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  1. Nice try! No, thanks! I still prefer to earn things from working and saving money! We all know they always disguise socialism .

  2. From the looks of these comments, deprogramming these people is going to take more than a 3 minute video, nice try though… I personally thought it was very informative.

  3. It was a GREAT explanation of Democratic Socialism but does all those gov work better that the private sector? Don't forget this but here in Latin America we are poor because of it. Salutes from Panama. Don't vote for Sanders. He lies. Vote for Biden.

  4. Unfortunately only a small percentage of Americans know what the term actually means. Trump has his base fearing anything related to the word Socialism and he tries to spread that fear where ever he goes. The problem is that more and more people are listening to Trump and we also have social media to thank for spreading such misinformation which is making it worse Sanders.

  5. What I here from this is “government ran” government ran” and they’re systems that are constantly FAILING. Sorry Bernie but I don’t want my government running anything more than they have(tried to run) and completely destroyed

  6. Yes, it's true. And to learn more, please read 'Current Affairs' (millennial socialism) and 'Jacobin' (democratic socialism) publications. Both are excellent. Just like capitalism, there are MANY different types of socialism. Also, modern socialism has changed significantly within the last 20 years and learned from the past.

    Here is a Marxist economist who is excellent – Richard D Wolff. Ivy League his entire career. You will learn a lot.




    Links below and I'm including the Media Bias Fact Check so you know they are not questionable source or conspiracy theory news sources.





    Enjoy! 👍

  7. Bernie Sanders – FDR inspired policies good for Americans

    Social Security, properly funded public schools, public roads, national parks, Medicare For All

  8. If you people really believe Bernie Sanders you need school he will bankrupt the country he will take it back to the Stone Age you won’t need school because there won’t be no jobs you will have to go overseas to work he will run them all out of town president Donald Trump for 2020

  9. Bernie is considered a centrist in other major countries. America is so behind. Vote Bernie and finally get something for your tax dollars that is worth it.

  10. Social security is NOT socialism, because it was misnamed from the very beginning. The whole thing should have been called the “savings “ security program with your card you carry in your wallet, being called the savings security card. NOT social security card! Anything you pay into should never have the word social attached to it at all. It just creates the confusion you’re seeing today. A true “social” program is where someone is given something for nothing, because they have neither paid into nor participated in, anything related to that program. It’s generally know as “charity”. Democratic socialism is another misnamed mistake. Anything we pay into such as the “savings” security program, is not socialism of any kind, because it’s carrying OUR money. There is nothing “social “ about it! The problem is misidentification along with a false definition. Until people get their heads out of their behinds, and interpret the language correctly, this is the type of mis understanding your going to be stuck with!🤬

  11. Think of it this way:
    The plutocrats have spent 50 years convincing us that the gov't is awful and they are the better angels.
    Then these plutocrats destroyed unions, took the bulk of all earnings, wrote tax policies to benefit themselves, bought our politiicans, sent the cost of housing, cars, education and healthcare through the roof and destroyed our gov't' ability to fight them.
    The gov't is THE PEOPLE's lawyer. It is time to take it back from the plutocrats and create a just society like we see in other industrialized nations. Americans have gotten ripped off for far too long. Time for a revolution.

  12. Holy crap. Didn't realize my fellow Americans were so ignorant about the subject. Im a dual citizen of the USA and Portugal, a Democratic Socialist country that is Capitalist with a good social safety net. After living all my life in the USA, im now retired in sunny Algarve, in southern Portugal. There is public healthcare for all, which is funded with taxes. It functions pretty well. However, people can buy private health coverage if they wish where they can see private doctors and go to private hospitals. It only costs equivalent to $50 a month. However, most people are satisfied with the public healthcare and don't buy the private insurance. Taxes are higher here, but you get what you pay for: 4th safest country in the world, no homelessness, better highways than in the USA, beautiful city centers, house taxes are only about $100 a year, University is $1,500 a year, students here score higher than American kids, almost everyone speaks English, lunch is $6 (2 glasses of wine, entree, salad, desert, coffee). Rent where iam is $500 a month with everything included. It's a calm, cultured, beautiful place to live. Man, more people need get educated and travel and experience the culture.

  13. Study FDR political policies. Bernie is taking some of the Capitalistic greed toxic out of our environment as a living creatures with forgotten Rights .

  14. This broad has NO clue what she's talking about. The items that she said are "democratic socialism" she's confusing with public goods that are paid for by taxpayers. They don't just drop out of the sky for free. Democratic control of the entire economy is the goal of "democratic socialism" which is communistic!

  15. I always thought that the fundamental far-right White Nationalists would backup BERNIE all the way to the Whitehouse, gusse I thought wrong.

  16. This lady is always whoring out herself to left and fake news. She should just stand under a street light on a street corner. At least she would come by it honestly. lol

  17. FDR inspired democratic socialism policies were good for Americans , with your taxes, Government provide
    Social Security, properly funded public schools, public roads, national parks, Medicare For All

  18. Aug 21, 2018 – Democratic Socialism Doesn't Exist: Like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, Democratic Socialism Exists Only in Myth. The entire notion of … https://fee.org/articles/democratic-socialism-doesnt-exist-like-the-loch-ness-monster-and-bigfoot-democratic-socialism-exists-only-in-myth/

  19. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but Socialism is Socialism and Socialism either leads to Communism or it fails…..end of story

  20. This is the biggest crock of sh*t i’ve ever heard.

    Socialism is socialism just because you put the word democratic in front of socialism doesn’t mean it’s different. I don’t need to government to manage my money for me.

    Can’t even count votes, what makes them think I trust The government with my money? Government is known to be corrupt and once you let the manage your money I guarantee you they will pocket some of that money. I don’t need/want nothing from the government. I just want the government to stay out of my pockets and out of my life. I am not in the hospital every week, so no I don’t need health care for all or whatever they want to call it.

  21. Since Bernie recently added free dental, vision and hearing, it's icing on the cake and it's gonna bring in alot more votes from the people that need these things. I'm going in for a free pair of braces.

  22. There just disgusting themselves as democratic socialists and once they get president we will end up becoming socialist.

  23. All socialism is based on some kind of communal or state ownership of the means of production as opposed to private ownership under capitalism. That’s the whole point of it. I’ll explain bankruptcy . . . it’s what you get when you cross an idea like free healthcare for all with an open border.

  24. I just went to the official website of the Democratic Socialists of America and this comes directly out of their charter:

    "Article II. Purpose
    We are socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit"

    I think that says everything right there. That's literally in the first line of the Purpose section of their charter. They ain't hiding it! That's the whole free-market system they're talking about. They reject it. This video is just one of may socialist propaganda attempts to soft-sell hard-socialism. They want to dress it up as friendly and not dictatorial and "moral", but really it's the exact same socialism that crushed the USSR and Cuba and Venezuela and every other socialist paradise of the last 100 years.

  25. There's no such thing as democratic socialism… All socialist countries eventually become authoritarian.. Bolshevik Bernie will say anything to sieze power and finally destroy this country

  26. The difference is that one pretends not to be the rich old white guy's policies sucking in all your money, and the other is totally unashamed about it.

  27. We can not afford to fund social security as it stands now how are you supposed to fund all the other crap Bernie wants to do.

  28. Everything run by the government is on the verge of bankruptcy. Amtrak loses money on every ticket sold. Social security will be insolvent in a few decades. A socialist is a socialist no matter what you put in front of it.

  29. America will never fall to socialism! Bernie supporters talk about a revolution. Once they see us gun owners rise up they will bow down! Trump 2020! America is back. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!!!!!!!!

  30. https://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/watchwomanonthewall/2011/04/the-45-communist-goals-as-read-into-the-congressional-record-1963.html

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