The death of democracy? Why unintelligent protest may wreck society

The death of democracy? Why unintelligent protest may wreck society

Society-wide, people are becoming ever more
tribal. And tribalism is as old as social groups,
which is older than humans. So it’s no surprise that people are looking
to find those who sound the most like them, and who they imagine will be the most likely
to keep them in their heads when things go wrong. But the way that it’s manifesting is a particularly
modern instantiation that I don’t think we’ve seen before. So protest is old and is honorable and is
important; we must be allowed, in any system that calls itself democratic, to dissent. Increasingly, we have groups who are claiming
to be emerging from this age-old culture of protest who are actually tamping out dissent,
who are saying there are things that cannot be said, there are things that cannot be thought,
there are research programs that cannot be done, and that’s dangerous, and it comes
from a place of fear, and fear is very powerful evolutionarily. It rises to the top of the emotions when it
shows up, and it’s hard to get through the fear with an argument that is rational. Emotion and rationality don’t tend to interface
with one another very well, and some of the language that we’re hearing from the extremes
on both sides of the political spectrum—I’m not sure that calling it a spectrum is really
apt, but everyone is familiar with it. So the extremes on the right and on the left
are both using fear to further polarize people, and the people on the right, the people on
the far right, the extremists on the right are both, I think, a smaller group and better
armed and thus in some ways more terrifying, but there are so many fewer of them that they
don’t seem to have as much voice in society as the growing numbers of extremists on the
left who are using words and increasingly, in the case of some of the groups, violent
tactics. But they don’t tend to be armed in the way
the extreme right is, and so it’s easy for people to imagine that they’re not as dangerous,
but shutting down dissent, shutting down the ability to discuss ideas, is actually the
beginning of the death of democracy. So why does it work? It works because since people have been social,
which is to say since before people were people, since we were great apes and before that primates
that weren’t great apes, and whatever social mammals came before that, we have been splintering
into groups and watching out for our own. And it wasn’t just kin groups, it was kin
groups and extended family, and then friends and family. But the tribes that we see forming now are
able to garner more power because they can use modern technology to move into old, old
circuits. So social media can be used to mobilize a
group and to enrage a group, to inflame a group, where a town crier 500 years ago or
a roving storyteller thousands of years ago might have brought news that would have alarmed
a group of townspeople or a village or a hunter-gatherer tribe when they came together in their annual
fusion event with lots and lots of tribes together, they might hear something that struck
them as dangerous, but things didn’t change at the rate that they are now, and so what
we have now is a rate of change that is unprecedented, in concert with these endocrine systems, all
of which are evolutionary, that are so old that we are chasing—it’s been said before
by many people—we’re are chasing dopamine, we’re chasing serotonin, we’re chasing
hits of “that feels good, now I feel like I’m in, now I feel like I’m part of the
group and everyone else is an enemy.” And it’s dangerous precisely because we
are global now, we’re a global society, we’re a global species, and we need to be
thinking and acting globally because there’s not going to be a local solution to climate
change, for instance. There’s not going to be a local solution
to nuclear escalation. So our very personal, very individual, and
very much evolved responses to “Oh that feels good I want to be on the in, and that
requires an out,” means that we have increasing polarization, and people who are opposed to
each other in this increasingly tribalistic culture cannot find a way to converse, to
come together and say, “You know what, actually that what unites us is greater than that which
divides us,” and that’s what we need right now. We can do that too. There is as long a history—almost as long
a history of cooperation and evolution as there is of conflict. The evolution of cooperation is long and complex
and beautiful, and somehow we need to try to enhance our ability to find the desire
to sit down with people who don’t sound like us. And it takes, I think it takes meet-space,
I think it takes being in real time with one another. Because when you do 280 characters on Twitter
or some other post where you’re sending it out to people, most of whom you’ve never
met, all they have to go on is those pixels in front of them and so they respond in real
time and come to a judgment and are off again. Whereas when you sit down with someone, whether
it’s for 15 minutes or, better, for an hour or a day or a week or spend time in the field
together, you come to see that everyone is flawed, everyone doesn’t feel about some
things the way you do. Even if you’re an idealogue, even if you
think you both bought the same ideology at the store and you’re in total agreement,
you actually will find that you have disagreements and that those disagreements are where the
juicy stuff is. That is where it becomes interesting to talk
to people, and that is where you find, actually, the common humanity. So there’s an evolutionary basis to finding
the common humanity as well, but somehow we have to trick the algorithms—well, we have
to trick ourselves into not falling prey to the algorithms that are being fed to us by
an ever more technological culture.

100 thoughts on “The death of democracy? Why unintelligent protest may wreck society

  1. The right has been running the country’s direction defacto for 40 years, and now democracy is dying because people oppose this?

  2. Thank you Social Media for bringing us closer. Thank you equally, for easily allowing us to hate each other even more. Way to go.

  3. So now a WHITE person will tell what is good or not? She is part of the oppressive race that has kept the world impoverished.

  4. Independent voters far outnumber either party and even outnumber both parties together because of the tribalism combined with the fact that neither party represents us.

  5. Namaste.
    She is wrong. She is misleading and speaks misinformation woven within truth.

  6. "That which unites us is greater than that which divides us." 5:45

    Um, no.
    We tried that we-are-the-world shit under Obama. It failed. Now it's time to stamp out the mental disease of socialism.

  7. Where are all these "extreme lefties" people keep talking about? I have lived on this planet for 30+ years and I can not EVER recall ever coming across someone that was an extreme lefty… I have come across many right wing racists that have called me names or used racial slurs – in fact I come across them on a DAILY basis online (youtube, facebook, twitter, yahoo news)…. but what the heck is an extreme lefty, is he a white person that demands black people are worshiped as God. Get the hell outta here with your fake snowflake narrative.

  8. Everything she described illustrates the right-wing yet tries to attribute it to the left. The political right has made a cottage industry of fake outrage, us vs. them, demonizing, attacking, descriminating, hate mongering, racism, sexism, going after leftist teachers, etc. When the 'left' steps in (decent people) saying enough, the right-wing victimizers cry fake victimhood, and tamping dissent. It is the spinning of reality 180 degrees. The victimizers are not the victims no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

  9. Conversation "across the isle" is important. But, now that we can comfortably exist in our own echo chambers, good luck with that. I've been trying VERY hard to be moderate, and the across that isle. Trying VERY hard to ignore the millions of trolls. But, it is an effort that isn't easy. It's much easier to just let the flow of ideology drag you into an echo chamber, pushing you further to the Left/Right edges.

    One thing that is screwing us up is the sensationalism and opinion shows in media. Media now has "propaganda machines" on both sides, masquerading opinions shows as legitimate news. No, they aren't lying to you! But, they skip the finer points to suit their narratives. Hannity? Maddow? Stossel? NPR? All are doing it. Very few are not. Even Rubin Report, which hosted guests on both Left and Right, pulled to the Right and most of the guests are now conservatives. Catering to echo chambers sells better.

    Good luck, USA.

  10. But, isn’t what she is calling for exactly what the vocal left also wants? Less tribalism. More inclusion. Love over fear.

  11. This video is an example of itself. Would you say trump is supportive of altright or altleft? Does he sensor or negate criticism or dissent? And isn't this video using technology and subterfuge to divide and distinguish differences. But it's dressed up as education…

  12. Why should anyone care about climate change? With the way that technology is progressing, by the time we do deplete the resources of this planet we will have found a better one, and a means to get there quickly and inexpensively. IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT. Nuclear weapons are a different issue altogether and my solution is as old as Adam Weishaupt: get rid of all religion, and all politics. Not government, just politics. How? No EXTERNAL alliances and no INTERNAL alliances. No foreign aid, no foreign intervetions.

  13. 🤔Hmm, sorry. I just can't waste my time with dealing with people who have a problem with the fact that I exist.

  14. The biggest problem I see in the media and politicians is complete lack of respect for the opposing view. This has infiltrated our culture in the worst way, (and on youtube). How can we have a dialogue, when our "leaders" and pundits are calling politicians they oppose idiots, crooked, etc. The rest of us have to rise above it and open our ears and hearts to people we disagree with if we are to get anywhere. Most of us have more in common than we realize.

  15. a stacked judiciary, 50 plus billionaires in the congress, outright truth denial, double speak.. seems to me it has more to do with surviving a bunch of very bad people with entrenched interests and in the pay of corporations, than anything else. the neoliberals, trumpists if at the lower financial scale, are weary of intellectuals, because they can think, like to think, can speak, can articulate, , all of which makes the coal miner very uncomfortable and the moneyed man impatient, since he knows he does not have to give the other side a minute of his time.

  16. We need to think 🌐? Isn't that why we are were in this current situation? National Vs global? Who represents the global side? I didn't see them on my last voting slip.

  17. I love how 'the left' have been the Great Bugbear for so long, but the actual threat is clearly from the right (Trumpism). This Heather person is just another brainwashed lemming pointing at a non-existent threat. 'The Great Leftist Threat' never happened. Obama was not a communist or Kenyan or Muslim (hence no Shariah/communism etc) – because there was no 'leftist' conspiracy anywhere in western civilisation. At best, your 'liberal communists' were just a bunch of dumb kids who hardly vote that no one on the intellectual-left ever gave credence to (or even noticed). The reality is that the 'grown-up' right-wing was where the very real threat lived all along – as is now globally and universally apparent (as it also was pre-WWII). Even the mildest intellects – ones that are not brainwashed enough to trust selfish criminal capitalists over socially-concerned academics – can now see this truth. Fuck all your selfish dumb arses. My kids deserve better than this false-equivalence tripe.
    Edit: Anyhow, what is this blatant hypocrisy? Do you really want to know how to make someone become more tribal? Launch false narratives at them. Try to force them to swallow blatantly false equivalencies. Beware you do not actually CREATE the 'Left' uprising your previously irrationally feared; we have a terrible habit of making our worst fears come true. We don't exist. But if you let/watch Trump separate parents and children, give taxes to the rich, destroy healthcare, lie, cheat and steal – then you will get exactly what you deserve. I am an erudite, educated, highly intelligent person. I am not some screaming hick going on about a fake birth-certificate out of poorly-hidden racism. I am not a semi-retarded Alex Jones/Fox conspiracy theorist. I am not some goofy 9/11 Truther. People like us make for serious enemies. We topple entire states, remake monarchies, instantiate a renaissance. But your continued alliance with known criminals against the welfare of the people puts you on very, very thin ice. If you are going to follow Trump til the end, I suggest you rub the backs of your necks first – and think very hard about it. That noose is tight. That guillotine is sharp. The bullets are fast. The drone strikes are quiet. Do not dance with corruption.

  18. The Neo-Marxist Authoritarian Left has driven the Moderate Democrats straight into the GOP. Good work idiots.

  19. Isn't she basically saying we all must be tolerant of intolerance? That is failure of both morality and logic. The growth of an intolerant movement self-evidently will silence all others eventually. It is completely justified to denounce and silence an intolerant group.

  20. A lot of what she is saying, specifically the part about technology being used to mobilize people using fear and the term tribal, really does apply to Trump and his champagne techniques that continue till this day.

  21. My problem with her argument is that she is confusing a very small but visible minority on the left with actual American-liberal beliefs and what she is saying absolutely applies to that extreme-left but she is implying that it is a much larger population than it actually is.

  22. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT!!! Right-wing extremism along with white supremacy are the two biggest threats to humanity. Right-wing extremists need to be marginalized by any means. You'll see more of a proclivity for violence from the right then the left by far. The violence the left resort to is usually the destruction of property, very few are violent with the intention of physically harming anyone and a large portion are pacifists. To make a moral equivalency between the far right (hate, greed, selfishness), with the far left (equality, peace, community), is a load of shit! Milo wasn't at Berkeley to express ideas. He was there to stir up the anger and hate in his sycophants towards: feminists, Muslims, black people, and anyone who doesn't agree with their warped perception of reality (which is basically patriarchal white supremacy). Stirring up the ire in in a bunch of angry, hostile dipshits is fucking dangerous and shouldn't be tolerated. If you don't like Muslims, keep it to yourself, because no one will come to your aid when a Muslim brains you with a baseball bat.

  23. Do not get me wrong I have nothing but envy for what you and your husband have done for society but I think you are a little late to the party. You see Democracy has been hijacked and I don't think that the hijackers are going to give it back even if we call a meeting of the tribes to talk it over. Lies, Dirty tricks, and deceit were the tools of the hijackers. They don't need you to help them you don't use any of the tools they use, do you?

    I don't know how truth and honesty will ever Trump Lies, dirty tricks, and deceit. It sure hasn't in this case. Speaking of dirty tricks Trump uses every dirty trick from a war hero, cripples, to taking children away from their mothers. This you see is the president of the United States. This is how deep we have slipped into the cesspool of life. We owe it all to the Republican party, thank you very much.

    I can't wait until the Republican party takes away One trillion dollars from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a whole host of other social programs. Let's see what the tribes think about this. Do you think the Republicans will circle the wagons?

  24. We have seen this system of intimidation, threats of violence, and the suppression of free speech, it was called Nazi Germany, the first one's to use Nazi methods were the Brownshirts in the '30's and this is the model the Global Left now uses rather than elections or democracy. Poor Heather and Burt somehow managed to live for years with this sort of Leftist oppression until if cost her and her husband their jobs, until then everything the Left did was okay for them.

  25. racial origin as 'political background'. only a femmunist communist would even think to say something that stupid.

  26. Though I accept Prof. Heying's basic theme and historical context, her focus on "leftist radicalism shutting down free speech" as a greater threat to democracy then alt-right, white-supreme-ist right, radical-right, religious-right, corporatist-right or neo-con right, seems alarmist, biased, myopic…I could go on and on.
    What exactly was her problem with the "Day of Absence" event, admittedly a "publicity stunt", but an object lesson non-the-less, the presumed point being to show the lack of minority staff and students at ESU? What are her problems with objections to corporate-funded propagandists like Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter, constantly on tour at college campuses? What is the reason for, or the defense of, "research" like the supposed racial differences in IQ scores?
    What is her justification for the State and corporate brutality inflicted upon peaceful protestors at events like anti-war, anti-nuke, occupy, anti-pipeline, BlackLivesMatter etc?
    And finally, look at the comments here, look at the views of reactionary Trumpist "bandwagon jumpers" supporting her commentary. Who is trying to "mobilize a group and enrage a group, to inflame a group"?

  27. What the he'll is she saying. "We need to be Globalists while being patriotic ? Multi cultural does not work. Never has, never will. Multi ethnic is a different issue.

  28. The death of democracy started with the election of Trump. And there are actually more "far right" than "far left". The far left will call you a homophobe, the far right will put a bullet in your skull. See the difference? Any questions?

  29. I think Tribalism started to get a lot stronger after the 1965 immigration act started to bring lots and lots of non whites into our country.

  30. I don't want to sound divisive but…. If you don't like Heather then you got something wrong with your head. Fact.

  31. The far left is anti liberal & can harm us all just like the right. Pushing PC was bad enough but no jokes now? Being so sensitive & offended? Card playing (race, rape, etc)? Pro illegals instead of only pro legal immigrants? White guilt? I'm starting to feel like I can't call myself a liberal anymore when it's them that aren't standing by traditional liberal ideals. I hope they don't take over the left like Trumpers did on the right.

  32. Why is an evolutionary biologist talking about social movement outcomes. I'm not saying her opinions are invalid on the face of them I'm just wondering why not have someone who actually specializes in this branch of social theory talk about it. If there's one thing I know about academia its that there are specialties upon specialties — and, granted, I'm not 100% up on the state of social movement research, but I do believe reasoning along "tribalist" lines is not the most up to date, or favored theory in that literature. So, slow clap Big Think. Bring on the next pseudo-intellectual

  33. Radical left ? Really we have Nazis killing people in 2018 and we are talking about the radical left— 15 dollars an hour and Health care— that’s the radical left. What the hell is she talking about. The radical left is Bernie Sanders saying you should be safe and equal in the US . Nazis and the KKK and NRA are real threats.

  34. burn it down and start again. That's what the French revolution was all about. In the end, France turn out pretty well!

  35. The left isn’t shutting down dissent. For all the talk about the “liberal left-wing media,” every hour of every day, the major news networks are hosting panels that inevitably include one or two people from the right who are arguing point that have no basis in objective reality. What the left is actually doing that could cause the fall of our democracy is promoting neutrality over objectivity.

  36. The choice in Nov is Democracy or Oligarchy. Trumpanzees want an Oligarchy. They were promised that if they liked their 48 chromosomes they could keep them.

  37. She would do well to examine the over 1 century of propaganda and wonder who its beneficiaries are ? – What were/are they trying to hide and from who ? Do the rich/1% form a tribe and what circumstances would most ideally reflect their interests ??

  38. So "Big Think" never said squat during the 20 year rise of the alt-right but now that the Left has woken to its true purpose they are worried about upheaval? I smell the stink of an establishment that is shitting their pants.

  39. She thinks the Far Right is smaller and weaker because she travels in academic circles where the Far Left is more prevalent.

  40. Fuck this woman. This is the same shit we have been dealing with forever. The Right can go as insane as it likes and it has been doing it without question for at least 25 years. I would say it has been doing it for 40 years at least but I'll go with a conservative estimate and say it's been for 25 years that the Right has played to the crazy seats. NO ONE wrung their hands in concern or said this is the "death of democracy" when the Right crushed voting rights or gerrymandered districts to diminish the power of minorities or the Left from getting a majority in Congress even though more people vote for the Democrats and they get less seats. Nobody was concerned when the Right set up it's own propaganda networks to push it's lies or when they stifled free speech by making their universities and colleges a "no go zone" for Left Wing speakers while DEMANDING they get equal time on Liberal college campuses. Nothing was said, fucking crickets.
    THEN you get a few Left Wingers who break a couple of windows and all of a sudden we have a fucking THREAT TO DEMOCRACY ON OUR HANDS???!!!! This is the shit that we complain about , the Right can get away with murder, actual fucking murder and they get a relatively easy pass . They are just "expressing their ideas" but when a Left Winger expresses their opinion in any way that isn't a "half apology" for having a point of view , then shit heads like this "person" get all puckered up and think that the world is coming to an end. Fuck her and fuck anyone who thinks like her. The Left has been suppressed for too long under a wet blanket of milquetoast reserve that she's advocating. It's time we come out strong and aggressive with our agenda and let the naysayers like her and the Right clutch their pearls in shock and whine their asses off, We don't care. Your time is over. It's our time now. The majority is taking back control from the minority on the Right who have ironically whined incessantly for 40 years about they aren't being heard.

  41. Hey, scumbag liars… They're called PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTORS, you lying pieces of shit. We KNOW that the "radical leftist protesters" are PMC personnel, so you can quit your punk faggoty narrative derailment ANYTIME now. Asshole.

  42. I think this shift is the shift from socio-economic policy to ideological social issues. I'm a liberal and find the extremes ignore economics, governance, and democracy while concentrating on identity, morals, and a very unique ability to ignore policy outright based on the perceived ideology of the other side. Two great examples follows.

    immigration. The Left refuse to even consider the very idea of immigration control based on the perceived notion that anyone even discussing the issue is a racists. Therefore immigration is racists so any policy therefore will be racists.

    Socialism. The right hates all things socialism based on the notion that all things socialism will become communist Russia. While there are a small extreme Left that would want communism for the most part the left just would like have a few social economic policies in a robust capitalistic economic structure.

    This will not work and the extremes need to stop biting the hand that feeds it. Otherwise we all loose.

  43. Obama brought out all the white racists and now Trump is bringing out all the anti-white and anti-male bigots. Obama didn't incite the racists other than by being "black"; Trump incites bigots by his words and actions.

  44. So the radical right is dangerous but not numerous… Sorry but did you follow the news the last 10 years? Hungary, Russia, Poland, Tailand, Brazil(!), Brexit, Vlaams Blok, AfD, PVV, Italy and Spain of late as well… And in many of these countries and by many of these parties political opposition is silenced and the constitution is rewritten to squelch democracy. This sounds like a classical case of: The extreme right is out of control but the extreme left has to keep their eye on the ball… It sounds way more effective to me to consider and discuss what is causing the current divide than to just blame it on the left.

  45. Could it just be that life doesn't get better when lying and brainwashing is a norm? Men are demasculined to act like women and women hate sissy boys, no relationships currently last. Also there is that left promotes hating whites and pretending there is more than two sexes and what ever they come up with next. Thought police is a thing too these days. This and tons of more are made by the left. They surely make it every hard to like em.

  46. Actually considerable research shows that conservatives tend to be more groupies. Even the conservative researcher Jonathon Haidt's research shows that. I would like to think that she does some more reading. Some of her points, I agree with there about dialogue. However, history shows that the extreme right are not into talk. That is what conservative means.

  47. Only in this age of trump are historians having to drag into their talks the likes of tribes and the great apes. He appeals to that part of the brain (the primitive part) that should NOT be controlling our behavior at this stage of the game.

  48. Isn't the right wing a tool of the elites. Seeing how they want to control political power by preserving the status quo.

  49. usa is not a democracy, so it's people are not citizens. human societies get along just fine with elite rule, often for hundreds of years, but but wealth and power corrupt, and resulting bad management causes collapse, sometimes simply by being unable to cope with neighbors. populism is one of the mechanisms unhappy members of the elite use to improve their status. it is symptomatic of elite decay, which is visible everywhere in usa today. the process will continue, there are no threatening neighbors, increasing rot will result in decomposition of the federal government, which will probably stimulate military rule.

  50. There are statistics showing that center-right are disappearing, contrary to the center-left.
    So where does the argument that "left extremist" are more abundant than right extremist?

    Also, right is advocating anti-globalism. So this tribalism also isn't a symmetrical issue.

    I see the need to "balance" the debate by letting "both sides" a place. But that is an old BS, we don't need to teach kids "both sides", on the issue of evolution versus creationism…

  51. Not rejecting her opinion, but I'm getting really tired of the most signal-boosted contemporary talking heads being described as the "intellectual dark web". These are best-selling authors, podcasters, and YouTube celebrities with massive audiences and financial backing, not some sort of inaccessible clandestine cabal only rumoured to exist.

  52. Another evolutionist, climate-change whacko who just can't get past HER personal TRIBALISM. Typical Leftist hypocrite. . . uhg. 1:40
    Sorry, but "some of the language that we're hearing", from the "extremes on the right and the left" are soooo far from equal, as to not be placed in the same sentence! It is a massive intellectual failure to act as if they (both sides) are a part of (promoting and acting) this divisive way! OBVIOUSLY, the LEFT is the EXTREME, politically, socially. Obviously the Left is more violent (and armed too!). Obviously she is just another brainwashed sheeple who has spent most of her life brainwashing other sheeple. . . yet now she sees her/the errors (too late). . . she has a personal mouthful of her own disgusting concoctions.

  53. We've gone stupid.
    1937 was the beginning and Reagan was the beginning of the end.
    FDR and Congress allowed by LAW the formation of unions in 37.
    By 1979 fully 1 in 3 Workers in the USA had wages and benefits protected by union negotiators.
    It became the sentinel reason the middle class was dominate.
    In 20 years Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton undercut the law of 37 and opened the door for cheap imports. The despicable act was pushed by big money buying politicians.
    Look at history and know the lie is ongoing, the obfuscation, the propaganda.
    Unionize this sh!thole.
    Over 60 million in poverty wages, no insurance, while millionaire talking heads on TV pound the table for the billionaire class.
    How stupid we have become.
    How compliant to believe this tripe.
    TV and the internet are billionaire propaganda platforms; brownosers for the billionaires.

  54. I'm pretty sure even the extreme left would want research done on gun violence the right not so much.

    What are some examples of the extreme left shutting down science?

    Cause from here it's right denying climate change and gun violence, and the right wants to research eugenics.

  55. you should better than everyone left right top bottom is opsolute
    the problems we all experience need to be discussed in an fair manner
    to find solutions ideally with all the facts available
    and illusions and delusions free with the help of independent science
    in the meantime the usa gave up common sense and the dumbest was elected president
    probably by the religious dumbed majority that is democracy

  56. As a progressive liberal guy, I find it extremely interesting that the far LEFT has become so RELIGIOUS, almost more religious than the far RIGHT. "Religious?" you may ask. The extreme left is looking for PURITY as much as the Puritans did when they came to America! It's interesting that the extreme left expects their leaders and representatives to be almost saintly, holy, and untouched!! It's almost as if The LIBERALS aren't so liberal anymore! They've become judgmental, intolerant, fearful of center left liberals~branding the moderate left as evil, and they expect everyone to be radical just like them!! Pink hair! Wow! Religion at its finest! And, they martyr their own advocates! Look at Al Franken and Joe Biden being burned at the stake! The far LEFT is building their version of the INQUISITION. Let's remember that being liberal is supposed to mean that we come from diverse backgrounds and that our backgrounds may have a lot of sin in it (based on the other religion – lol) and that we aren't so morally bent out of shape that we can accept that some people may have actually grown up, matured, and changed from their old ways. No, you liberals are no longer forgiving! You've become THOUGHT POLICE!

  57. So am I understanding this correctly? She’s a big thinker yet believes in evolution, in other words that she is a glorified ape. I wonder where she thinks her conscience or sense of morality came from because somebody has to set the standard for that, don’t they? How does evolution create the hydrological system where the earth replenishes itself, the ultimate recycling initiative? How does evolution design that as well as are highly complex bodies and all the systems that work within it to make us function? How about all the incredibly complex code found within our DNA, so that just happens by luck? Why doesn’t computer code happen that way? Perhaps if her problem is that she can’t believe in a God she can’t see, then she shouldn’t believe in her mobile phone because she can’t see how it works or communicate with others? Scripture has all the answers.

    Romans 1:22-25
    English Standard Version (ESV)

    22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.

  58. Sadly this is happening in Mexico, we're becoming more and more authoritarian with every passing day, by the same guy who marched and didn't open to dialogue

  59. Folks she kind of says the left is more dangerous because they want to shut down descent. .Do you think thats true of the left? Viral videos of people using hate speech against journalists, immigrants, other politicians posted and left on you tube and nobody should say anything? The biggest threat to democracy is spreading lies,hate of other people and not challenging it. Pretty obvious to me. cheers

  60. She's talking about social engineering when it comes to current political climate situation being influenced by social media. The Madness of Crowds has been enhanced by quantum leaps in a hundred years. The pseudo-left has been working on much the same thing albeit with the usual Maoist, Stalinist, Trotskyite mix of repetitive mind control exercises augmented by endless incantations. As crude as their methods are they are effective. Especially on the young. I'm glad she talked about this problem even though I left the Left in disgust decades ago.

  61. I’m not tribal. I’m racist. Racism is way more inclusive than tribalism. Only white people are inclusive enough to be racist. Black people are too busy killing and robbing other black people to be racist. Asians are too busy hating other Asians to be racist. Only whites are tolerant and pluralistic enough to ingroup a whole race (although for practical purposes it now seems we have to outgroup about 1/3 of whites again, because they are TOO tolerant and inclusive and they won’t maintain the necessary boundaries, they’ll only subvert them and betray the ingroup.)

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