The Delhi Govt. is Spying on You! BE AWARE! #GroundReport @Aam Aadmi Party

The Delhi Govt. is Spying on You! BE AWARE! #GroundReport @Aam Aadmi Party

I was sitting here this morning in our housing society and we were actually welcoming the local Aam Aadmi candidate with a feast of chole bhature, gulab jamun and poha, and I’m not kidding. I can’t make the stuff up. I turned to my right and I saw that new security cameras had been installed here. I went up and inspected them and I found out they’re from the Delhi government. The Aam Aadmi party has installed 16 security cameras around our private housing complex. Our housing complex has security guards. It has a huge wall of barbed wire around it and we have our own private CCTV system. So, why does the government need to put 16 CCTV cameras on our private property and watch us. They’ve even installed these cameras on the temple, outside the temple. Can you do that? Can you just go out to a temple and bolt cameras onto it like that? That’s just wrong. And that’s when I found out that the Delhi government has been installing three hundred thousand of these security cameras all around Delhi in public but also in people’s private residences. Outside and public I get it, right? We need more security cameras out there watching people on the streets. But inside this private housing society with no crime and our own CCTV and our own security and our own wall, there’s no crime here. There’s no reason for these 16 cameras to be in here and the benefit of having our own CCTV system in this society is that only we have access to it. Of course, we give the footage to the police if something happens, right but nothing ever happens here. This is a private community. And so the risk with having all these government security cameras in near all 16 of them is that the PWD, a public works department has access to these cameras now, the police have access to these cameras and of course the intelligent agencies have access to these cameras. And do you think they’ll be misused? This is India. Of course, they will be misused. How can you install these private spy cameras? Sorry, these government spy cameras inside a private housing colony like this when we already have so much security here. There’s no crime. It makes no sense in it. Simply waste of money. I know low people will say Karl if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about it, but I have to worry about it you know. As a public figure as somebody who makes a lot of enemies. The government can easily track me now. If someone doesn’t like me in the government and they want to take me down they can literally follow me from my doorstep and the second I step out of us outside of the housing complex and get into my car. They know I’m there and they know where I’m going. Anywhere I move inside this private housing complex they know my location absolutely. And now so the police had access to these cameras, too and as you know, there’s often a nexus between criminals and police, is a lot of corruption there. So if a bad guy wants to you know find out when I’m leaving the premises, when I’m leaving their housing society you can just wait outside the gate for me, right. The police can tell them my patterns, my movement patterns and tell them on the day exactly the time I’m gonna leave, you know. It’s just so so risky and mark my words all these security cameras being installed around Delhi especially in private residences, they will be used for corrupt purposes. That is just a way it’s, it’s gonna happen. I absolutely guarantee you. So that’s the risk for someone like me, right? I value my privacy and I have to because I get threats against my life. And it’s not that hard to find a friendly cop and you know plug into these these CCTV cameras. And then you don’t know what the security around them is you don’t know everybody who has access to them. It’s, it’s just a bad thing and you know the Indian Constitution it guarantees us a right to privacy. And installing government spy cameras inside a house, a private housing complex that is going against the Constitution. I’m so sure of it. And then what about when they decide to install facial recognition software on these camera systems. And then they decide to like rate us according to our behavior out in public or in the society. This is already happening in China. They have a rating system for their residents and the government knows the location of everybody in China for these this massive mesh of security cameras that they have installed. It’s become a surveillance state. I don’t think that we ever happen in India, though. You know India is quite liberal, and it’s not a dictatorship right? So I don’t think that’ll happen but it’s just a scary thought. I mean the thought of the Intelligence Agency and the police and the bad guys being able to access where I am and when I leave and all that kind of data on me through these security cameras that that’s scary. Enough for me, right? So I’m not happy about this privacy invasion, you know. If you guys have these cameras in your housing societies, you are being watched, your every move is being recorded, okay. And I know the Aam Aadmi party says this is to stop crime crime against women. What crime? There’s no crime in this little private housing society. And how is it gonna stop crime anyway? If someone decides to come here and lynch me, it’s not gonna do anything. The Delhi police are gonna have a video of me being lynched in here, wow great. We already had that on that private security camera, but I guess that means they can leak it even quicker now. Yeah, it’ll stop people doing stuff perhaps. it’ll, it’ll scare criminals away, but we’re already had security in private CCTV here anyway, so criminals aren’t coming here and doing anything because they know we already had that security. So now we just have these random government cameras here for what reason? Absolutely, no reason. They’re only here to spy on people and it’s a total waste of money because they’re unneeded in this particular housing society. What is the Aam Aadmi party doing here? Spying on the common men and wasting the common men’s money by installing these cameras. The worst places, there is better places, more places that we need these cameras all right. So, please common men use your brains. I like you guys. I support you guys but I don’t support this. You guys need to think of better placements for these security cameras. Why are you spying on the common men, on the common men? They need to be out on the streets looking for crime. There’s no crime happening here. We have security under control. Stop wasting people’s money.

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  2. Karl, they might have installed cameras for safety of its citizens only… They might not have bad intentions… Delhi has a lot of crime cases happening upon women… Several girls are kidnapped, gone missing or abused in the city everyday… Crimes are happening everywhere Karl, even in Private housing societies… Maybe that's why… I understood well what you said Karl, but there can also be a good intention…

  3. WTF… you only talk about negative of india… & now Delhi getting CCTV to protect every Citizen… you have problem… are you serious… ??? & would like to add… who gave permission for the same… seriously… are you against AAP Govt… ??

  4. That is so wrong. Of course the government will abuse it, they ALL do. And it’s going to get worse everywhere.
    Hang tough and safe, friend.

  5. I just hate the trick of Indian government especially for we north eastern India we were neglect n damn with bangladeshi# peoples #

  6. I think delhi are dumb installing these cameras everywhere and especially inside people homes! I mean what happens if a guy want to make love to his woman, by having that bloody camera there, they cant be in the mood. No babies it is then. 👏

  7. I do not buy your argument at all. Privacy is not that big an issue . Crime is a much bigger issue. Safety and Security is also much more important than the non issue of privacy.
    If someone wanted to kill someone else, they can easily find you, cameras or no cameras.

  8. Bro you are the perfect person to ask this. Do a video on Indian caste based reservation system. The system never bothered nor benefited you, you will be the best impartial person to do so. And don't use Bollywood got your research. By now you would have understood it's true potential.

  9. camera r not in your bathroom or bedroom. they r for everyone's safety.

    Indian is now have a Hindu Dictatorship government.

    When crime happens, than u can make a video to blame government.

  10. Are you an Indian citizen to talk about Indian internal affairs? In any other country you would be jailed for this

  11. The intent of camera installation, in principle, seemed fine, but looks like they did not plan the utilization of cameras fully well.

  12. Hey Karl Rock: yes, spread the news. Indian govt is trying to catch up to the amount of control the American CIA has over U.S.A. through GOOGLE, gmail, yahoo, bing search engines, iphones, android phones. You do not want a totalitarian state; Neither do we!!!!!

  13. Karl a lot of these society associations actually themselves request the government for the said camera's.
    These cameras are definitely installed with the society association's consent. That being said the government needs to be smarter with their camera placements.

  14. Even in Chennai we have such cameras in every god damn small streets…. I haven't thought about it from your perspective, which seems more logical to me! But what's next? What should we do about it!?

  15. U in there country Karl they will do whatever they want 💯 maybee it's time for you & ur wife to move somewhere else ! I would feel very uncomfortable also if I was you . They could be spying on you . I love that one video you did called " Mr. Poo " that's a classic 💯 🔥🔥😭

  16. Karl i would disagree. In noida 2008 a case of a 14 year old murder took place in a society. Aarushi murder case which has been unsliced just because of negligence of police and money power.
    The fact is it’s not accessible to police directly, PWD (Delhi govt) is the first owner with consent Then Delhi police will access it which is under the BJP (Ruling govt).

    Plz take this video down or re edit or what ever u do man but remove those drone shots of the society….
    I actually know the location of you just by the drone shot and google maps those buildings are not that common man..
    I am worried for your safety man

  18. Karl how is this feabile without having nod of your housing society? Ask the society secretary the reason behind this.

  19. Manisha is starting her own channel! Alright! ….this is going to be amazing! Family! Politics! Religion! Music! Yoga! Hinduism! ..from Manisha's perspective….

  20. Everyday were being spied on . especially me with the airplanes tracking my move knowing every delivery I go to .the planes over my head . I don't take it lightly.

  21. You're complaining about security cameras being installed inside your private property? Think about Government of India having the access to each of the text message you send to anyone around the world either via SMS or various texting apps like WhatsApp. They are conducting surveillance of us online as well. It's called Netra, undertaken by DRDO. You don't even have any idea about how much you're being watched each and every second of your life while you're within the boundaries of such states like the US and India.

  22. India is an infuriating country… I stayed there for a year. No thanks. It has an interesting history and culture and I love Indian food but the country just makes you mad…

  23. Kuch kia to bola kia kuch nai kia to bola kuch nai karte ,,,abey oh bhosdike india snd india ki burai mat kar …gaand jal rahi hai to bhag ja apne desh ….we are happy with our system i am bjp supporter and saying this just go if you feel discomfort dont degrade india …

  24. Then how will they claim about there fake achievements during campaign? .. Totally money waste and great idea to claim something during campaign

  25. what concerns me more as a IT person is, how is the cctv system it self secured. ? How is it routed thru the network ? where is it saved ? how is it saved ? how long can it be saved (this should be a law made if not to save the recorded data for a certain amount of time). Is the cctv system security proof for people outside the goverment people like hackes etc. ? If a city like Delhi wants to rollout these system they should atleast inform it on a goverment website or with a partnerd media channel. The local people should know this. These goverment mfs better have a structed and well planned this whole bs.

  26. Public Places must-have cameras for security purposes but it's not appropriate to install them in private residences. Anyway, it's just Kejriwal chutiya govt.
    You should just file a case against the Delhi Govt. for violating your privacy.
    I bet no court will refuse to take in your case since one of the major rights have been violated here.
    SUre court thing is messy but you will get justice at the end hopefully.

  27. “Numbers game”
    Need to claim this number of cctvs installed by us for better “public security” “women protection”
    Whether they are functional or not
    The videos reviewed/monitored or not is not clear as “transparency” is not considered important

  28. So basically u r defaming AAP for ur father in law's political party absolutely for no reason. Have u ever raised voice against security cameras installed in ur own or developed countries ?

  29. Private community doesn’t mean that there is no crime. But I don’t disagree with Karl at the same time. And in case there is any crime, it takes time to reach out and extract footage of the private cameras. So in that way it’s good.

    And personally my message to Karl would be to write to the Delhi Government about this. They will definitely understand your problem.

  30. you are absolutely right. it is absolutely disgusting and if someone has a cop as your friend then they can know in and out about you and already your privacy is gone. there is no privacy in india. it is worse.they say it is for our safety and they are watching the bad guys but how do you know. that they are not watching you and your day to day life every second?

  31. Dont agree karl.. I m nt frm delhi.. Bt cctv needed in delhi.. How canu say they cant mentain these positive.. N can u tell manisha's father frm which party??

  32. These govt. cameras are installed with permission of and discussion with the RWAs/home owners. People willingly want them to be installed.
    Here you are not correct. Privacy is limited to inside your home. It is good that their is no crime in your society but what if criminal colludes with the person handling society's cameras. So if they installed in whole Delhi, a standard has to be maintained which has to be followed everywhere. Plus these cameras are not for spying, these are installed in the name of women safety and general public safety at large, let's see how much of that is fulfilled in near future. Just don't heart my comment. Obviously I favour AAP but not because I am biased, I have a strong opinion.

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