system who really don't care about any of this (or most of us) because they can buy their way out of it. They own or control the police and military and are NOT going to give up their control without a fight. A fight which they almost certainly would win.
    Not only that but these days they have such tight control over the very thoughts of the general population that your solutions are extremely unlikely to eventuate except amongst very small groups of people who would (and are) being criminalised and jailed.

    Incidentally, CO2 hasn't even reached 450 ppm yet.
    It's at about 410 atm.
    Hopefully you meant 350..

  36. "We should all be alarmed" he says with the intonation and expression of a snail on valium hoofing space cakes. Yes, that almost made me smile

  37. Do you think banks will just give away their power to create money? What we're seeing instead is that after Occupy Wallstreet nobody is talking about banks anymore, but identity politics is all over the place. The future will be equal opportunity exploitation with quotas for every minority and that will be all the "progress" there is. Your movement has been hijaked and subverted.

  38. Do you think banks will just give away their power to create money? What we're seeing instead is that after Occupy Wallstreet nobody is talking about banks anymore, but identity politics is all over the place. The future will be equal opportunity exploitation with quotas for every minority and that is then "progress". Unfortunately, any movement that wanted to change the monetary system has been hijacked and subverted.

  39. Nature will decide for us. It will reduce our population. It doesn't care what country you're from, politics, wealth, religion or what you believe. It won't negotiate.

  40. more "manmade" climate change bullshit. just shut the fuck up with this already. anyone who has been willing to look at both sides of the argument and data already knows that this is bs. most people only look at one side and listen to the the people who reinforce their beliefs so there is no convincing them, those are the people who will be spittting fire at me.

  41. "Fractional Reserve Lending" = "lending money you don't have" = "conjuring money out of thin air, to be lent out to mug punters at interest" = "making a REAL profit from NOTHING" = MAGIC.

    This is the Zionist Banksters' "Magical Money Machine"… and it is why the world is now bankrupt.

    But Israel's in the pink. Rich enough to pay the terrorists it calls 'settlers' up to $14000 each per year to steal more and more Palestinian land, and thus help fill out the borders of 'Eretz Yishrael'.

  42. Absolutely fantastic documentary. The only thing missing is a heavy list of citations and evidence, to back up the points and references made (I apologize if this exists somewhere and I missed it)

  43. "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."
    Edward Bernays

  44. Hey filmaker, its those of us that see the entire chain of assinine, evil, and destruction, that are doing things about it.
    Frankly I think the key is to become self reliant as we once were.
    Remove all ties to the machine from everything we do. Spengler predicted the decline, Marx saw all this coming, pitiful. You say this is evolution? I differ on this.

  45. After watching this, you may be asking yourself how we can move forward. www.thevenusproject.com

  46. This documentary has turned out to be proven wrong on nearly every point. I am sure at the time, it was a good show, but wow. Time has aged this quite poorly.

  47. A very amazing, concise and comprehensive review of global issues and their convergence. You've earned a new subscriber. Please like and share. More people need to watch this.

  48. Spot on. Well executed. But there is one major problem: Everyone that watches this video is already aware and cares about the issue at hand; the people who have caused the problem, and who care only about money, will deny these facts. When the doomed generation awaits its demise and extinction, they will be bitter and angry that the previous peoples were not held accountable for their actions, and it was the 1% and the sheep of society who enjoyed the profits, during these super epic times to be alive – while food shortages, panic, and mass violence sweeps through the Earth, for one final time.

  49. Has there ever been a comprehensive analysis which provides minute detail of every single imaginable product that requires oil & what each can be replaced by? So for example Hospitals could claim they are 100% free from products that contain oil or its byproducts.

  50. The climate change argument has now been discredited and it was only a theory in the first place. If this was wrong how much information here has now been likewise reviewed in light of new evidence?

  51. The strong will survive
    That's it

    Man made is a hoax

    There was 500 parts per million 2000 yrs ago this is nothing but a fuckin global warming propaganda video fuck off

  52. Hey mate! dont you have English text transcription? Going to translate it in Slovak and it would make my work much easier. Thank you

  53. He says the US uses proxy armies to maintain its access to Middle East oil. Wrong. The words "US" and "access" are both lies. The US people don't get any oil, they have to buy it from those who steal it, the US financial elites. These elites use proxy armies and the US military, not for mere "access" to the oil. Access means the ability to buy it. They don't obtain mere access, which anyone could have; the Middle Easterners gladly sell oil to whoever has money. What they do instead is to steal the oil. That's what imperialism is, theft. And remember, it's not theft for the people of the US, but for specific individuals in the financial elite.

    Puckett is very well read, he knows he is putting out this propaganda for the benefit of the fin. elite. Most of the other things he says seem to me to be true, but that may be just to gain your trust. Another lie he tells is that the ME people trying to defend their countries from Western invasions are "terrorists."

  54. The problem runs deeper than just "Capitalism". Any consensual political rule will only sustain its legitimacy by delivering better material standards to the people – that is what the Soviet Union tried to do. It failed, but its intention was clearly and openly stated to exceed the material standard of living of the West. It is this fixation with inclusionism that is fatal, since there are evidently far, far too many people on the planet to provide energy for them all to live in a nice heated house, drive a nice car on nice roads, take a couple of foreign holidays abroad… there just are not the energy resources to enable more than a tiny percentage of the population to enjoy that level of life. Currently, only about 8% of the global population enjoy a life like a Western middle class household, yet already energy supplies are stretched to the limit and the ecological system is breaking down. Can that percentage rise to 20%? No!
    The only realistic prognosis is the superseding of democracy (and all other forms of consensual rule) by the return of aristocracy i.e. a caste system. It is the only realistic way of limiting demand to sustainable levels. It is going to be very nasty.

  55. The Lucky thing to all this , back in 1992 UN actually made a answer to all your questions..
    Its called Agenda 21,… And later game The Agenda 2030 even more brilliant answers..
    You made one mistake, geoengineering and weather control., Go to Google type weather controlers and cloud seeding..
    So now you have the answer agenda 21.. ..
    But damm they tricked you good ,

  56. There are a couple available options for human kind to choose from to eventually experience radical freedom:

    Option 1: Accept automatic economic and governmental collapse before experiencing a form of natural radicalism by default after 'learning the hard way.'

    Option 2: Power to radicalism forced by a coup master plan.

    The general master plan guidelines to overthrow the government by means of a coup are as follows, and the plan itself could be very catchy as a worthwhile goal.

    Common citizens will discover hidden step by step instructions to succeed in a coup found in the impressionable words of this adage: 'Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.' What can be learned at least from understanding these words is that all minds may and should become greater minds in due time.

    First we work on PEOPLE, secondly we work on EVENTS,

    and finally we work specifically on our IDEAS.

    Before making any moves, you must STOP any activity that causes physical or mental harm to your body or mind, as well as everyone else's that distracts or prevents healthy, harmonious living within the soon-to-be old paradigm of our currently corrupted culture. The beginning of this coup must be as quiet as possible. To begin a coup with a loud uproar in the streets will bring too much attention too quickly to the situation. A coup should be performed in a manner where your only mission is to not give up. Once you start, you must never stop the process. It will be the most important ongoing activity of your life. Stop using money as much as possible, and then you must mingle with your local community by means of trading your intelligence, bartering, and embracing gift economy methods to get what you want or need. The beginning will be difficult, though the new radical system will prove itself to be more natural and functional once the ball is rolling. Immediately share what food items and other products exist at grocery stores, malls, and other businesses that become spaces controlled by the public, which will leave the shelves bare. Control all farmland, and grow your own food anywhere that is possible. Do not feed the rich or dominative any more than they deserve. Take immediate public control of all water, gas, and electric services and other systems without using money payments. Continue working jobs that are nonthreatening to the environment, not overly materialistic to the individual, and make sure you feed your neighbors as soon as work is finished and it is time to enjoy the rest of the day that should be enjoyed without a suppressed smile or an oppressed feeling of exhaustion. Shut down as much current industrial civilization as possible. Some forms of work may be necessary to continue until radical solutions are realistically available as a safer alternative. Working to live will always be a part of life, regardless of receiving a few paychecks per month or not, therefore work independently without government influence or authority over how you have always wanted to work without feeling like a slave. It is time to simply become the master of your own life.

    So in order to help 'small minds' become 'average minds', we first knock a variety of PEOPLE off their high horses who are in obedience to authority or are enforcing power starting from the base of the 'societal pyramid scheme' gradually working our way up until class differences are eradicated, from managers to government officials. Then secondly, to help all the 'average minds' become 'great minds', we shall focus on fixing, converting or dismantling the physical world around us created or nearly ruined by EVENTS in the past, within our communities and other environments. Finally, once the first two steps have been completed, we all as greater minds may discuss the beauty of IDEAS.

    Lengthy details of who, what, where, when, why and how these steps of the master plan have been written to a certain degree, however this information must be shared and discussed in the future within a safe format.

    Once radicalism is at hand *by force or by default*, the ideas within (what I personally like to call) the 'Essential Fundamental Building Blocks of a Worthwhile Life' will be more or less all that anyone ever needs to truly think about.

    These ideas revolve around 5 main pillars that are in a naturally specific order in terms of educational and chronological growth:

    1. Righteousness

    2. Food

    3. Space

    4. Work

    5. Pleasure

    These five main subjects each have their own listing of subcategories, which are customizable to your interests. (The list of subcategories that includes most essential radical lifestyle criteria for each of these main building blocks has been created, and will be openly shared when possible.)

    It is necessary to have achievable goals to become and live a radical lifestyle. Such goals are usually linked to enduring a more natural living situation with added human flare to make it special.

    In the future, the best solutions available to experience world peace will more or less happen naturally. Regardless, you may always focus on your own ideas, minding that if you cause intentional harm to anything, there will be consequences.

    An ideal radical lifestyle will involve a society without using money. The reason (which may be edited further into detail) is as follows: 'money = symbolic of amount of energy used in the past = illusion of power at present = unnatural power currency within community = fluctuation of human honesty = a human game of winners and losers manifested by the ego = greed = devious impulse to alter a community = ability to control everyone unfairly over time = corruption of government = regulation of community services = limitation of convenient and natural services = unnatural quality of life = damaged human spirit = unhappiness'

    Happiness is the goal, not the opposite.

    Prior to taking action by choosing to maneuver a coup, or, prior to waiting for nature to take it's course eventually causing 'imminent and inevitable system failure', make sure to keep studying, organize accordingly within your community, prepare to leave your comfort zones, and look ahead into the depths of freedoms never before experienced.

    The choice is yours.

    An important note: This information can be viewed either as a sketch, manifesto, WIP, or as a fair introduction to the subject of experiencing world peace through 'radicalism', considering that critical details that may apply have not been entirely included. To complete this work with more writing and imagery, the final result may produce a real book. 11/18/2019

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