The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning

The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning

>>It’s not found until 1879, so it’s
like this little secret that’s remained hidden.>>This idea of respect and tolerance for
various religions, ethnic groups, and peoples is something that we still I think are grappling
with, and we need to have a blueprint. I think this is one of these ancient ones.>>I’m always amazed by how small it is.
And how powerful it is at the same time, which is really wonderful to remember. That power
resides in the content and the meaning, and not necessarily in enormous monuments.>>The Cyrus Cylinder is the single most famous
object that relates the concerns and issues we have today to the ancient world. [music]>>The Cyrus Cylinder is a cuneiform inscription
which records Cyrus the Great’s conquest of Babylon and some of his great achievements,
and in particular says that people who were displaced under the Babylonian regime could
go back to the homes that they came from and that the gods—the statues of the gods—that
they worshipped could also return to their temples.>>In the Cylinder itself, Cyrus gives voice
to policies that are unique in the ancient world. Instead of boasting about plunder,
he tells us that he not only was welcomed by the Babylonians, but that he restored their
sanctuaries, that he brought back people to their homelands, and that in a sense liberated
people rather than subjugated them. So it describes a different way of being a monarch
in the ancient world. And this is not something that previous rulers had done—and not many
rulers have done it since.>>We know that Cyrus was true to his word,
and did restore these buildings that had been desecrated by the Babylonians. And did, as
it were, bring the gods back into their sanctuaries in both Babylon and, according to the biblical
accounts, in Jerusalem. So it’s the form of rule, the model of governance that Cyrus introduces
that makes him a significant figure.>>I think the empire that he establishes
is the first great ancient empire, which goes from the Indus River all the way to the Mediterranean.
It brings together these diverse civilizations that were all important, but now they’re
all put together, and they’re in contact with each other.>>He was a great conqueror, so it wasn’t
that he was in any way a pacifist or opposed to the use of force—I mean, you don’t
build a great empire without conquering other peoples and he did that. But he clearly realized
that to hold a multiethnic empire together, it was wise statecraft to allow them to worship
their own gods, to have their own culture, as long as they paid their taxes and supported
the regime at the most fundamental level.>>There is a new economic system, a new imperial
system is created in Eurasia, and certainly this is a new beginning. We go back to this
idea of tolerance, or what is known in history as “pax Persica,” the Persian peace, where
for 200 years, there is relative peace, and contrary to ancient empires, rather than sucking
in or taking the resources of the provinces to the center, what you have is actually economic
prosperity for all of the empire.>>He, almost uniquely for an ancient Middle
Eastern ruler, was seen very favorably in the Greek tradition, as a wise and somewhat
benevolent ruler. And likewise in the Old Testament he appears as a, well, a hero effectively
for the Jewish people, because it was he who allowed the exiles, the Jews who’d been
displaced from Jerusalem and elsewhere in Judah, to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, they
were allowed to return and rebuild their temple.>>According to the Bible, Cyrus issued a
decree that appointed and commissioned Jews to go back home, to go and build their temple
and to restructure and restart life in their homeland, and according to the Bible they
did, and that ensured Jewish survival. It also created a flowering of Jewish life
in the land of Israel, and created a legacy that’s important not only to Jews, but also
to Christians and Muslims, because it was at that time that the sacred writings of the
Jewish people were brought together and edited and revised and shaped to create what we know
as the Bible. So one can say that the Bible that we have was decisively shaped in the
time of the Persian Empire, under Persian rule—and none of this would have been possible
without Cyrus.>>The discovery of the Cyrus Cylinder was
particularly important because we had the stories about Cyrus from the Greek writers,
and in the Old Testament, which painted this very positive picture of him, but was hard
to know which elements of this were historically correct and what might have been in some way
edited or adapted to the narrative of these writers. Here was an inscription from Cyrus’s own
day which said explicitly that those who’d been displaced in and around Babylonia could
return with their gods, to where they’d come from. So this was contemporary confirmation
that these other records were, did have a basis in historical truth.>>It’s not found until 1879, so it’s
like this little secret that’s remained hidden until it’s unearthed in the foundations
of the temple in Babylon. And it adds credence to the understanding of Cyrus that you find
in the Bible and the classical Greek texts. It’s not until you read translations of
the inscription that you begin to hear the voice of Cyrus speaking. And I think that’s
its significance for me, is that it’s a voice calling down through 2,500 years, and
telling us of one ruler’s vision as to what might be possible.

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  1. Long Live Cyrus The Great's Legacy of The First Declaration Of Human Rights in the world… Much love & respect …

  2. You ALWAY'S NEGLECT (or Belittle) the HOLY WRITING'S?
    President DANIEL (or his Babylonian NAME … "Belteshazzar") is YOUR CLEAREST RESOURCE … HE MAY HAVE EVEN BEEN THE PRODUCER of this stone … Him or Nehemiah, or Ezra?

    Listen to this Prophecy SOME 100 YEARS BEFORE Cyrus BIRTH!

    Isaiah 45:1-4

    This is WHAT … "The LORD SAID to "HIS Anointed" … "To (KING) 'Cyrus', whose right hand I have held! (or "STRENGTHENED)
    To: Subdue nations before him!
    I will loose the LOINS of kings,

  3. To: OPEN before him (CYRUS) … The "Two Leaved "GATES"
    I (GOD) will go before YOU, (CYRUS) and make the crooked (CORRUPTED) places STRAIGHT!
    I will break in pieces (SMASH TO SMITHEREENS) … "The GATES (Doors or Philosophy) of Brass, (The Greeks)
    AND …
    cut in half the bars of Iron (The Future coming Roman Empires & Democracies after that)
    I (GOD) will give YOU (KING Cyrus) … "The treasures of darkness"

  4. that YOU may know that "I" … The LORD, WHO HAS CALLED YOU BY YOUR NAME … IS …
    "The God of Israel."

    BECAUSE OF "Jacob" MY servant’s sake" … & "Israel" … MY ELECT …
    "I have EVEN called YOU … BY YOUR NAME!

    NOTE: This Prophecy has NOTHING TO DO WITH … "The Present "STATE" of Political Zionism. That is a WHOLE NOTHER Prophecy in it's self …

  5. Now Read: Revelation 22:10-14

    And He (God) said to me (John) …
    "Don't SEAL the WORDS of this PROPHECY in this book! Because the time is "NOW." (Note: it's been 2000 years of NOW! Why … Jesus or Yeshua told His SERVANTS to God and Make DISCIPLES (Matthew 28:18-20 & Act's 1:6-8 & till the TIME of the Gentiles is COMPLETE … "NOW" is STILL ENFORCE) …

  6. Revelation 22:10-14 (Cont.)
    The humans who are unjust (BAD) … let them be unjust still.
    The people who are filthy … let them be filthy still.
    BUT The humans who are Righteous (Do what is "RIGHT") … let them be righteous still:
    They who are Holy (or Delivered / SAVED), let them continue to be Holy still.

  7. My reward is ALSO WITH ME, to give everyone ACCORDING to their work they done on Earth. I am "Alpha & Omega" (the A to the Z),
    "The Beginning & The End!"
    The First & The Last!
    Blessed (Happy & Better off) are those "SAINTS" that do HIS "COMMANDMENTS" that THEY … may have (HEAVEN) "RIGHTS" to: "THE TREE OF LIFE",
    AND …
    May enter in through: The "GATES" … into the (HOLY) City.

  8. Isaiah 45:1-4 was WRITTEN about 150 YEARS before King Cyrus Birth & John Revelation some 650 YEARS after his DEATH.

    It WAS NOT "First Declaration Of Human Rights" It was a PRAGMATIC SANCTION that EVEN LEADERS TODAY "MUST FOLLOW!!!"
    Follow what?

  9. Then king Darius wrote to all people, nations, & languages, who LIVE in the WORLD;
    Peace be multiplied to you.
    I make a DECREE that in every dominion of my kingdom PEOPLE tremble & fear before the God of Daniel: BECAUSE He is the LIVING GOD! Stedfast forever, & HIS kingdom WILL NEVER be destroyed, & his dominion WILL be even to: THE END!

  10. He Deliver's (SAVES) & Rescue's, & He SHOWS signs & Wonders in Heaven and in Earth, who HAS delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.
    So Daniel prospered in the Reign's of "Darius, &
    in the reign of "Cyrus the Persian.

  11. God bless the noble, pure and righteous soul of cyrus the great, a true liberator of mankind chosen by the one true god ahura mazda to bring peace and prosperity to the good creation.

  12. Cyrus was one of the greatest men in all of history. The Second Isaiah in the Bible called Cyrus the Lord's "anointed," masiah, even though, he did not know the Lord. So, Cyrus played a great role, and as is brought out in the video, the Hebrew Bible as we know it was in large part put together in the Persian Empire.

  13. Cyrus was appointed and guided to free the hebrews by Lord of lords God Marduk who later was born as Jesus.

  14. The british stole it from Iran, still the single most powerful piece of text on this planet and the pide of every Iranian.

  15. It was Marduk son of Enki ,who built the original Babylon and the Jealous King Enlil who destroyed it , ever since Enlil had Babylon destroyed , he turned it into a place of slavery and oppression, but Marduk through Cyrus , brought freedom and stability in the whole of the middle east. The wars never stopped because Enlil will not allow humans to live in peace without wars, disease and slavery.. . In freeing the jews from Babylon , and allowing them to build the temple , Marduk shows his greatness stretches far from the competing quest to rule over this planet , he shows that unconditional love is the key to opening a connection with God and the divine energies of the universe.

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