The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog’s Incredible Journey

The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog’s Incredible Journey

[dogs barking] Early July of 2009 The Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team assisted the Humane Society of Missouri with one of the largest if not the
largest dogfighting raid in US history on each and every deployment that we go
onto responders typically find a dog that we connect with and whether that dog picks you or you pick him in this case we named a dog Stallone because of his personality and the fact
that he had just survived a fight When I saw Stallone’s face several things went through my mind first this was a dog in desperate need Second off you ask yourself why do people do this to animals it’s cruel it’s one of the most
horrible things that I’ve ever seen I’ve actually never seen a dog in that of bad condition Stallone, however caught me off guard with his injuries I mean that face just very sweet eyes,
tail always wagging the entire time so there’s more
than emotional thing to become attached to that dog I mean really it’s heartbreaking I mean
he had such severe injuries to the face he was just wanted to be held and
touched and and was actually very docile I mean a dog like that he just wants to
please his owner he just unfortunately was bred into a
home that instead of facilitating a companion relationship he was used
for being pitted against other dogs but
his condition was you now grave I hate to think what he went through I just can’t imagine he was ripped apart I mean that type damage would not have happened in just a quick couple minutes I mean that type the damage was was probably a longer match half
hour plus it’s sick I don’t see how another human could do that The tail was the only thing that really didn’t have any bite marks on it that poor dog was just wagging away, wagging away I can’t quite wrap my mind around how a
dog who has been that physically and mentally abused can still curl up in your lap and give
you a kiss even though he doesn’t know who I am he
was happy we were there This is most definitely not Stallone’s first fight it was actually kinda hard to tell how
significant the wounds were on his face until we put him under so we can clean his face and clean all the wounds off If you looked in Stallone’s eyes you could see that he was suffering and all he wanted was a kind hand, just to be pat or held you know wagging his tail gently every
bit they worked almost around the clock fighting to save Stallone’s life In the end his wounds were so extensive that we lost him I mean I believe that Stallone’s story should be told I think that it’s something people need to see this is the
real face of dogfighting all he really wanted was for somebody to love him give him a good pet give him a good home You know dogs like that just want love and attention I actually have a picture of Stallone up in my cubicle and when I’m here at the office that is what reminds me every day that this is why I continue to do this

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  1. Awesome job . Thank u so much. God bless u. Please save all dogs from that Hell. This video made me Cry.

  2. After watching this video, I felt very militant. I believe I could sneak around at night and blow up , or maybe just burn down the house where they fight these dogs.

  3. God made a beautiful world but made a mistake … made human… worst creature on earth…people who watched such shows should also be jailed…. sadistic pleasures !

  4. I'm sad 2 hear that Stallone lost his life. And the bastard that put him through that only got 24 months! Not fair 2 the animals. Not fair 2 Stallone!

  5. This broke my heart 😢😢😢😢😢" RIP Stallone" you are out of harm's reach now and I hope you get justice for what they did that… It's just sick to me dogs are not fighting machines they are beloved pets they have a reason to be here…

  6. Like I love dogs fights but yeah I dont care about pits and rottweilers like that I only like the nice friendly animals

  7. 24 months, that's it! Should have been minimal 4yrs, with No early release. Probably got out in 3months and started fighting more dogs.

  8. WHEN ????…WHEN ???..will our laws change n become serious about these cruelties done to these animals ??….not just for the owners but to all the people attending these fights.,.huge fines..jail time….i wish even worse to them…but lets start….plzzz ???..for all the stallones out there..😢😢😢😢😢…RIP…stallone..❤🐾🐕😢❤🐾🐕😢😢❤😢


  10. Why don't do that you want fights to the death put humans in there humans are mean nasty creatures dogs are innocent why aren't people in the old days if you did crap like this they'd kill ya

  11. I have impulse control issues if I catch this happening in my town I'm gonna have some fun just like before I almost went to prison I got tired of watching it seeing people do this I walked up to the guy told him get out of here leave the dogs he laughed at me and pulled a gun he wasn't quick enough I broke his jaw in three places and knocked everyone of his teeth out with a ballpeen hammer I don't like people I love animals my friends call me bulldog you probably should not show these videos they're are people like me out their who lack empathy for these people and might trigger them to do bad things to those people just saying if he wouldn't have pulled a gun I would be gone so please be careful in how you show this

  12. Hope the dog fighter rots in hell for doing this to our wonderful creatures of the Earth.👍🏾💪🏾😇

  13. I have no words. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. We are so blessed to have animals in our lives. Their resilience is a lesson for all of us. Thank you for the team who’s going out there to rescue these beautiful dogs. I will pray for you all and I will pray for Stallone. Rest In Peace and run without pain or fear. He’s made it to the Rainbow Bridge.

  15. A sentence to a mental lockup hospital for 5 to 10 they need to be there, cause they are not right in the head at all !

  16. Twenty four months was not enough time for the crime of abusing Stalone. The precious dog died. That was murder. Thanks to all who gave him his last time on earth, love, TLC & kindness. At least he knew someone cared.

  17. LMFAO Animal 'emergency'?! People who are injured have to wait 20 mins for an ambulance and this sucker gets it immediately. Ummm?!?!?!

  18. i am so sorry to hear he did not make it i hope the people that fought him paid some kind of price for what the did.

  19. 4:33 imagine ur born to fight but u don’t actually like fighting u get 30 scars on ur face and than the one that did this to u only gets 2 years in prision

  20. Omg absolutely disgusting people doing this to those dogs. 24 months not even near enough of jail time !!!

  21. It goes to show you HOW a HUMAN being can have an 👽 SIDE and a HEART side💕🐾
    And it's the ❤ side that always wins in the END. THESE WONDERFUL angel beings ARE

  22. Man….. I did not expect that end with him not making it…. My heart broke right at that moment….. Please be kind to your fellow neighbor so that it might not come to this with someone you know. #CHANGESTARTSWITHYOU

  23. Wrong sentencing put him with a pack of starved dogs. In sorry these best friends saved many lives. Given their own for all of us in war. Need to start a charity for them since back home. No rest for the stupidity and incoredation for our 4 legged companions. Who works for us MILITARY, HOMELAND, POLICE AND TRAINED PROPERLY HOME.

  24. Poor baby !! STALLONE you've been very courageous and you have won because you have got the loving you expected.

  25. Someday hopefully the powers to be will start handing down prison sentences that has some teeth to them. Let's start at 15 years and go from there. Better yet turn the dogs on the people fighting them and see how they like it.

  26. Was sind das bloß für Verbrecher die Tiere aufeinander hetzen selber sind sie feige Arschlöcher die ihre primitiven Neigungen ausleben und die Hunde müssen leiden.Der Staat muß viel mehr tun ,diese Leute müssen abgeurteilt werden und für Jahre in den Knast.Ein lebenslanges Tierhalteverbot für diese Primitivlinge ist wohl selbstverständlich.

  27. This is so sad! This poor dog just wanted to be loved and in the end is brutally neglected and forced to fight. Thank you to all the workers that tried to help save him! At least he was padded and held and loved the last little bit of his life. It breaks my heart to have watch this video but even more that this poor dog didn’t survive. I can’t wrap my head around how awful, brutal, and violent humans can be definitely to an animal that should be in a loving home…. rest in paradise Stallone you are now free from the brutality and the pain that these awful people did to you, something you or any other dog should ever be put through. 💔💔💔

  28. I am grief stricken! What a dark and evil, money grabbing world this is. Thank you for giving him care and most of all love. He passed away with some peace. God rest his little soul.

  29. Dont worry someday we will all pay for our fail on this planet im not talking in religion way i dont believe in anything

  30. Heartwreaching why why why would you do this to these poor little doggie it's inhumane to make them fight his poor little face and yet he's still wagging his lil tail man who done this should be shoot not 2 fuckin years poor lil doggie died for some sick cunts pleasure stallone is in rainbow Bridge running free an free from pain run free lil doggie run free xx😭😭😭💖🥀

  31. Thank you for being there for these wonderful animals!!! You guys do what I couldn't face every day. Thank God for you brave people who are helping the animals!

  32. 24 MONTHS AT CLUB FED! My god it doesn't even begin to match the crime. The police work so hard to stop this horror. It takes so much time to build the cases. The criminels get what to them is not much more than a slap on the wrist. But if I understand the system correctly it's not the judges who can increase the sentences. It's the law-makers! In this case if it's a federal crime, I guess that would be the Congress and the Senate. It would take a lot of people complaining, sending a lot of petitions to Congressmen and Senators. I don't know if there is other ways. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to get enough people to to stand up and be counted. Too many people still think pitbulls are violent dogs. They are not. Humans are violent and train them to be violent.

  33. I think that the man in charge of the dog fighting should of least got 10 or more years for what he did!! He's a monster

  34. As long as people consideres dog fighting and the use of bait dogs being a sport or entertainment it will continue. The change must come from us, Make YOURSELVES HEARD…don´t ever vote for anyone that condones this shameful abuse…the world needs strict laws and severe penalties for animal abuse everywhere… heart bleeds for Stallone and all the victims for this heinous abuse…

  35. I would torture that piece of sh*t with my bare hands until he suffers enough to die. Every single of this kind should suffer more than these poor, lovely animals. I hope God gives them what they deserve, even MORE.

  36. Some awful things is that in some countries, the owners will beat their dogs with shovels or axes if they lose a fight

  37. So very sad glad he had that loving from all involved in his rescue before he passed!!!
    As for the vile piece of scum that that done this 24 months is a piss take for a life of any kind 😢


  39. Animal cruelty charges need to be changed. They say it's the biggest dog fighting ring ever busted…and the guy only gets TWO years?? They put 24 months so it sounds better, but call it what it is…2 years. Where animal cruelty like this is involved, you're talking about literal sociopathic behaviour. 5 years MINIMUM is where it should start at. If the guy has priors then he should be looking at 10-20 years depending what it is. It's the weak sentences that makes these dog fighting rings still exist.

  40. I wish the owner of Stallone would go to prison for decades and or better yet be killed slowly and painfully by the inmates

  41. Shameful that such a precious animal was used in this vile, disgusting and cruel manner. And yet he still wagged his tail for his rescuers, bless him. Ban that man from ever, ever owning another animal and give him a ten year sentence in the toughest, meanest and nastiest prison that you have.

  42. I want to thank you so much for all that you do in trying to combat the daily dog fights. My heart has just been broken, watching him suffering like that. I was hoping for a positive outcome, but the close up shot of his face, said it all really. In life, you reap what you sow! Rest in peace sweet Stallone, your not in pain and your free. God Bless you darling boy. You passed away being loved and cared for. You are special people. Thank you again.

  43. i'm with J-. Rediculously dshort sentences for those caught running dog fighting rings is why they're still around. To stamp out dog fighting make the sentence years incarceration not months. That's how to stop dog fighting. Harriet Seibert

  44. I cried watching this. These assholes who do this to these animals need to get the same treatment. Beat with a baseball bat or worse. I prayed Stallone made it but at the end he didn't I cried like a baby . Broke my heart

  45. words are indescribable,i honestly thought he was going to get better,it must have been heart breaking to have got him that far and he passed away anyway,these people need to be given life they are not fit to be living amongst us

  46. These abusers should have a life sentence. I mean if it were a human he abused it would've been a life sentence. But I think he deserved a life sentence. I live you guys. You are making the world a better place.

  47. He should have got more time, his life killed the dog and we don’t know for how long that dog was fought or what else poor Stallone had been through in his life. RIP Stallone!

  48. Goodbye my strong brave boy r.i.p we love you he is not suffering anymore he is up in heaven probably loving it up there 😂😪

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