The First Class (Ep 2) – SOCIETY OF VIRTUE

The First Class (Ep 2) – SOCIETY OF VIRTUE

Hello super people who make our enemies
burn and a sea of blood and despair! Is this really going to be the name of our
group? Since you don’t want to change that name, can you at least shorten it? No! It will lose its drama! Well now that you’ve all taken the radioactive liquid and obviously gained superpowers, we need to understand what those powers are Well, I didn’t get any superpowers I don’t know if you noticed, but I died because of that radioactive shit I don’t know if you noticed, but you’re up and talking. If that’s not a superpower, I don’t know what is Yeah, but he’s dead though… But he’s also alive…that´s something No, it’s not! Before I was alive too! What’s the point of me dying and then living again? The only difference is that now I stink You stunk before too I don’t smell anything…kind of just smells like my mother’s perfume See, that’s the problem, you don’t know your powers yet and you don’t know eachother either This is the third most important thing for a super team to be successful What are the other things? Long contracts of at least ten years, no one can have mustaches and no jokes involving children or rape on Twitter What’s a Twitter? Edward saw it in the
future, because he can time travel and he only discovered this because he spends
hours and hours in his room getting to know himself and exploring his body’s new possibilities and abilities But I already do that at least three times a
day and the only thing I’ve found out so far is even my hands are hairy… you know actually, exploring is the thing I do most nowadays You guys have any idea what it’s like to wipe your ass with all this hair? It’s like trying to find an asshole in a haystack, it’s like I’m picking lice out of Tina Turner’s head And that’s exactly why you need to do it together now! To get to know each
other! So we’re gonna split you guys into pairs. Boat woman with spandex guy and Ronald with Edward. And I don’t want you to stop until all our secrets have been revealed No questions remain unanswered! Because only then will we be a great family Great, because I have a lot of questions How did the team’s project come about? Who are you and what is the focus of our missions? This is all confidential I don’t think you understand what I mean. You have to find out what your powers are and your particular stories and where Ronald’s asshole is, so you better start already so we can become a great and happy
family Get to work super people who make our enemies burn in a sea of blood and despair You can help me find my asshole Okay, where you want to start? I brought a
comb and some hair clips My god I hate this, I can’t believe he paired me up with you I get it, clearly I am the most annoying person in the group and we have a rotting corpse Literally a rotting corpse And I still have to go through this without an explanation or purpose Who does that fascist think he is? Yeah, I mean this is really very sad and unfair but you know what’s worse than that? I don’t know where my asshole is, so what do you think about creeping in there and playing Indiana Jones huh? Looking for this Holy Grail I’m not doing that Ronald, I’m here to help you discover your powers And how are we supposed to do that? I don’t know, but maybe he’s right, probably some powers may have some emotional or psychic trigger It might be a good idea to talk and get to know each other Okay, so let’s do it. You tell me one of your secrets and I’ll tell you one of mine Okay I’m I’m afraid I will never find a profession that fulfills me and that I’ll throw my life away trying to find myself Nice, my turn. I may or may not have a dead person in my room right now What? What do you mean you may have? Well, it depends on your reaction Are you insane? There’s a dead person in your room! Uh no… Ronald this is serious! And you think I don’t know that? I thought you were gonna help me because that’s what friends who ditch corpses for other friends in other timelines using their superpowers do That’s not what we are supposed to be doing, we were supposed to be getting to know eachother! And we’re not? How many people do you think I’ve opened up to and asked to help hide a corpse? That is not what I… Eight Edward, Only eight people in my entire life. I’m a very private guy. It’s just…you softened my heart and now you’re a part of a select group of people I can call a friend or as the FBI calls it; an accomplice Oh boy… Okay, let’s do this you can start now! I don’t think it works like that. You got to give us a little bit more time You bet, you got any whiskey? What? No! How will that solve anything? It won’t., it’s just a warm up With this air conditioner it’s not going to be that easy What’s not gonna be easy? What are you talking about? You know, that old routine…small talk, seduction game, sex, regret, crying uncontrollably.. Are you crazy? This is not gonna happen, there’s no way we’re gonna have sex, Ever Small talk and seduction game, check But heads up, there’s something rotten down there and I still don’t know what it is What the fuck is going on? I didn’t come here to fuck a corpse Oh if I had a dollar for every time I heard that I thought we should get to know each other better if you know an easier way, I’d love to know Well, we could just talk Hmm we can try, but I don’t know if you’re going to like what’s going to come out of my mouth If I had a dollar for every time I heard that Lliterally, there could be worms in
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a built-in typewriter Do not believe in tiny machines because the future is not the size of your pocket, it’s the size of the world!! Oh my god, so you killed a male prostitute Ronald? Actually it was all a big misunderstanding. I didn’t even know you were gay I’m not Then why did you bring a gigolo to your room? I said it was a big misunderstanding didn’t I? I don’t know Ronald, this is very wrong.. Don’t worry we’ll laugh about this later No Ronald, how are we going to laugh
about hiding a dead body? Hahahah see, I told you! I like green and orange… Yeah, orange is cool too… Interesting, but what else? What? There’s nothing you can tell me about
yourself that’s a little…you know, deeper Like what? Anything that’s not your favorite color, the color of your underwear or the color of your socks That is more than my own mother knows about me Okay but your mother wasn’t helping you discover superpowers, right? So you’ll have to give me more than that! Well, it’s worth a shot, this hippie method of talking about your feelings Okay I’m feeling really angry right now Hmm, I see and why? Because I am here against my will, I had some problems with the law and they told me that if I didn’t come here to participate in this experiment I would also end up going to jail. Oh, and the fact that I died during the experiment and I’m still alive while dead also makes me angry Wait, I also came here against my
will. They lied to me ! Oh boohoo! It’s not a lie if the government is telling it. It’s just a slightly different and completely contradictory and with vested interests way to see the alternative facts You say that because you’re a part of the problem Do you think I wanted to be here too? I am also a victim of the system If you must know What do you mean? Do you want to know? Do you really want to know?? Of course I do Okay, all right, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna tell you right now the real reason that I am here on this project Attention! We interrupt our program to announce that the megalopolisville’s nuclear power plant has just exploded this morning. There was only one employee inside which was probably why it exploded since it’s a nuclear power plant and it clearly needs a lot more qualified staff to operate it Frank Rogers body was unfortunately not found and the symbolic burial will be today And hours later something strange happened in the immediate surroundings A strange creature was spotted a few miles from the nuclear power plant explosion I don’t know, he didn’t look like a man or
a creature, he was some other stuff The authorities have no idea what this
creature might be, and have no clue as to where it might have come from They also asked the inhabitants of megalopolisville, to not leave their homes, to close the windows and to put a wet cloth under the door to stop the radioactive smoke that will soon arrive in the city We will now resume your comedy show Well, now what? What do you mean, now what? You’re asking me? You tell me what we’re
gonna do now! Well you could use your super powers to time travel and take that body somewhere where no one notices That’s not how it works, where would I
even take this body? Hmm, I think I got an idea, maybe you can take him to my room a few minutes in the past because then a few minutes later, I can try to convince yourself from the past to ditch these two bodies somewhere using their time-travel powers Yeah, probably in my room where there’s gonna be three bodies now instead of two Wait a minute, I think I have an idea! The truth is that I was deceived, they set me up I was a promising young man in a suit inside the governmental sphere I was walking around with a briefcase in
my hand and shaking hands with politicians But one day there was an orgy with a lot of drugs, prostitutes illegal and morally dubious things in my
hotel room financed with public money, but suddenly something very wrong happened The dead body of a male prostitute just appeared in my bed! What? My life was over, everyone started to comment, to talk about it, and not just inside our orgy Soon after, this story ended up leaking
and my name went to the mud Nobody else wanted to go to my morally wrong prgies in hotel rooms, even after I had burned the dead body of the male prostitute and destroyed all the evidence, I could no longer shake the hands of any politician and my briefcase was taken away from me. They gave me only one choice Manage this project or give back my suit But this is very wrong Yeah, I know No, I mean, this is all very wrong Exactly, that’s what I’m saying Well, I’m lost now, does that mean that none of this is our fault ? This is all because of the temporal paradox and we are just puppets of a vicious cycle that some people may call destiny Oh, I think I need to write that down The other explanation I had, was that the prostitute guy tried to steal my knife by hiding it inside his own belly What? But that… okay never mind…

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    “Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that.”

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