This is the story of a 26 year old boy
who worked as a clown at children’s parties until the day he found in the newspaper the opportunity of a lifetime An ad asking if he wanted to change his life and help his country at the same time He then went to the research center and took a mysterious radioactive formula that turned him into; Muscular Sergeant Who Bends Steel Beams! I still have some questions about that… I can imagine, and I want to answer all your questions. I want you to feel that you are in a safe environment that embraces you, so you’d better take the radioactive thing now so we can talk about it later That is actually my question, in fact, the only certainty I have is that I should never drink anything radioactive I don’t even know how you convinced me to get into this ridiculous outfit At least you’re not in spandex! You can’t even wear underwear underneath, because it shows on your clothes I just wrap my dick with duct tape all the way back. It looks like I’m wearing pads You chose to tape your dick back with duct tape, just so your underwear wouldn’t show under your clothes? That’s why I’m naked. Ain’t nobody putting me through this humiliation this time Folks, we’re trying something new here and this can revolutionize everything We are changing the world, breaking barriers, challenging concepts and the very structure of society as a whole The ad only said we were gonna get 20 bucks That’s the Army’s way of recruiting people, the part of revolutionising society and changing the world implicit in the $20 thing Army? Is this a government building? I cannot believe I’m naked in a government building… again We are not the Army. We are a private initiative, totally made up of civilians who want to save the planet We’re practically an NGO And where does the Army come in? We’re gonna use their funding to create in a laboratory, people who have the power to crack the planet in half with a sneeze And how is that going to save the planet? Because these people will be on our side! From our split side of a planet? No! On the side of Morality and Virtue! On the side of those who speak our language and think like us! On the side of the good guys! And then when the bad guys understand that if they mess with the good guys, and the virtuous side All of them, including their
children, will burn in a sea of blood fire and despair!! They will think twice before even raising their voice to us! I think I want to stay on this side
anyways, it’s all good We interrupt this program with terrible news that hit the City of Megalopolisville Walter, the famous billionaire and his wife Martha were brutally murdered last night outside a movie theater in one of the
city’s most dangerous neighborhoods Usually he had escorts of six to eight
heavily armed men but this time he specifically asked not to be accompanied by anyone and that he wanted to wear the finest most fragile and easy to cut suit he had The couple leaves all their fortune to their only child, who was taken to a farm outside the city to relax in the company of therapeutic Rose it is hoped that this will lessen the boy’s possible traumas. We’re rooting for you kiddo! We are gathering a group of remarkable
people to fight the fights that we can’t fight Remarkable people? Are you sure
about that? You know he has a point, I’m naked here
which doesn’t help a whole lot with the remarkable thing I gave you a uniform! You got naked because you wanted to! Yeah, but you could’ve told me not to. You let me do it. Okay, I don’t think you’re getting the concept of the whole thing Of course you are not the remarkable people we need yet but that’s what we’re doing here today. I’ve come up with a name for it You will be what I call, Super People Who Make Our Enemies Burn in a Sea of Blood and Despair Right.. And you guys are gonna be famous, rich, you will be the first ones But none of this will happen if you don’t form a line here, to slip that radioactive liquid down your throats now And this will transform us? Well you’re definitely going to be different than you are right now…I guarantee that Well, how bad can it be?
It’s just one glass, right? Uh… next. What? Are you insane?! What do you
mean? Did you not see what just happened to him?! Ah but that’s why we have three
more of you! I don’t know if you know this, but each body reacts differently it’s not like just because he took a glass of bubbling radioactive liquid and died in agony, that this will happen to you too I don’t know… if that’s really… Makes sense, let’s do it! Wonderful! Tell me a little about yourself so I can start thinking about your origin story! Well, I’m 35 years old, I live with my mom
and my dream has always been to be a super person who makes our enemies
burned in his sea of blood and despair But I just said that… Oh and my mom died two years ago, so I guess I can say I’m an orphan Does that help me with the super thing? I don’t know what 35 year olds can still be called orphans Didn’t you just say that you live with your mother? Yeah. All right, we don’t need an origin story
for every super person who makes her enemies burn in a sea of blood and despair Can we get a better name for it? Shorter, without the part of blood and despair But that’s the catchy part that attracts the kids Oh my god Hello, my name is Robert, but you can call
me Professor R! If you are a young man who is undergoing strange changes in your bodies, such as hair in new places growth spurts, advanced abdominal
musculature and other symptoms That I could easily recognize with a more
detailed exam, Mansion R is the right place for you Be part of the first class of gifted youth in this very special school Yeah, you will have all the academic support you need with a fully equipped gym swimming pool, sauna and dormitories! I even sleep in one of the rooms there too There is an arcade, a water bed and various other fun things! You must be wondering; what is the need
for everyone to sleep there together, including the teacher? Well in Mansion R, you are supervised 24 hours a day, whether you like it or not My motto here is; you may not even like what is going to happen here and how the lessons are given Ok, come and take an experimental class and discover why the breakfast
here is the best in the area! And if you do not like it, I swear I will not insist, we can bury the subject forever and not mention this to anyone else Scouts Honor! He’s back from the dead Just like my mom, except he doesn’t stink
like my mom and he moves and breathes and there’s no worms coming out of his
mouth… I didn’t die, in fact incredible as it may seem the radioactive liquid worked I really became a superhero A what?! This is what they call us in the
future The future?! Oh no, I had already prepared all of the origin story, now I’m gonna have to change all the clothes for a guy who travels in time You went to the future? And the past …a few times Did you know that Hitler is still alive? It
was him who invented the hula hoop with evil motives but it ended up not working out… for him of course! It worked very well as a hula hoop Did you see the future? Some things and I’ll tell you but…oh yeah you’d better not get naked in front of her What do you mean? Yeah…in the future people don’t find this okay anymore What are you talking about? I can’t take off my pants in front of a woman without her consent anymore? Is that what you’re saying? Yes, kinda like that. People have reached a consensus that it’s not okay The woman has to want you to take off your pants What?! This is absurd! I’ve never had the consent of a woman to take off my pants and I will not start now! I’m kind of liking this future thing! Well of course you are, it’s not you who
will have to suffer in the hands of those in power telling you what you can
or cannot do, how you must act treating you like an object I bet in this future, our salaries are different too aren’t they?! Well, yeah, but.. They finally really did it! You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Calm down but, that that’s in the future right? Like… What we do now doesn’t count!
It’s like we’re in another jurisdiction! No one will remember that Well, no… in the future there’s this thing called the Internet It is kind of an eternal memory for everything that has ever been done or recorded in some way
in the history of mankind Wait, wait, so you’re telling me that if by any chance a friend of mine or a cousin of mine, has ever participated in a Swedish porn movie That, that’s gonna be on this internet? Most likely… especially if it’s
weird. The more bizarre and wrong the greater the chance Oh my god, my friend or cousin is fucked! Okay! Me first! Oh No, humanity’s threatened by terrible
beings who are clearly mutants! Who can stop the terrible Emo Bear! Blast the Cook, Charlie Hunnam and Monocle the interior designer, The greatest villains of Megalopolisville from destroying planet Earth And there’s only one way
kids, to prevent this horrible future from happening you have to remember that mutants are evil even if at the end they look really good and everything starts to improve an absurd way and if someone tells you I came from the future, to do this; it’s obviously a lie! Okay, let’s do this… on a hot afternoon,
Ronald, a strange boy who lives with his seemingly dead mother takes a mysterious radioactive liquid and turns into… … Ironically into a very furry
creature, which kind of solves this being naked thing Oh boy, He is the Hairy Man! Okay, on a cold afternoon, a seemingly innocent woman, takes a radioactive liquid that makes her want to destroy the future, the world
where all the men around her live happy and carefree Are you for real? Sorry, now I can’t take off my pants and I can no longer speak freely about
sexist and offensive things about women what a wonderful future that will be!
Well… she also gained the power of shooting lasers through her hands and her wisdom teeth can communicate with dogs She is.. Boots Woman! What? How do you know that? He’s a man in spandex… I don’t know
anything about his life except that he’s wearing spandex You gave me this So he should have the name of someone who wears spandex tight in his body Hum, spand…spandex..guy..he…wears spandex so…he is…spandex guy…it’s ah.. Oh shit… One less man on our team I bet you’re pretty happy now, aren’t you?


  1. this is cringey af. when the guy died, that was the first time like any of them fkn moved the entire time. its just like a badly written script

  2. the way the characters are drawn make it seem like they're reading their lines and are being directed off screen

  3. what to do in this situation.
    you force your (boss) to gulp down the radioactive drink and if he is okay afterwards you do the same and just say this «a step for you sir and a leap for humanity itself».(if he dies then you say this «oh look at the time, i need to leave because i forgot to feed my pet so…..bye» leaving while whistling at the same time)

  4. 2:02 So the armed forces that actually protect this country are getting cutbacks, while a half-baked private initiative gets a budget increase?! I didn’t know this was a documentary!

  5. Wait so Professor.R is basically a pervert that started a school in order to have young adults come to him so he could prey on them easily. But because of how je voiced his pitch he had basically ended up with mutants coming to the school instead of regular teens.

  6. Is this the episode where they start making the characters blink now or did this start earlier in the series and I didn't notice until now lol

  7. …Yeah… she aint stoopid enough to take the RAD liquid after "Wee-man", "Fat Chewy" and "Deadman" turned out the way they did. 😆 also she aint gona drink anything from a crazy-sexist old maniac who says he works for the army but says he doesnt and keeps talking about BLOOD AND DESPAIR, shes been to too many seedy bars to ever drink that old maniacs Rohipnol drink

  8. There was a golden age of history when a man could just take his pants off without a woman’s consent? The legends are true?

  9. Im beginning to wonder if the reason Professor R is in a wheelchair is because parents have been breaking his legs since the 70’s

  10. This is the best animated comedy in media today, hands down. Even better than the best of adult swim. This is astonishing.

  11. the tail end joke was annoying—because when, in American history, was it ever "okay" for a man to flash a woman—the writers are very confused—but otherwise it was funny; but it's not funny because the story is funny. It's funny because the jokes are funny; and that's the wrong kind of funny for any show that wants to become a series; because there's no story!

  12. If you watch this in low quality it looks like a Johnny quest episode, I only say because I thought that was an aesthetic choice and my phone automatically went to low quality so when I bumped it to 1080 I was slightly disappointed XD;

  13. Man, I don't know if I'm right, but I think I saw two references of Lost. The logo of darma iniciative in boy and the fat dude that probably is Hurley.

  14. So we also get to see the creation of The Crow. And the stuff …. Goddamn the world writing for this is just incredible

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