The Dark Money Of ‘Social Welfare’ Groups Is The REAL IRS Scandal

The Dark Money Of ‘Social Welfare’ Groups Is The REAL IRS Scandal

so the republicans have been holding
scam the hearings as you say on the IRS can of course not a scandal as we told
you made house in the show tiresome sq
conservative groups and liberal groups but new republicans
and boxes leave that out every time there because their god damn liar stay
just don’t will refuse to acknowledge what is absolutely clear unprovable
that’s why even CNN didn’t copy Fox News on this
they let it go when they realize I’ll we’re looking to both conservative
and liberal groups so there’s no catchers those damn right well who play over their allies is
putting is sham hearings on we find out the real scandal this which
is the dark money that those groups work collecting and spending on politics and why the IRS was checking in on them
in the first place they want to know well if you’re 501 c4
that’s a category that they were filing under useful space social welfare group you
know that in the law you’re supposed to do exclusively social
welfare work some had a gun entered into were mainly social welfare work so instead what they did was social welfare
my ass I was spent all the money in parks
Council iris didn’t over investigated the under investigated them they sure looked
into both conservative and liberal groups and say we owe it well kinda social welfare do are you
doing is an exclusive is it even predominately social were is there any social welfare were you
taking secret my cousin up I will see 14 you don’t have to reveal gave you the
money thing secret money and spending it on politics to legally drive our politicians well
Michael McCaul from having the post explains there was a simple way to clear that
larger meaning that there was all these people they should have investigated so the IRS said this they said all any
group had to do to be granted tax-exempt status as a
social welfare nonprofit under Section 501 c4 the US tax code was thus where that it was in fact
primarily engaged in social welfare work now to make it easy the IRS aside in the
group said the place they would confine their political activity to less than forty percent of their work
so there say the group a lesson we avoid this whole investigation or
worry about anything okay all your new symbols in the world is a pledge be spent at least 40 percent your money
on social or at least six example your money on social welfare your social welfare group there should
be no problem right and as the hearing revealed funny their problems how these hearings
at least 19 group trying to be a tax exempt status don’t want to pledge that they will be
sixty percent even be sixty percent devoted to social
welfare so they will not raise a right hand say yes we’re gonna do social work
from this number I can take that pledge and take all the
money spent in politics we can do about it not because I but the entire Republican
Party I got boxes on my side a misspent all the time politics I wanna spend
altered by politicians there’s nothing to do about it home who
spend it on an open-top I was the one ports secret kept up with him I’m a social
welfare group quite good tell your social work with no I was a they didn’t over investigate these groups they under
investigated them if I was at the higher s I roll up my
sleeves Miller show me the social work for you did show me the charity that you did call
runs were these groups 00 please call stop the fuckin 70 my office and take a
CI got all day and all week I got all mother got all year tell me the social welfare that you did
due to both conservative and liberal groups they do any social welfare it’s just politics is a scam it’s a
loophole thank you for having hearings you idiot
republicans exposing the scam that’s following the money to you okay Michael McCaul continues with that
suggest the proponents have increased campaign finance disclosure is a such groups and are less interested
in pursuing social welfare more interested in pursuing partisan politics while keeping their donors hidden Bing
Bing Bing Bing Bing me ming ming ming we have all heard yes that’s exactly what it is now
Sheldon Whitehouse who’s this senator from Rhode Island decided he
would do something about this so white house sponsor the proposed
DISCLOSE Act we should mandated 501 c4 group reveal donors who give more than
ten thousand dollars currently these groups are not required
to identify their contributors at all his assailant if you’re given two
hundred dollars you don’t tell me who you are if you give a 9900 as you don’t tell me
who you are but given over ten thousand dollars okay and that’s a tiny tiny percentage
the american people I think it’s as we record report earlier in the show
point all 1 percent Americans well tell me who you are so I know who’s
actually finally the money to politicians nope nope a the number suppose a social
social welfare groups don’t need a place to social welfare work highlights underlying problem that
IRS bong also terribly in addressing many these groups or abusing the rules
and the vast majority of them were conservative the Liberals are trying to catch up okay so Republicans lol okay fine you
investigate the service and liberals we investigated more conservatives hot
why this is more to certify water 1c Poor’s
and they spend more money in fact your argument is a member the 2012 elections conservative group spent $260 million
dollars in this category liberals 35 night I’ll investigate all $295 million but if
you gonna do that you’re gonna wanna be investigating who
serve as more because they’re using more dark money by was President Obama and Democrats I
would be embarrassed about that I would be aggressive about that it’s cuz you’re not playing politics
against them then playing ball things against you about time you woke up and actually
enforce the law not for political reasons but for the sake of our representative
government the Real IRA scandal is that they never
investigate these groups there early and in this particular case the only
group the ball drop on was a liberal group they followed up on none other conservative groups the
day initially did a search of all free to go all under the guise of Social Welfare
buying our government

100 thoughts on “The Dark Money Of ‘Social Welfare’ Groups Is The REAL IRS Scandal

  1. Gee why don't you think they followed up the investigations, because they were bullshit. You can add all dark money an open contributions the right makes it still looks like chump change compared to what democrats in 2012 spent. It's been estimated by liberals and progressive turds that more than 2 billion dollars was spent helping Obama get elected. THAT is money in politics.

  2. Also if the IRS did nothing wrong then why did they come out willingly and apologize and then within a few hours Obama makes emergency press conference to condemn it and guarantee to get to te bottom of it while behind te scenes stifling every inquiry into it by oversight committee, you people are in complete denial.

  3. Isn't it funny how when it's the republicans get into trouble they DEMAND an investigation making the I.R.S. apologize and Obama crumbles, condemning it.

  4. Lol, So Cenks solution to the IRS harassing libertarians and conservatives is for the IRS to harass libertarians and conservatives?

  5. Something tells me that someone's got dirt on several key figures in our so-called Executive Branch. Real dirt.

  6. The Republicans are so anxious to avoid the reprehensible crimes that both corporate parties continue to commit, that they're still crowing about nonsense like this and Benghazi.

    The American people have seen through this shit for a long time.

  7. Democrats do not investigate conservative groups because they are just as bought out as the Republicans. That's why, despite their popularity, they cannot win elections decisively … far too many Democrats … almost all of them … are Republican Lite, not Democrats at all.

  8. Enforce the IRS Laws.  If for no other reason, because it gives you more power.
    That's the first step.
    Otherwise the GOP will run a one party government.

  9. 3:35 Why would republicans expose a scam that's funnelling to themselves? Hmmm… maybe you're wrong Cenk, you blithering moron.

  10. Lets be honest both groups were investigated but one group was a lot more likely to be investigated than the other. I'm not saying one side is more righteous. We need to start holding our representatives accountable regardless of party. Its getting old when media outlets play politics with their reporting, how  bout being completely honest with your viewers for once both parties are extremely corrupt, they both have used the IRS for political gains and punishment…. 

  11. Hey..they got Capone through taxes. Are there any GOOD people in these institutions?…(alphabet agencies..anyone…anyone?) or does no-one ever want to do their actual JOBS..and investigate these crooks? You can report on this crap until you are blue in the face Cenk, nothing is changing.

  12. As someone who has watched the Hearings on CSpan. I have noticed that Rep.Issa runs the hearing the way he wants it to go. Meaning if he dosent like your answers or if you try to explain something to him nope. Your lying. Every hearing its the same bullshit Rep. Jordan and Rep.Gowdy yelling at Witnessess usually Goverment or IRS officials. And when they have on Tea Party Witnessess its kids gloves. And they scold the Democracts whenever they question a Tea Party group. Just watch all the hearings for yourself with your political hat off. You will come away thinking we are wasting money doing these hearings on what. We know under Bush it happened not one Republican cared. Now its a emergency that the IRS in reallity followed the law. Something Republicans always forget. And I would love to know who is funding these Republicans sitting in on the hearings. Is there a Bias to all of this. And yes check the Democracts out also the law is the law. Now before you remark go watch the hearings, then you can decide.

  13. I've seen people argue as to whether 1984 was coming true, or Brave New World. BNW has a lot of evidence, but I think when it comes to politicians, it's gotta be 1984. The doublespeak, or newspeak is completely out of hand. Painting the poor as the bad guys has got to come back and bite the Republicans in the ass hard one of these days, and I don't mean like the way they lose national elections now. I mean, like pushed into complete obscurity. The fact that they claim to be the Christian party, as well… Ridiculous.

  14. How exactly are social welfare groups diferent then political ones? Spending money on welfare queens just make em vote democrat even more. Tht's why thay excist.

  15. We NEED Sarah Palin as our next President. President Palin WILL put an END to this dark money and ALL of these social welfare groups! Welfare groups are dirty and corrupt and the DEMS and RINOs are in their back pocket!

  16. omfg this is another one of Cenk's better ones.
    Just mowin 'em down with blatant examples.
    I think Cenk himself is more or less a social hero!
    Just think of the information he gets out… And explains!


  17. People are so emotional when confronted with facts lol
    How does it go…forst its denial, second anger, third depression & fourth is acceptance?
    It looks like everybody is at the angry stage of the amrikkkan homophobe white male dominated racist corporate fascist system is crumbling & we wont accept the lies or responsibility of these political trash humans making all real americans look bad.
    Americans, real americans need to stand up to the state & government thugs & quit taking responibility for THEIR mistakes/lies & quit fighting THEIR made-up wars for profit & prophet…
    I dont like your liberal bullshit hysteria on the second amendment & firearms but everything else TYT puts out pretty much is facts & true to the heart of the american public…those of us without trust-funds or corporate ceo welfare bonuses for shitting on the american people that is 🙂
    Keep up the good work TYT, stop attacking responsible gun owners cuz of a few crazies & fuck all you TYT haters…you must be total dildo lickers :-/ or mentally unstable I suppose to think TYT is jist propaganda…its all spin cuz thats all we have unless you wanna let the bullets fly & settle this shit like we did in the 19th century when racist white dudes wanted to keep enslaving kidnapped & tortured souls for profit without paying shit in taxes lol
    Personally amerikkka deserves whatever it gets but since Im living here for now because of work I hope the civil war happens AFTER I move home lol

  18. They should be 501C-8 which are lobbying groups. I know, I run one!
     Carl Rove has gotten rich cheating the system!

  19. So from what I understand, republicans made up the whole IRS attacks to cry victim so that their crimes weren't investigated? Politics as usual.

  20. I wish I could tell this simple 3 sentence explanation to the Republican half of my family, but they're brainwashed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

  21. that's not fair. if your a child abuse survivor and your rich.. and you dont want anyone to know that.. and you give millions per year to 501c .. groups to help people who are survivor. you shouldnt have to tell anyone who you are.. the problem is there are laws on the books and these people arent doing there job.. more then that they wrote NEW (sudo laws) that made it even easier.. for these people.. what has to happen is inforacing the laws on the books. opening up and funding the part of the IRS that goes after this crap and funding it. and for the IRS to stop going after the middle class as much and the poor. on a state and federal level. if you made almost no money that year and had to crack open your 401k or starve.. the state taxes should be looking for there count of almost nothing.. then chasing after that cut for the rest of your life.. when you had nothing in the first place.. while folks like that get away with dark money.if you had that much money to waste why arent you tax more.. TAX the dark money

  22. That's a too great loophole not to be exploited. Anonymous donors!
    The disaster here is that now when you really are a 501(c) you need to hire an army of lawyers to protect you against a VERY suspicious IRS….

  23. Noam Chomsky calls it "power structure maintainance".   "it's not like it's a law of nature or anything…"
    just… what does the solution look like?    it just takes 1 brave, honest person to change the entire zeitgeist of the times.

  24. That sweet sweet legal shadow bribery money. If the politicians were't already bought and sold to the corporations, they might actually get off their @#! and look into this. The US really shouldn't lecture other countries on corruption imo.

  25. Why would we assume the IRS isn't impotent against big moneyed interests? The rest of the government is.

  26. Lawrence O'Donnell pointed this out in some detail several months ago.  According to O'Donnell, this has been going on since about 1959 or 1960.  These were the last years that President Eisenhower was in office. 

  27. so someone in the IRS got told to or bribed to, under investigate them or to investigate only enough to say they did it?…hmmm…when will the majority of the sleeping sheep wake up and take a stand?……when??

  28. you know why the Dem;s do nothing?Simple they are just as bought and paid for and hide their money just like the repukes,A few simple changes could fix that…Term limits 2 terms for the Senate and 4 terms for the House,the banning of lobbies,Pac's,and special interest groups plus any 501c3 that does not swear under oath to spend 100% of their money on social welfare issues and operating costs those who do not should be banned outright..

  29. It is really sad that social warfare tax status is abused in this way. Such groups, if they are set up and ran right, can do a lot of good for communities.

  30. What Cenk needs to do….steal a bunch of money from TYT.  Use it to get underage hookers and blow.  Then they can do a story about him.  Ana would get so mad reporting it.  Then they could do their TYT court, and everyone say Cenk is guilty, except him.  He loses 3-1.  Ana, Jayar, and the Chinese guy.

  31. Darrel Issa is a traitor to this country. He needs to at least be removed from office, if not criminal charges filed against him. He needs to refund the money to the American taxpayer wasted on his political witch hunts.

  32. haha, so the republicans blundered into a real scandal while investigating their fake scandal.  This is sort of understandable as there is so much corruption that it is hard to keep track of it. 
    There is, however, a darker implication.  Non-profits, in general, move around hundreds of billions of dollars per year, not included various other assets (then you enter trillion dollar territory).  There are potentially billions in unaccounted money spent on political campaigning on behalf of candidates and parties.  So political bribery, manipulation, and propaganda are likely large parts of our economy.  And now there will be even more? 
    All this money spent on arguments about how the elite class should spend our money.  Ridiculous. 

  33. This goes to the cry of conservatives to shrink the government.  They want to make the government so small that it doesn't have the capacity to enforce the law. Corporations will then be free to do anything they want because, no one is watching.

  34. They screw over normal poor people. So why not them. They back down when their ass is on the line. Fear of loosing your government job for doing your job. This is why I work for myself.

  35. Republicans lack intelligence. How the hell would they keep bringing back IRS scandals knowing that they are ripping the system? That's not social welfare. Lie, lie and more lie. And those people are supposed to be Christianssssss. The bible condemns lying. What a lack of Christian values!

  36. TYT is so fake.  The entire effort was to investigate conservative groups.  Later, after the complaints of targeting were rolling in, they added a handful of liberal groups.

    We aren't fooled by you TYT.

  37. What Cenk is promoting is using the government as Nazis to attack groups where he has ZERO evidence they have done anything wrong.  That's the core of modern liberalism right there.  Big forceful government and guilty until proven innocent.

  38. Darrell Issa is a straight bitch.he has no integrity or self respect.It just surprises me how he doesn't seem bothered by those things.People do not trust him or like him and he is bad at playing politics too.

  39. The crooks are demanding their constitutional right to be crooked and corrupt.  As long as they're not trying to do anything useful on behalf of the electorate we'll be able to muddle through.

  40. Hey, TYT finally got the fucking memo! Every time they said there wasn't a scandal when a conservative IRS agent directed tea party groups to his desk to be rubber stamped for tax exempt status they didn't qualify for I wanted to scream.

  41. When the name of the game is money and whoever has the biggest pile wins, why would you expect anything different?  Shaming the best players accomplishes nothing.  It's the game that has to change.

  42.  White House Petition for Taxation For No Representation… 

    I am all for supporting an amendment to get money out of politics, thru, but that is going to take some time.  In the mean time, we always hear about following the money, and now, way  too much about "corporate personhood".  So let's use their own rigged system against them.  Sign my petition, to hit these legal bribes directly in their pocket books, or at least scare them a little bit!!!  How many politicians are going to take money from the Koch's if, because of their "personhood", the candidate now has to pay income taxes on that money, because they are an employee of the Koch's?  And how much more money are the Koch's and the like, going to fork out because of the payroll taxes, they created by giving themselves "personhood?"  I'm sure the IRS would love something to hit back with, over the fake scandals they've been hit with!  At the very least, it may let more people know about the idiocy of "personhood" and campaign finance.

  43. If you are hiding weed under your bed, and your mother comes in your room to snoop, what do you do? You scream and holler that she is invading your privacy so much, she will think twice before coming in your room again. She'll never find the weed.

  44. Actually Cenk is wrong. In 1959, Irs changed from 'exclusively' to 'primarily' in 501 c4 caused this issue..

  45. Investigate away Issa! The more they point their fingers at Obama, the more they have 3 pointing back at themselves. As he told Romney once, "Please proceed governor, please proceed"
    It's like an 'Ali rope-a-dope' he beats them without having to lift a finger, because, they punch themselves out with their own dishonesty, and stupidity. 
    Btw, Lawrence O'Donnell has been sounding the alert about this 'very' issue for months, to any and all who would listen.
    This is gonna bite the Tea Party right in the ass, and they did it to themselves

  46. Cenk,
    If you are to muckrake, then try to distribute wealth equally.  I know the perpetrators tend to be of the Republican party but do not ignore the Democratic party.  If you want to remain fair and balanced present the facts with no bias because at times I think you seem you stray away from this.
    Thanks, love the show keep up the good work.       

  47. IF there was no impropriety over this issue, then why would Louis Learner invoke her 5th Amendment right to not testify? If all was above board, why not answer questions? Where there's smoke, there's USUALLY fire.

  48. Here's the thing:
    American Politics in the 21st century 101- The Republicans exist solely to oppose anything and everything proposed by the Democrats. The Democrats are embracing conservative policies that would have been far right wing only a generation ago.
    This is how fascism works.
    It's a scam. Grow up, get over it. The vote offers only the illusion of choice and the political machine is being run by and for transnational corporations.

  49. At: 2:33, it's like saying 19 groups knowing filed for the wrong type of exemption and dare the IRS to try and deny them?   And doing this all across the country, to avoid taxes, avoid disclosure of donors and to exceed individual donor limits.  It was all OBVIOUSLY and thoroughly well organized and well orchestrated. THAT'S THE REAL SCANDAL. I would even go so far as to say it is VERY likely that nearly ALL the various groups had their paperwork prepared by the same persons or persons.

    At 5:15, we see exactly WHY it seemed that the IRS seemed to be going after Republicans much more the Democrats. They literally sent in 7 to 8 times the number of applications under that exemption, making them such easy target.  

    Now do people see just how EVIL the Republican party really is? Republicans are the American Taliban.


  51. Money is an illusion good for one thing, passing a portion of your labor over to someone else while you think you are getting something fair in value but actually only a portion of your labor… on top of that, they (government) have the audacity to tax you! The original pyramid has been perverted, we don't need the government leaders, their pieces of paper, or the narrow minded trade or money perspective they indoctrine children to believe.

  52. Whoops SCenk apparently the Obama Administration lost Lerner's emails. You should consult Captain Obvious on this one.You Suck.

  53. Obama's brother's social welfare group funding Obama's campaign from terrorism.  And asking folks who or what they pray to is not a valid question.  What are they paying you guys?

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