The Goal Of Life Is Not To Survive It

The Goal Of Life Is Not To Survive It

It’s not your imagination that there is
less bug splatter on the window than when you were a kid. My father said there used to be clouds of
insects. We would have to turn on our windshield wipers
sometimes driving at night. And there are other books too that bring up
these accounts from the first Europeans to come to North America of just how abundant
life was. We look out today and if we see a pod of whales
that is pretty exciting. But there are accounts of looking out and
seeing thousands of whales, whose spume filled the air with mist, of oysters a foot across
in the Chesapeake Bay, of going fishing by putting a bare hook and catch a fish in seconds,
of horses going through the brush and their bellies stain with the berries, like that
amount of wealth. This depletion of life – JB McKinnen calls
it a ten percent world. And what if a 10% world becomes a 1% world
in another few hundred years and we continue to survive on a concrete world substituting
for all that’s lost with technological substitutes, making oxygen with vats of algae, drawing
down the carbon to maintain atmospheric equilibrium with machines, enclosing our cities with bubbles. What if we could survive in a totally poisoned
world if we have the right filters, if we have the hydroponic factories to make the
food or vat grown meat? Do we want the concrete world where nature
is dead but its okay because we have VR with content rich experiences and high resolution
digital displays of those nature scenes. Is that what we want? Maybe we can do that. Do we want to do that? What world do we want to create? I can see a more beautiful world, a flourishing
world, where the deserts are greening, and the species are coming back, and the oceans
are full of fish, and flocks of birds cover the sky. I can see that world and humans living peacefully
on it. That world exists, which one are we going
to experience in our future? Which one are our great great great grandchildren
going to live in? The dominant narrative that I am hearing today
is that we have to change or we aren’t going to survive. We’ve already overshot the ability of Earth’s
ecosystem to support human civilization and we better do something about that right away
or we are going to have a catastrophe, massive human population collapse, maybe even human
extinction. I would like the conversation to turn away
from can we survive? How will we survive? On a personal level, that’s not the goal
of life. The goal of life is not to survive it. It’s not to make it to your death bed in
tact. The goal of life is to create something beautiful,
meaningful, to give your gifts in service to something much bigger than ourselves. And collectively, we are the same way. We’re not here to survive this. We are here to contribute. We were created by Earth to contribute. We are not an accident. There’s an evolutionary purpose that resides
in the gifts that we’ve used to make such a mess. And when we ask why are we here and what world
do we want to live in, we reorient those gifts towards that world. And its so much more empowering to say what
world do we choose rather than how do we make it? How do we survive? That is the mindset that has gotten us into
trouble. How do we make sure that humanity makes it? Seeing the world as an instrument of some
narrow conception of human well being. There are things that we need to do on earth
right now that only make sense if they are part of a mass movement to do those things. They only make sense if we understand ourselves
collectively as why we are here right now is to contribute to the healing of the earth. And then you know you are not alone. You know that it is not fruitless. You know you are doing your part. Every choice that we make, individually and
collectively is a kind of declaration of here is who i want to be, here is the world I want
to live in. We may not understand on a pragmatic level
how that choice is actually going to change things, how taking care of that puppy is going
to bring about a more beautiful world, but if that choice is a choice for life, a choice
for love, a choice to act on what calls to our care, then it is an aligning action with
that healed world that we can sense is possible. towards that purpose and any other application
of those gifts become intolerable.

17 thoughts on “The Goal Of Life Is Not To Survive It

  1. See Mike Morales who explains the weather manipulation/weather warfare…toxic chem trails etc..

  2. You made me think of the movie “Wall-E” which is easily one of Pixar’s best films. The strength of that movie isn’t so much that the Earth needs humans to repair it and stop destroying it like so many other films with environmental messages—as the film demonstrates, the Earth is healing itself without human intervention. No, the important message is that humans need to leave the cosseted Buy N Large world and go back to Earth for their own sake, that this artificial world keeps its humans in a stunted state of perpetual infancy and pales in comparison to the wider real world outside it. All those memes about how humans are inherently destructive to the planet and can’t be anything else, ignores how indigenous peoples had managed to live in the same place for thousands of years without rendering the place a polluted ruin. Then the Europeans show up with their One-Size-Fits-All standard of living and the Production for the Sake of Production mindset, refusing to listen to the advice of people who have lived there for several millennia, and suddenly, animals are going extinct in droves and entire swathes of land become polluted, spent wastelands.

  3. Charles is brilliant. We truly need an anarchy-based system of self rule and the natural law mixed with a RESOURCE AKA ABUNDANCE based economy. Charles called it the Gift Economy. We can use technology to free us and make all needs abundant to all people, rather than make humans destitute, fighting and losing jobs. Great vid!

  4. Beautiful… powerful… thank you for this. We can see that world too. Let's all (re)create it together – the time is now <3

  5. Some of these videos are so good i actually cry. Call me a bitch but its so true what your videos show. How is it we lost sight of whats important

  6. So many in the comments getting only half the message.
    No, "changing the system", the "Revolution", its not enough.
    No, the techno utopia won't save us. Never did. Always backfires.

  7. Yes, we all need to stop for a moment and vividly imagine the world as we would like it to be. We all need to adjust our personal lives in alignment with that vision. Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of doing this. In particular, the mega-rich ruling elites who now control our electoral cycles, the paid-for congress, the appointed judiciary, the corporate mass media, and so on, are quite incapable, I believe, of imagining a cooperative world. And they're not going to give up their control without a fight. Many if not most of these people exhibit characteristics of psychopathy: lack of empathy, narcissism, compulsive lying, social manipulation, etc. In other words, characteristics that will not help us get to the world we want to achieve. I'm afraid the path to our better future will involve some uncomfortable struggles in the streets in addition to the formation of beautiful cooperative communities and so on. Just be prepared.

  8. We are here to contribute which is why the point on the horizon directs us to synthesis the two worlds, each finding an unfolding maturation within itself as it matches its dance partner's contributions. Deep self-reflection has its tortures but I believe Earth's eons of memory understands the long term cost-benefit of widening the arboreal-mammal turned explorer consciousness; what is life? Thank you for the videos.

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