19 thoughts on “The First War For Western Civilization (Official Trailer)

  1. Very good! nice balance of information and interest! Definitely can see this running on The History Channel one day, hopefully soon. Certainly controversial to draw parallels with modern wars, but that should certainly spark some debate!

  2. We are in negotiations with broadcasters presently. Best way to learn when and where the program will show is to sign up on CelebrateGreece(dot)com and in the message box put something like "interested in seeing The First War For The West."

    Hope this helps.

  3. "The First War for the West", the perfect 8 episode TV companion to both of the "300" movies is now available worldwide On-Demand and on 3-DVD Set:

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  4. Seven years, 10 experts, 4 additional researchers, 400 actors and extras and we finally are here, against a lot of adversity. Thanks to all who helped and had faith.Stan Karpinski, Producer

  5. I have my copy at last, amazing detail, watched 4 episodes so far, going to have to watch the whole thing several times to take it all in. 

  6. Yes, can't remember last time I saw a doco with so much detail, must have been fun getting all those academics to agree on anything. 

  7. Just been to see the sequel to 300, over acted, over hyped, over exaggerated, over everything and a plot that was childish. My partner said it was so bad it made 300 look good, and we thought that was also over everything and childish as well. Think I will get The First War for the West, hopefully it will give us a better idea of what happened.

  8. Eureka, I worked it out, I know why the Athenian hoplites threw away the best armour in the world at the time and fought in leather swim trunks!!!!!!!

    They knew Artemesia had suicide bombers with explosives and she could sink any of their ships whenever she chose, far out, sorry China, Persia invented gunpowder in 500 BC.

    After seeing 7 Psychopaths, I can just see the scrip writer and producer barnstorming the invention of explosives, they must think we are all 10 year olds.

  9. Actually 14 year olds Penny.I have it on good authority from someone in the industry that nothin on TV or in film is targeted at people over the age of 14.

  10. My compliments to producer, some balance at last, no racist rubbish. Many forget Cyrus(Persia) free Jews from exile in Babylon, no Jews=no Jesus=no bible. Cyrus revered by many. Happy to see this story not follow usual racist propaganda.Yes, world owes Persia as well as Greece for things.

  11. Some interesting background, including that Greeks were much higher slave owners than Persia, and the Persians have been forgotten. Then the main story, I had never really heard of Kimon but was motivated to read up about him.

  12. No wonder only 2 stars on Amazon. I should have realized as soon as i saw the panel of lesbo historians i was gonna be in for some wonderful anti west propaganda. Typical liberal BS where everything west is crazy and bad however anything else is utopia. They even go as far as to describe how persia was utopia then proceed to tell us all how they dont really know much about the persian empire because there was no persian Herodotus. Hmm kinda strange the greatest empire that ever existed couldnt produce a single historian. I love how liberals always talk about how non western cultures never used slaves and women were treated so wonderfully. They were builders andveven got paid more than men haha. One must asked WTF happened not just in persia but in women in general shit I cant find a female that can build or do hard labor if my life depended on it. Id love to hire a woman. Anyway guys some interesting stuff but all in all ur doc sucks mostly because like all media these days its Bullshit and liveral fantasy.

  13. This is how NOT to use green screen. Production values for this are horrible. Also, I dislike liberal propaganda being forced down peoples throats in something that should have made stronger attempt at historical accuracy.

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