The End of Civilization in Daniel Chapter 4

The End of Civilization in Daniel Chapter 4

Welcome to “Revelation Unraveled”, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the “Third Eagle of the
Apocalypse”, and the “Co-Prophet of the End Times”. The subject of this program is the
second part of Daniel chapter number 4. Now, in the first part we discovered, that the incredible numerology in Daniel
indicated the fall of Barack Obama, because the number 4-4-4 was
succeeded by the number 6-6-6 which indicates the anti-Christ, and that was succeeded by the number
5-5-5, which indicates the defeat of the anti-Christ by Mary’s Rosary. Now, in this part we will see that the tree, which King Nebuchadnezzar dreams is cut down, symbolizes not only himself, but also western civilization. The King, as Daniel tells him, will go insane for seven years. But Daniel is also telling us that our
western civilization, will also go insane for seven years. Let’s look at verse 12, for a
picture of this tree. “The leaves thereof were fair”. Now, this means that western civilization has a tremendous culture and beauty and art. “The leaves thereof were fair, and the
fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all: the beasts of the field had shadow under it, and the fowls of the heaven dwelt in the boughs thereof, and all flesh was fed of it.” So, the “beasts” in this passage does not
refer to the “beasts” in Revelation, the anti-Christ and the false prophet. That’s why Daniel refers to both
beasts and fowls. Now, what happens to this great tree
after it is cut down? We will see that then will come the reign
of the anti-Christ and the false prophet. Let’s look at verse number 15. “Nevertheless leave the stump of his
roots in the earth, bound with a band of iron, and of brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts in the grass of the
earth.” Now, this “stump” is all that will be left of western
civilization. The band of iron, and the band of brass, which will constrict western civilization, is the one-world government and the one-world religion. These will constrict the growth of western civilization for seven years. Now, don’t listen to the false prophets
who say that this band of iron and band of brass, symbolize Greece or Rome.
This is false. They are mistakenly applying the King’s
dream, in chapter number 2, to this passage. Now, in chapter number two, the statue, the
brass part of the statue, did symbolize Greece, and the iron symbolized Rome, but this has
nothing to do with this constriction of western civilization. We can see how this brass and iron symbolize religion and the government way back in Deuteronomy 28, verse 23, “And your heaven that is over your head, shall be brass, and the earth that is under your feet, shall be iron.” Now this stricture on western civilization,
this curbing of our growth, will be due to the one-world government
and religion. Now, the two beasts in the field symbolize the anti-Christ and the false prophet. Now, here the beasts do symbolize
something other than animals. So verses 15, 16 and 17 predict, from Daniel, what is going to take the place of western civilization. Verse number 16: “Let his heart be changed from man’s, and let a beast’s heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him.” Now, this beast’s heart, which will be given to western
civilization, means that it is no longer humanitarian. It will become the false prophet. The anti-Christ will be the head of the one-world government; but the heart of the one-world government will
be the false prophet. And the “seven times” refers to the
seven-year length of the tribulation period. Verse number 17: “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know
that the most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever he will, and sets up over it the basest of men.” Now, this “basest of men” can only refer to the anti-Christ. The sobering part of this passage is that it is God who will appoint the
anti-Christ over western civilization. We do not deserve any better. We deserve the tribulation that we are going to suffer through. Verse number 27: “Wherefore, O King, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee,
and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by showing
mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy
tranquility.” So, here Daniel is telling the King and
us, that we can escape the prophesied seven
years of tribulation, if we return to Almighty God. Now, in our case, that means we have to give up abortion, we have to give up interest in the occult,
and we have to give up our greed. Personally, I don’t see it happening. And when does this occur? “At the end of twelve months he walked in
the palace of the Kingdom of Babylon” That twelve is a symbolic number, that refers to the end items. Twelve is not only the last month in a
year, but the last hour in the day, in other
words midnight. These end times are upon us, and the prophecies of Daniel in chapter
number 4 are about to come upon us. But there is a happy ending if we live to Armageddon. Verse number 36: “At the same time my reason” , number 1, “returned unto me and for the glory”, number 2, “of my
kingdom, mine honor”, number 3, “and brightness”,
number 4, “returned unto me and my counselors”, number 5, “and my lords”,
number 6, “sought unto me and I was established in my kingdom”, number 7, “and excellent majesty was added unto me.”, number 8. Now, I enumerated the 8
characteristics that are returned to the king because 8 is a number of new beginnings. And like all of the numerology in this chapter, and, in fact, in all of Daniel, it is very important because end times numerology tells us that this is apocalyptic literature. Verse 37: “Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol
and honor the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.” So, in conclusion, you need to read and study the book of
Daniel. Daniel is one of the greatest prophets
in the Old Testament. And that is why Jesus refers to him when
he is telling his apostles about the end times. Daniel chapter number 4 prophesies the downfall of Barack Obama, the downfall of western civilization, the taking over of the entire
planet by the one-world government, the one-world religion, the anti-christ, and the false prophet. It is critical for us to understand the
numerology and the symbolism, if we are going to take to heart exactly
what Daniel is telling us. And, if you would like more information, or a free copy of my book “Revelation
Unraveled” simply write to the address you see on
your screen (or send me a message on YouTube).

66 thoughts on “The End of Civilization in Daniel Chapter 4

  1. Most Bible scholars believe they are angels. In this case they indicate God's judgment on Western Civilization.

  2. What is interesting is I have an Old Catholic Bible and this verse is Chapter4:14 This is the decree by the sentense of the watchers, and the word and Demand of the holy ones, till the living know that the most High ruleth in the Kingdom of men: and he will give it to whomsoever it shall please him, and he will appoint the basest man over it.

  3. The Watchers and the Holy ones are different. Watchers are the fallen angels and are not holy netherless they are allowed authority because it is Gods will that they be allowed to do so.

  4. Daniel 4:10 Next a Watchful One, a holy one, came down from heaven.
    Why the description "a holy one"? Because there are those which are not Holy. The Book of Enoch describes those that are not Holy but fallen.

  5. My Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible says that the last 3 verses of Chapter 3 are a "preamble" to Chapter 4 whereas my KJV simply goes ahead and starts numbering chapter 4 beginning with the last three verses in chapter 3. I can see the 414 relationship you are talking about but I still say the KJV is better in this instance.

  6. There will be NO safe places during the tribulation unless you are flying on eagle's wings (Rosary and Scapular). Watch my video:"World War 3 Will Be North vs South and East vs West".

  7. In Daniel 4 I believe the "watcher" is an angel executing God's will. Remember, "Watcher" is King Nebuchadnezzar's term for an "angel" because he is the one telling the dream and Daniel respects the king's choice of words.

  8. no!. maaaybe the elites and banks that obama is a puppet to are 444 and he's 666?
    he just fits the description soo welll

  9. What is interesting is how different different Bibles are I checked 7 different ones, a couple had : and behold a watcher, and a holy one came down from heaven; almost made it seem there were both. One thing is for sure, the fact that a holy one is used in all versions definitely implies their exist unholy ones!

  10. @jonah, excellent observation. I believe that TWO different holy ones are intended because in verse 17 "watchers" and "holy ones" are plural. This needs further study because Daniel could very well be writing about Enoch and Elijah here rather than angels!

  11. when do u think rapture will come, b4 or after tribulation??? i think it will come after antichrist 3.5 yrs of trib. when antichrist speaks the great lie, i think thats when we go home!!!!!

  12. MAITREYA!!!!!!!!!! he will be the false prophet!!!!! in his own words he is savior to christians, jews, muslims, hindus, buhddists, and if u have no religion he can show u that we are all gods on the inside!!!!! hmmmmm savior of all major religions balled up in 1 man how convienient!!!! DONT BE DECIEVED!!!!!!!!

  13. I am so sorry. My comment was for jonah70757.
    I guess I don't make it clear. It did post after your comment but that's Y/T for ya.
    Yes, I notice that and was wondering why, then I thought maybe you used the KJV so people could look it up who are not Catholic.
    God's blessings

  14. @kool, I use the KJV because I realize most of my audience is Protestant and I know what it means to become familiar with your own Bible. Actually, I prefer the Douay-Rheims, but that may be because it's the text I grew up with. When I am preparing a video, I go to the Biblos web site and compare various translations because I have found that NONE is perfect.

  15. Third Eagle,
    Your right, people do get use to their own bibles. Me too.
    I thought it was something like that.

  16. He makes a good point. In the Bible, Nebuchadrezzar was called the mighty one of the heathen and he punished Jerusalem for sin. The two beasts will be punishment for sin as well. They will have no human compassion.

  17. William, thanks again for your teachings. I still believe we have a chance to repent and convert as a people.

  18. As far as "making things up" your description of John's role is what's full of baloney. John was prophesied by Isaiah as "the voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare you the way of the Lord" (Mt. 3:3, Mk. 1:3, Lk 3:4).

  19. MAITREYA!!!!!! research him i think he will be false prophet!!!! he is here n alive w millions o followers all ready. his words he is savior of christians, jews, muslims, hindus, buhddists, and if u have no religion he can show u thart we are all gods on inside, if u bow to him!!!!!!
    hmmmm savior of all major religions balled up in 1 man?? dont be decieved!!!!
    i think he will lead the dumb masses into the 1 world religion of the NWO!!!!!!!!

  20. @cliftycreek, I've given you numerous chances to comment on my videos but all you can do is mount personal attacks. You are HISTOIRE! (that's French for blocked).

  21. I think the olympic hockey game was prophetic. The US loses to a red team from the north. But check this out thirdeagle the US just returned a stolen medallion to the Russains. Maybe ww3 will be adverted. Im going to keep up my hard work hope you keep doing the same. Signing off for now and letting you know that Im proud of being on the team I stick up for you all the time to the antichrist supporters that call you a false prophet on youtube. CYA #3

  22. There is no doubt that a major earthquake will hit America. Please go and get all necessary items. Be prepared, especially those living on the west coast.

  23. @afzpuppet The "little horn" in Daniel is NOT the Catholic Church. That is a lie from the pit of hell. The little horn is the Antichrist.

  24. @afzpuppet If you were totally unbiased you would realize that the Pope cannot possibly be controlled by the NWO, otherwise why would the media and the Atheists attack Benedict so vehemently? Any enemy of the New York Times and Richard Dawkins is a friend of mine!

  25. @afzpuppet Your interpretations of Scripture are totally absurd and are all conditioned by a hatred and bias against the Catholic Church. You will never understand End Times Bible prophecy by reading with an overriding hate and bigotry against Catholicism . The evil entity in Daniel 7 has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Catholic Church. I realize it will be difficult for you to overcome your prejudice, but a true understanding of Bible prophecy is critical in these End Times.

  26. @tontombopo You seem to think my job is to convince you? This is not true; my job is simply to WARN you. What you do with this information is entirely up to you but, if I do NOT warn you, then your blood will be on MY hands.

  27. I like the paralells to the Babylon of Daniel's day to the Babylon of our day…so King Nebuchanezzar represents America getting the thinking of a beast…wow…thats awesome…I am getting some new understandings…I always compare carefully what you say with Scripture though eventhough I don't know the signifigance of how the antichrist will be defeated with the rosary of mary

  28. @kansascitycomputers There is also a relationship between the two kings of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar and Obama. Watch my two videos about Obama's amazing prophetic dream. The defeat of the Antichrist by Mary is prefigured in the five smooth pebbles David uses to defeat Goliath and in the 50 cubit length rope used to hang Haman in the Book of Esther.

  29. @fowzie777 All of Daniel's great prophecies had both a near time fulfillment and will also have an End Times fulfillment. That's why Jesus referred to Daniel, and ONLY Daniel, when He was telling His disciples about the End Times. The accuracy of Daniel's near time prophecies prove that the End Times fulfillment of his prophecies will also prove to be accurate. For example, the "leopard" in Daniel 7 is Alexander the Great, but ALSO Obama! The tree in Daniel 4 symbolizes modern Western Culture.

  30. That 4:29 could be literal if WWIII develops fully this December. The 12th month, which was also the month of Adar in the book of Esther and at those times, and is February or March in our calendars, so this 12th month could mean that Daniel is referring to December in western calendars. No?

  31. @leonciow "At the end of twelve months" in Daniel 4:26 is the prophet's way of saying that this is an end times prophecy; however, as you note, it could also mean a prophecy of a huge disaster occurring in December.

  32. @zandj710 Well, if you don't like this video, I've posted 170 others which also reveal the hidden secrets of end times Bible prophecy.

  33. I am their last chance just like in the movie our creator made it that way it is him against satan now! I could make things better for a time times a time and a half a time or like Daniel's dream that was sealed up titer than a wicked witches puss from mankind's eyes, 'I am that man, 'Daniel spoke about! 'The king had two visions in his eyes one where the land healed and one where the creature called satan came from the bottomless pit!
    OK with which choice will the cock make? I am twrtn

  34. I am the white rooster that knows! The mind of christ and the secrets he did not give to us because we where to awful of a people to give them to!

  35. I think it is funny how people predict things sir you get a star for your faith hmm;/
    If any man touch this man i will get them! I have wealth far beyond ten banks!
    May you have a blessed day sir and people find peace at your feet
    I am the voice of prediction and sir nothing will hurt you I am sending fire million angels to guard you!

  36. ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS PIECE OF UNRAVELING!!! WELL DONE WILLIAM! IT ONLY REVEALS HOW GOOD AND JUST AND MERCIFUL OUR G R E A T GOD, OUR FATHER IS…TO US, HIS MISERABLE CHILDREN. Yes, I must agree with you…the conversion from; greed, occultism, and abortion is(my words…)IMPOSSIBLE! Though NOTHING is impossible to HIM…WHO IS WILLING TO REPENT? For those of us who LOVE HIM and HER…Let us MITIGATE what we can with our Rosaries in hand.

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