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  1. Thank you for recommending “Dignity” by Chris Arnade. It sounds like a well researched, socio-biographical book. A snapshot of many ..”not in the front row”.

  2. Few paid attention; the tariffs are not about China at all….it's about raising taxes on everyone, on everything:
    manufacturers and merchants pay a tax when materials enter our country, then they raise prices, as a consequence everyone's sales tax is increased….billions of dollars raised on the back of people too ignorant to know better…..

  3. Just because successful businessman A has amassed a million doesnt mean there is no money left for anyone else to earn! Everyone gets 24 hours a day and America clearly offers equal OPPORTUNITY to get ahead. That doesnt mean there will be EQUAL RESULTS as we all work differently and are at varied levels of intelligence. America offers us a chance and there will always be a section not as successful.

  4. Minimizing the Wealth gaps here… Not as easy as black towns, coal heavy towns, or rural democrat. Some are still trying to survive on 8$ per hour. The average cost for a room for rent here in Austin Tx. is 600.00 / month. Homeless booming, tent cities now and growing… Musical chairs is coming soon for another round of YOU'RE OUT. Game over for you pal.

  5. This guy speaks of the working poor as those who have finished "trade school or community college." Actually, the trade school grads make as much money as college grads. I have a masters in accounting, and many plumbers, electricians and barbers make more than I do. They also don't have the student debt that I do. He also needs to comb his hair. Maybe he thinks he is relating to the "working poor" that he knows nothing about. And you can laugh at me for using a big box store all you want.

  6. You have got to be f**** kidding me! The author of that book has got a good point. Then, you look at the three dumbass Fox propaganda puppets, and you realize that they could care less how about these small town people struggling. By the way, there are just as many or more people in big towns and on the coast that are struggling every bit as much as small town quote-unquote forgotten America. It's all about divisiveness to these Trump worshipers. Yes, the blame falls largely on the back of Elites and Wealthy business owners; by the lobbyists and the politicians that they payoff to make sure that all laws and policies benefit the rich. They are complete idiots to try and blame it on Democrats, though. Republicans elected a failed businessman who inherited the only wealth he ever had. Then Trump turned around and filled The House of the people of America with big business, big oil, big pharma, corrupt, wealthy, executive, Coastal, Republican Elites! They had full control for a year of government, yet did not pass any laws or policies that directly helped forgotten America; Trump's base. How much more hypocritical can Republicans get?

  7. Politics are no longer boring they used to be boring Trump is exciting has everything about him he makes excitement happen praise God for Trump

  8. You lost me when saying that the educated people like those who’ve been to Harvard etc should be the ones making decisions…. like the ANTIFA IDIOTS?

  9. The poor is paying too much tax. They paid income tax for receiving paycheck, then they paid sales tax when they spent the money. On top of sales tax, they have to pay real estate tax. And if they live in condo or town house, on top of real estate tax, they pay HOA. Then they pay interest on loan that they use to buy their shelter. Then there are mistakes of living that they made along the way that they have to pay fine. And then there is insurance. They have to pay insurance for almost everything, they even have to pay insurance for mortgage lender to allow them to borrow money. Then there is ripping off gambling industry that rip the last of their very last pennies.

  10. Even though corporate America would like us to forget and believe that labor day is to remember just the labor workers, LETS NEVER FORGET THE LABOR DAY MASSACRE!

  11. The only Impoverished poor people in America are the idiots who keep Voting for Democrats. Period. De-Industrialized? Democrats and their Greed and Policy's Destroyed our Industrial Complex. Steel? They Killed it, Manufacturing? they Killed it and Shipped Overseas ALL OF OUR INDUSTRY. And now We have President Donald Trump Bring it ALL BACK! Then what happens? People Make Money Again, Our STEEL MILLS ARE COMING BACK!! But Democrats Keep Trying to Block Him! Why? YOU CAN CONTROL POOR PEOPLE!!!

  12. 3:40 – The Acela does not go through Gary, Indiana or Detroit, Michigan. This author lost all credibility with that statement. Amtrak goes through Gary and Detroit, but not the upscale Amtrak Acela. The Amtrak Acela is for the New York and Washington politicians who make sure they get the best public transportation.

  13. Why the fuk is a Brit the anchoring this discussion? And do they not realize this is exactly why Trump won and will continue to win? This book is about 4 years too late. We already know all this. And what's with the "revolution" bullshyt? Is Murdoch turning back to his commie roots? Is Fox trying to lay excuses for planned "rebellion" that's not actual rebellion but riots organized by the globalist traitors in the country?

  14. hey Fox did you run this by your boss Trump before reporting something that almost resembled news ???? Aren't you only allowed to run stories about how handsome, not unstable not conman not racist not rapist he is ?

  15. Somehow over the last couple decades, this population is reveared less then the immigrant population. The is the backbone of America and yet it is being left out for dead.

  16. People in the rural communities live great. Don't bash America before you go visit other countries where people really have it hard.

  17. What happens when you take a child who has been neglected/abused for 10 years and then put them into a slightly better situation? Not much. They still won't function correctly. That's what is happening with these towns. You can't just offer them a few more "job" opportunities and think they are going to become "great again". These areas need a lot of help. The cities have siphoned the money & ultimately the life/heart/soul out of them. Those who don't see the extent of small town decay should move out of their gated communities and move their own families to places like Gary Indiana and live there (no turning back). Only then can someone actually understand the actual despair taking place for such a large percentage of Americans in this country.

  18. The wealth inequity in the U.S. needs to be addressed or there will truly be a socialist revolution after Trump. Get ALL the slave labor foreign goods out of the country. Raise slave labor goods tariffs to a solid 50%. Trump is the last chance at fighting the global capitalists. They are destroying the middle class.

  19. Until China starts "REAL" trade meeting Trump needs to do the same thing he did with Mexico. Increase Tariffs every quarter minimum 30 percent until the deal is made. !!!!!

  20. Fox News hard at for for Trump. He set them straight. They work for him and only for him. These 3 jokers just proved this point.

  21. SNL made fun of Bill Clinton scarfing down hamburgers at MacDonalds, back in the 90’s..

    “The only thing new is the history you don’t know”

  22. FOX why are you a part of the NWO system??? Why do you sell out your viewers??? And why do you block post on so many of your videos??? Are you trying to stop people from speaking out about things they care about???

    People, FOX is a part of the system too.

  23. I'm confused. If you spent the time and the money to go to a good college do you not deserve what you have worked for? How is it their fault that you and I did not? I have very little but have worked for what I have. I did not go to college I started working at 17. I decided not to finish with my education, not the so-called rich.

  24. I am not impressed with ppl that walk around with their noses up in the air because they graduated from happy universities Yale Princeton Brown Harvard etc. Let's sew Columbia in there all liberals Prince's I believe it was or yell that people walking around nude body painting on the campus protesting I think it's fair to say did Harvard became snobby because the Kennedys attended there these people are no spider and the ones who go to less known colleges and universities universities that make the dean's list I have 2 family members that several degrees from the University of Rochester they are extremely successful they don't walk around with their toes is up in the air Ivy League schools person never impressed me if a student is going to study they're going to study just because he went to a lesser price school doesn't make them any less successful Success should be measured by the school one attends

  25. If this was truly a biblical country, then the Torah provides for the care of the poor in about 8 ways–including restoring their dignity and self-respect. Inherent Poverty is the result of a society living by its own socio-economic "wisdom" rather than working out the lifestyle recommended by the Creator. But, hey, Christians have no use for the Torah–even though their own Messiah lived it every single day of His life up to this very moment.

  26. guy needs a bath….but it's so elite to have a greasy, unkempt appearance, while looking down his nose at people that shop at box stores……what the hell are you lunatics trying to create here?…..YOU ARE THE MINORITY, not us! Go crawl back into your liberal hole and stay there. Remember, it is your ilk that ruined the towns and signed the GATT, NAFTA crap to line your pockets.

  27. We meed to build a housing area right next to silicon valley and put the immigrants there and see how much Silicon Valley wants to bribe our politicians then

  28. The most important portion of ones education occurs before one is 13 years of age. if one is properly educated by that stage, the chances of long term success and happiness in life is relatively secure. Moreover, being "educated" does not make one smart or guarantee success, and making money doesn't necessarily mean success.

  29. Democratic Socialism.  Equalise power  and wealth.  Nobody left behind.  Economic changes are taken care of.   Common sense.  Common sense voting 2020.

  30. I thought about buying this book until I read some Amazon reviews from purchasers. If the negative reviews are true, it seems the author could not resist exposing his elitism by ripping into President Trump and, from the reviews, blaming the President for problems created by others in the ruling class. Why does the author spoil his work?

  31. There already has been a study that has found out our poor are getting about #54,000 in pay. Counting the freebies such as free operations and food and shelter. The middle income class of England, France, Sweden etc. are poorer than our SUPPOSEDLY poor. Sadly, the criminals in the House want more of our money to stick to their hands while ostensibly giving it to the ostensible "poor.".

  32. Well, that didn't take Fox long to bend to the will of papa Disney. So sorry but there's no money to be made pandering to the US consumer…Asia is a bigger market and that's where the jobs went and our money is going…the US is gonna be a tourist destination for China…like it is now.
    You can thank the (((tribe))) for that one. 😉

  33. This is about teaching jealousy of success to get people to accept socialisms abusive dysfunctional so called equality. all rights reserved

  34. 10.6 million whites in America are poor which is double all other groups but the PC groups only focus on the PC groups that aren't minorities in their homelands. all rights reserved

  35. If you think that you can immigrate to the US and in a very short time be on par with families that have been here for a hundred or two hundred years….you are idiot. Its like coming into a game of Monopoly near the end.

  36. Dear leftists. the companies went out of business trying to provide all the requirements that the leftists demand. opportunity zones are communists. people want the government to provide all things for them. that's socialism. all rights reserved

  37. College is a major wealth destroyer in that any family or student savings are consumed by the wealth test and $100-$400k costs per child. If you save it is taken. Then parents are 50 or even 60 with nothing for retirement unless they have defined benefit plans only among college employees (free to them) or govt employees.

    Analyze a FAFSA and see how little parents can retain if they send a child to college. It’s basically nothing compared to a non poverty based retirement. It really isn’t the private companies (absent no defined benefit plans) is college tuition, education and policy to pay for education which has gone up by 4-10x while the knowledge learned has gone down. Universities and govt are the number one reason why saving for college is essentially a fools errand. And unless you make well over $100,000 annually for each college bound child you cannot have savings and a college educated child. Unless he/she puts in 50 hours per week and is in the 1/10th of 1% who get an athletic scholarship. And then they spend 1/2 their time on a non income earning skill rather than studying. Imagine the competency of the next generation if it studied and college was going down in cost not what we have. How is it athletic talent can be evaluated but somehow academic talent cannot be? And scholarships for scholarly excellence are no more?

  38. Consider two scenarios about how Washington works. In one, a local activist decides to run for Congress. A friend hosts a fund-raiser for her at his law firm, where 10 partners each give the maximum legal individual donation, $2,800. After she wins, the host asks her to meet with a client, a constituent whose business would be affected by legislation her committee will soon vote on. She agrees to hear the company’s case against the bill. She never hears from anyone on the other side, which has no lobbyists, and she votes for an amendment that weakens the bill.

    In the second, a man elected to high office directs a meeting of foreign leaders to be held at a resort he owns. He ignores subpoenas, dangles pardons to staff members to encourage them to violate the law and to former employees to discourage them from cooperating with investigations. He appoints industry lobbyists to positions where they reverse regulations affecting their former employers. He passes tax bills that enrich him, his family, and allies. He rewards those who support him and punishes those who oppose him. He treats his office as a king dispensing favors to Oligarchs and collecting favors that enhance his personal wealth. The list could go on but the point is made – What is a Swamp and who gets to drain it?

  39. I'm confused. I thought Trumpsters / Republicans wanted deregulation, no government interference, Laissez-faire economics, pull yourselves up by your bootstraps. You people have repeatedly said you don't want the wealthy taxed because you don't want to hurt the job creators and it's unfair to take someone's money that worked hard for it, inheritances.

    Do you people even KNOW what you are arguing for? It sounds to me like you want a redistribution of wealth, socialism, and a lot of government regulations, restricted trade and job protectionism.

  40. Please try this thought experiment. Assume that everything this author says is true, and the world is run by elites who don't live like the rest of us. The corporations own the politicians who use corporate money to get rich, and both politicians and corporations have the main stream media on speed dial to brainwash the regular folks that their lives are good (red pill and blue pill stuff). The main stream media loves it because they earn an easy pay check by simply saying what they're supposed to say and making it look like journalism.

    The corps had chosen their candidate, rigged the polls, filled up the airwaves with feel-good stories about her, altered search algorithms to present the public with favorable reports on her and unfavorable reports about her opponent.

    Now, assume someone comes along who threatens to disrupt this cozy relationship between government, power, corporations, and the main stream media. Not because he challenges them openly, but because a plan was in place to put their puppet in and he's not their puppet.

    What would the corporations do to protect their turf? Probably silence alternative voices, pay off the media, spend billions trying to indoctrinate the public that the alternative to their puppet is evil, racist, bigoted, and unstable…..despite his showing none of those traits.

    So like Batman in The Dark Knight, this outsider is vilified, when in fact he's working to save the nation.

    Why?? Because as several intelligent philosophers have pointed out over the centuries, people want to be told what to think.

    Welcome to the world of Donald Trump.

  41. Our corrupted government traded and sold We the People out. But remember we watched , paid no attention , held no one responsible. We let them do it and still . Its our fault it happened now we must fix it !!!!!! Migrants are not going to fix anything but make things worse especially illegal migrants.

  42. Your guest speaks of Community College and Trade School graduates as though they are of lower society. NEWS FLASH: If it wasn't for these people there would be no car mechanics, medical assistants, diemakers, computer analysis', tax preparers and many other "meaningless" employees.

  43. CCP, by buying Wall Street greedy bankers, elites, tech tycoons in Silicone valley, leftists politicians in Washington DC, medias … have been penetrated into USA society and partly control your system operation like a “Big Brother” in behind, the beneficiaries take your jobs, your income, your property, your future … your life insurance! The roots of that is CCP CUmmunism in USA…CCP ripped off USA and make such Gap between poor working class,grass roots, deplorable and richer and richer “Elites”… Support Trump now! Eradicate CUmmunists in USA

  44. did he say highly educated and morality in the same sentence?? Who are the most corrupt? the " highly " educated "., of course,

  45. He perfectly used Chris Arnade and made his appearance look like a trump -commercial . I can see this eyes closed with my rotten socialism European brain . Scary , realy scary to read the undreneath reactions from you ; sory my saying , ignorant Americans . Sadly due to globalism , Trump like morrons are popping -up all over the continent of Europe to follow in his BUrning soil capitalism … beware ; wake -up ; BTW if I were an American I'd be a social democrat . Support Sanders and all who understand him 😉


  47. Hi Steve, I don’t know if you read the book “dignity”. You recommended it for us to read. I am sorry I wasted five hours reading it. The book glamorized homelessness, drug abuse, and the authors justification of drug use to get the story. It was something that most of us are familiar with, because we all have at least one family member in these different situations. I was truly offended by the constant disparaging remarks about our president toward the middle to end of the book. I am very disappointed in your recommendation.

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