The Dutch culture (shock)… How to deal with the Dutch?

The Dutch culture (shock)… How to deal with the Dutch?

I think what summarises for me
the cultural shock is… how spontaneous Dutch people aren’t. I actually myself became
a bit like Dutch. I am also very direct. But I know in Poland
for example… especially towards people who you do not know… you shouldn’t sometimes say some things. In The Netherlands, there is no limitation! For me it was like coming home. When I got to this country and I found out how direct people were, I was like: wow, these are my people! They tell you what they think. English are notorious for not saying what they mean. I am not the kind of person who can catch the meaning underneath the words. So it’s really good for me personally. When talking to my parents over the phone sometimes I explain things in a very direct and short way most efficiently as possible. They ask me: “Are you mad or something?” “Are you tired?” Because it’s just not normal for them. And I understand that. I noticed an ad at a train stop for clothes that the slogan was: “Fit in to stand out!” And that just caught me as something that I would never see in the US. That would just never happen. The US has so much more of a focus on you doing everything yourself than the Dutch culture. It seems like they feel more responsible as members of society. Here, people are just more easy going in a way. It’s just easier to approach. Did you experience culture shock when you came here? I don’t think people experience that. Of course we had some culture shock! They don’t like to share a lot. No, it’s 1 bitterbal 1 glass of juice. They are fun people to have drinks with, I think. They will end up all drunk and then singing André Hazes songs… … till 4 in the morning. Also, in Brazil we don’t have a time to finish. So you don’t plan anything after… because you’re not going to say to your guests, you know… “het is op!” They plan everything. And they are very well organised. They put everything in their agendas. So… let’s go out for a drink… and they get the agenda and they say… which day? It all boils down to the level of respect that people have for each other’s time. You need to be very observant… and not expect to just push your values on them. If you listen, and you observe, and you watch… you will be able to integrate and be able to work that much quicker with Dutch people. But I think that’s any society. If you don’t learn the language, you miss out on so much. You never really are going to fully understand the people that are living next to you. So, they are always trying to speak English with me… but it’s like, they start speaking in English with me and then 5 minutes later they speak in Dutch again. When there are those rare occasions where it’s just Dutch that people are speaking then it can be quite awkward. And it reminds me that I’m not really well integrated… and that I would like to be more integrated.

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  1. True story, I have NEVER met or worked with (on a few occasions) a Dutch woman or man I didn't like…

  2. Why do the Dutch exist?

    To ruin everything on Earth with there plastic pumped penises….

    There's no use whatsoever for this stupid nation….

    They ruined even football …
    It's no longer football… it's sexball …and no need for stadiums or fields….
    The dumb Dutch made it a blowjob sport …you don't even have to use feet to play ….

    The planet needs to rid itself from That virus called Dutch …

  3. Dutch people they are rich stingy ass hell!!! lol I work in supermarket and the only people who gave me tip is a very nice British guys 🥰😍

  4. I've never been to the Netherlands, but the more I see and hear, the more I like it. There are sometimes little (or big) differences in national character, courtesy, outlook, behavior, things like that. They go with what makes a language or culture its own unique thing. The two comments about learning a language to really know the people and the culture, the reasons why, I really liked that. The comment on the ad, "Fit in to stand out," illustrates how Americans want to be unique and individualistic, where Dutch people (and many others) want teamwork, fitting in. (Americans also want to fit in, but in another way.) I'm interested to learn Dutch.

  5. My bf is very dutch, very direct. I brought him to Indonesia once to meet my mom. You guys can imagine how that escalated quickly.

  6. OK So I'm an Australian born Dutch Guy who understands Dutch perfectly.. All my cousins speak perfect English. SO when ever I've visited I speak English and they speak Dutch.. we are both speaking our mother's tongue. SO don't be afraid to ask them to speak Dutch but is it OK if you speak English. You won't ever have a trouble and you will be able to express yourself better. trust me .. Trust me… THEY don't want to hear your shitty Dutch! and chances are you don't want to hear their awkward English accent..LOL

  7. i am portuguese and i lived in holland (Utrecht) for 2 years and i loved holland. Dutch people are the niceste persons i have met. In work they can be funny and professional at the same time, they are very organized as well. they give you value when you do a good work, very polite and good english speakers. i was 19 years old when i moved there and it changes me as a person. Thank you Netherlands.

  8. Dutch is from the term Deutsch, meaning German. Why do english people call people from The Netherlands Dutch, we are called Nederlanders and we speak Nederlands. We do not speak german or deutsch. I am from Nederland and I am NOT Dutch(deutsch). You English need to update your school books and stop calling us Dutch.

  9. The Dutch are basically the North of Game of thrones. Bit angry. Bit direct. But atleast we wont stab you in the back

  10. I'm a Turk now i feel the dutch in me when it comes to complaining, criticizing and direct talking. And being Irreligious and laidback. I'm also quite cheeseparing person. And really proud all of these.

  11. ik vind het zo grappig om te horen wat mensen raar aan nederland vinden terwijl dat voor mij heel erg normaal is en ik het niet eens opmerk

  12. I love this Country ! Especially Christians are very good and helpful. They helped me with food and shelter. I can't forget and love more than my birth Country. George from India.

  13. Despite not being a common nationality, I love how this channel talks about the Dutch

    Some other channels don't do the same with Germans nor other nationalities

  14. Dutch people are direct only when they dont have anything to loose. Otherwise they pretty much lie and hide a lot. Between dutch its a well known tactic

  15. American Doctor to patient: It looks like the cancer is spreading slightly quicker than expected, so we will have to do more test to see what treatment will be best at this time.

    Dutch Doctor to patient: Your gonna die.

  16. For people who feel annoyed about being with Dutch people around that speak shortly English but start speaking Dutch again for a while, I am very sorry to hear that. I think it depends on people, it also happened to me when I was with Chinese people and my friend when he was with Italian people.

    I think it depends on how people feel
    Comfortable and sometime they don’t realise how bad it can feel to people that cannot join the topic because of a different language. I always speak English even with my Dutch friends if there is a person that speak English, even when I don’t know them well I try to make topics and try to make them feel Comfortable.

  17. Dutch people are REAL people …
    the rest of the world is fake
    and it's all because of religion and how people dealt with it
    in MOST countries , the people gave up their morals , in Holland .. they didn't
    that's the difference

  18. Dutch quarrel means noisy quarrels. Dutch quarrel a lot, most about inheritance and money. So every rather well to do family has its own "house lawyer" and has an insurance to cover the costs of court cases. Judges in Holland are overworked due to the enormous load of court cases because of quarrels.

  19. Oooohhh big eye roll! Obviously made to tell everyone how perfect the Dutch are… which is nothing new. They have no respect for other cultures anyway. What a shame that a video made FOR expats and by USING expats is so blatantly directed toward telling people to love it or leave, integrate or die. It's a small, isolated country and they could also be making an effort to adapt to softer ways of communicating, not letting their kids bully around, become more generous… Sorry, guys, it goes both ways in a multicultural world. If you want people to listen to your point of view, learn to be more critical of your own little world.

  20. I am Dutch and I don't buy this. They just sum up all the clichés and half of them aren't true. I mean it's right that we are direct and telling exactly what we think. But we are not planning everything and are very spontaneous. At least, that's what I experienced in 32 years born and raised here

  21. Iemand van Spanje die 'k ooit bij de Albert Heijn zag zei Nederland is het land van een belasting voor elk klein dingetje. Als je niet betaalt word je familie lid nog uit z'n graf gehaald en komt er een in de plaats waarvan de nabestaanden wel betalen.

  22. Een collega vertelde me eens dat Nederlands in vergelijking met het Engels een grote woordenschat heeft. Zo hoor ik het woord expats voor het eerst nadat ik zojuist op dit filmpje klikte, hoewel ik nu al 42 ben. Ik geloof mijn collega dan ook meteen in wat hij over dat Nederlands zei, maar of ik ook moet geloven wat hij over dat Engels zei weet ik niet. Dat het Engels dus een kleine, meer kernachtige woordenschat zou hebben.

  23. I lived over there. Many of them can be cool, but I found that they weren't very warm or open. Its just not a "start a conversation with a stranger" country. If anything, it was often better to just stick with English (I can speak Dutch) so they hear my American accent, instead of thinking I'm an East Euro guy who maybe just moved over there last year. I'm white but I often found the non-white Dutch had a more open attitude, instead of being so uptight.

  24. I love that they're very direct but I saw a video in which they're were a handful of Dutch people from off the street whom had very ignorant views on those from the U. S. but anyhow I am not going to do the same in assuming that all Dutch people are judgmental, narrow minded, easily manipulated, snobby, & ignorant.

  25. @ 0:39 "English are notorious for not saying what they mean" – must be where many N Americans get said habit from.
    I personally never related to such even with being born & raised in the States; maybe due to my Germanic ancestry? 💁🏻

  26. 2:57 Iike these two, you can tell the have respect for people despite their differences & that they take the time to understand.

  27. Ewa from Poland; she looks a lot like my very kind step Auntie Christina from Germany!

  28. Dutch ar very ignorant, when I go to bank to get my money out,they mack lots of problems,and when I go to Germany to get my money,I dont have problems.and also because u different then they ar ,you get a tea in in broken cup in party, then them I experience

  29. Some of those Brazilian ladies have been for quite a while: when they start speaking, they have a Dutch accent in their English!

  30. If you're a student and thinking of studying in The Netherlands, don't worry about the language too much.
    When I was a student, we had a Spanish exchange student and (note) her English was very good. For some reason, young Spanish males are terrible when (pretending) to speak in English.

    So on a nice and cosy evening, we were discussing things etc.. Afterwards, me and another housemate were looking for some stuff in his room and after a few minutes, I noticed we were still conversing in English even though the Spanish student had already gone to bed! We just never noticed we weren't speaking Dutch even after she said goodnight.

  31. A German expat wrote in his column for a German newspaper that the Dutch mentality surprised and disappointed him.
    He noted: Dutch people are always aware they have to start work again on Monday. So during the weekend, even when going out for drinks, they will mention: have I had enough? Think I'll be sober enough on Monday? The German compared this attitude to the ground crew at Cape Canaveral (NASA rocket base). They were always counting down till Monday!

    Also, where punctuality was concerned, Dutch will try everything in their power not to be late. Because being late to an appointment or date is a mortal sin!

    In the end, the German expat concluded that the Dutch had 'out-germaned the Germans.'
    According to him, most employers in Germany will allow a worker who starts Monday with a hangover.
    Hangovers on Mondays NOT TOLERATED in The Netherlands.

  32. Turkish employee made a mistake when the country accepted the 1st guest-workers, he picked up a new word. For 1 hour he kept repeating with a strong accent. Klutzzak, klutzzak, klutzzak his nickname became Klutzzak 😉 Don't learn just the language, but literature and history as well. Contrary to English the language changes much faster I noticed that in my lifetime, I left in the mid 60's went for a holiday in 1991 and this year will go for the last time I am now 70.

  33. Het is duidelijk dat deze mensen alleen maar in de grote steden van Holland zijn geweest. In heel de rest van Nederland (Holland incluis) en Vlaanderen noemen we dat gedrag onbeschoft als het in het privéleven gebeurt. In het bedrijfsleven is het wat anders, daar houdt niemand van tijdverspilling. Jammer genoeg gebeurt, dat door de vergadercultuur en de vergadertijgers maar al te vaak.

  34. In general and i notice in the urbanized areas we live a high speed life, time is money to waste ours is akin to lifting money out of our pocket.
    We are direct because it saves time. if you wish a little bit more slowpaced life head down south or east those people take it a bit more easy, much to the chagrin of the other dutch.

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